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Refugee Aid

Commitment and conviction: The Volkswagen Group and its employees support refugees in many different ways

Taking on social responsibility is an essential part of Volkswagen's corporate culture. With this background, we have been making a major contribution to the emergency aid and integration of refugees since autumn 2015. Many Volkswagen Group brands, the sales regions and the Volkswagen dealerships employ refugees in their businesses. In doing so, they contribute to the integration of these women and men into society. These refugees become part of the worldwide Volkswagen workforce and work towards the success of the entire Group.

With the Refugee Aid Unit, Volkswagen has created a resort specifically for this purpose, which coordinates cross-brand refugee aid projects, initiates and carries out measures and forming networks with other active companies, associations and aid organizations.

Initially, the focus of action by Volkswagen and its employees was on emergency aid - including the provision of helpers and experts in refugee accommodation, vehicle loans, monetary donations or donations in kind. We now see the biggest need for action in the areas of language acquisition and qualification - because these are the keys to training ability and professional integration.

At various Volkswagen Group locations, there are now offers to assess competency and linguistic aptitude, as well as insights into the world of work through internships and preparation for vocational training. The projects range from Audi's “Classes for Graduating” to grants for study places by the Group, “Training Perspectives for Refugees” at Volkswagen PKW, “Deutsch 360 °” at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Porsche's “Integration Year” and internships with entry-level work at MAN. The first program participants have now been taken on and are working successfully in the Group. In total, more than 6,000 refugees across Germany took part in initiatives related to the Volkswagen AG. Even more, there are several thousand refugees who benefited from the emergency aid.

In addition to helping those affected, the refugee work of the Volkswagen Group has another goal: At the same time, we want to encourage employees in their commitment and give other interested employees ideas and suggestions on how they can provide help. Because we are convinced: Volkswagen, its brands, locations and employees can not only make a humanitarian contribution with their commitment, but also contribute to the cohesion of society and integration. Volkswagen is an international company with a wide variety of cultures. We want and make our competencies and those of our employees available.

Another important point is the partnership with various aid organizations. These include the UN refugee aid, the German Red Cross (DRK), the Malteser Aid Service, as well as regional associations, clubs and cities (job centers, integration department, ARGE, etc.). Together we set up projects and specifically promote entry-level vocational qualifications. There are also language courses, school training and integration, student grants and internships. (e.g. the diagram “The three pillars of engagement”).

On these pages, the Volkswagen Group with the brands Volkswagen PKW, Audi, Porsche, MAN, Volkswagen Financial Services, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and other Volkswagen Group Members gives an insight into the refugee aid projects and shows the people who have been involved.

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