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We are working actively and vigorously to make mobility cleaner, more efficient and safer so as to hand over a world that is as intact as possible to future generations. At the same time, we secure the future viability of our locations and employees’ jobs.

The challenges for society and the environment are growing worldwide. In the spirit of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ long tradition of always thinking a step ahead as regards transport, the brand is already working on customer-centric solutions to tomorrow’s challenges and on sustainable mobility for its customers from the handicraft and logistics sectors in our cities.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is an independent brand in the Volkswagen Group and is responsible for the development, construction and sale of light commercial vehicles. They include the series Transporter, Caddy, Crafter and Amarok, which are made in Hanover (D), Poznań (PL), Września (PL) and Pacheco (ARG). Our vehicles transport construction workers, families or adventure seekers, bread rolls, parcels or surfboards. Day in, day out, they help countless people all over the world do a good job. They are mobile workshops and take emergency doctors and police officers to where they need to go.

The most important lever for sustainable mobility and transportation services is in cities. The challenges, as well as the demand for new solutions, are greatest there. We want to help make urban life better. So that can be achieved, we must focus on people and their needs, not on a specific technology. Our focus is to lastingly improve the booming transportation sector for goods and services and electrify it where possible.

VW Commercial Vehicles is also responsible for developing autonomous driving, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Transport as a Service (TaaS) at the Volkswagen Group. As part of that, we will develop and build appropriate special purpose vehicles, such as robotaxis and vans, in the future. As a result, we keep the whole of society moving and meet all its requirements for clean, smart and sustainable mobility. The all-electric ID.BUZZ in the variants Cargo and People will be launched in 2022. The Bulli for the electric age stands for the transformation of VW Commercial Vehicles and the brand’s future viability.

VW Commercial Vehicles shipped around 371,700 light commercial vehicles in 2020, against the backdrop of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. VW Commercial Vehicles employs almost 24,000 people worldwide: just over 14,500 in Germany and around 8,900 at its locations in Poland.

Sustainability is implemented and continuously enhanced at the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand by a board committee responsible for the issue and a dedicated steering committee. The focus is on climate and environmental protection, urbanization, resource efficiency, and healthcare. Guidelines throughout the value chain create the framework for sustainable commercial decisions so as to ensure maximum effectiveness for our stakeholders and shareholders.

The three highlight projects 2020

We are committed to protecting the climate and actively supporting social projects at our locations – we shoulder responsibility and aim to motivate others to think and act in terms of sustainability.

  • 1. Volkswagen Poznań supports the Jozef Strus Municipal Hospital in Poznań in combating Covid-19
  • 2. Bees at the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles site in Hanover
  • 3. Workforce of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Hanover supports the AUF DER BULT children’s hospital in Hanover

Volkswagen Poznań supports the Jozef Strus Municipal Hospital in Poznań in combating Covid-19

Volkswagen Poznań has actively supported the Jozef Strus Municipal Hospital in Poznań in combating the coronavirus pandemic from the outset. Back in March 2020, it provided the first packages of personal protective equipment, such as protective suits and disposal gloves, which were followed by further aid parcels. All in all, Volkswagen Poznań donated more than 1,000 protective suits, over 17,000 disposal gloves, and 500 tubes of hand cream, as well as other medical materials and sanitizer dispensers. The sanitizer dispensers were designed and built by dedicated and creative colleagues from Volkswagen Poznań. They consist of vehicle components that are normally used in production of the Volkswagen Caddy.

Bees at the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles site in Hanover

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles team at the Hanover was reinforced in 2020: Nine bee colonies with a total of some 450,000 bees have been at home and working away industriously next to the VW Commercial Vehicles Customer Center since the early summer. They make a major contribution to protecting and preserving the biodiversity of flora and fauna in the city and region – and the first honey season 2020 was a big success. The first blossom honey from the busy “Bulli Bees” went on sale in the VW Commercial Vehicles Customer Center in December 2020. What makes the project so special? It is a 100 % Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles enterprise: The bees are provided by a VW Commercial Vehicles employee and hobby apiarist who takes care of their well-being there all year round. The beehives were creatively designed by VW Commercial Vehicles trainees and bid farewell to our customers when they leave the Customer Center. And the children from the VW Commercial Vehicles company kindergarten designed the logo for the bees and their honey.

Workforce of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Hanover supports the AUF DER BULT children’s hospital in Hanover

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles was able to continue the existing donation partnership it initiated in 2017 with the foundation for the Hannoversche Kinderheilanstalt AUF DER BULT (HKA) children’s hospital in 2020 thanks to the support of the workforce at the Hanover site. Employees donated around €25,000 in 2020. The Brand Board of Management topped that up to €30,000. At the request of the VW Commercial Vehicles Workforce Committee, the full sum went to the HKA, allowing it to buy not only new examination tables for the outpatient clinic and pediatric surgery department, but also a cutting-edge baby resuscitation manikin for €25,000 to provide young doctors, paramedics and nursing staff with further training. Thanks to this innovative device, the HKA is setting new standards for excellent, sustainable medical care for children and youngsters in Hanover and the region.

Stakeholder Dialog

In dialog with the neighborhood and society

Regular exchange between company representatives, residents and stakeholders, such as schools, environmental associations and public authorities, has been a firm part of the company’s engagement at the Hanover site for more than three decades.

When the decision was taken to expand the Poznań and Września sites in Poland, the concept of open dialog was also extended to include them and the format was tailored to local requirements. Apart from residents, representatives from the council, public authorities and the churches take part in events at Poznań.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles invites residents from the neighborhood and other stakeholders to events held at least twice a year in order to discuss concerns, ideas, wishes and suggestions, address them through direct dialog and dispel potential conflicts before they arise. This initiative has created a relationship of trust at all brand locations to the parties’ mutual benefit.

In view of the continuing threat from Covid-19, the Poznań and Września locations decided to hold an online neighborhood meeting in December 2020. The neighborhood dialog at the Hanover site was postponed due to the pandemic.

Awards in 2020

Inclusion in Business Award (state capital of Hanover)

The state capital of Hanover bestowed the “Inclusion in Business Award” on Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in April 2020 – specifically for the new paint shop, which has been in operation since November 2019 and was designed so that people in wheelchairs can also work there.

Volkswagen Poznań awarded the title “Employer – Safe Workplace Organizer”

The Volkswagen plant in Września, which is part of the company Volkswagen Poznań, was awarded the title “Employer – Safe Workplace Organizer” – both at the regional and national level – by the national labor inspectorate Państwowa Inspekcja Pracy (PIP) for the third time after 2006 and 2013. The award is presented to companies who attach particular importance to complying extensively with health, hygiene and safety requirements and meet the strict criteria designed by the PIP.

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