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CC-Projects in China

42 Projects

  • 1,000 Environment-Friendly Teacher Ambassadors Action Program - Sowing for a Green Future | Volkswagen Group China | Environmental protection

    Since 2016, Volkswagen Group China (VGC) has set up its environmental education fund at the China Environmental Protection Foundation to implement "1,000 Environment-Friendly Teacher Ambassadors Action Program - Sowing for a Green Future". The program aims to promote environmental education and protection in China, with target beneficiaries of Chinese teachers and students.

    As an integral part of the program, “My Green University” is the first online education platform (MooC) exclusively focusing on environment topics in China, providing training courses to Chinese teachers and general public. In 2020, “My Green University” has been upgraded with a more result-oriented assessment system, together with 8 sets of online courses on topics of environmental education and biodiversity. A total of 5,125 teachers have been trained online and passed the online exam in 2020, among which, 5,034 teachers have obtained the Teacher Ambassador Certificates.

    Since its establishment in 2017, “My Green University” has trained more than 7,000 teachers.

  • FAW-VW Audi Wintersports Education Project for Children | Audi | Sports and education

    FAW-VW Audi invited world's champion Jia Zongyang, Qi Guangpu, Cai Xuetong, and media and children who have great enthusiasm in winter sports to the Huaibei ski resort, to support the development of children winter sports of China, and contribute to the national goal of "bringing 300 million people into winter sports"

  • 20,000 m² of trees on the VWED Dalian campus | Volkswagen Group China | Biodiversity

    A small “forest” was created on the campus of Volkswagen FAW Engine (Dalian) Co., Ltd., in order to improve biodiversity. Our employees themselves planted over 600 trees and 4,000 shrubs (maple, cherry, ginkgo and bush trees) over an area of 20,130 m². Their children also helped in that and also learned respect for nature. This small “forest” is now attracting many small animals as a habitat. These animals live in harmony with us.

  • Add trees in the landscape of VWATJ | Volkswagen Group China | Biodiversity

    Since 2019, VWATJ has planted more trees in the landscape. In addition to the hedge, VWATJ also chose to plant Chinese scholar tree, which is a local tree species. It can not only improve the air quality, but also increase the biodiversity of the factory. VWATJ also marked species names on trees to raise environmental awareness among employees.

  • Anti-COVID-19 Donation | FAW-Volkswagen | Emergency Aid

    Facing COVID-19, FAW-Volkswagen responded to needs as soon as possible, donating a total of RMB 40 million to support the anti-epidemic to Huanggang City, Huangshi City, Xiaogan City, and Suizhou City, Xiangyang City and the medical institutions where the four major bases are located. As of the end of April, the company has donated more than RMB 20 million medical equipment to five cities in Hubei and the locations of the four major bases. At the same time, FAW-Volkswagen also allocated millions of RMB to support the isolation accommodation of medical staff in Huangshi City, so that the medical staffs can feel the warmth and support from corporate citizens.

    Since May, in order to provide timely health protection for children in Jilin, the company once again allocated RMB 2 million to support the medical care of some designated children's medical institutions in Jilin area with VW, Audi and JETTA brand, improve the level of health services and popularizing children’s health knowledge to protect the health of children. At the same time, epidemic prevention knowledge posters were also widely posted around the hospital to actively transmit epidemic prevention knowledge while demonstrating the corporate social responsibility and responsibility.

  • Artistic Engagement Program China (AEP-China) | Volkswagen Group China| Culture and arts

    Aimed at engaging the public with music, Volkswagen Group China has co-founded and promoted the “Artistic Engagement Project China (AEP-China)” together with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra since 2017.

    With a focus on youth, the art of music and throughout China, AEP-China is featured with Music Advancing Program (M.A.P.) Class, an innovative program for public engagement, as well as young composer programs and Karajan Academy-Shanghai Orchestra Academy Education Exchange for young musicians.

    As an important part of the initiative, AEP-China supported Yellow Lounge China to help young people in China appreciate the Classic Music since 2020, with a Grand Opening in Shanghai in December.

  • Audi & FC Ingolstadt Soccer Camp | Audi | Sports

    The Audi FC Ingolstadt Beijing Soccer Camp, co-hosted by Audi China and Germany’s largest club-based soccer school, “Audi Schanzer Soccer Academy”, started in 2016. In the 2019 event, Under the guidance of professional coaches from FC Ingolstadt 04, 180 children ages 6 to 13 enjoyed soccer over nine days.  Participants in the Audi FC Ingolstadt Beijing Soccer Camp 2019 will include the interested children of Audi China and Volkswagen Group China employees, plus young soccer talents from various schools. Till 2019, there have been over 600 children participated in the Audi FC Ingolstadt Beijing Soccer Camp.

  • Audi & Salzburg Festival Press Conference 2018 | Audi | Culture and arts

    Since 2011, Audi joined hands with the Salzburg Festival to hold the press conference in Beijing to present the program of the next year to the media and audiences in China. The event aims to promote classical music culture in China, as well as demonstrating Audi’s engagement in the culture/art field.

  • Beach cleaning | Volkswagen Financial Services | Voluntary work, Nature conservation

    Collecting refuse at the beach together
    Marine plastic pollution is a serious problem. Collecting refuse and cleaning up the beach helps protect the environment. Employees of Volkswagen Financial Services Taiwan regularly invite family and friends to help them in that by taking part in the beach cleaning initiative of the European Chamber of Commerce.

  • Child care | SAIC VOLKSWAGEN | Health

    SAIC VOLKSWAGEN cooperated with the Shanghai Charity Foundation to launch a project for providing children with medical assistance, creating the SAIC VOLKSWAGEN CHILD CARE CHILDREN'S MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FUND. So far, the fund has donated a total of ¥1.5 million for treatments and cures for children suffering from serious disabilities or illnesses such as epilepsy, autism, congenital heart disease and others. The project is still ongoing, 131 children have been benefited.

  • Corona-Nothilfe | Porsche | Health

    China was especially hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, in particular at the start of 2020. Its rapid spread meant that the resources of its hospitals and charitable institutions were stretched to their limits. Porsche China supported the Chinese Red Cross Foundation in that time with a donation of €620,000 (RMB 5 million). It was intended to ensure that healthcare could continue to be provided and also to implement preventive measures to curb a further increase in the number of persons contracting the virus.  

  • Dealer CSR Fund – Autism Children Caring Program | Porsche | Health

    Porsche China launched the “Dealer CSR Fund” in 2018 and has maintained it every year since then. The fund aims to support local projects throughout China. These are proposed by Porsche dealers and implemented together with trusted organizations.

    The Shanghai Co-worker Youth Development Center is an association established by young people and is an official registered private public welfare organization. It has provided help for 15 years, in particular to children and youngsters from disadvantaged groups.

    According to statistical studies, autism is the most prevalent of all mental handicaps. The number of autism patients above the age of 14 in China is put at more than eight million. There are 230,000 sufferers in Shanghai alone. Autistic children usually have great issues with social skills and so are often misunderstood. That is a big challenge for the whole family. In the project, the Shanghai Co-worker Youth Development Center aims to create a better understanding and offer more support for affected families, such as by providing professional online materials and Q&As for autistic children and their parents.

  • Dealer CSR Fund – Care for Kids – Anti Kidnapping Educational Program | Porsche | Education and science

    Porsche China launched the “Dealer CSR Fund” in 2018 and has maintained it every year since then. The fund aims to support local projects throughout China. These are proposed by Porsche dealers and implemented together with trusted organizations.

    The China Charity AID Foundation for Children (CCAFC) fights child trafficking, organizes campaigns, offers support in the search for abducted children, and funds research and lobbying.

    The Anti-Kidnapping Educational Program was launched in 2016 to educate the public about child trafficking and has already won three awards, such as the Best Project Award in the China Educational Charity Project Competition in 2018. Child trafficking is still a big problem in China, especially in its rural regions. The UN Project on Human Trafficking assumes that thousands of children a year are abducted and sold in China. The project aims to educate children and families on the subject of anti-kidnapping. Porsche China’s funding in 2020 is intended to expand the project to further rural regions and promote the psychological development of children through art therapy.

  • Dealer CSR Fund – Mini Libraries & Reading Space in Rural Schools | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    Porsche China launched the Dealer CSR Fund in 2018. The fund supports local projects throughout China. These are proposed by Porsche dealers and implemented together with trusted organizations.

    The Green & Shine Foundation aims to improve education in poor regions, with a focus on fairness and progress. In particular in rural areas of China, many children do not have access to a comprehensive range of education. The foundation therefore tries with its various projects to specifically support these children so that they enjoy their right to education.

    Under the sponsored project, seven rural schools are being provided with a small library of their own: Each school is being given more than 2,000 books so that pupils are introduced to reading. In addition, teachers are given special training on how to promote reading and language development.

  • Dealer CSR Fund – Rural Teachers Training Program | Porsche | Regional support

    Porsche China launched the Dealer CSR Fund in 2018. The fund supports local projects throughout China. These are proposed by Porsche dealers and implemented together with trusted organizations.

    The China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation was founded in 1989 and aims to help needy people around the world. It also conducts a raft of projects outside China. The economic development of China’s rural regions is far weaker than that in cities. As a result, parents often have to seek work in nearby cities. Since the children’s legal guardian is absent, some of the basic rights of those who are left behind at home are not safeguarded, such as the right to education.

    The foundation intends to ensure that these children have the resources and opportunities to obtain an education. Its projects are aimed at teachers who act as multipliers for the pupils. As part of the program, 100 teachers from rural regions in Hubei are being given systematic and professional training. That is complemented by special psychology courses on the subject of spreading of the coronavirus.

  • Dealer CSR Fund – “Seeing the Future” | Porsche | Health

    Porsche China launched the “Dealer CSR Fund” in 2018 and has maintained it every year since then. The fund aims to support local projects throughout China. These are proposed by Porsche dealers and implemented together with trusted organizations.

    The Shanghai United Foundation supports small NGOs in raising funds and initiates not-for-profit projects together with partners. The “Seeing the Future” is being implemented together with Obis International. This organization has specialized in health education and ophthalmic surgery since 1973. As part of the project, eye doctors are trained and, in particular, a large number of children have their eyes tested. Local hospitals are also integrated in that. Apart from prevention work, the project helps provide free glasses and eye operations to disadvantaged and poor children who otherwise could not afford treatment.

    A total of 41 eye doctors have been trained, 50,000 children screened, parents educated on the subject of prevention of visual impairments, and 50 glasses and 15 operations provided free for poor children.

  • Donation for COVID-19 Prevention | SAIC VOLKSWAGEN | Emergency Aid

    SAIC VOLKSWAGEN donated a total of RMB 40 million yuan through the Shanghai Charity Foundation and the Hubei Charity Federation for front-line assistance. At the same time, as a Sino-German joint venture, SAIC VOLKSWAGEN donated 50 ventilators to Germany for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in response to China’s “G20 Anti-epidemic Assistance Initiative” call for mutual assistance.

  • Ecological lawn parking space of Sitech Shanghai | Volkswagen Group China | Biodiversity

    The lawn brick was laid to improve the water permeability of the ground, and the hollow part in the middle was vegetated, which can not only increase the green area, but also beautify the environment. Building green forest belts and planting trees with wide canopy between parking spaces can not only reduce the radiant heat of atmosphere and ground, but also bring more fresh air, and finally achieve the visual effect of "parking under trees, grass under cars and trees on cars". The total reconstruction area is 600 square meters.

  • FAW-Volkswagen Auto Eco-friendly Innovation Project | FAW-Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Facing the new four modernizations of the automobile and the call of building ecological civilization, FAW-Volkswagen organically integrated the social responsibility field of green environmental protection with automobile technology innovation, and cooperate with Tsinghua University and China Environmental Protection Foundation to creatively carry out FAW-Volkswagen Auto Eco-friendly Innovation Project. The project focused on the five major areas of environmental evaluation of new energy vehicles, power battery recycling, and twelve major topics, which condensed the industry’s top wisdom and called on all sectors of society to jointly help the "seeds" of scientific and technological innovation thrive, and jointly promote harmonious symbiosis of the people, vehicles, society and environment.

    At the same time, FAW-Volkswagen relevant business departments were deeply involved, deeply exchanging ideas with the participating universities’ scientific research teams, which built a business communication mechanism to help the company’s new business development

  • FAW-Volkswagen Auto Eco-friendly Innovation Project Sponsoring Ceremony & FAW-Volkswagen CSR Innovation Forum | FAW-Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    In the aspect of CSR, communication about the cooperation between enterprise and public welfare organization will introduce innovation and suggestion to CSR operations. To better implement CSR, FAW-Volkswagen held FAW-Volkswagen Auto Eco-friendly Innovation Project Sponsoring Ceremony & FAW-Volkswagen CSR Innovation Forum on Sep. 2nd 2020, inviting awardees, experts, scholars, officials and media to discuss the issues about cooperation pattern and current trend of CSR as well as the development of auto eco-friendly innovation technology. Precious advice was collected to further elaborate FAW-Volkswagen’s and the industries’ CSR strategy and practice. Meanwhile, relevant departments of FAW-Volkswagen had built communication channel with advanced universities and research institutes to facilitate relative business development of the company.

  • FAW-VW supporting the Spring Bud Project | Audi | Social Philanthropy

    In 1989, under the leadership of All China Women's Federation (ACWF), China Children and Teenagers’Fund (CCTF) launched, organized and carried out the Spring Bud Project,which is a social welfare program mobilizing social forces to help dropout girls return to school and to improve teaching conditions in poverty-stricken areas. The project has played an important role in assisting the government in developing the welfare education for the needy children. In 2019, FAW-VW Audi reached a strategic cooperation with the CCTF, to support the Spring Bud Project, including the projects like “Spring Bud Health Action” focusing on protecting girls, and the research and practice activity “Spring Bud Dream Camp” , etc.  

  • FAW-Volkswagen Sustainability Report | FAW-Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Transparency is especially crucial while producing CSR in this mess media age. To deeply and completely introduce FAW-Volkswagen’s strategy and practices of CSR, FAW-Volkswagen started to issue Sustainability Report from 2010 and it is the fifth time to release the report. In July 2020, FAW-Volkswagen Sustainability Report 2018-2019 was launched. Information about FAW-Volkswagen eco-friendly was collectively contained in a vivid and clear way, which offered timely sustainability and CSR information to the public and reinforce the understanding of FAW-Volkswagen CSR strategy and practices.

  • Fostering of young Chinese artists | Porsche | Art and Culture

    Porsche China has supported the Shanghai Literature and Art Foundation (known as the “CC Foundation”) since 2017. The objective is to offer young Chinese artists opportunities and prospects and to introduce them to a broad public.

    The “Porsche Young Chinese Artist of the Year” project aims to discover and encourage up-and-coming young artists in China. The winners are chosen at the internationally renowned ART021 exhibition. As a result, they are given a network and platform to present their art and talent to the public.

    The “Art Healing Mission” was launched in 2020. The spread of Covid-19 has not only impacted social life, but also people’s mental health. Art has always had a positive effect on traumatized people and helps them cope with particular changes. After months of lockdown, life in China is returning to normalcy. Yet there are some people who are suffering from what they have experienced and even have post-traumatic stress disorders. The reasons for that are Covid-19 itself, but also a long period of isolation or fear for their livelihood. Art can help them better come to terms with these circumstances. An offline and online exhibition are being initiated to enable that.

  • Introduction and implementation of Schwarzman Scholars Program | Volkswagen Group China | Education and science

    The aim of this project is to support knowledge transfer contributing to the future development of China and the nation's automotive industry, and to support the development of future concepts and sustainability solutions for Chinese society.

    Together with the external project partner, Tsing Hua University, VWG established the Volkswagen faculty Chair in Sustainability under the Schwarzman Scholars program. Fields of research include sustainable business management, environmental economics and supply chain management. Students work on sustainability-related topics from an interdisciplinary perspective.

  • Junior Football Training Camp | Volkswagen | Sports

    In 2020, Volkswagen upgraded the program with junior football training camps in Beijing, Xi'an, Changsha and Guangzhou. In each training camp, physical tests, high-quality training sessions, and competitions were provided. Football coaches known in China such as Zhu Guanghu (head coach of the Chinese national team from 2005-2007) and other youth training experts were invited to provide advice on site and to provide individual training plans for more than 500 elite U-12 players. For the first time, female youth players were taken into account in order to promote female talents in Chinese youth football. In addition, Chinese Football Association sent scouting teams to each training camp to select talents into Chinese national youth football teams.  

  • Junior Football Train the Trainer | Volkswagen | Sports

    The program is supported by the Volkswagen Group China Zhixing CSR Fund, aims to develop Chinese junior footballers and in doing so, further the development of junior football in China, foster a sustainable football culture, and enhance Sino-German exchange and cooperation on sports and culture.

    In 2015 and 2016, the Volkswagen Junior Football Train-the-Trainer program has trained more than 322 local junior football coaches from 42 registered national junior football training centers, benefiting some 48,000 junior footballers in China. The training program lasts 4 weeks and focuses specifically on junior football coaching and training.

    From 2017 to 2019, 44 senior junior football coaches, selected by Chinese Football Association, were invited to Germany for an in-depth junior football training program in Wolfsburg.

    In 2020, the Train-the-Trainer program was completed in September. For the first time, this project integrated an online teaching and live stream Q&A sessions, inviting youth training experts from Germany, including Mr. Eckhard Krautzun and Mr. Pierre Littbarski, to give lectures which attracted the participation of nearly 1,000 coaches from all over China, indirectly benefitting roughly 30,000 young players.

  • Public Welfare | ŠKODA | Child care

    In 2020, ŠKODA China continued to support children with Autism by providing ice experience activities for more than 80 children from different cities and provinces of China.

  • Research on Water Bird Resource Background and Protection Strategy of Qishui Port in Leizhou Peninsula | Volkswagen Group China | Ecological protection

    Qishui Port is located in the west of Leizhou Peninsula, the southernmost tip of mainland China. It is a key node for the wintering and stopping of water birds on the East Asia-Australia migration route. The project will conduct a comprehensive survey of water bird communities in the region, analyze the population status of endangered and key species, and explore the correlation between human production activities and water bird habitat utilization. The project results will fill the gaps in the geographical protection and species information of the civil protection network in the region, assess the impact of coastal wetland utilization models on water bird protection, and provide a reference for the improvement of the coastal water bird migration route network. In addition, we should increase the local and the whole society's attention to the environmental issues of the Qishui Port wetland, raise the awareness of water bird protection in local communities, expand the number of audiences, industries and age levels, and build an atmosphere of concern for water bird habitats in the whole society. The project will complete the report of "Background Investigation of Water bird Resources in Leizhou Peninsula Qishui Port and Study on Its Protection Strategy" carry out a project results sharing meeting and a replicable output model.

  • Sponsoring Beijing Music Festival | Audi | Culture and arts

    Started in 2005, the Beijing Music Festival was part of a bigger musical event called the Summer Music Week. The Beijing Music Festival focuses on Classical Music and Marketing continued the sponsorship as the participants are relevant for our C/D segment target consumers.

  • Sponsoring China's Winter Sports National Teams | Audi | Sports

    FAW-VW Audi sponsors China's national teams of speed skating, short track speed skating, snowboard half pipe, freestyle skiing aerial. The cooperation is extended till the end of 2022.

  • Starry Program | SAIC VOLKSWAGEN | Education and science

    "Starry Program" is SAIC VOLKSWAGEN's public welfare brand, set up to make donations for educational purposes and dedicated to providing ongoing support and assistance to children and teenagers in impoverished and rural regions. Since 2015, the program has donated ¥8 million to the Youth Development Foundation for constructing primary schools in China and equipping schools in poverty-stricken areas with proper study facilities. Till now 10 Hope Schools built up within support from SAIC VOLKSWAGEN are in use.

  • Strengthening ties between Czech and China | ŠKODA | Culture exchange

    In 2020, ŠKODA continued to carry out various social and cultural activities. Activities included the exhibitions of the history of ŠKODA as an outstanding brand of Czech Republic, and supporting the exhibition of the history of the Czech Crown.

    ŠKODA also continued strengthening the image of the Czech Republic in various cultural activities and exhibitions.

  • Supporting Formula Student Racing Team of Tsinghua University | Audi | Education and science

    Starting from 2014, Audi China R&D and HR department have been supporting the Formula Student racing team of Tsinghua University. The content of the cooperation: providing financial and non-financial support for the team, in forms of providing support for the car's body design and painting design; providing support for the business report and design report; organizing campus events focusing on brand culture; career guidance and new technology info sharing; as well as offering the students with chances of doing internship at Audi.

  • The Finance Talk Show | Volkswagen Financial Services |

    Volkswagen Financial Services China is supporting the Finance Talk Show format. It enables the general public to acquire broad financial knowledge, raise people’s own awareness of risks, and obtain information on whether and how companies live up to their corporate social responsibility, with the aim of creating a sustainable financial environment.

  • “Theatertreffen in China” | Volkswagen Group China | Culture and arts

    Volkswagen Group China supported Theatertreffen in China for the fifth consecutive year, further providing the people of China the opportunity to experience outstanding cultural and artistic events during the challenging period of time. In 2020, five of the previous year's "10 selected productions" have be screened offline and online from September to November 2020 on Special Edition.

    Over the past five years, Theatertreffen in China has become one of the most popular annual events in theater. Since its establishment in 2016, more than 32 performances and over 57 outreach programs have been held by Theatertreffen in China, attracted more than 30k audiences experienced the beauty of the theater on-site.

  • Tongji University | Porsche | Education and Science

    Porsche and Tongji University in Shanghai intend to strengthen their cooperation with a new faculty chair for smart vehicle concepts, several research projects on urbanization trends in China, and further initiatives.

    In particular, they pressed ahead with two new projects in 2020. The endowed chair at the Chinese-German College for Postgraduate Studies on the subject of “automated driving, connectivity and advanced assistance systems” aims to strengthen dialog and training between the company and university in relation to automotive megatrends. Porsche China also sponsors Tongji University’s Formula Student racing team. The objective is to promote technological excellence and also intensity ties to the industry.

    There was already a close partnership between Tongji University and Porsche, in particular its subsidiary Porsche Engineering. The engineering service provider and the School of Automotive Studies rub minds and share ideas on subjects related to science, teaching and testing equipment and from practice. In 2018 they jointly organized an expert conference for the first time: 80 movers and shakers discussed the latest developments in chassis technology at the Experience Center Shanghai. Porsche and Tongji University have also launched a Brand Academy. Its objective is to impart knowledge in the field of brand management and strategy to experts from the automotive industry. Further cooperation projects are devoted to researching urbanization trends in China or parking solutions in megacities.

  • Towards ecological civilization - Salute to environmental pioneers | FAW-Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Nowadays, ecological civilization has always come to public focus. Within the practitioners, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are one of the unneglected forces which make much contribution in many detailed aspects, such as biodiversity protection and natural resource reservation. However, these environment protection contributors are sometimes in need of necessary resources to further support their career. Therefore, timely financial support is especially crucial for further development of NGOs. Under such circumstance, FAW-Volkswagen initiated “Towards ecological civilization - Salute to environmental pioneers” from 2016 to 2020 to provide financial support to the best NGOs which are dedicated to environmental protection. In 2020, 17 proposals are selected to be awarded (RMB 1.8 million in total) for their contribution to environment protection and over RMB 16 million had been provided to 77 NGOs so far. Throughout the process, the awareness of environment protection has been greatly aroused and the nature has acquired proper ecological improvement.

  • Training on Coral Reef Species Classification, Monitoring and Protection | Volkswagen Group China | Ecological protection

    This Program relies on the strong technical support from the team of Coral Reef Branch, Pacific Society of China. It is open to all staffs from NGOs’, governmental organizations, research facilities, enterprises in the field of ocean conservation in China, and individual volunteers as well. The contents of this program include Brief Introduction of Coral Reef Ecosystem, Classification and Standardized Monitoring Technique of the Reef Dependent Species (Such as: species of coral, fish, macro algae, and benthos), Conservation Laws and Enforcement Practice, Theory and Practice of Reef Restoration and Conservation. This program also includes onsite reef ecosystem survey and monitoring practices and will be personally led by the professional specialists. We aim to elevate our participants with the abilities of initiating researches, management, and conservation in the field of Ocean Biology and Ecology; and to enrich our society with the ocean conservation professional abilities, raising a group of civic scientists. This program system is solely based on the precise scientific studies and established considerably holistic; contain hotspot issues regarding the ocean conservation with strong pertinence; mature implementation plans taught by the professionalized instruction team. The first phase of this training program had received high social applause, up to forty participants have successfully graduated and they will be the backbone for the ocean ecological conservation.

  • VGC donation for COVID-19 relief work | Volkswagen Group China | Disaster relief

    In February 2020, Volkswagen Group China and two of its joint ventures had put on a united effort to collectively donate RMB 120 million in support of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) relief work. The donation was used to secure medical supplies and provided urgently needed aid, such as protective equipment, medical equipment, medicine, and other materials, to hospitals across Hubei Province and other Chinese provinces facing a serious situation. The donation was made by Volkswagen Group China and its brands, such as Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA, Porsche and Bentley, together with its Chinese joint ventures, FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC VOLKSWAGEN.

    As part of the RMB 120 million donation, VGC donated RMB 10 million to the China Women’s Development Foundation to support COVID-19 relief work at around 23 hospitals across Hubei Province, including 36 ventilators, 48 blood gas analyzers, and 22 ECG machines. Another donation RMB 25 million (including RMB 10 million from Audi China) was to the One Foundation which had supported more than 320 hospitals across Hubei Province with more than 2.7 million of medical surgery masks, 1,105 pulse oximeters, as well as other medical equipment.

  • Volkswagen Endowed Chair for Vehicle Safety at Tsinghua University | Volkswagen Group China | Education and science

    This endowed chair promotes Vehicle Safety from a scientific point of view. With the organization of research and education projects, society members become more and more aware of the importance of Child Road Safety and passenger safety in new energy as well as autonomously driving vehicles.

  • Volkswagen Flying with black-headed Gull, 10000 km trip publicity for environmental protection project Introduction | Volkswagen Group China | Ecological protection

    On September 21, 2017, the project team set off from the Yalu River estuary in Dandong, Liaoning Province, to Qinzhou Bay, Guangxi Province, and then reached the goal of 10000 kilometers traveling along the coastline in Hainan Province for a week. The journey took 99 days and covered 12,000 kilometers.

    Along the way, more than 30 wetlands were inspected. The present situation, protection and development of wetlands in 11 provinces and cities along the way have been further understood. The investigation of the black-headed gull's distribution and survival status has set a new record and pushed the understanding of black-headed gull forward for 10 years.

    Through field investigations, interviews with bird experts and the public, we have gained an unprecedented understanding of the distribution and ecological status of the rare and endangered black-headed gull and gained a new understanding of the law of the black-headed gull's migration. The conservation experience gained by the Black-headed Gull Conservation Association was shared and academic exchange was conducted.

    The survey will publish a “map of the distribution of black-headed gulls along the coast of China” and a “report on the living conditions of black-headed gulls”, and proposal to the relevant authorities “on upgrading the protection level of black-headed gulls from the original second-class protected animals to the first class”. The research and conservation of the black-headed gull has been pushed forward for 10 years by this project, which will be an important event in the history of species conservation in China.

  • VWPT bio-wetland | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    VWPT is located on the migration paths of a number of migratory birds, such as egrets. Migratory birds once abounded in the area, but numbers have declined substantially in recent years. To protect the local environment and biodiversity by turning the site into a suitable habitat for migratory birds, VWPT has created a bio-wetland in the grounds of the production facility.

    VWPT is also planning to plant a variety of trees on the site, including red maple, tea olive, cherry plum, Japanese cherry and others, as part of an initiative to attain Eco-factory status.

  • Youth Environment Ambassador Action & Education Program | Volkswagen Group China | Environmental protection

    The Youth Environment Ambassador Action & Education Program (YEAAEP) has been part of Volkswagen Group China's program since 2016, the Year of Sino-German Youth Exchange inaugurated in March 2016 by Chinese President Xi Jinping and German Federal President Joachim Gauck in Beijing.

    In 2020, the program organized workshop and webinar in January and March for German speaking and non-German speaking teachers about how to develop and manage environmental students projects and how to use program materials in cooperation between German and STEM teachers. From June to September, YEAAEP network schools were invited to participate in the online competition about climate change. Besides, the program was also presented at an online conference for Chinese principals about German-Chinese Student Exchange in November 2020.

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