2. Sustainability
  3. Refugee Aid

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Refugee Aid

The refugees who are coming to Europe and Germany have endured tremendous hardship.

The acceptance and integration of refugees is an immense shared task to which the Volkswagen Group and its employees are committed with conviction. For Volkswagen and its employees, acceptance of our social responsibility is a key element of our corporate culture. It is therefore natural that we should contribute to the provision of aid for refugees and help them to integrate.

Volkswagen and its staff initially focussed on emergency aid, including the provision of helpers and experts in refugee accommodation, loaned vehicles, and financial and material donations.

The Volkswagen Group believes that the current key priorities are language learning and prequalification as these are crucial for ensuring that people are ready to enter training and then be integrated into the workplace. Schemes provided at various Group sites include skill assessments, language training, internships and work shadowing, all of which are accompanied by training modules and provide people with an insight into the workplace.

The objective of the Volkswagen Group’s refugee aid is to reinforce employees’ engagement, to encourage more staff to undertake voluntary work, and to provide ideas and suggestions in relation to administering and organising aid at company sites in conjunction with municipalities and aid organisations. We firmly believe that the Volkswagen Group and its brands, sites, and staff can make not only a humanitarian contribution through refugee aid, but can also play a role in achieving social cohesion and helping recent arrivals to integrate. We are keen to make our skills and those of our employees available in order to achieve this aim.