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Mission Statement Environment

go to zero

For all our products and mobility solutions we aspire to minimize environmental impacts along the entire lifecycle – from raw material extraction until end-of-life - in order to keep ecosystems intact and to create positive impacts on society. Compliance with environmental regulations, standards and voluntary commitments is a basic prerequisite of our actions.

Focus on 4 prioritized action areas

  • Climate change

    We are committed to the 2° goal of the Paris Climate Agreement. We intend to become a CO2 neutral company by 2050.

    By 2025, we plan to reduce our total life cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of passenger cars and light duty vehicles by 30% compared to 2015. We actively contribute to the transition towards renewable energies along the entire life cycle.

  • Ressources

    We intend to maximize resource efficiency and promote circular economy approaches in the areas of materials, energy and water.

    By 2025, we plan to have reduced the production-related environmental externalities (CO2, energy, water, waste, volatile organic compounds) by 45% per vehicle compared to 2010.

  • Air quality

    We are driving e-mobility forward to improve the local air quality.

    By 2025, the share of battery electric vehicles in our model portfolio will be between 20 and 25%. The share of electric vehicles in the Group fleet is to rise to at least 40% by 2030. 

  • Environmental compliance

    We aim to become a role model for a modern, transparent and successful enterprise in terms of integrity by installing and controlling effective management systems covering the environmental impacts of our mobility solutions over all life cycle stages.