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Present in the lives, hearts and garages of Brazilians for 68 years, Volkswagen is the largest automobile producer in Brazil, with 24 million vehicles manufactured, and the largest exporter in history, with more than 4 million cars shipped. With the capacity to fully develop and produce vehicles, its products stand out for their safety, technology and design, such as the new Polo, Virtus, Taos, Nivus and T-Cross, leader in the SUV segment in the Brazilian market in 2020. In Brazil, the company has four plants and a parts distribution center, in addition to around 500 dealerships. In constant technological evolution, the company permanently invests in sustainable mobility, connectivity and digitalization as strategic topics for the future.

The three highlight projects 2021

  • 1. Volkswagen Group sets Latin America as its Biofuels R&D Center
  • 2. Volkswagen to invest some €1 billion by 2026 – South America region focusing on decarbonization
  • 3. Fill consciously: “Abasteça Consciente Calculator”

Volkswagen Group sets Latin America as its Biofuels R&D Center

The Volkswagen Group wants to make mobility sustainable and carbon neutral around the world. In order to intensify research for the development of technologies based on biofuels, the Volkswagen Group decided that the Latin American region will create and lead a Research & Development Center aimed at the study of technology solutions based on biofuels for emerging markets, which use clean energy, for combustion and hybrid solutions. With this, the company seeks to minimize changes in current platforms. With the support of the Volkswagen brand, this center will be fully independent in the development of such technologies for the Volkswagen Group on a global level.

Volkswagen was the first car manufacturer to join the Paris Agreement and aims to become climate neutral by 2050. The Volkswagen Group plans to phase out the production of combustion vehicles in Europe between 2033 and 2035. In the U.S. and China, this should happen a little later. In emerging markets like Brazil, it may take even longer to become all electric. Some factors make it impossible for faster change: unavailability of charging infrastructure, renewable energy and the level of local income. That's why it's necessary to explore alternative options by leveraging the local resources that are already available today. The use of biofuels is a complementary strategy to help industry in emerging markets neutralize carbon emissions. In Brazil, several arguments indicate the use, for example, of ethanol.

Grupo VW define América Latina como Centro de P&D de Biocombustíveis

Volkswagen to invest some €1 billion by 2026 – South America region focusing on decarbonization

Despite the continuing challenges of the corona pandemic and the worldwide semiconductor shortage, Volkswagen is to invest some €1 billion over the next five years to further strengthen its competitive situation in this important market and be geared to sustained profitability. In addition to further local vehicle projects, in particular digitalization and decarbonization in South America are to be given an additional boost. This includes a research center for biofuels as a bridging technology for this market to complement Volkswagen’s global electrification offensive.

Volkswagen is celebrating a remarkable comeback on the Latin American market with the expected return to profit in the 2021 financial year. This success is in part attributable to systematic reductions in fixed costs as well as capacity adjustments at the six plants in the region under an ambitious restructuring program. At the same time, Volkswagen launched a comprehensive model campaign in 2017 to radically renew its product portfolio: 20 new models tailored to the needs of the South American market debuted in the space of four years, the majority of them built locally at Volkswagen’s plants in Brazil.

Volkswagen is continuing its successful strategy in Latin America focusing on a product portfolio tailored to the needs of the region with the market launch of the new compact car family for the entry-level segment starting in 2023. The first model is the Polo Track based on the MQB platform. In addition to expanding the product portfolio, Volkswagen is also stepping up the pace of the transformation into a software-oriented provider of sustainable mobility with these additional investments in Latin America. Volkswagen is therefore making further investments in the existing Biofuels Research & Development Center located in Latin America. Particularly in regions where travel involves covering long distances, where charging networks are not widespread and where green energy supply levels are low, biofuels with a positive CO2 balance can build a bridge to the electric era.

Volkswagen investirá R$ 7 bilhões na América Latina até 2026

Fill consciously: “Abasteça Consciente Calculator”

Volkswagen do Brasil reinforces its focus on reducing pollutant emissions and sustainability. In July, the brand started offering a digital calculator to know which fuel is more advantageous: ethanol or gasoline. Far beyond the financial issue, the tool shows what the emission of CO2 (carbon dioxide) will be according to the chosen fuel, considering the “well-to-wheel” methodology. Thus, the customer can look – at the same time – at his pocket and at the environment.

The novelty is integrated into the “Meu Volkswagen” application, which already offers a wide digital journey for the customer, who can consult information about their vehicle, schedule services and, now, see which fuel is more advantageous in a few clicks.

Just fill in the respective prices for the liter of ethanol and gasoline and the application will instantly show the result. And the best part: Volkswagen used a specific algorithm for each version of each model. Example: A different calculation is made for the T Cross 200 TSI Manual, or another count is made for the T Cross 200 TSI Automatic and another calculation is made for the T Cross 250 TSI. That's because each application has specific characteristics. In addition, the customer chooses the profile of use he will make of the vehicle: city, road or mixed.

VW lança calculadora de combustível e emissão de CO2

Other projects

  • VW presents ID.3 and ID.4 in Latin America

    Volkswagen presents for the first time in Latin America the 100% electric models of the ID. family, the ID.3 and the ID.4, which are already hugely successful in Europe, the US and China.

    Volkswagen's electrification strategy in Latin America has begun in 2019, with the launch of the plug-in hybrid Golf GTE in Brazil. The next step was now, in 2021, with the presentation of the e-up! fully electric in Uruguay, a country with one of the best infrastructure for electric vehicles in the world. Recently, Brazil was chosen to host the Biofuels Research and Development Center for emerging markets. The first ID.3 and ID.4 units will initially land in Brazil and Argentina, and will also be presented to the main markets in the region at exhibitions, customer clinics and test drives.

    Mobilidade sustentável: VW apresenta ID.3 e ID.4 na América Latina

  • Volkswagen Taos: a premium medium SUV like you've never seen before!

    The Volkswagen Taos is a premium mid-range SUV like you've never seen before! Completely new, it becomes the new benchmark in the category in terms of design, safety, technology and comfort. And more: with the lowest maintenance cost among direct competitors. Made under the modern MQB platform, the Taos incorporates sophistication items until then present only in the high luxury segment.

    Manufactured in the industrial complex in Pacheco, Argentina, the Taos arrives at dealerships throughout Brazil as of June in two versions: Comfortline and Highline, both equipped with a 250 TSI engine and six-speed automatic transmission. Volkswagen reinforces the strategy of offering leaner ranges, making the purchase process simpler and easier. And to celebrate the arrival of Taos in the country, Taos will have a Launch Edition with exclusive design items and equipment, in addition to many benefits for customers.

    The Launch Edition brings exclusive items such as the roof, A-pillar, exterior mirrors and 18-inch alloy wheels in black, exclusive interior, premium Beats sound system and panoramic sunroof. The special configuration also comes with a number of benefits for the customer: 1-year without financing installments through Volkswagen Bank, 1-year of free Porto Seguro insurance, 1-year of free “Sem Parar” subscription and also 1-year of paid monthly fees for ubook and PlayKids apps.

    Volkswagen Taos: um SUV médio premium como você nunca viu!

Stakeholder Dialogue

Investments in health and professional qualification in Paraná

Volkswagen do Brasil verkündet gemeinsame Investitionen mit der Regierung von Paraná in Höhe von 5,6 Millionen R$ für Projekte in den Bereichen Gesundheit und berufliche Qualifikation. In den Genuss der Zuwendung kommen das Projekt „Digitales Krankenhaus“ im Gesundheitszentrum Erasto Gaertner, das Regionalkrankenhaus Colombo und die Wiederaufnahme des Projekts „Carretas do Conhecimento“ (Wagenladungen voller Wissen) in Paraná. An der offiziellen Zeremonie nahmen Carlos Massa Ratinho Junior, Gouverneur des Bundesstaates Paraná, Pablo Di Si, President und CEO von Volkswagen Lateinamerika und Adriano Lago, Leiter des Erasto Gaertner Hospital teil.

Grundlage für die Realisierbarkeit der Projekte ist die 2013 zwischen Volkswagen do Brasil und der Regierung von Paraná im Rahmen des Programms Paraná Competitivo unterzeichnete Absichtserklärung.

Volkswagen do Brasil anuncia investimentos no Paraná 

VW, Raízen and Shell Announce Partnership to Accelerate Decarbonization

Volkswagen do Brasil, Raízen and Shell announce a partnership to value the impact of using renewable energy to decarbonize the automotive sector. The agreement includes a series of initiatives, mainly encouraging the use of ethanol, combined with a complementary strategy between electric, hybrid and flex cars, the installation of charging stations for the brand's electric cars, and the supply of renewable energy to factories and Volkswagen dealer network in Brazil.

The partnership includes the development of potential new ethanol formulas by Raízen, Shell and R&D in the area of biofuels in Brazil, with the support of Shell and Volkswagen in research and application in cars, aiming to further improve the efficiency of the biofuel. The collaboration also contemplates working on expanding the use of ethanol in international markets.

Raízen, a licensee of the Shell brand, still intends to implement a network of fast-recharging electric stations, thus providing customers with a superior charging experience with Volkswagen electric vehicles. The network will initially be composed in the State of São Paulo, including points in the capital and on the main access roads, with the intention of connecting to some of the main cities in Brazil in the future. Raízen will support the ID. electric car testing program ID.3 and ID.4 in Brazil, at Volkswagen factories and at the ID. Test Drive, the first event with Volkswagen electric cars took place at the end of this year.

VW, Raízen e Shell anunciam parceria para acelerar descarbonização

Diversity & Inclusion booklet for employees, dealers and suppliers

It is a practical guide to optimizing a respectful and inclusive experience at Nova VW. The material completes the list of three special productions on the subject for our stakeholders, including brochures for dealerships (released in July) and for suppliers (released in September). The booklet is a practical guide, with simple language and clear guidelines, to ensure respectful and inclusive behavior in all business relationships involving Volkswagen do Brasil and its suppliers, and to guarantee respectful and inclusive service to all Volkswagen customers.

VW promove II Semana da Diversidade & Inclusão para colaboradores

Volkswagen lança Cartilha de Diversidade & Inclusão para fornecedores

VW divulga Cartilha de Diversidade & Inclusão para concessionárias

ID.Week: a 5-day experience for tests and research with the VW ID.3 and ID.4 line-up

Volkswagen's sustainable mobility strategy advances in Latin America and accelerates through the streets of Brazil for the first time. On board the ID.3 and ID.4, different stakeholders have participated of the ID. Week, an unprecedented experience of driving 100% electric models of the brand in the city of São Paulo.

During the week of experience with the ID. Family., Volkswagen also displayed the Nivus crossover to reinforce the recent announcement about the Biofuels Research and Development Center. Guests were also able to discover the TSI Cup, the brand's first original game available on the Steam platform, within Automobilista 2, developed by Reiza and one of the most praised by specialized drivers.

ID. Week: uma semana de testes e pesquisa com os novos VW ID.3 e ID.4

Awards 2021

Digital Brand 2022 Award (Car of the Year Award – AutoEsporte)

Volkswagen won the category Digital Car of the Year 2022 by Autoesporte magazine, one of the most important in Brazil. The brand took the award for the second year in a row. Last year (2020) Volkswagen stood out for the way it created and sold the Nivus. In 2021, the focus shifted to Taos, an SUV launched in June.

To introduce the new SUV, the "VW Experience" application was developed, allowing users to have a preview of the car, getting to know the interior and exterior and interacting with the vehicle.

Taos had a strong campaign on social media and made an impact on consumers. The first pre-order batch in May sold out in about five minutes.

Top of Mind for the 30th year (Datafolha – Folha de S.Paulo)

Volkswagen was elected Top of Mind brand in Brazil at Car category – the car brand most remembered by consumers – at the survey conducted by Datafolha/Folha de S.Paulo. This is the 30th time, in 31 editions, which Volkswagen ranks the top of Car category. This year, the company conquers the top of the Car category alone. This is part of the New Volkswagen, which is much more human, digital and closer to people. What moves us is to bring more and more products that surprise and meet the wishes of our customers. For this, a cultural and digital transformation from the inside out, reflects in offering much more technology, connectivity and design in our products, together with a more vibrant brand focused on its customers.

Volkswagen é pela 30ª vez Top of Mind na categoria Carros

Which one to buy 2021 – Compact SUV category (AutoEsporte/KBB) – Nivus

Autoesporte magazine's award evaluated 164 cars in different segments to choose which ones have the best cost/benefit ratio in the market.

About the winner: Two-time champion. After winning on its debut, Nivus repeats the feat this year. The bold design helped, but it was the rational criteria that benefited him. VW's maintenance cost is one of the best in class and the first three revisions are for free. 

Qual Comprar 2021: os SUV compactos com melhor custo-benefício

Best Buy 2021 (Quatro Rodas)

The Quatro Rodas magazine award works as an annual buying guide for those looking for their next new car. The 2021 edition selected winners in 34 categories, which represent cars from different segments by price range, but also models from the same segment, scored by price and power ranges.

Best Buy 2021 Overall (Quatro Rodas) – Taos

Best Buy 2021 SUVs up to R$ 100,000 (Quatro Rodas) – Nivus Comfortline 200 TSI

Best Buy 2021 SUVs up to R$ 130,000 (Quatro Rodas) – T-Cross Comfortline 200 TSI

Best Buy 2021 SUVs up to R$ 160,000 (Quatro Rodas) – Taos Comfortline 250 TSI

Best Buy 2021 SUVs up to R$ 200,000 (Quatro Rodas) – Taos Highline 250 TSI

Best Buy 2021 Cars up to R$ 100,000 (Quatro Rodas) – Virtus Comfortline 200 TSI

Taos é a ‘Melhor Compra’ da Quatro Rodas e SUVW domina premiação

“The Elected” survey (Quatro Rodas): Hatch (Polo), Compact SUV (T-Cross)

Conducted since 2001, the survey analyzes the public assessment of details of the best-selling cars in the year. The survey is a strong endorsement of those who take advantage of all the qualities of vehicles on a daily basis: the owners.

About the winners: The audience of Quatro Rodas magazine gave victory to Volkswagen models in two categories of the 2021 poll. According to the opinion of the 928 voters, the best among the hatches is the VW Polo (for the 2nd consecutive year) and the best compact SUV is the VW T-Cross.

2020/2021 - Folha de S. Paulo and the Research Center of the Mauá Institute of Technology

Folha de S. Paulo and the Research Center of the Mauá Institute of Technology have been testing models in partnership since 1996. The evaluations of the models are published in the digital and printed channels of Folha, the most relevant newspaper in the country. The aim is to provide information on consumption and performance, which helps consumers to decide which car is right for their needs. Partnership follows automotive evolution and has already tested 1,800 cars.

Jetta GLI - Acceleration – Faster – Gasoline
Jetta GLI - Resumption - Faster - Petrol
Amarok V6 - Acceleration – Faster – Diesel
Amarok V6 - Resumption – Faster – Diesel
Polo GTS - Acceleration – Faster – Gasoline
Polo GTS - Resumption - Faster - Gasoline
Polo GTS - Acceleration – Faster – Ethanol
Polo GTS - Resumption - Faster – Ethanol

2021 Latin NCAP – VW Taos (5 star model)

About Latin NCAP: The Latin New Car Assessment Programme (Latin NCAP) was launched in 2010 to develop a regional system of independent crashworthiness and safety rating across Latin America and Caribbean (LAC). Latin NCAP replicates similar consumer testing programmes developed over the last thirty years in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and which have proved to be very effective in improving the safety of motor vehicles. Since 2010 Latin NCAP has published the results of more than 135 models.

Volkswagen Taos becomes first 5 star model under Latin NCAP’s latest protocols. Produced in Argentina and Mexico, with 6 airbags and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) as standard, is the first model to achieve 5 stars under Latin NCAP latest protocols. The recently launched SUV model achieved 90.23% in Adult Occupant score, 89.80% in Child Occupant score, 60.61% in Pedestrian Protection and Vulnerable Road Users score and 85.04% in the Safety Assist score.

Taos é o primeiro modelo ‘5 estrelas’ no novo protocolo do Latin NCA

Best Resale Value 2021 Award (KBB/Quatro Rodas)

The second edition of the Best Resale Value Award analyzed 141 models eligible for the selection criteria. The cars were chosen by Kelley Blue Book Brasil, the only company specialized in pricing new and used vehicles, together with Quatro Rodas magazine.

Best Resale Value 2021 Award (KBB/Quatro Rodas) – Hatch Access category – Gol
Best Resale Value Award 2021 (KBB/Quatro Rodas) – Medium SUV category – Tiguan Allspace

Conheça os carros com melhor valor de revenda de 2021

Top Employer 2021 (Top Employers Institute): Volkswagen do Brasil and the Volkswagen Argentina Group

Company Of The Year | Automobiles And Light Commercials – REI Award

Only car manufacturer in the TOP 5 sector of the Valor Innovation 2021 award

AB Diversity 2021 Award:

PwD (because we are among the biggest employers)
Generations (employer of people aged 50 and over)
Leadership Engaged in Diversity (Pablo Di Si)

Top SBC Trophy for Sustainable Economic Development 2021 – City Hall of SBC

Honorable Mention at the 14th AEA 2021 Environment Award, from the Brazilian Association of Automotive Engineering

MasterCana Brazil 2021 Award – Personality of the Year – Pablo Di Si

Jatobá 2021 Award – Communication Event Category - Cohn & Wolfe Machine - Case: Volkswagen: The largest 100% digital communication launch in the automotive segment

LEADERS of Brazil 2021 Award - Automotive | Pablo Di Si, from Volkswagen Brazil

Companies that communicate best with journalists - Automotive and Motorcycling

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