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Driven by Inventiveness – Clever Ideas since 1895

With over 120 years of vehicle manufacturing experience, ŠKODA AUTO is the largest industrial company in the Czech Republic and the third oldest car manufacturer in the world.

Vision X - a ŠKODA SUV Study

In 1991, ŠKODA AUTO was the fourth brand to be incorporated into the Volkswagen Group, when it was positioned as the Group’s entry-level brand. Since then, production has increased more than six-fold. Today, ŠKODA AUTO operates at three locations in the Czech Republic and manufactures vehicles in China, Russia, Slovakia, Algeria and India, mainly through Group partnerships, but also with local partners in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

ŠKODA AUTO currently generates about 8% of the Czech Republic’s total exports, supplying vehicles to over 100 countries on five continents. ŠKODA AUTO employs more than 39,000 people and is the only company in the Czech Republic to run its own vocational school and university.

ŠKODA’s product portfolio comprises models in all segments. The portfolio of nine models meets virtually any customer needs – from the ŠKODA CITIGO city car, the subcompact ŠKODA FABIA, the compact ŠKODA RAPID, the all-new ŠKODA SCALA to the ŠKODA OCTAVIA in the compact family car segment, as well as from the ŠKODA KAROQ compact SUV to the ŠKODA SUPERB at the high end of the model range and the brand’s largest SUV, the ŠKODA KODIAQ. In 2019, ŠKODA is looking forward to the SOP of its KAMIQ city SUV. 

In 2016, ŠKODA AUTO presented its 2025 Strategy in order to prepare the car manufacturer for the progressive and profound changes expected in both society and the industry. Digitalisation as well as research and development focusing on e-mobility and autonomous driving are integral parts of this strategy. These topics are to make tomorrow’s driving experience not only significantly safer and more efficient, but also more comfortable and enjoyable. In 2019, ŠKODA will introduce its first plug-in hybrid and first all-electric car into its product portfolio.

Sustainability constitutes a central aspect of the 2025 Strategy and is a key to the company’s success in facing present and future challenges. For ŠKODA AUTO, sustainability involves the creation and sharing of values among the company and all stakeholders, internal and external. The company creates shared values not only through its CSR activities and GreenFuture environmental strategy, but also by establishing and adhering to principles of ethical and transparent conduct.

The three highlight projects 2018

  • 1. ŠKODA AUTO recycles 42 per cent of its annual water consumption
  • 2. New Endowment Fund ŠKODA AUTO helps to improve attractiveness of Mladá Boleslav region
  • 3. ŠKODA Handy

ŠKODA AUTO recycles 42 per cent of its annual water consumption

Between 2010 and 2018, ŠKODA AUTO has reduced its water consumption by 36 per cent. Nowadays, 42 per cent of the company’s overall water consumption is recycled. The latest example of ŠKODA AUTO’s water-saving efforts can be seen at its new paint shop, currently under construction in Mladá Boleslav. As one of the eco-friendliest paint shops in Europe, it sets benchmarks in terms of environmental compatibility as well as the conservation of resources, and enables them to be used particularly sustainably. Paint residues are absorbed using lime products. By using this innovative dry separation method, no paint sludge is created as a waste product. Another advantage is that a large proportion of the heat generated during this process is recuperated and reused via an air-recirculation pump. This enables energy savings of up to 80 per cent.

New Endowment Fund ŠKODA AUTO helps to improve attractiveness of Mladá Boleslav region

ŠKODA AUTO is underlining its close connection to the company’s home town and is committing itself to comprehensively improving the attractiveness of the Mladá Boleslav region. To this end, ŠKODA AUTO established an endowment fund amounting to 30 million euros in 2018. In the following years, it is expected to support investments in Mladá Boleslav and the surrounding areas. In order to do this, ŠKODA AUTO is working closely with partners from politics, administration and civil society. ŠKODA AUTO is also striving to motivate other businesses in the region to participate on increasing the area’s appeal. ŠKODA AUTO implemented the first projects in the programme in 2018, focusing on the areas of safety, quality of life and education. Examples of the projects already in place are two cars donated to the Metropolitan Police in Mladá Boleslav or four cars donated to driving schools at public secondary schools.


The car manufacturer supports people with physical disabilities through the ‘ŠKODA Handy’ project for barrier-free mobility. In 2018, numerous ŠKODA dealers entered a new era and became ŠKODA Handy Centres. These car dealerships are designed to support people with disabilities in the purchasing and servicing of a ŠKODA model, both structurally and through the products and services they offer. ŠKODA Handy Centre employees help customers to select the right vehicle and the required modifications. They also assist them in dealing with the authorities and other organisations, for example in claiming financial aids and the refunding of VAT. An important criterion for customers with disabilities is the financing of a new car. ŠKODA gives these drivers a discount on the purchase and ŠKODA Financial Services does not charge them any interest on finance when there is a down payment of 30 percent.

Stakeholder Dialog

As a brand, ŠKODA always aims to maintain close contact with its main stakeholders such as employees, communities, customers, governmental and other administrative bodies, suppliers, researchers, NGOs and other professional organizations. ŠKODA identifies relevant needs and requirements through personal dialogue, meetings, and participation in public forums, seminars and university lectures. In 2016, ŠKODA AUTO launched a stakeholder assessment process in collaboration with PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Having reached major milestones by the end of 2017, the process continued in 2018.

Awards 2018

TOP Responsible Company 2018

ŠKODA AUTO received the ‘TOP Responsible Company’ award 2018 for its exceptional work on sustainability.

Czech 100 Best 2018

ŠKODA AUTO was voted the country’s best company by ‘Czech 100 Best’ for the 18th consecutive year and has now won the award more times than any other company. Results are based on the votes of nearly 20,000 selected representatives from business and politics. The award is presented by the pan-European company for culture, education and scientific cooperation, COMENIUS.

Employer of the Year 2018

ŠKODA was named ‘Employer of the Year 2018’ in the Czech Republic by global HR services provider Sodexo. ŠKODA was also voted best employer in the Central Bohemia region, where ŠKODA has its headquarters. In addition, the company took second place in the ‘Most Attractive Company’ category.