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The MAN Group is one of the leading commercial vehicle companies in Europe.

Its objectives are to offer customers innovative transportation solutions, grow profitably in the international arena, and increase the company’s value sustainably. 38.080 employees generated revenue of €12.1 billion and an operating profit of € 332 million in 2018.

The three highlight projects 2018

“We provide efficient transport and energy solutions”

  • 1. E-trucks in use by customers
  • 2. Climate target achieved ahead of time
  • 3. Pluralism and inclusion

E-trucks in use by customers

The use of electric trucks is a key component in zero-emission urban traffic. MAN launched practical trials for e-trucks in 2018. Nine partner companies from the Austrian Council for Sustainable Logistics (CNL) will test the e-trucks in normal logistics operations over several months. With the official handover of the e-trucks in September 2018, MAN Truck & Bus has achieved a further milestone on the path toward electrification of urban delivery traffic, an area where emission-free transportation and low noise pollution are growing in importance.

The test vehicles based on the MAN TGM have a customized design that is geared toward enabling authentic practical trials. For example, they are used to deliver beverages, food or vehicle parts – with zero emissions locally and almost noiselessly. The experience acquired together the CNL’s partner companies will be incorporated by MAN in further series development of e-trucks.

Climate target achieved ahead of time

MAN Truck & Bus has already achieved the climate protection target it set itself for 2020 in 2018, two years earlier than planned. CO2 emissions from production in 2018 were about 29 percent below the figure for 2008. MAN had actually aimed to cut them by 25 percent by 2020. The sites had developed action plans in the past years to enable that – and had implemented them rigorously. The measures comprise using renewable energies and new energy supply concepts, as well as optimization of lighting and control of heating. Numerous steps to reduce baseload consumption in production delivered significant improvements, as did building renovations and action to raise awareness about the climate protection measures among employees.

The biggest progress in 2018 came from switching to electricity from renewable sources at several sites. MAN obtained 56,500 megawatt hours of green electricity for the Salzgitter, Starachowice and Kraków locations. As a result, CO2 emissions were reduced by almost 40,000 tonnes.

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Pluralism and inclusion

MAN pursues a long-term strategic approach to pluralism and inclusion. In March 2017, the company signed the Diversity Charter, an initiative by German business to promote diversity at companies and institutions, whose patron is German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In January 2019, we launched a company-wide pluralism and inclusion process with a workshop for board members. The process is to be rolled out throughout the company in the coming years.

Examples of promoting pluralism and inclusion are measures specifically aimed at hiring women, encouraging them and keeping them with the company. The also include offerings to foster a better work-life balance, which are naturally also available to men. The Munich site, for instance, has a company kindergarten called “Löwenkinder” (“Lion Children”). Another focus is on fostering mixed-age teams. As a result, fresh know-how can be effectively combined with many years of professional experience.

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Stakeholder Dialog

As part of updating of MAN’s CR strategy 2025+, a focus workshop was held with external stakeholders in early 2018. Customers and suppliers, as well as representatives from other major companies in Munich, academia (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), Munich Council and NGOs such as Amnesty International or GreenCity e. V., were invited to the event.

The newly defined action areas, which had initially been agreed internally, were discussed between the participants intensively and sometimes controversially. The stakeholders provided valuable suggestions and tips on realignment of the CR strategy. The participants were invited, for example, to state and discuss what they felt to be the key demands on MAN’s as regards its corporate responsibility in the next 20 years – relating to social and ecological challenges. The stakeholder workshop acted as the basis for updating MAN’s materiality analysis. The focus here is on responsibility for the subject areas of products, production, supply chain, people as well as society and integrity.

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Awards 2018

 (The sequence does not indicate any order of importance)

MAN has captured many awards. They prove how deeply corporate responsibility and sustainability are strategically entrenched at MAN, and also how intensively they are practiced, in very different subject areas. Three examples:

Munich’s Outstanding Companies 2018

MAN Truck & Bus has been named one of “Munich’s Outstanding Companies 2018” after winning the Large Companies category in the Prize for Civic Engagement presented by the Bavarian capital. That was also special recognition for MAN’s efforts to help refugees integrate into the labor market. For example, MAN offers refugees industrial and vocational training placements with a subsequent offer of employment, thus opening up long-term career prospects for them. The award “Munich’s Outstanding Companies 2018” also acknowledges employees’ civic engagement, which MAN encourages to a particular extent, such as by means of an internal platform, which has already been used to implement many projects, especially in the area around the company’s site.

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Xing New Work Award 2018

Almost 50,000 users and a jury from the career portal Xing have come to verdict that MAN has implemented new work methods and environments in a path-breaking way at its Future Lab. The “New Work Award” in the “Established companies” category acknowledges the innovative office concept with its open space approach over some 300 square meters. It is divided into different zones which are individually tailored to a wide range of diverse work situations. Equipped with a new, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, the MAN Future Lab enables various hardware and software solutions to be tried out.

Employees at the Munich site have a large experimental area which is perfectly tailored to the working world of tomorrow with its innovative floor plan and cutting-edge IT equipment. That is vital for a top employer like MAN. At the same time, MAN believes that offering modern, forward-looking work opportunities is also part of its social responsibility.

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Award for outstanding health promotion

MAN has a sense of responsibility for people – and that principle is attested by the fact that the Austrian Network for Workplace Health Promotion (BGF) has awarded its seal of quality to MAN’s Steyr site. The criteria for this accolade include entrenching health promotion in the corporate principles, fixed structures for implementing it, and clear stipulations on measures at the company.

MAN in Steyr has also transferred many health promotion projects to the line functions after successful initiation of them – such as work that reflects employees’ phase of life, new forms of organizing work, raising awareness of health matters and avoidance of accidents among managers, employees and trainees, initiatives to encourage more exercise and movement, as well as a healthy diet, investments in infrastructure and ergonomics, workplace evaluation in terms of mental health, etc. Health promotion has thus been practiced as part of the company’s corporate culture for many years. MAN has repeatedly been awarded the BGF seal of quality.