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Burkina Faso: 1 Project

  • Education in Africa | MAN | Education

    MAN regards good vocational training as a key prerequisite for finding ways to escape poverty. Together with SOS Children's Villages, the company sponsors a variety of school and vocational training projects for disadvantaged children and young people all over the world, including Africa.

    In 2017, working closely with SOS Children's Villages, MAN supported the "Education for a better future in Africa" program, as well as other education and refugee integration projects in Germany. The aid organization is implementing projects in 25 African nations, ranging from early childhood development initiatives to vocational training for adults. In addition, MAN supports the SOS Vocational Training College KALITY in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, where young people learn technical professions.

    In Burkina Faso, MAN is supporting the expansion of a girls' school built in 2017 in Fada N'Gourma with four additional classes for 240 pupils, together with Missio - the development aid organization of the Catholic Church.

    School education in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in the world, is traditionally intended only for boys.

    Specific scholastic support for girls is therefore particularly important in order to improve equal opportunities and equal rights.

Ghana: 2 Projects

  • Accra’s drive for gender equality | Scania | Equal opportunities

    For Scania it is important to create a positive impact in the areas where we are present. In Accra, Ghana Scania West Africa participates in the initiatives “Women moving the city” and “Women moving trucks” with the aim to reduce the gender gap in the country’s transport industry. Nearly 100 women have trained to become bus or truck drivers in the city. Scania West Africa is playing a leading role in inspiring this change, working together with the Greater Accra Transport Executive (GAPTE) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to boost the number of woman drivers in the city’s public transport system through the provision of Scania bus and truck training driver training. The women who enroll can earn their bus driving licence free of charge and can choose to work in the Bus Rapid Transit system that Scania runs on behalf of the city. “Scania’s goal is to offer equal career opportunities to men and women. “We believe in a balanced workforce, and more women driving buses in Accra will have a positive impact on traffic safety and customer service,” says Fredrik Morsing, Managing Director, Scania West Africa.

  • Scania supports vocational training in Ghana | Scania | Education and science

    Scania has established Ghana's first vocational training scheme for heavy-vehicle service technicians. Scania and other industry partners will provide in-kind and HR support, with additional funding provided by the German Corporation for International Cooperation, GIZ.

    The present Government Technical Training Centre (GTTC) annually enrolls some 120 students on 3-year vocational training courses as service technicians for passenger cars and minibuses. However, the country has never had a training program for heavy vehicles.

    Over the 3-year training course for service technicians, around 25 final-year students per year will have the opportunity to specialize in mechatronics for heavy vehicles by training in, for example, systematic troubleshooting using digital diagnostics systems.

South Africa: 19 Projects

  • Blue Bikes | Volkswagen | Regional Support

    The social problem to be tackled is that nearly 500,000 learners in South Africa walk more than one hour (or up to 6 km/4 miles) one way to school each day. For girls (who are more vulnerable), there is also a physical safety consideration. The Blue Bikes program addresses these issues by providing children with robust new bicycles to radically shorten their commuting times, giving them more time and energy for their studies. The program also establishes bike maintenance schemes in the communities receiving donations, employing one full-time mechanic per catchment area (and thereby creating jobs).

    In 2015, Volkswagen South Africa (VWSA) sponsored the delivery of 1,100 branded bikes to 20 schools in rural KZN and Eastern Cape, backing this up with a book and stationery donation drive. In 2016 and 2017, we distributed another 2,000 bikes. The project is marketed under the VWSA social responsibility brand of Volkswagen for Good and the message is amplified through social media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), as well as traditional PR. So far the project has garnered 500,000 views on YouTube plus a 1:20 return on investment.

  • Early Childhood development | Volkswagen | Education and science

    Ikhwezi Lomso is a pre-primary school which was built from scratch through a partnership between Volkswagen Community Trust and "1Hour for the future". Launched in 2012, the school gives over 90 children in the Uitenhage area access to a well-balanced early-childhood education. The school follows a Montessori curriculum and trains unemployed graduates as Montessori teachers.

  • Edupeg project | Volkswagen | Education and science

    In 2017, VWSA partnered with Edupeg to implement the Teach-Like-a-Champion (TLC) teacher development program in 5 primary schools which are also implementing the VW Literacy Program. The intervention focuses on the most important element of the school system - the teacher. The program provides comprehensive in-class support and mentoring to teachers, enabling them to create empowered learners.

    Teach Like a Champion (TLAC) is a methodology comprising 62 effective teaching techniques, and Edupeg has adopted and is successfully implementing 19 of these techniques in local schools. The aim of the program is to ensure that all learners in the Uitenhage area, where VWSA's manufacturing plant is situated, are functionally literate by the time they have reached the age of 10 (Grade 3).

  • Funding of a laboratory for a girls’ high school | Volkswagen Financial Services | Equal opportunity

    Education empowers girls
    Volkswagen Financial Services South Africa paid for renovating and equipping the laboratory at the Lofentse Girls High School in Soweto. It was officially handed over to the school in 2017. Volkswagen Financial Services South Africa embarked on the partnership with the SAME Foundation as part of its corporate responsibility initiative. The focus of this not-for-profit organization, besides healthcare, is also on education, with the goal of giving children and youngsters in very poor communities the chance to exploit their potential to the full. The organization has identified and supported 50 highly effective and sustainable projects, including the Lofentse Girls High School.

  • Great Show of Hands | Volkswagen | Voluntary work

    "Many hands make light work" is the message behind the name of the "Show of Hands" project. Launched by Volkswagen on the initiative of the workforce, this volunteer program enables the company and its employees to make a difference in local communities. Since the project kicked off in May 2011, over 2,000 Volkswagen volunteers have participated in 21 projects to promote education, youth development, environmental clean-ups, and community health and well-being.

  • HIV prevention in southern Africa | Scania | Health

    The reason for engaging in long-term HIV/AIDS prevention work is to combat the further spread of HIV/AIDS in the southern African region. This employee support program assists with early diagnosis, access to treatment and ongoing support for employees and their families. Scania continues to champion the SWHAP within the area workplace health management as it encourages/practices workplace cooperation between management and employees in 29 workplaces.

    To empower and inspire communities on Wellness, Gender and HIV, Scania through the SWHAP programme reached 1230 community members in nine countries.

    Through innovative methods like integrating driver wellness information and HIV testing services as part of driver skills training Scania reach most at risk groups such as long-distance truck drivers.

    As Andreas Foller, head of sustainability noted at the SWHAP annual conference in October 2018 that “a programme like SWHAP is a blue print for a bottom up approach... to address wider sustainability issues”.

  • Incubator for Entrepreneurs | Volkswagen | Education and science

    In 2011, Volkswagen of South Africa partnered with Raizcorp and opened the doors of the Volkswagen Support Centre in Uitenhage. The aim is to provide business support for enthusiastic, growth-hungry entrepreneurs by offering them a platform that fosters business growth while providing coaching and guidance which can be translated into practical business success. The Volkswagen Business Support Centre has incubated 30 businesses since its inception. The combined positive impact is that 510 people are now employed in these businesses.

  • KwaNobuhle loveLife Y-Centre | Volkswagen | Health

    loveLife is a youth-focused HIV prevention initiative in South Africa. To date, Volkswagen has invested R20 million in the KwaNobuhle loveLife Y-Centre. The center addresses individual and societal high-risk behavior by combining clinical and psychosocial services, community-level outreach and multimedia campaigns. Since it first opened in November 2012, more than 200,000 young people have visited the center. The loveLife initiative covers 24 schools in the KwaNobuhle area, engaging young people through outreach and support programs implemented by peer educators known as Ground Breakers.

  • Promoting ethnic diversity | Volkswagen | Equal opportunities

    The aim of the Dealer Principal Apprentice Program is to increase the number of black dealer principals in the dealer network, as part of our commitment to transformation and diversity. The program was launched in 2011 and the first 5 candidates graduated in 2013. Due to the success of the initial offering, the DPAP has been extended and a new intake of 17 candidates started the program in 2017.

    The DPAP runs over 24 months and includes on-the-job training, classroom learning, e-learning and personalized coaching and mentoring, while the candidates continue to work full-time at their dealerships.

  • Support for reading and writing skills | Volkswagen | Education and science

    The VW Legacy Literacy Program was launched in 2015, with the aim of ensuring that all children in the Uitenhage area are functionally literate (able to read with comprehension) by age 10 or grade 3. The ability to read fluently and with meaning is the foundational skill which children should master at primary school, but research studies show that some 60% of South African learners (especially in previously disadvantaged areas) are not yet able to read with understanding even after 4 years of schooling.

    In order to improve learning outcomes in schools, VWSA partnered with experts in the field of education to design a comprehensive, holistic literacy program comprising a spectrum of interventions targeting the key individuals involved (learners, teachers, parents and caregivers).

    1. Edupeg: Teach-Like-a-Champion Program
    Provides teachers with tools and methods enabling them to teach effectively, manage their classes efficiently, and improve their knowledge of lesson content.

    2. Shine Literacy Centre
    Regular, individualized support for children in Grades 2 and 3 who are identified as at risk of falling behind

    3. Nal'iBali National Literacy Program
    Uses the power of stories to spark children's potential by encouraging supplementary reading, organizing reading clubs and training reading "activists"

    4. Fundisanani Workshops for Pregnant Women & Parenting Workshops
    These programs focus on the importance of early literacy development and stimulation of babies and young children.

    Parents and caregivers are encouraged and empowered to support their children's learning and literacy development at home.
    To raise awareness of the importance of functional literacy at the foundation phase, and to accelerate buy-in and participation by other stakeholders, VWSA hosts an Annual Literacy Conference in Uitenhage. The conference attracts a wide variety of participants with an interest in improving education in South Africa.

    The goal is to work together with all these stakeholders to ensure that all learners in Uitenhage are functionally literate by the time they are 10 years old.

  • Support for scientific and technical education | Volkswagen | Education and science

    One of the primary goals of the Nelson Mandela Bay Science and Technology Centre is to ensure that hitherto marginalized schools have access and exposure to science and technology-related learning experiences. The mission of the NMB Science and Technology Centre is to provide young people with educational exposure, experience and learning opportunities. The NMB Science & Technology Centre is giving schools in PE, Uitenhage and Dispatch access to major math, science and technology events which they might not otherwise have had.

  • Support for the National Reading Campaign Nal’iBai | Volkswagen | Education and science

    The Nal'iBali National Reading Campaign's motto is "Using the power of stories to spark children's potential". Nal'ibali is a Xhosa word meaning "here is the story". The organization trains volunteers to organize reading clubs in schools, in communities and especially among young people. The aim is to nurture, inspire and provide resources for reading clubs - 500 of which have already been established - using media such as the Sunday Times, Eastern Cape Herald and Daily Dispatch to stimulate support and demand. Over 500 billboards have been erected nationally. This is the key to tackling the literacy crisis in South Africa.

  • Taking regional responsibility: The Volkswagen Community Trust | Volkswagen | Regional Support

    Working for a new South Africa: the Volkswagen Community Trust has long concerned itself with the world beyond the factory gates, in line with Volkswagen's prioritization of responsibility. Founded in 1989, the Volkswagen Community Trust is the main vehicle for Volkswagen's social investment in South Africa. The Volkswagen Community Trust prides itself on being relevant and responsive to community issues. The Volkswagen Community Trust has a very broad focus and invests mainly in education, youth development, and community health and wellbeing.

  • The DICT (Dyer Island Conservation Trust) and APSS (African Penguin and Seabirds Sanctuary) | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    This sponsorship program has been in place since 2011 and is committed until 2019. The program's mission is to conserve and protect the unique biodiversity in Overstrand, and in parallel to deliver grassroots-level education to schoolchildren about the dangers of littering and pollution.

    The program strives to protect the largest surviving colonies of the endangered African Penguin, the globally significant breeding grounds of the Southern Right Whale, and the world's densest population of the vulnerable Great White Shark.

    Volkswagen South Africa (VWSA) aims to make a sustainable difference by shaping the South Africa we all want to live in. This commitment aims to improve the lives of South Africans and respond to communities' needs through our CSR brand: Volkswagen for Good.

  • Responsibility worldwide | MAN Energy Solutions | Sponsoring

    MAN Energy Solutions uses its products and services to assist the non-governmental organization Mercy Ships and its hospital ship M/V Africa Mercy in delivering medical aid and care to people in the world’s poorest regions. The mutually fruitful cooperation dates back to 2010, when the engine manufacturer provided the organization with four 5L21/31 GenSet engines for the M/V Africa Mercy at a symbolic price. The company provided spare parts and trained the crew in 2014. In September 2016, MAN Energy Solutions and Mercy Ships sealed their long-term partnership by signing a sponsorship agreement, under which spare parts for the four engines of the M/V Africa Mercy are to be supplied every year. 

  • Vocational training project in Cape Town | Porsche | Regional support

    In 2017, following many years of success with a similar project in the Philippines, Porsche expanded its joint venture with Don Bosco Mondo to include a training project in South Africa. In three cohorts, a total of 75 women and men from disadvantaged backgrounds will be trained as service engineers specializing in automotive mechatronics, with the aim of offering them employment opportunities within the Volkswagen Group's dealer organizations. For this purpose, Porsche has set up two classrooms and a training workshop in the Salesian Institute Youth Project (SIYP); Porsche engineers and after-sales experts also developed the program's curriculum. Project partners include Don Bosco SIYP in Cape Town and LSM Distributors, Porsche's South African importer. Starting with the fourth training cohort, the training program should be able to pay for itself and will be placed entirely in the hands of SIYP. However, Porsche and other Volkswagen Group brands will continue to play a role in the project and take responsibility for the continuing development of the curriculum and the hiring of graduates.

  • Volkswagen Bursary Fund | Volkswagen | Education and science

    The Children of Volkswagen Bursary Fund is a full academic bursary for the children of VW shopfloor workers who show academic potential. The fund selects talented learners studying mathematics and physics and place them in well-resourced schools where they are mentored and nurtured so they can excel at their studies. The bursary provides all the financial, academic and personal support they need to succeed in school, starting at Grades 10-12. 34 students have been funded since the program's inception, representing a total investment of R 7.5 million.

    To improve learning performance and increase the number of learners achieving excellent grades in mathematics and the sciences at matriculation level, the 2018 intake will start at Grade 8, providing learners with 5 years of funding and academic support. There are currently 6 bursary holders.

  • Wilderness Foundation / Forever Wild Rhino Protection project | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Volkswagen has partnered with the Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative since 2011, and over the last 6 years the Amaroks donated by the company have assisted in the arrest of suspected poachers, the confiscation of firearms, and the recovery of rhino horn, as well as enabling extended patrols in game parks around the country, supporting rhino tracking exercises, and assisting with the relocation of rhinos for safety reasons. The vehicles have also provided support for aerial teams across the country.

    Furthermore, the RhODIS® (Rhino DNA Index System) program managed by the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at the University of Pretoria has initiated a project to help alleviate the plight of rhinos. The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory is collecting DNA samples of rhinos across the country to build a database of individual rhinos' unique DNA profiles. Ultimately, all rhinos should be recorded on the system. This will deter poachers and assist in forensic prosecutions.

  • Working with NGO Masifunde | Volkswagen | Education and science

    The Masifunde Learner Development Program is a German-South African organization based in Walmer Township, Port Elizabeth. It is currently training more than 200 motivated and talented learners to become change-makers and active role models in their communities. The program provides opportunities for talented young people to attend excellent schools. VWSA provided Masifunde with a Crafter van to transport these young people to and from school, and to enable them to attend various after-school activities.