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  4. Strategy TOGETHER 2025+

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Strategy TOGETHER 2025+

Shaping mobility – for generations to come.

Volkswagen has always made individual and affordable mobility possible for millions of people. Under the new vision "Shaping mobility - for generations to come.” we are providing answers to the challenges of today and tomorrow with our sharpened TOGETHER 2025+ Group strategy. Our goal is to make mobility sustainable for us and for future generations. Our promise: With electric drive, digital networking and autonomous driving, we make the automobile clean, quiet, intelligent and safe. At the same time, our core product becomes even more emotional and offers a completely new driving experience. It is also becoming part of the solution when it comes to climate and environmental protection. In this way, the car can continue to be a cornerstone of contemporary, individual and affordable mobility in the future.

Role for the environment, safety and integrity

We find ourselves at a turning point: Climate change is one of humankind’s central challenges. Stopping global warming is an obligation for all of us. As the largest automobile manufacturer, Volkswagen assumes responsibility and leads the way. In order to protect the environment and implement the political guidelines, we are consistently focusing on electro mobility. By 2050, at the latest, the entire Volkswagen Group will be a CO2-neutral company. Our highest principles include integrity, the observance of rules and laws, the safety of our customers as well as the open dealing with errors in order to remedy and avoid them in the future. We actively assume our responsibility for society: We conduct our business in a socially responsible manner, based on clear values.