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The MAN Group is one of the leading commercial vehicle companies in Europe.

Its objectives are to offer customers innovative transportation solutions, grow profitably in the international arena, and increase the company’s value sustainably.

38,961* employees generated revenue of €12.85 billion and an operating profit of €361 million in 2019.

*Average number of employees over the year

The three highlight projects 2019

“Our mission is to deliver efficient transportation and energy solutions.”

  • 1. All-electric urban buses in service
  • 2. Climate target achieved ahead of time
  • 3. Pluralism and inclusion

All-electric urban buses in service

Hamburg has taken a step closer to its vision of zero-emission mobility. MAN Truck & Bus handed over the first two MAN Lion’s City E vehicles to the public transport companies Hamburger Hochbahn AG and Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH in mid-December. They are now operating the e-buses in their daily service and gathering further experience in the field of e-mobility.

A further 13 vehicles in addition to those handed over to HOCHBAHN and VHH will be put on the road in the coming year as part of the eMobility Roadmap. The e-bus demo fleet, which comprises 15 vehicles, will then be in use at customers in five European countries.
The first customer vehicles from series production of the MAN Lion’s City E in the 12-meter solo version will then be shipped in the second half of 2020. That will be followed some six months later by the all-electric articulated Lion’s City E, which is to go into series production in the first half of 2021.

Climate target achieved ahead of time

MAN Truck & Bus achieved its 2020 climate protection target in 2018, two years earlier than planned. CO2 emissions from production in 2018 were around 29 percent below the figure for 2008. MAN had actually aimed to cut them by 25 percent by 2020. The sites had developed action plans in the past years to enable that – and had implemented them rigorously. The measures comprise using renewable energies and new energy supply concepts, as well as optimization of lighting and control of heating. Numerous steps to reduce baseload consumption in production delivered significant improvements, as did building renovations and action to raise awareness about the climate protection measures among employees.

The company started working on its new climate strategy in 2019, which will be adopted in 2020. MAN plans to reduce CO2 emissions from production by 50% by 2025 (base year: 2015) through concrete measures.

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Pluralism and inclusion

MAN pursues a long-term strategic approach to pluralism and inclusion.

MAN launched its Pluralism & Inclusion program with a workshop for the Board of Management in 2019 and is rolling it out company-wide in 2020. The focus of the “MAN Skill Capture by Inclusive Leadership” program is to empower managers to identify the talents, skills, expertise and mindsets of all their employees to the benefit of MAN and to make the company more successful. Numerous studies have proved that companies who leverage diversity are more successful in the market.

Respect, diversity and a spirit of partnership are key elements in a sustainable corporate culture.

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Stakeholder Dialog

As part of updating of MAN’s CR strategy 2025+, a focus workshop was held with external stakeholders in early 2018. Customers and suppliers, as well as representatives from other major companies in Munich, academia (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), Munich Council and NGOs such as Amnesty International or GreenCity e. V., were invited to the event.

The newly defined action areas, which had initially been agreed internally, were discussed between the participants intensively and sometimes controversially. The stakeholders provided valuable suggestions and tips on realignment of the CR strategy. The participants were invited, for example, to state and discuss what they felt to be the key demands on MAN as regards its corporate responsibility in the next 20 years – relating to social and ecological challenges. The stakeholder workshop acted as the basis for updating MAN’s materiality analysis. The focus here is on responsibility for the subject areas of products, production, supply chain, people as well as society and integrity.

The next Stakeholder Dialog is scheduled for the spring of 2020.

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Awards 2019

 (The sequence does not indicate any order of importance)

MAN has captured many awards. They prove how deeply corporate responsibility and sustainability are strategically entrenched at MAN, and also how intensively they are practiced, in very different subject areas. Three examples:

Corporate responsibility in action

MAN Truck & Bus was presented with the Corporate Social Responsibility Award from the EU Business School Munich in the summer of 2019. It was bestowed on MAN in acknowledgment of its exemplary CSR strategy. MAN’s commitment to electrically-powered trucks and buses and the concrete measures with which it responds to opportunities and risks as a provider of sustainable solutions were singled out.

Other aspects, such as sustainable supply chains, the corporate values it practices, work safety worldwide, and further training, were also emphasized. 

Competent care – Best practice in health promotion

MAN was presented with the Best Practice Award in the category “Company” by the association Gesellschaft für Prävention e.V. The reasons cited were that health management is a “firmly entrenched, systematic process” at MAN. A qualified group of decision-makers controls that process and thereby provides employees with “numerous offerings in the field of workplace health promotion: from all check-ups to annual focal topics, from relaxation courses to the Business Run.”

The activities that helped the company capture the award are diverse: A health promotion program (even for trainees), courses on ergonomics, nutrition programs such as implementation of the Brigitte diet in the staff canteen, or cooperation with Weight Watchers. There is also an extensive prevention program in cooperation with an external service provider in the Health Room.

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European Training Award

In November 2019, MAN Truck & Bus SE received the European Training Award in the category “New World” for its e-mobility training concept. The modern, skills-based learning concept was evaluated by an expert jury comprising representatives from business, teaching, science and practice.

“The e-mobility training concept impresses with how it integrates all participants across different functions. Modern concepts are conveyed with a great emotional appeal by means of innovative methods such as gamification. It’s impressive for such advanced measure to gain a foothold in a traditional company,” stressed the jury.

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