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Australia: 1 Project

  • FoodBank: Support for this organization with donations and fund-raising | Volkswagen Financial Services | Regional support

    No food, no development

    Volkswagen Financial Services Australia has been supporting the local non-profit institution Foodbank, Australia’s largest food relief organization, since 2016. In 2017 alone, it distributed more than 67 million meals to the needy and charities. Volkswagen Financial Services Australia was able to collect €6,500 in donations for the organization through several fund-raising events. 

Japan: 4 Projects

  • Donation of unutilized magazines | Audi | Social projects

    • Audi Japan collects regularly magazines, which are not in use anymore
    • These magazines are send to Non-Profit Organizations
    • Non-Profit Organizations use them for example libraries
  • Donation to the Japan Guide Dog Association | Audi | Social projects

    • Initiated the Audi watch battery change for employees
    • All the funds gathered from this activity have been donated to the Japan Guide Dog Association
  • Motorcycle Club of Audi Japan entered the “No accident no traffic ticket” contest | Audi | Traffic

    Received an award for no traffic tickets from the police.

  • Sponsorship of Finance Park: Training youngsters in finance | Volkswagen Financial Services | Education and science

    Fit in finance
    In order to give young people the know-how they need to manage money, Volkswagen Financial Services Japan (VFSJ) has been supporting Finance Park, a non-profit financial education program for students, in Tokyo since 2015. The Finance Park is located in a public junior high school in the center of Tokyo, just 15 minutes’ walk from the VFSJ’s office. Six other leading companies are involved in this initiative. Only one company from each sector can be a sponsor – and Volkswagen Financial Services Japan represents the automotive industry. Young people learn about everyday issues relating to finances in theory and practice and create a monthly budget at the end of their training. VFSJ supports the project with annual funding of around €4,000.

Korea: 7 Projects

  • AVK Future Mobility Challenge | Audi | Education and science

    Invite innovative ideas from university and graduate school students regarding future mobility.

  • Green School Walkway Project | Audi | Sustainability

    AVK signed an agreement with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Korea Social Investment to create a green school walkway. Trees and flowers will be planted along the walkway of three schools (one school per year).

  • Porsche Dream Playground | Porsche | Equal opportunity

    Porsche Korea launched the initiative “Do Dream, Porsche” in 2017 together with the welfare organization ChildFund Korea. The initiative’s aim is to help disadvantaged children and youngsters and create an environment where they can grow up healthily and with motivation. There are only few recreational opportunities for children in Korea. The high levels of particulate air pollution mean they are often prohibited from playing outside. The Porsche Dream Playground project therefore provides indoor playgrounds for children up to the age of 13 at schools and special schools. Attention is paid to selecting regions where lower-income families tend to live and where only few leisure-time activities are offered.

  • Porsche Dream Up | Porsche | Equal opportunity

    Porsche Korea launched the initiative “Do Dream, Porsche” in 2017 together with the welfare organization ChildFund Korea. The initiative’s aim is to help disadvantaged children and youngsters and create an environment where they can grow up healthily and with motivation.

    The Porsche Dream Up project supports children and youngsters from disadvantaged families that have a special sporting, artistic or musical talent and might not be able to pursue their dreams without financial aid.

  • Secret Santa | Audi | Voluntary work

    Under this program, AVK volunteers will become a Secret Santa for the children in need. The children send cards to Santa with their wish list and the AVK volunteers purchase the gifts based on a 1:1 matching donation from the AVK employees and AVK.

  • Special lecture to encourage the young: Funding of educational projects | Volkswagen Financial Services | Education and science

    Inspiring an interest in music and history
    Volkswagen Financial Services South Korea has been supporting an education program for school pupils since 2016. Regular one-day events for around 200 participants are held as part of it. The young people listen to exciting talks on subjects such as history and music. Volkswagen Financial Services South Korea provides the project with funding of around €62,000 a year.

  • TOMOROAD School | Audi | Education

    In line with the Korean government's initiative to brace for Industry 4.0, AVK is offering  education program to middle schools under the theme of future mobility to think about changes brought by new technologies in mobility and future career path.

Philippines: 1 Project

  • Partnership with Don Bosco Mondo in the Philippines | Porsche | Regional support

    The Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia (PTRCA) was created in 2008 by Porsche in a joint venture with the Don Bosco Technical Institute (DBTI) and local importer and distributor PGA Cars Inc. PTRCA aims to train young adults from socially disadvantaged backgrounds as service engineers specializing in automotive mechatronics. The project is a win-win situation for everyone involved, as it allows Porsche to meet the increasing demand for skilled labor - especially from Porsche Centers in the Middle East and Asia Pacific growth markets. In 2016, the project was further expanded to include other VW Group brands.

Singapore: 1 Project

  • Support for the Make-A-Wish Foundation | Porsche | Equal opportunity

    The international Make-A-Wish Foundation fulfills the heart’s desires of very seriously ill children for free. The wishes are as diverse as the children themselves. Whether meeting famous figures, visiting a theme park or sitting in the co-pilot’s seat while whizzing round a race track – the foundation is committed to make their biggest and long-cherished dream come true. Apart from having an unforgettable experience, the children draw new courage and can continue fighting their illness with greater strength and motivation. The fact that their wish is fulfilled shows the young patients that anything is possible and they can overcome their limitations. The positive experience helps them forget their illness for a while and improves their quality of life. The foundation was supported by Porsche Asia Pacific in 2018.

Taiwan: 1 Project

  • Beach cleaning | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation

    Collecting refuse at the beach together
    Marine plastic pollution is a serious problem. Cleaning refuse from the beach helps protect the environment – even if only on a small scale. Employees of Volkswagen Financial Services Taiwan regularly invite family and friends to help them in that by taking part in the beach cleaning initiative of the European Chamber of Commerce.