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CC-Projects in China

57 Projects

  • 99 Public Welfare Day | Volkswagen Group China | Traffic education

    During the  "99 Public Welfare Day" in 2017 and 2018, CWDF and Volkswagen Group China (VGC) jointly launched child road safety theme fundraising campaign. VGC, together with 2 joint-venture partners, dealers, and 13 Child Road Safety Experience Centers, implemented and managed the campaign's online component. The activity raised nearly ¥2. 485million, which will be used to raise road safety awareness in China.

  • 1,000 Environment-Friendly Teacher Ambassadors Action Program - Sowing for a Green Future | Volkswagen Group China | Environmental protection

    In 2016, with the aim of promoting Chinese environmental education and contributing to environmental protection in China, Volkswagen Group China (VGC) joined with Chinese government agencies to set up the China Environmental Protection Foundation - Volkswagen Group China Environmental Education Fund. The main beneficiary of the fund's activities is the "1,000 Environment-Friendly Teacher Ambassadors Action Program - Sowing for a Green Future".

    The program consists of 3 parts: offline training, online training and annual flagship event. Through training teachers, this program is dedicated to improving their environmental knowledge and educational skills, thus enhancing students' awareness and ability of environmental protection.

    Offline Training: Since 2016, there were 10 direct Teacher Ambassador training and about 1,400 teachers benefited, as well as 11 indirect trainings, about 1,650 teachers benefited.

    Online Training: On September 10, 2017, the online platform went online. By the end of 2018, the platform provided 8 sets of professional courses and had been viewed over 90,000 times, the registered teachers reached about 2,000.

    Annual Flagship Event: After Environmental Education Curriculum Contest in 2016, Contest of Youth Eco-Innovation Ideas in 2017, Contest of Environmental Education Practice was organized in 2018. Through these contests, many excellent curriculum and ideas were submitted and implemented, the program objectives of teacher training and students influence were truly reached.

    Moreover, the first Teacher Environmental Education Guidance Books in China were published, and which were distributed to schools nationwide.

    In the future, the project will combine the VGC's global CSR strategy and core business to conduct online and offline training, as well as overseas exchange to continuously enhance teacher capacity and then promote students' eco-innovation and practice.

  • 2018 FAW-VW Audi Wintersports Education Project for Children | Audi | Sports and education

    FAW-VW Audi invited world's champion Jia Zongyang, Qi Guangpu, Cai Xuetong, and media and children who have great enthusiasm in winter sports to the Huaibei ski resort, to support the development of children winter sports of China, and contribute to the national goal of "bringing 300 million people into winter sports"

  • Accident research | Volkswagen Group China | Education and science

    Volkswagen has been involved in road-accident research in China since 2005. In the first project of its kind conducted by an automotive manufacturer in China, Volkswagen has joined forces with Tongji University in Shanghai. The aim is to significantly improve safety on China's roads by analyzing road accidents and feeding the results into the ongoing development of active safety systems such as ABS and ESP.

  • Ai You FAW-VW Audi Shanghai Baby’s Home | Audi | Charity

    In 2012, Audi and Ai You Foundation co-founded the first domestic health and curing organization in Shanghai, China. Ai You FAW-VW Audi Shanghai Baby’s Home has adopted and treated a total of 1267 sick orphans, and completed the aid to 1267 of them in total until October, 2017. Since 2012, FAW -VW Audi has invested more than 50 million Yuan. After the Baby’s Home in Shanghai, another 15 children medical nursing institutions were set up. More than 26000 volunteers from China and worldwide participated.

  • Aiyou FAW-VW Audi Shanghai Baby's Home Media Opening Day | Audi | Charity

    FAW-VW Audi and Ai You Foundation set up together a health care for illed orphans - the "Ai You FAW-VW Audi Shanghai Babies’ Home". The center has integrated resources to help the illed orphans with the platform, and promoted the participation of media volunteers from all over China. Till Dec.2018, the  "Ai You FAW-VW Audi Shanghai Babies’ Home" has not only taken in 1449 children, but also advocated the participation of 9772 person-time to the caring of the children. A total of 1498 person-time have participated in the charity sales, and 31,839 Chinese and foreign volunteers have participated in various activities of the Baby's home.

  • Artistic Engagement Program China (AEP-China) | Volkswagen Group China| Culture and arts

    The Artistic Engagement Project China (AEP-China) is an innovative cultural program co-founded by Volkswagen Group China and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, under VGC’s PACE Strategy – short for Participation, Connection, Education and Exchange.

    AEP-China focuses on “youth”, “the art of music” and “throughout China”, and aims to gather and link young people through sustainable musical programs and experience activities at home and abroad, to inspire their perception and participation in art.

    Three programs of AEP-China:

    1. AEP Shanghai Program to promote musical education and art promotion activities to young people;
    2. Youth Music Culture Guangdong program (YMCG) led by world-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma for two consecutive years, to establish an interactive platform worldwide young through music workshops, master classes and performances;
    3. China Orchestra Management & Administration (COMA) forum to explore ways to provide next generations with long-term and sustainable solutions.


    From 2017 to 2018, AEP-China has held activities in 14 cities and regions, such as Shanghai, Qingdao, Urumqi, Guangzhou, Foshan, Chengdu, Xi’an, Shenzhen etc., attracting 58,000 participants and achieving nearly 70 million views online.

  • Audi & FC Ingolstadt Beijing Soccer Camp 2018 | Audi | Sports

    The Audi FC Ingolstadt Beijing Soccer Camp 2018, co-hosted by Audi China and Germany’s largest club-based soccer school, “Audi Schanzer Soccer Academy”, began today. Under the guidance of professional coaches from FC Ingolstadt 04, 214 children ages 6 to 13 will be enjoying soccer over nine days.

  • Audi & FC Ingolstadt Beijing Soccer Camp 2018 | Audi | Sports

    The Audi FC Ingolstadt Beijing Soccer Camp 2018, co-hosted by Audi China and Germany’s largest club-based soccer school, “Audi Schanzer Soccer Academy”, started since 2016. In the 2018 event, Under the guidance of professional coaches from FC Ingolstadt 04, 214 children ages 6 to 13 will be enjoying soccer over nine days. The Audi FC Ingolstadt Soccer Camp Series 2018 began in China in July in Foshan, Shanghai, and Changzhou; Beijing is the final station. Participants in the Audi FC Ingolstadt Beijing Soccer Camp 2018 included the interested children of Audi China and Volkswagen Group China employees, plus 100 young soccer talents from various schools. For the first time, the coaches from Ingolstadt identified an #AudiFCITopTalent from among the participants, and awarded with a chance of special soccer training program in Ingolstadt on Sep.30-Oct.6 2018

  • Audi & Salzburg Festival Press Conference 2018 | Audi | Culture and arts

    Audi China joint hands with Salzburg Festival, holding a press conference to annonce the 2019 event program to Chinese audiences. Highlight: Speeches of Mr. Thomas Owsianski (President of Audi China), Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler (President of the Salzburg Festival); Opera Performances during the event.

  • Audi Design Exhibition | Audi | Culture and arts

    Since 2014, the Audi Design Exhibition has been an integral part of Beijing Design Week’s 751 International Design Festival. The Audi Design Exhibition brings together talented young artists, designers, Audi designers and top universities. The interdisciplinary exchange with the local designers gives important inspiration to Audi Design team in China. In 2016, Audi Design Exhibition won Gold for the Best Cultural Event of the year at the Marketing Events Awards in Asia ceremony held in Hong Kong.  Find more information here.

  • Audi Tongji Joint Lab | Audi | Education and science

    Establishment of the Joint Lab with a permanent Audi representative at the university, conducting of research projects funded by Audi with students from various disciplines, in each case supervised by a professor from Tongji University (focus: automotive) and under the technical management of the Audi China or AUDI AG departments involved. Examples: Design studies on luxury vehicles of the future or analysis of driver assistance systems. The Joint Lab is also to be used increasingly as a recruiting resource/employer branding option.

  • Audi-Tsinghua University FSC Racing Team | Audi | Education and science

    Audi China provide team members with flight and accommodation with opportunities in Pit workshop of R8 LMS Cup Events to personal experience the racing car competition, also Audi China provide both technical and career guidance for Tsinghua university students career deveopment.

  • Blue Starry Sky Autistic Children Caring Project 
| Volkswagen Financial Services | Education and science

    Help children who have it tough
    Since 2016, employees of Volkswagen Financial Services China have been volunteering to help out in Volkswagen Financial Services’ own Blue Action Foundation – an aid program for autistic children that is part of the Blue Starry Sky Autistic Children Caring Program. Our colleagues at Volkswagen Financial Services know that everyday life is a big challenge for the children, since they have to learn how to read emotions in the way others learn vocabulary. 14 projects have already been implemented with the foundation in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Guangzhou and focus on subjects such as science, technology, vocational experience and creative projects: Because designing and painting things in different colors and shapes can help the children unfold their individual potential.

  • Carolo Cup | Volkswagen Group China | Education and science

    In 2018, a student team from Tongji University in Shanghai was financially supported by Volkswagen to participate in the Carolo Cup in Germany (Braunschweig). This student competition provides student teams with a platform for the design and implementation of automated remote control cars.

  • Child care | SAIC VOLKSWAGEN | Health

    SAIC VOLKSWAGEN cooperated with the Shanghai Charity Foundation to launch a project for providing children with medical assistance, creating the SAIC VOLKSWAGEN CHILD CARE CHILDREN'S MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FUND. So far, the fund has donated a total of ¥1.5 million for treatments and cures for children suffering from serious disabilities or illnesses such as epilepsy, autism, congenital heart disease and others.

  • Child road safety education in cooperation with dealers | Volkswagen Group China | Traffic education

    Starting in 2017, Volkswagen Group China (VGC) has been inviting dealers to support child road safety programs, and encouraging dealers nationwide to play a direct role in raising public awareness of the importance of child road safety. During the past two years, more than 100 child road safety-themed activities were organized at 118 dealerships, directly benefiting more than 2,300 parents and kids. In the future, VGC will continue to involve more dealers in boosting child road safety education. With this in mind, the Group is distributing special child road safety toolkits and integrating child road safety tips into dealers' marketing activities.

  • Child Traffic Friendly Community | Volkswagen Group China | Traffic education

    On June 15th 2018, VGC and CWDF jointly held the launching ceremony of the Child Traffic Friendly Community. The Olympic champion gymnast Xiaopeng Li was conferred as the Ambassador of Chinese Child-Friendly Traffic Community.

    Volkswagen Group China and CWDF have joined hands and selected the Shuanghe Community (Guixi Street, Hi-tech District), where the Volkswagen Child Road Safety Experience Center (Chengdu) is located, as the pilot to build a safe, comfortable and friendly child traffic-friendly community from three aspects, in terms of hardware upgrading, system innovation and community services. For hardware upgrading, new facilities such as car blocking platforms, traffic signs, yellow flashing lights and children's classified trash cans have been set up in the community to solve the problem of road occupancy by motor vehicles and improve the comfort of community life; in regards to system innovation, children and parents have been mobilized to form volunteer service teams and child protection committees to facilitate the development of residents' awareness and behavior; as for community services, a child traffic-friendly business alliance has been established to involve more people within the community for environmental governance. The program not only involves the CPC committee and administrative department of the community and experts and scholars in the fields of road safety, child welfare, social services, but also stimulates enthusiasm in community residents for self-government and brings together various social forces to deal with the problems of community traffic congestion and hidden dangers of child safety.

  • China Child Road Safety Experience Center | Volkswagen Group China | Traffic education

    The Volkswagen Child Safety Initiative (CSI) is a large-scale, long-term corporate social responsibility (CSR) program focusing on road safety education for children. CSI aims to improve public understanding of the importance of child road safety, and to increase children's awareness of road safety. The project partner is the China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF).

    The VGC Child Road Safety Experience Center is the first community-based child road safety education/experience center project to be headed by an automotive company in China. The centers are designed to provide long-term education on child road safety. Experience Centers are also linking up with local kindergartens and schools, so they can help more children and families. To date, 13 child road safety experience centers have been built and put into operation in China. By the end of 2018, nearly 600,000 people had benefited from the project.

    To continuously improve the impact of the project, a sophisticated evaluation system has been developed. Results show that 99.32% of parents taking part pay more attention to child road safety after attending project activities. Compared with families that only participate once, families that participate in these activities twice or more are 20.6% more likely to use child safety seats.

    To further improve the Experience Centers, CWDF and Volkswagen Group China (VGC) hold meetings on a regular basis, and also organize overseas study tours to explore advanced concepts and methods of child road safety education.

  • Culture Week of Deutsche Grammophon’s 120th anniversary | Volkswagen Group China | Culture and arts

    Under the cooperation between Volkswagen Group and Deutsche Grammophon, the world’s oldest record label, various cultural events were held to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Deutsche Grammophon.

    ‘Art x Tech’ Panel
    In September, 2018, ‘Art x Tech’ Panel was hosted by Volkswagen Group China in cooperation with Karajan Institute Salzburg in Beijing. A number of pioneers and experts from both the music and tech industries were invited to discuss how the future of mobility and technology connects with art and culture.

    Yellow Lounge
    On the same day of ‘Art x Tech’ Panel, Deutsche Grammophon hosted a Yellow Lounge session in a nightclub in Beijing. Yellow Lounge brought classical music into modern music club in its debut in China. It created a refreshing music experience and brand-new image of classical music to public in an innovative way.

    Deutsche Grammophon’s 120th anniversary gala concert
    Hundreds of thousands of people witnessed, both live and via social media, a unique musical event at the Imperial Palace Beijing, giving an outstanding open-air concert. Volkswagen Group China supported this exceptional performance, as its official mobility partner. With this concert, Deutsche Grammophon celebrated its 120th anniversary.  

  • Design the standard CI/VI for CSI Program | Volkswagen Group China | Traffic education

    In 2018,VGC and CWDF conducted an integral VI design for Experience Centers and registered the trademark for the Program.

  • Drinkwater Project for South Xinjiang | Volkswagen Group China | Social care

    In September 2017, under the testimony of Bachu County Education Bureau in the Kashi Region, Volkswagen Group China and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Aid Foundation signed a cooperation agreement on a pilot project for the installation of a drinking water purifier equipment.

    In April 2018, the first two water purifiers could be installed as a successful pilot at Churgai Primary School and Oglakqi Primary School providing clean and purified drinking water for 1000 children.

    Volkswagen Group China is now envisaging to expand the successful pilot project to cover 500 multi-ethnical schools in Southern Xinjiang ensuring the drink water supply for one Mio school children, their parents and neighborhood.

  • "Empowering the Future" education program | Porsche | Education and science

    In the aftermath of the violent earthquake which struck China's Sichuan Province in 2008, Porsche China initiated a long-term education program for children and young people. The Empowering the Future program was launched in 2009 with the aim of facilitating education and integrated early childhood development for disadvantaged children and young people in rural areas.

    Currently, Porsche China is working hand-in-hand with the UNICEF children's aid organization on three projects. The Mobile Education Training and Resource Units (METRU) program focuses on the development of local quality standards for teaching and education. The METRU Plus & Effective Teaching and Learning (METRU Plus & ETL) pilot program aims to boost the quality of education offered in elementary schools in poorer regions of the country. And the Integrated Early Childhood Development (IECD) project offers access to basic healthcare, early education programs and child protection to pregnant women and children up to 3 years in age. As part of its partnership with UNICEF, by the end of 2016 Porsche China had provided around 60 million renminbi (RMB) in donations - which equates to approximately €7.7 million. 915 project schools in 7 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, comprising some 310,000 pupils, 13,300 teachers and 4,000 toddlers aged up to 3 years, are benefiting from this support.

  • FAW – Volkswagen Forest Owners Club -tree-planting initiative | FAW-Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Car-owning members of FAW-Volkswagen drove to Yanqing Qianjiadian to plant trees and set a hopeful green flag for the protection of water sources surrounding Beijing. The headwaters of the Miyun reservoir play an important role in safeguarding Beijing's supply of drinking water.

    The tree-planting initiative represented a first step in improving the municipal water environment and protecting water resources. The tree-planting campaigns conducted by FAW-Volkswagen in Qianjiadian Beijing have resulted in the planting of several wooded areas in China.

  • FAW-Volkswagen Junior Football Camp | FAW-Volkswagen | Child care

    Physical fitness of the young has increasingly raised attention from the public and the authority. The State Council and the Ministry of Education have established the National Adolescent Campus Football Work Leading Group to generally manage the work of juvenile football training. China Football Association has launched Junior Football Training Camp in over 40 cities around the country to promote juvenile football training as well . Shareholder, such as Volkswagen Group China also carried out CSR projects to select young players for training in Germany. To cohere with the thoughts of authority and shareholder and carry out the requirement of FAW-Volkswagen CSR strategy, FAW-Volkswagen established FAW-Volkswagen Junior Football Development Fund together with China Sports Foundation and initiated FAW-Volkswagen Junior Football Camp to sponsor football training in Changchun, Chengdu, Foshan and Qingdao. In 2018, Tianjin initiated the first football training camp in August, gathering 120 teenagers to join in the activity. Until 2018, over 700 young players have received professional training and coaches received further training in famous football clubs as well, which promoted teenagers’ participation of football training and the cultivation of professional training forces in China.

  • Fostering of young Chinese artists | Porsche | Art and Culture

    In 2017, Porsche China concluded a partnership with ART021, a leading contemporary Chinese art fair, to jointly stage the contest “Young Chinese Artist of the Year” (YAOY). The aim is to find the most innovative and pioneering young artists in China. They are encouraged to stick to their artistic path by being given financial support. Wu Junyong was one of the winners of the first YAOY. Porsche China and ART021 devoted a special exhibition to him on the theme of new media art in Beijing in May 2018. In November 2018, Porsche China and the Cc Foundation opened an exhibition at the 2018 Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair as part of the “Porsche 2019 Young Chinese Artist of the Year” press conference. There, all three YAOY prize winners from 2017 – Wu Junyong along with Yao Qingmei and Zhang Ding – presented their latest works.

  • German Embassy Charity Christmas Bazzar | Audi | Charity

    Audi China attend 2018 German Embassy Charity Christmas Bazzar, by providing Audi special goods and other food for charity sale. Audi China donates all the income will fund charitable organization in Beijing.

  • German photographer Andreas Mühe’s solo exhibition | Volkswagen Group China | Culture and arts

    Following the great success of Deutschland 8 in 2017, Volkswagen Group China is collaborating with the Red Brick Art Museum and the Foundation of Art and Culture, Bonn, to bring back one of the Deutschland 8’s highlights, photo-artist Andreas Mühe, for his very first solo exhibition in China.

    The show will present more than 60 works from the past 15 years of Andreas Mühe’s oeuvre, from the 11th of September until the 21st of October at the Red Brick Art Museum in Beijing.

  • Green Silk Road – Making Urumqi a green city | Volkswagen Group China | Environmental protection

    This Sino-German joint research project on resource efficiency is a key to the sustainable development of megacities in dry areas, of which Urumqi is a leading Central Asian example. The project is being managed in partnership with the Institute of Environmental Economics at the University of Heidelberg, BMBF, the Xinjiang Ministry of Environmental Affairs, and CAS. Topics include energy and resource efficiency, recycling and waste generation, and wastewater.

  • Introduction and implementation of MBQ/MEK to strengthen Meister qualification | Volkswagen Group China | Education and science

    Volkswagen Group China (VGC) has been liaising with VW Group Academy to introduce the MBQ (Meister Basic Qualification) and MEK (Meister Development Center) concepts to China. The MEK aims to provide continuing education to local employees, thereby improving the quality of their performance. In 2017, the MEK held 11 MBQ courses for 178 participants. A total of 67 people attended courses at the MEK, which certified 9 local MBQ trainers and trained an additional 78 local MEK observers.

  • Introduction and implementation of Schwarzman Scholars Program | Volkswagen Group China | Education and science

    The aim of this project is to support knowledge transfer contributing to the future development of China and the nation's automotive industry, and to support the development of future concepts and sustainability solutions for Chinese society.

    Together with the external project partner, Tsing Hua University, VWG established the Volkswagen faculty Chair in Sustainability under the Schwarzman Scholars program. Fields of research include sustainable business management, environmental economics and supply chain management. Students work on sustainability-related topics from an interdisciplinary perspective.

    In 2018, Volkswagen contributed with Practical Training Projects, mentorships and a lecture by the former Volkswagen CEO Dr. Carl Hahn to advance sustainability related competencies of the Schwarzman Scholars.

  • Junior Football Camps | Volkswagen | Sports

    The Volkswagen Junior Football Camp is one of the core projects of the Volkswagen Junior Football Program launched in 2015. In a series of joint ventures, the program has established football camps in 10 cities, including Beijing, Tianjin and Dalian. Each camp chooses 120 players from each city to participate in a 3-year football training program, under the professional guidance of local football coaches. Players attend 90 training sessions each year, each training session lasting at least 90 minutes. The program aims to provide regular training opportunities for junior football players, seeking to cultivate a football culture and develop a football talents reserve for the ongoing development of national football.

    In 2016, to ensure that football players continue to enjoy playing football, Volkswagen Group China (VGC) developed a Sports Injury Prevention and Nutrition training course with a special focus on junior football. The training course targets junior football players and their parents and coaches, helping them understand how to prevent sport injuries, apply basic scientific treatments, and appreciate the importance of nutrition for the physical growth and ongoing development of junior players.

  • Junior Football Summer Camp | Volkswagen | Sports

    To proactively address the insufficient number of matches and exchanges between junior football teams, Volkswagen Group China (VGC) set up the Junior Football Summer Camp program in 2016, in partnership with the Chinese Sport Foundation and Chinese Football Association. In the 3 years, more than 490 junior football players and 80 coaches took part in the Summer Camp, in a total of 10 cities. The Summer Camp provides junior football players with opportunities for tournaments and exchanges; more than 70 young "Star of Hope" players were assessed and selected. The Summer Camp also conducts training courses in football skills and sports injury prevention, plus specialist training courses for coaches and referees.

    The year 2018 witnessed the further upgrade of the Summer Camp, and its first combination with the “Dream China” social responsibility activity of Asian Football Confederation–Chinese Football Association (Beijing station). Children from Volkswagen Junior Football Camp and Special Olympics jointly participated in fun football carnival game experience.

  • Junior Football Summer Camp in Germany | Volkswagen | Sports

    In cooperation with the China Sports Foundation and the Chinese Football Association, Volkswagen brought junior football players to Germany for the first time to directly experience German football training and culture. The “star of hope” players were selected from the outstanding participants in previous Volkswagen Junior Football Camps and Volkswagen Junior Football Summer Camps. The organizer provided the best venues and facilities for the trainings and competitions in Wolfsburg, as well as full logistics support including accommodation, catering, transportation, entertainment and cultural experience contents, greatly ensuring the training status and cultural experience of the players.

    In addition, the junior players played three friendly matches against the VfL Wolfsburg U12 and the local community club. Besides, the organizer provided the opportunity for the junior players to train together with the U12 players of VfL Wolfsburg football club.

    Most delightfully, they can be introduced as player escorts in the opening game of the 2018-19 Bundesliga to get close to the culture and passion of Germany’s top football games.

  • Junior Football Train the Trainer | Volkswagen | Sports

    The program is supported by the Volkswagen Group China Zhixing CSR Fund ,aims to develop Chinese junior footballers and in doing so, further the development of junior football in China, foster a sustainable football culture, and enhance Sino-German exchange and cooperation on sports and culture.

    In 2015 and 2016, the Volkswagen Junior Football Train-the-Trainer program has trained more than 322 local junior football coaches from 42 registered national junior football training centers, benefiting some 40,000 junior footballers in China. The training program lasts 4 weeks and focuses specifically on junior football coaching and training. Based on the current status of China's junior football training system and coaches' expectations, well-known experts from VfL Wolfsburg introduced advanced training theory and practice into their latest theoretical and practical training courses.

    In 2017 and 2018, 30 senior junior football coaches, selected by Chinese Football Association, were invited to Germany for an in-depth junior football training program in Wolfsburg. Alongside theoretical and practical training courses delivered by VfL Wolfsburg, the Chinese coaches visited Cologne F.C., Hertha BSC and F.C. Union Berlin, as well as Cologne Sports University, DFL and the Bundesliga. This program had been trialed successfully in Germany, and the coaches expressed their enthusiastic appreciation. VGC's proactive mobilization of the Group's prodigious resources for the resolution of social issues forms an important part of VGC's corporate citizenship program.

  • Local Development | SAIC VOLKSWAGEN | Community

    Headquartered in Anting, Shanghai, SAIC VOLKSWAGEN regards supporting Anting’s sustainability development as part of CSR while making profits. In the year of 2018, SAIC VOLKSWAGEN donated a  total of RMB 1.2 million for rewarding students with outstanding performance in poor family or those who made great contribution to local educational development, for offering migrant workers’ children art lessons, for purchasing digital borrowing machines in community library, and for offering Anting sanitation workers resting sites.

  • “Protect Childhood – Child Safety First” Forum | Volkswagen Group China | Traffic education

    The 4th China Child Road Safety Forum, with the theme of “Protect Childhood, Child Safety First,” brought together government representatives, industry experts and scholars, enterprises, media and community residents who discussed the construction and future development of child traffic-friendly communities from various angles, so as to help create safe, comfortable and friendly child traffic-friendly communities and promote the sustainable development of the Chinese society.

    Chengdu, November 30, 2018 Volkswagen Group China and the China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) are making a joint effort to build, govern and share “child traffic-friendly communities”. Since its launch in 2018, the program has carried out transformative work from three aspects: hardware upgrading, system innovation and community services, involving a large number of experts and scholars, government departments, residents, schools, voluntary service organizations and caring business people. The program created a new traffic environment within the community and provided effective, innovative ways to explore the construction of child traffic-friendly communities. Meanwhile, forum continuously called for attention to child road safety, further popularizing relevant knowledge and promoting local legislations on child road safety.  

  • Research project on ecosystems and environmental change | Volkswagen Group China | Education and science

    Volkswagen is supporting the implementation of a joint Chinese and German project christened "Management of Ecosystems and Environmental Changes in Arid Lands". As part of this project, a Sino-German Joint Research Center was established in partnership with the Technical University of Munich and the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Xinjiang Institute of Ecology. The joint venture's research projects focus on water management, environmental processes, ecosystem management, land management, the impact of climate change, and socioeconomics.

  • Sponsoring Beijing Music Festival 2018 | Audi | Culture and arts

    14 years consecutive sponsorship; form: non-cash, only providing vip vehicles, as exclusive official car of the event; Benefits in return: tickets and social media communication; 21 performances in the 2018 Festival.

  • Sponsoring China's Winter Sports National Teams | Audi | Sports

    FAW-VW Audi sponsors China's national teams of speed skating, short track speed skating, snowboard half pipe, freestyle skiing aerial. The cooperation will be extended till the end of 2022.

  • Sponsoring Formula Student | ŠKODA | Education and science

    In 2013, ŠKODA signed a 3-year cooperation agreement with Dalian University of Technology (DUT) with the aim of strengthening the cooperation between DUT and ŠKODA, which includes exchanges of outstanding students and the sharing of expertise in automotive manufacturing and research. At the same time, ŠKODA continues to support the DUT ŠKODA Linghun Team as they compete in Formula Student China events. In 2018, ŠKODA also sponsored Baja off-road vehicle and electric vehicle  from the DUT ŠKODA Linghun Team in FSC. ŠKODA hopes to develop outstanding talents in the automotive sector through this broad-based joint venture with DUT, which covers education, scientific research and industrial manufacturing.

  • Sponsoring young artists | Volkswagen Group China | Culture and arts

    Volkswagen is concerned with cultural continuity and development in Xinjiang. With this in mind, Volkswagen Young Artist Scholarship Award started in 2015. 10 outstanding students with great musical talents are selected every year to be granted scholarships.

    Volkswagen scholarships aim to help more local musical talents to develop their potential. Volkswagen sponsored Big Band won Second Prize at “China 5th  University National Art Competition” in Shanghai in 2018.

  • Standardize the curriculum of road safety by age | Volkswagen Group China | Traffic education

    Road safety course is the core of transport safety education at Experience Centers. Each Experience Center has designed courses that are compatible with the needs of beneficiaries and hardware equipment. In order to ensure the long-term and sustainable impact, all the Experience Centers constantly refine and optimize their curriculum. In 2018, VGC and CWDF jointly published Children's Road Safety Education Outline, containing knowledge and course design for children of different ages, providing a professional and scientific guidance for the curriculum development at Experience Centers.

  • Starry Program | SAIC VOLKSWAGEN | Education and science

    "Starry Program" is SAIC VOLKSWAGEN's public welfare brand, set up to make donations for educational purposes and dedicated to providing ongoing support and assistance to children and teenagers in impoverished and rural regions. Since 2015, the program has donated ¥8 million to the Youth Development Foundation for constructing primary schools in China and equipping schools in poverty-stricken areas with proper study facilities.

  • Support for 2018 Sino-German MEECAL conference strengthening commitment to sustainability | Volkswagen Group China | Environmental protection

    More than 100 Chinese and  foreign experts and graduate students attended the 5th "Management of Ecosystems and Environmental Changes in Arid Lands in Central Asia" Conference, supported by Volkswagen Group China and Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The event, organized by the Sino-German Joint Research Center for the Management of Ecosystems and Environmental Changes in Arid Lands (MEECAL), and run jointly by the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography and the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany, was held in Urumqi, Xinjiang province, from9 - 13 September 2018.

     Sino-German Automotive Vocational Education Cooperation (SGAVE) -- benchmark for China's vocational education reform

    The Sino-German Automotive Vocational Education Cooperation (SGAVE) is a project jointly implemented by the Chinese Ministry of Education, four German automobile brands namely: Audi, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen, Sino-German Vocational Education Competency Center (CoC), as well as the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The project is a unique Sino-German cooperation project designed with the purpose of reforming Chinese vocational education system. The objective of this project is to cultivate technical professionals for the automotive industry based on the German best practices. Previously from 2011 to 2014, the project had made substantial progress. As of 2018, 25 schools have conducted 135 three-year automotive mechatronics after-sales trainings, as well as 4 sheet metal trainings. The project is highly recognized by automobile dealers and around 3,000 trainees have graduated from this project.

    The first phase of the SGAVE project was began in 2011 followed by a second phase from 2017 to 2020 with a focus on its localization in China. Professional technical capability will gradually be transferred to the Chinese partner - Tongji University Vocational Education Competency Center. Other tasks to be transferred are school audits, student exams, enhanced collaboration between schools and dealers, and application of a three-year training mode for body manufacturing technicians based on the German dual education mode.

  • Support for youth football team | Volkswagen Group China | Sports

    Volkswagen Youth Education Sport as a part of Youth Development Pilot Program, started in 2013 with Xinjiang Vocational College of Sports. The Program focuses on four areas:

    “Volkswagen dress sponsoring”, “Volkswagen Young Talent Scholarship Award”, “Volkswagen Xinjiang Junior Soccer Cup” and participation in national tournaments.

    Volkswagen scholarship award started in 2014, the aim was to encourage and support talented young football players. Since then, each year 10 most talented students with outstanding performance are recognized and awarded with scholarships.

  • The CYMC Hummingbird Music Awards | Volkswagen Group China | Culture and arts

    China Youth Music Competition-Hummingbird Music Awards (CYMC) is a nationwide contest aiming at supporting and promoting young classical music talents, supported by Volkswagen Group China for three consecutive years since 2016.

    Based on the renowned German model, Jugend musiziert, the awards are co-organized by the Beijing International Music Competition Management Committee and the German Music Council. Each year’s program has culminated in a celebration concert featuring talented young Chinese and German musicians.

  • “Theatertreffen in China” | Volkswagen Group China | Culture and arts

    In June 2018, Volkswagen Group China brought Theatertreffen Berlin back to China for the third time, with a forward-thinking and creative play Five Easy Pieces staged at 3 cities – Tianjin, Beijing and Changzhou.

    The goal is to provide a platform for further bilateral exchange and reinforce Sino-German relations. The program reached out to more people in 2018 than previous years, allowing them to experience the wonders and excitement of theater. With support of Volkswagen Group China, a series of outreach programs were hosted including guided talks, post talks, and workshops among artists and audience.

    In the past three years, more than 25,000 audiences enjoyed the performance and related events on-site and 15 million people were reached by media report and social promotion.

  • Towards ecological civilization: a salute to environmental pioneers | FAW-Volkswagen | Environmental protection

     In recent years, ecological civilization has been promoted to an increasingly important status. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) made much contribution in many detailed aspects, such as biodiversity protection and water body pollution control. However, these environment protection contributors will lack resources to further support their career. Accurate identification and timely sponsoring are especially necessary for the sake of the further development of NGOs. Under such circumstance, FAW-Volkswagen initiated the project ‘Towards ecological civilization: a salute to environmental pioneers’  in 2016 to identify and provide financial support to the best NGOs dedicated to environmental protection. In 2018, 20 proposals are selected to be awarded ( five million RMB in total) for their contribution to environment protection and constant functioning of the organization. Throughout the process, the awareness of environment protection has been greatly aroused and the nature has acquired proper ecological improvement.

  • Tree-planting initiative in Nanhai Central Park | FAW-Volkswagen | Environmental protection

     A tree-planting initiative was held in in Nanhai Central Park as part of the "Embrace Green, Imagine Future" FAW-Volkswagen environmental protection event. Sowing the seeds of green hope underscores the concept of a healthy lifestyle in which humans, vehicles and nature co-exist in harmony.

  • VGC Volunteer Association | Volkswagen Group China | Voluntary work

    VGC Employee Volunteer Association is affiliated to VGC Corporate Social Responsibility. The obligation of Employee Volunteer Association is to motivate the volunteers from VGC employees to support the public service activities in 4 areas: Environment Education, Sustainable Mobility, Youth Football Development and Care for People, extending love and help to those who need support.

    In 2018, more than 300 Volkswagen Group China employees volunteered over 900 hours of their time with voluntary work and  a series of volunteer activities, rich in content with profound and far-reaching impacts, have been carried out. Those which are popular with VGC employees are the traditional VGC Beneficial Christmas Concert & Make a Christmas Wish Come True Campaign for rural area’s kids, VfL football training for employee kids, charitable school visit at school for migrant workers’ kids and  etc.

  • Volkswagen Endowed Chair For Industrial Relations and Social Development at Sun Yat-sen University | Volkswagen Group China | Education and science

    Research and teaching activities of this endowed chair focus on the relationship between companies, work councils and employees.

    In the wake of industrial upgrade in China, various challenges arise for multinational manufacturers and the society to maintain harmonious labor relations, so that sustainable economic growth of the company is guaranteed.

  • Volkswagen Endowed Chair for Vehicle Safety at Tsinghua University | Volkswagen Group China | Education and science

    This endowed chair promotes Vehicle Safety from a scientific point of view. With the organization of research and education projects, society members become more and more aware of the importance of Child Road Safety and passenger safety in new energy as well as autonomously driving vehicles.

  • Volkswagen – VfL Football Training Camp | Volkswagen | Sports

    To support the development of Chinese junior football, since 2014, Volkswagen invited the football coaches from VfL Football School to provide professional junior football training to the local junior football players between the age of 6 and 13, from tens of cities and regions, such as Beijing, Dalian, Tianjin, Jinggangshan, Zunyi and Yan 'an.

    In the meanwhile, the program would promote the communication between China and Germany in football culture and youth education through the introduction of Germany's top football resources. Up to 2018, the program has made more than 2,000 junior players benefited.

  • VWPT bio-wetland | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    VWPT is located on the migration paths of a number of migratory birds, such as egrets. Migratory birds once abounded in the area, but numbers have declined substantially in recent years. To protect the local environment and biodiversity by turning the site into a suitable habitat for migratory birds, VWPT has created a bio-wetland in the grounds of the production facility.

    VWPT is also planning to plant a variety of trees on the site, including red maple, tea olive, cherry plum, Japanese cherry and others, as part of an initiative to attain Eco-factory status.

  • Youth Environment Ambassador Action & Education Program | Volkswagen Group China | Environmental protection

    YEAAEP Environment Calendar published as a result of Children Environment Competition Award and distrubuted to 80 Partner Schools for each classroom,

    YEAAEP as a highlight joint to International Youth Environment Conference in Berlin in 2018.

    To improve children's awareness of environmental protection YEAAEP Cooperated with multiply awarded art theatre „Trashedy“ (=trash tragedy“) by Performing Group from Germany and in 2018“Environment Protection Awareness tour” under the patronage of Prof. Heizmann with performances and workshops in four cities incl. DVD for all Partner schools, image film, live report in social media.

    VW Natural Trail as a Learning, teaching and meditation area in the forest was launched in 2015 in Urumqi with Xinjiang Forest Dep, Chinese Academy of Science/Xinjiang Institute of Ecology, NGO Green Xinjiang, Xinjiang Normal University.

    Natural Tail established as a 3 km round way teaching trail and connected with „Volkswagen Youth Environment Ambassador Action & Education Program“ and ”1000 Teacher Environment Ambassador ” Program.

    With the cooperation of the Academy of Sciences, a Teaching and learning Program for natural trail was successfully completed in 2018. Natural Trail also available as an interactive Computer teaching program as a virtual walk.