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Belgium: 1 Project

  • Dual vocational training | Audi | Education

    Pilot project launch: Cooperation with two Brussels schools.

Czech Republic: 27 Projects

  • AZUBI Car | ŠKODA | Education and science

    AZUBI Car is a project undertaken by students at the ŠKODA AUTO Vocational School with the aim of boosting their design, technical and production skills. The end-goal of the project is to create a concept car based on a particular ŠKODA model.

  • Benchmark of schools in the region | ŠKODA | Technical education

    As the part of the strategic support of technical education, was held an unique comparison of primary schools in all three ŠKODA regions. The main aim of benchmark was a self-evaluation of schools and defining the weaknesses of individual schools. Following benchmark, we created an individual strategic plan with the list of projects that will be implemented with financial support from the company. In 2019 project included 25 schools with 9,300 pupils and students.

  • Centrum Paraple: Mobility program for people with a spinal cord injury | Volkswagen Financial Services | Healthcare

    Paraplegia changes your life
    Your life can change from one moment to the next. Volkswagen Financial Services Czech Republic has been supporting the Centrum Paraple since 2015 so as to help patients with a spinal cord injury. This not-for-profit organization based in Prague is funded to 50 percent from donations. The center advises patients after their rehabilitation therapy, for example, and helps them lead an independent and active life.

  • Clean up Czechia | ŠKODA | Voluntary work

    ŠKODA employees are active citizens interested in long-term social progress. In addition to the ŠKODA Trees project, employees took part in the “Clean the world, Clean Czechia” event – a unique volunteering project which aims to clean the countryside by properly disposing of illegally dumped rubbish. During the day-long event, employees cleaned the countryside surrounding ŠKODA production sites.

  • Cooperation with ŠKODA AUTO | ŠKODA | Regional Support

    ŠKODA AUTO is anxious to cooperate with municipalities in the regions where the company operates, and enhances local resident’s quality of life by sponsoring cultural, sporting and other leisure activities. As part of this initiative, ŠKODA has entered into strategic partnerships with the towns of Mladá Boleslav, Vrchlabí and Kvasiny.

    In 2019, ŠKODA AUTO supported 41 projects with the cooperation of the city Mladá Boleslav, especially in the field of sport, culture, social services and education. ŠKODA AUTO also supported the region Kvasiny through the close cooperation with municipalities. Thanks to the cooperation was realized 69 projects in the field of safety, traffic safety, education, social services and free time activities. In the Vrchlabí region, the company supported 24 transport projects focused on infrastructure, technical education, sport and culture. The aim of all activities is to increase the attractiveness of ŠKODA regions, which is crucial for the sustainability and development of these regions.

  • Cycling for Children | ŠKODA | Children care

    ŠKODA AUTO is the principal partner of a project that supports children with cancer. The project is associated with the eponymous foundation set up by Czech racing cyclist Josef Zimovčák.

  • CZEPA | ŠKODA | Barrier free mobility

    In 2014, ŠKODA AUTO started working together with CZEPA (the Czech Paraplegic Association) on a mobility study that aims to improve the mobility of individuals with disabilities on the country’s main roads. Now disabled road users can use an interactive map, “Vozejkmap”, and a smartphone app to find accessible facilities including restaurants, parking spaces and more. The project also aims to educate the general public about mobility for people with disabilities through specialized seminars. In addition, ŠKODA has provided CZEPA with two customized vehicles, enabling disabled drivers to become mobile through a unique rental scheme.

  • Domov Sue Ryder: Support of this organization, which helps old and sick people and their families | Volkswagen Financial Services | Regional support

    Help in old age
    Volkswagen Financial Services Czech Republic believes it is important to help the elderly. The company has been supporting the Sue Ryder initiative since 2010. The focus of this not-for-profit organization is on supporting the elderly and enabling them to lead a dignified life. Sue Ryder runs old people’s homes and organizes charity events. Volkswagen Financial Services Czech Republic regularly takes part in the Sue Ryder Charity Cup and, among other things, has financed ceiling lifts for old people’s homes to improve residents’ mobility.

  • Endowment Fund ŠKODA AUTO | ŠKODA | Regional Support

    ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund was established in 2018 to increase the attractiveness of Mladá Boleslav region and its municipalities sustainably. ŠKODA AUTO allocated 30 million euro in order to help achieve that goal. Based on the results of a public opinion poll “10 Weeks for the New Mladá Boleslav region”, more than 63 million CZK were committed for projects and another 18 million were allocated for various development studies in 2019. Most projects come to life in cooperation with other stakeholders.

    In particular, security projects were given priority. Financial support was directed, for example, for the renewal and expansion of the CCTV system in Mladá Boleslav. Educative campaign “Safe Friday” focusing mainly on educating children and youth in traffic safety was launched. As leisure time represented next fund’s priority area, Mladá Boleslav became the third city overall in the Czech Republic to host the innovative Maker Faire event where over 2,000 visitors could see and try out both traditional and modern crafts like 3D printing. Bike sharing platform Rekola, which was introduced in Mladá Boleslav thanks to the fund, also turned out to be very successful. The fund also supported re/building of number of playgrounds and sports facilities. Health Days and the Festival of Well-being were organized to help people take care of their body and mind. New equipment in Klaudian’s Hospital was purchased. Significant financial support went towards community through civil society grants. ŠKODA AUTO Endowment Fund took part in a vast number of activities but 2019 was just a beginning.

  • Funding hospital clowns | ŠKODA | Health

    Laughter is the best medicine – especially for sick children, whose days often do not include a lot of fun and games. ŠKODA has played a major role in supporting the charity Healthcare Clowns for 17 years in a row. Professional entertainers visit seriously ill children in hospitals across the Czech Republic, spend time with them and cheer them up with their infectious laughter. This treatment helps restore the young patients’ vitality. In 2019, ŠKODA AUTO financially supported the program by 500,000 CZK and lend the NGO 4 cars for one year’s use.

  • “GET STARTED!” (ROZJEDU TO!) | ŠKODA | Child care

    ŠKODA AUTO has partnered with the acclaimed Tereza Maxová Children’s Foundation to support disadvantaged children aged 11-15 living in children’s homes.

    The “GET STARTED!” project aims to improve the children’s employment potential by providing financial support and personal assistance. The funds are used to provide extra study hours, personal development activities and training programmes. The project also assists children who wish to develop their skills in music and performing arts. The children were also provided with information regarding the job application processes and future job opportunities during multiple visits in several Czech companies. Since 2013, the project has helped 90 children at 7 children’s homes across the country.  

  • Long-term employee donations | ŠKODA | Voluntary work

    ŠKODA AUTO employees have proved that they are interested in helping their communities. Since January 2014, they have been able to participate in a long-term employee donation program. Participants regularly donate small or large sums of money to NGOs previously selected by employees in a company-wide poll; ŠKODA AUTO then doubles the donated amount. 80% of the funding goes to the NGOs. The remaining 20% is used to support an orphanage in Aurangabad, India.

  • LORM | Volkswagen Financial Services | Miscellaneous

    When the world is dark and quiet
    Running for a good cause to help deaf-blind children, youngsters and adults – that is the aim of employees at Volkswagen Financial Services Czech Republic who regularly participate in the charity run of the not-for-profit LORM organization and thereby support diverse campaigns by this initiative. People with severe vision or hearing impairments have it difficult in a society that rarely takes consideration of their needs. That is all the more so for deaf-blind persons, who lack the two most important senses to communicate and find their bearings in their environment. Volkswagen Financial Services Czech Republic has been working with the LORM organization in a spirit of trust since 2006.

  • PeopHESTIA – The Centre for Volunteering: Support for the organization through practical commitment | Volkswagen Financial Services | Voluntary work

    Voluntary assignments
    Volkswagen Financial Services Czech Republic motivates employees to do voluntary work and supports them in that. The company cooperates closely with the HESTIA Centre, for example. This non-profit organization helps find suitable voluntary work for people and supplies ideas for special campaigns, such as for children, senior citizens or the unemployed. For instance, employees regularly participate in various projects, repair play equipment, help out in the garden or just simply talk with the needy.

  • Regional grant programs | ŠKODA | Regional support

    In line with the regional support, ŠKODA AUTO continues with grant programs in order to support local community projects in cooperation with NGOs, municipalities, schools and other organizations, which can apply for financial support in the following seven areas: traffic education, urban and rural road safety, support for technical education in primary schools, accessibility, childcare or ecology.

  • Rehabilitation institutes | ŠKODA | Barrier-free mobility

    Financial support for 3 most important rehabilitation institutes – (Kladruby, Hrabyně, Luže Košumberk) and support of mobility and rehabilitation care for Centre Paraple.

  • Safe Friday | ŠKODA | Road safety

    ŠKODA successfully continues with its "goodvertising" concept (est. 2018) called Safe Friday. The concept is covering all issues related to road safety as Friday is the day with the highest number of accidents on the Czech roads. The main aim of the concept is to increase road safety by educating of public, especially children´s, young drivers and seniors. In 2019 there was an informative campaign called Safe Friday for Mladá Boleslav Region launched to raise awareness of the main road safety issues. The general public was able to submit ideas of potential road safety improvements throughout the region. There were also plenty of trainings and events held to educate children and roadshows for general publi. There have been more than 2000 children and about 234,000 people impacted by the project.

  • Science has a Future | ŠKODA | Technical education

    ŠKODA AUTO has always been a keen supporter of technical education. In particular, the company regards elementary-school teachers specializing in technical subjects as an important target group for this support. The aim of the “Science has a Future” project is to train, develop and support these teachers to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge of modern industrial career paths. This expertise is a vital factor in motivating students to pursue a scientific or technical career. The program is supported by ŠKODA AUTO since 2013 and 262 teachers have been involved in since its beginning.

  • Sheltered workshops | ŠKODA | Equal opportunities

    ŠKODA AUTO has been running “sheltered workshops” at its Mladá Boleslav facility since 2006. The creation of sheltered workshops followed in Kvasiny and Vrchlabí facilities. It currently employs approximately 300 people with disabilities. The workplace environment has been adapted to allow them to perform their tasks despite their disabilities. ŠKODA AUTO has also set up specialized workplaces where employees with special needs work together with other employees so they can enjoy more social interaction in their working lives.  

  • ŠKODA and Tereza Maxová Children | ŠKODA | Child care

    The Educational Fund was founded by ŠKODA in a joint venture with the Tereza Maxová Children’s Foundation, as a follow-up to the ROZJEDU TO! project. The Education Fund is intended for children aged 15 and above living in children’s homes. The project supports activities such as academic tuition, development and training programs, driving tuition, mentoring and psychological counseling. More than 100 children have been involved in the program since the beginning.

  • ŠKODA Driving Licence | ŠKODA | Barrier-free mobility

    The new grant program aims to help people with physical disabilities get driving licenses. Successful applicants can obtain a financial support for paying the driving lessons. The project was established in cooperation with well known NGO Konto Bariéry and runs since 2018. Since 2018 we supported 40 people.

  • ŠKODA Handy | ŠKODA | Barrier-free mobility

    The ŠKODA Handy project aims to help people with physical disabilities enjoy more active and comfortable lives. In 2019 ŠKODA AUTO continued in developing of project and currently more then 4,600 customers used a services of ŠKODA Handy.

  • ŠKODA Road Safety Research | ŠKODA | Road safety

    ŠKODA AUTO acknowledges the importance of road safety and as such, considers road safety to be one of the company’s main priorities. This is why ŠKODA is actively involved in road safety research. A research team analyzes the causes and circumstances of various road accidents. This helps ŠKODA to understand car and driver behavior in traffic accidents and identify areas for future improvement.

  • ŠKODA Trees | ŠKODA | Environmental protection

    The “ŠKODA Trees” initiative supports nature conservation. Every car sold by ŠKODA in the Czech Republic helps the company plant a tree. Employees of ŠKODA AUTO and their families play an active part in finding the right places for the trees and planting them. ŠKODA’s performance in 2018 meant that a further 95,017 seedlings were added in 2018. Almost 820,000 trees have been planted since the program was launched in 2007.

  • Sponsoring young people with learning disabilities | ŠKODA | Education and science

    ŠKODA Academy creates opportunities for students with learning disabilities. A 3-year apprenticeship at Vocational school ŠKODA AUTO trains students for a professional career working in production-line teams. At the end of the dual-education course, successful graduates enjoy the security of a job at ŠKODA AUTO as respected members of the ŠKODA family.

  • Teribear moves Prague and Mladá Boleslav | ŠKODA | Children care

    In 2019, ŠKODA AUTO sponsored the unique charity runs featuring “Teribear” (the mascot of the Tereza Maxová Children’s Foundation) for the 5th time. Every lap completed by runners during the 2 events – “Teribear moves Prague” and “Teribear moves Mladá Boleslav” – raised funds for disadvantaged children. Both events involved many ŠKODA AUTO employees as well as the general public. In 2019 there was over 12.8 million CZK raised to help disadvantaged children across the Czech Republic. Thousands of kilometers were covered in the 2 events, reflecting the willingness and enthusiasm of all those who contributed.

  • Young designers | ŠKODA | Technical education

    Since 2013, ŠKODA AUTO has been organizing a creative competition for elementary-school children. Pupils design their ideal “Dream car of the future”. The program promotes teamwork and creative thinking, and boosts children’s interest in technology and science. Since the competition was first launched, hundreds of children have taken part and dozens of schools have joined in.

France: 1 Projects

  • The 24 Hours of Le Mans | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    Le Mans writes new motor racing history every year. The world’s best racing cars compete in a 24-hour race that demands everything of the pilots and vehicles. This location also occupies a very special place in Porsche’s motor racing history. The first Porsche 356 SL lined up on the grid here in 1951. Porsche’s track record on the circuit is characterized by 19 overall victories, technological innovations and a number of the most legendary racing cars of all time. 2014 saw the return of a prototype from Zuffenhausen to the LMP1 class in Le Mans: the Porsche 919 Hybrid. It took overall victory for the next three years in a row and crossed the finishing line for the last time in 2017 with an unprecedented triumph to crown a 66-year history of success. Following its final Tribute Tour, the Porsche 919 Hybrid has now taken its place in the Porsche Museum. A worthy tribute was also paid to it. The car’s original tires were shredded, melted and pressed to create a unique memento: A gramophone record in a limited edition of 200. 24 of these records were auctioned off for a good cause: All the proceeds went to the organization Loisirs Pluriel in Le Mans, which is devoted to supporting people with a handicap.

Great Britain: 20 Projects

  • ‘100 Trees for 100 Years’ | Bentley | Environmental protection

    The planting of 100 trees for 100 years coincides with National Tree Week – which recognises the importance of planting more trees to tackle climate change and protect biodiversity – and is also a fitting way to acknowledge the end of the centenary year and invest in the future of the site. The tree-planting programme has seen ten oak trees planted outside office buildings and 15 cherry trees now lining Pyms Lane. A further 75 trees, which include maple, beech, walnut, lime and elm saplings, have been planted along the boundaries of the Legends playing field. Additionally, 10 fruit trees have been relocated from an area marked for development to create a new orchard outside the CW1 visitor reception area.

  • Apprentice Training Facility | Bentley | Education and science

    Bentley has its own dedicated, state-of-the-art Apprentice Training Facility based at apprentice training provider Cheshire College – South & West.   Opened in 2014, the facility is dedicated to the development of apprentices in Mechatronics, Wood, Trim and Paint where around 60 apprentices use workstations and workshops to develop their practical skills under the tuition of Master Trainers.

    In addition a specialist equipped Academy for paint apprentices is based in Wrexham, Wales where 15 Paint apprentices learn expert paint techniques under the tuition of expert college lecturers Under the facility's dual-education system, apprentices spend 70% of their time on practical training courses, and the remaining 30% on classroom-style theory courses.

  • BeFit | Bentley | Health

    Bentley's BeFit programme is designed to provide employees with information on various health topics such as sleep, nutrition, physical activity, mental wellbeing and back care. Over 1,400 participants took part in ‘bitesize’ workshops and events in 2018, as well as receiving motivational emails,1:1 support and health checks.

    BeFit works in partnership with external stakeholders such as Chester University and the NHS to deliver a diverse range of key health preventative seminars and events.

    BeFit also works closely with our onsite Occupational health team and catering contract to deliver a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Aligning projects and events together helping to change the company ethos and culture.

    It is an award winning programme recognized by CIPD and by UK Active as workplace of the year 2018.

    Colleague can take part in 17 active sports sections available at our Legends Health and Fitness Centre, this helps people to improve their fitness and network across site on a different level.

    Bentley have four Health Check Kiosks which were installed throughout the Crewe site in  2017, enabling Bentley employees to easily keep track of their weight, blood pressure, heart rate, heart age, body-mass index and body-fat percentage. Bentley also offers a free Bupa Boost mobile app, which employees can use to set tailored goals for nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and relaxation. To date over 2,500 colleagues have accessed these machines for their health status.

    Bentley has also introduced a Liftshare scheme in 2018 with over 500 colleagues taking part in this car share scheme.

  • Bentley’s 100 Trees | Bentley | Biodiversity

    The project has been completed during the winter tree-planting season in time for National Tree Week (November 23 – December 1), which recognises the importance of planting more trees to tackle climate change and protect biodiversity.

    The trees planted around the site in Crewe include ten oak trees which have been planted outside office buildings and 15 cherry trees which line the approach to the company’s main entrance on Pyms Lane. A further 75 trees which include maple, beech, walnut, lime and elm saplings, have been planted along the boundaries of the Legends social facility. Additionally, ten fruit trees have been relocated from an area marked for development to create a new orchard outside the CW1 visitor reception area.

  • Bentley’s ‘Flying Bees’ | Bentley | Environmental protection

    Bentley Motors’ historic site in Crewe is already famous for producing the models that have carried its “flying B” emblem on the bonnet for one hundred years, but thanks to a new biodiversity initiative, the company is now creating a buzz with the introduction of 120,000 “flying bees” of a different kind. With the help of local beekeepers, two national hives, which are collectively home to 120,000 British Apis Mellifera honey bees, have been successfully installed on grassland at the edge of the Bentley site. The area has been sown with bee friendly wild flowers – and as it borders the Cheshire countryside, it is proving to be the perfect habitat for the bees, who are settling in well and showing promising signs for the first honey harvest at the end of the summer. Each hive has the potential to create around 15kg – or approximately 50 jars of honey. Bentley plan to expand their Bee population in due course.

  • Bentley establishes Rotary volunteering club | Bentley | Voluntary work

    Bentley encourages all members of the workforce to participate in community initiatives through a company-wide Rotary volunteering club. The Rotary Club of Bentley Cheshire was officially chartered in 2017 and meets weekly to socialise and plan community projects. Since the club was founded, Bentley Rotarians have dedicated over 2,000 hours to community service; projects include renovating a garden for cancer patients at a local hospital, raising funds for a children's hospice, and setting up a street kitchen for the homeless.

  • Bentley first to achieve Carbon Trust recertification and implement ISO 14001 standard | Bentley | Environmental protection

    Bentley has become the first automotive manufacturer to achieve re-certification under the triple Carbon Trust standard for reducing carbon, waste and water. Having first achieved the trio of standards in 2014, the recertification follows Bentley's increased investment in new technology and the year-on-year progress in the environmental performance of the company's manufacturing operations. Elimination of energy-intensive processes and introduction of modern technologies have helped reduce energy usage; since 2010, energy consumption per vehicle produced has been cut by over 39%.

    The transformation of on-site water processes has reduced water consumption per vehicle by 39% since the company was originally benchmarked back in 2010. Bentley actively encourages all areas of the business to recycle, which has enabled the company to significantly reduce waste to landfill. Bentley continues to focus on new initiatives to reinforce its commitment to the environment, whether by introducing alternative powertrain technologies in its latest models or reducing the environmental impact of its factory.

    Bentley has also become the first UK car manufacturer to be certified under the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management standard. Bentley was the first UK car company to achieve the original ISO 14001 standard in 1999 and has now been reaccredited under the updated standard, which challenges organizations to broaden the scope of their environmental policies.

  • Bentley Trainees create sensory garden for Children’s Trust | Bentley | Voluntary work

    A team of trainees from Bentley Motors has designed and created a brand new sensory garden for the Wingate Special Children’s Trust, near the company’s hometown of Crewe.

    The Trust welcomes over 600 children every year, which alongside their carers, deliver life-changing care. The sensory garden - created by Bentley apprentices, undergraduates and graduates – gives these children the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of sensory experiences including an interactive sensory wall, a willow structure and pathway and an enchanted forest area.

    The garden is designed to appeal to all five senses, providing a range of health benefits, including reduced stress, improved physicality, mood and cognition. It provides an accessible space for children at the Centre to relax and enjoy the outdoors.  

  • Carbon Neutral | Bentley | Environmental protection

    Bentley have achieved Carbon Neutral status for the period 2018. The certification from the Carbon Trust, which confirms that the company meets the internationally recognised PAS 2060 standard for carbon neutrality, reflects measures taken by the company to reduce the carbon emitted in its operations, including the use of renewable electricity. 100% of Bentley’s electricity is generated by either on-site solar panels or purchased as certified green electricity. Also from Quarter 4 2019 all of Bentley’s gas supplies have been converted to ‘Green Gas’. All emissions that cannot be eliminated are compensated with high quality offsets.

    To secure the PAS 2060 certification, Gold Standard carbon credits have been purchased to offset the emissions that occur during the manufacturing process. The quantity and quality of these credits have been independently verified by the Carbon Trust, the world’s leading independent certification body for carbon footprints.

    The achievement reflects almost two decades’ work to make the historic Crewe site as energy and carbon efficient as it can be.

  • Children from socially underprivileged families are supported by employees (mentors) | Volkswagen Financial Services | Voluntary work

    Mentoring for young people
    Mentoring can make a key contribution to the personal and social further development of young people. That is why around 25 Volkswagen Financial Services employees are regularly involved in the mentoring program. They encourage and develop the pupils as coaches and advisors. The program is designed to run for one year. The initiative was launched in 2013 and some of the former pupils are now employees at Volkswagen Financial Services UK.

  • Financial support for the charity organization BEN | Volkswagen Financial Services | Miscellaneous

    Financial support for the charity organization BEN
    Volkswagen Financial Services UK has been supporting the aid organization BEN since the 1990s. It helps people and their relatives who work or have worked in the automotive industry.

    The local company assists in various campaigns, for example by providing vehicles, through fund-raising or by organizing Christmas dinners for residents of Olney, a town in the vicinity of Milton Keynes.

  • Introducing Bentley Bees | Bentley | Biodiversity

    With the help of local beekeepers, two national hives, which are collectively home to 120,000 British Apis Mellifera honey bees, have been successfully installed on grassland at the edge of the Bentley site. The area has been sown with bee friendly wild flowers – and as it borders the Cheshire countryside, it is proving to be the perfect habitat for the bees, who are settling in well and showing promising signs for the first honey harvest at the end of the summer. Each hive has the potential to create around 15kg – or approximately 50 jars of honey.

    The honeycomb has been collected from the hives and has been extracted by Bentley’s beekeepers. This process involves each frame of honeycomb being spun in an extractor, after which the honey is carefully drained and filtered before being decanted into individual jars.

    The jars and packaging reflect Bentley’s famous attention to detail, incorporating a label created by Bentley interior designer Louise McCallum. This special touch means that in addition to sharing the honey with colleagues, the jars will also make unique gifts for VIP visitors to our site in Crewe.

  • Protecting the environment | Bentley | Environmental protection

    As part of its commitment to responsible manufacturing, Bentley has introduced automatic monitoring of the surface water interceptor at its Pyms Lane factory. The system operates 24 hours a day and issues early warnings via SMS if any contamination is detected. Should this occur, Bentley's environmental management team are immediately able to remotely isolate the interceptor so that the river is protected from impurities.

  • Renewable energy | Bentley | Environmental protection

    Up to 40% of the electricity requirement at Bentley's Crewe headquarters is met by 20,815 solar panels covering over 34,500 m² of the factory's roof area. When it was first put in place, the installation was the largest of its kind in the UK. Owned and operated by a third party, the solar panels have a capacity of 5.1 MW and help reduce annual CO2 emissions by 2,500 t. This has been augmented with the new Bentley solar car port installation, bringing total capacity to 7.7MW. The car port adds another 10,000 solar panels to the portfolio, giving Bentley 30,815 in total. To complement the electricity generated on-site by solar power, all electricity purchased by Bentley from October 2017 is certified green. In addition to this Bentley has switch to ‘Green Gas’ from October 2019 meaning all of Bentley’s energy is from renewable sources.

  • School liaison | Bentley | Education and science

    Bentley engages with schools and colleges in the community by offering more than 150 work experience placements each year, giving students the opportunity to gain insights into almost all areas of the business. From December 2018, Bentley is working in partnership with a local College to offer Technical Industry Placements as part of the changing landscape in education.   Bentley are a Key partner in the local University Technology College offering mentoring programmes, work experience placements and curriculum aligned projects to students to enable Bentley to build a talent pipeline into the apprenticeship programme.  In addition Bentley has invested in a digital careers platform Start-up to promote careers advice and apprenticeship vacancies in schools and colleges across the UK.  To support diversity and inclusion Bentley also hosts "Girls in Manufacturing" and “Girls in Engineering days. These exclusively female events are held at Bentley's flagship showroom, CW1 House in Crewe, where Bentley trainees share their experiences with students in a series of workshops, benefiting from this valuable opportunity for personal development in the process.

  • The Bentley Fund | Bentley | Regional support

    Bentley is a member of the Cheshire Community Foundation, which provides funding for community projects that often struggle to secure financial backing. The charity manages the Bentley Fund, ensuring that the company's annual donation is effectively channeled to local projects that benefit health, education and children, and/or alleviate social deprivation. Since the Bentley Fund’s creation in 2012, Bentley has donated £140,000 and the fund has supported 18,584.

  • Trainee volunteering | Bentley | Voluntary Work

    As part of the trainee programmes at Bentley, all apprentices, undergraduate placement students and graduates are asked to take part in volunteering projects within the local community. Since 2016, Bentley trainees have been supporting the Prince's Trust, a charity for young people that is helping to deliver the TEAM program in Crewe.  Additionally we support Young Enterprise events in the North West of England which promotes business start-ups and innovation to develop entrepreneurial skills in young people

  • University Technical College | Bentley | Education and science

    University Technical Colleges provide an exciting educational offering, backed by real business partners and a university. Crewe Engineering and Design UTC is driven by a collaboration between Bentley Motors, Manchester Metropolitan University, Siemens, Bosch, OSL Rail, Air Products, James Walker and Cheshire East Council. As an employer partner to the school, Bentley has been closely involved in all aspects of setting up the UTC, with colleagues serving as members of the Trust, acting as governors, mentoring students and providing input into the college curriculum.

    In 2017, a new state-of-the-art teaching facility opened its doors at the UTC. The new building is part of a £10.6 million government investment in the institution and provides an ideal learning environment for pupils. A Bentley Continental GT, one of two loaned to the college, sits on display in the foyer of the glass-fronted building. The other car will be used as a tool for teaching pupils. Recent collaborations have included the Bentley Seat Challenge, in which pupils were asked to design the Bentley seat of the future.

  • UTC Work Experience | Bentley | Education and science

    Bentley Motors has welcomed a group of Year 10 students from partner school, Crewe Engineering and Design UTC, to get hands-on experience behind the world’s leading luxury car brand.

    Eleven students, all aged 14, participated for one week within a dedicated area of Manufacturing, Engineering or Digitalisation. Opportunities allowed the students to work alongside Bentley’s famous production line, using materials applied to handcraft Bentley’s car interiors.

    In the centenary year, focus was also on Bentley’s future, with students learning about alternative powertrains in Electrical Engineering and in Digitalisation, including innovations in luxury car services of tomorrow.  

  • Willen Hospice and Keech Hospice | Volkswagen Financial Services | Miscellaneous

    Support for hospice work
The Willen Hospice is located in Milton Keynes (where Volkswagen Financial Services and Volkswagen Group are based) and offers adults palliative care. Keech Hospice Care in Luton, approximately 30 kilometers from Milton Keynes, provides adults and children with palliative medical care.

    Volkswagen Financial Services UK supports the two institutions with around 30 fund-raising and voluntary activities, such as renovation work, abseiling, fire-walking or marathons. The company also helps in providing logistics for these activities.

Hungary: 54 Projects

  • Audi Development Camp | Audi | Education and science

    Unique teaching concept (four-week research work) for international and multidisciplinary talents of Audi Hungaria's partner universities, focus on practical, result and innovation orientation.

  • Audi Hungaria Education Centre | Audi | Education and science

    Educational policy benchmark between Germany and Hungary, German school abroad with high-quality, modern and scientific education.

  • Award for Dance | Audi | Arts and culture

    Extrordinary performance of a single dancer of the ballet.

  • "Beautiful Hungarian language" contest | Audi | Education and science

    National literature contest for secondary school students.

  • Biomonitoring using Honeybees | Audi | Nature and environment

    • building a beekeeping institution and establish bee colonies
    • sensitize management/employees/visitors to the topic of bee protection / bio diversity / bee research
  • Career-oriented activities in collaboration with Mobilis Science Center | Audi | Education and science

    Technical events for vocational school students with the participation of Audi Hungaria.

  • Christmas donations at Audi Hungaria | Audi | Social

    Living societal responsibility:exemplary initiative (role model) in the city of Györ with employees of Audi Hungaria, to include employees directly into the CR-activities of the company.

  • Cookery day | Audi | Job and family

    Cookery competition with various supporting programmes (children's playhouse, music programmes) for Audi Hungaria employees and family members.

  • Dance festival Györ | Audi | Arts and culture

    High-quality dance festival with Hungarian and international dance artists.

  • Danceensemble ballett of Győr | Audi | Arts and culture

    Internationally known, renowned ballet ensemble from Győr, guest performances on prestigious stages worldwide (New York, Tel Aviv, London, Moscow, Beijing).

  • Doctoral Students State Association "DOSZ" | Audi | Education and science

    The organisation defends the interests of doctoral students in various academic, political and social forums in Hungary.

    Audi Hungaria contribution: Donation for organising the "DOSZ-Mérföldkő (Milestone)" conference in Sopron.

  • DUIHK (German-Hungarian Industry and commerce chamber) events | Audi | Other

    shared events, publications

  • Easter Playhouse | Audi | Job and family

    Easter Playhouse for the kids of Audi Hungaria employees.

  • Environmental cooperation with ecological schools and the Audi Hungaria School | Audi | Nature and environment

    Redeveloping of educational trails in forests and events for schoolchildren in order to raise the awareness for environmental protection.

  • Establishment of a kindergarten | Audi | Education and science

     Construction of a two story kindergarten with outside areas.

  • Events for graduate students | Audi | Education and science

    Career counselling, interview training and self-awareness events for interns at Audi Hungaria.

  • Forest Project I and II | Audi | Nature and environment

    Reforestation following the NELDER-principle at two locations, support of the maintenance works and a science program regarding the capability to bind CO2 of the trees.

  • Formula Student Hungary | Audi | Education and science

    A competition for college students, in which they race against each other with self built and developed cars and engines.

  • General practitioner emergency service | Audi | Social

    In order to ensure the mobility and availability of Győr’s general practitioner emergency service, delivers Audi Hungaria the rights of the use of a vehicle for the institute.

  • "Gézengúz" Foundation | Audi | Social

    The foundation supports children who were born prematurely or with developmental disabilities.

    Audi Hungaria contribution: Donation to the foundation

  • "Girls day" | Audi | Education and science

    Professional event at Audi Hungaria for female students interested in technical subjects

  • Győri AUDI ETO KC Handball Club (Ladies) | Audi | Sport

    Traditional team from Győr
    15-time Hungarian champion
    14-time Hungarian cup winner
    5-time Champions League winner

  • "High School Roadshow" | Audi | Education and science

    Vocational lectures in which students receive advice on what job opportunities are available for their profession

  • Hungarian Innovation Association | Audi | Education and science

    The association, as a professional association and employers' association, focuses on the role of innovation in stimulating the economy in line with the goals of its member companies.

  • Industrial internship for university employees | Audi | Education and science

    Involvement of lecturers and professors from partner universities of Audi Hungaria in order to take away practical examples, industrial experience and potential research topics for teaching.

  • Junior Engineer Academy (JEA) of the Deutsche Telekom Foundation with the Audi Hungaria Education Centre and the Széchenyi István University Győr | Audi | Education and science

    Implementation of a joint technical-scientific project by the German JEA School, the Audi Hungaria School, the University of Győr and Audi Hungaria.

  • Karlsruhe scholarship | Audi | Education and science

    Scholarship for bilingual students announced by Audi Hungaria at the Technical University of Budapest (e.g. mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electrical engineering).

  • Lukács Sándor Secondary School for Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering | Audi | Education and science

    Technical secondary school and grammar school in Győr

    Audi Hungaria contribution: Donation of chairs and measuring apparatus for educational purposes.

  • Management Impact Challenge | Audi | Social

    Seven major social projects (in the Győr region) are implemented by management as part of a Management InitiativeAudi Hungaria contribution: Organisation, financial support of the seven projects.

  • Miskolc University | Audi | Education and science

    Technical university in the northeastern Hungary region
    Audi Hungaria contribution: Donation of one engine for educational purposes

  • Mobilis interactive exhibition centre for technical students and kids | Audi | Education and science

    Interactive exhibition

  • National Rescue Service Foundation Hungary | Audi | Social

    The Foundation supports the technical development of machinery and equipment, improves the working conditions of the employees of the rescue service and improves the first aid knowledge of the population through various educational programmesAudi Hungaria contribution: Transfer of the right of use of a vehicle for the National Rescue Service Foundation Hungary.

  • National Student Conference for Mechanical Engineering Győr | Audi | Education and science

    Three-day competition, organised by the Student Council of the Széchenyi István University
    Audi Hungaria contribution: Mentoring, plant visits, jury delegation and career counselling

  • Photovoltaic energy | Audi | Nature and environment

    Supply of Audi Hungaria with CO2-neutral energy

  • Plant visit and career advice for university students | Audi | Education and science

    Career counselling with plant visit for university students to broaden their professional horizons and professional awareness.

  • Prestige Prize Gala Győr | Audi | Other

    A prize for agile players in the economic life of the Győr region.

  • Project Stone Dust, Reclassification | Audi | Nature and environment

    Establishment and ensuring the process of reclassification, coordination with state officials, reclassifiy the waste

  • "RestCent" Foundation | Audi | Social

    The fringe benefits of employees are not always completely used. The employer (Audi Hungaria) has agreed with the unions in the collective agreement to donate the amounts not used to the RestCent Foundation.

  • Rights to the name Audi Aréna Győr | Audi | Sport

    A sports hall for sports like handball, football, basketball and for various cultural projects.

  • RITC Győr – Regional Innovation and Technology Centre | Audi | Education and science

    Systemic cooperation of the University of Győr and Audi Hungaria in the technology and competence building of future topics and research cooperation for industry-relevant, technical innovations.

  • Road safety program | Audi | Education and science

    In a partnership with charity Vidám Kölykök, Audi Hungaria runs a road safety initiative, both to fulfil the company’s corporate citizenship obligations and protect younger generations of potential threats.

  • Scientific Student Circle Conference of the Technical University of Budapest | audi | Education and science

    The aim of the conference is to encourage students to engage in more in-depth research into a specific specialised topic
    Audi Hungaria's contribution: financial support and professional presence

  • Social sponsoring (Petz Aladár Hospital of Györ) | Audi | Social

    Regional hospital of the Győr-Moson-Sopron County

    Contribution of Audi Hungaria:Support in the purchase of various examination and surgical instruments

  • Sponsoring of cultural events, benedictine abbey of Pannonhalma (Jazz Terrace St. Martinsday) | Audi | Arts and culture

    Events and shared initiatives

  • Sponsorship of Philharmonic Orchestra Győr | Audi | Arts and culture

    Sponsoring of the philharmonic orchestre of Győrshared projects.

  • St Nicholas’s Days | Audi | Job and family

    Series of St Nicholas’s events for the children of Audi Hungaria employees.

  • Summerfestival Concert | Audi | Arts and culture

    In support of cultural life in Győr, Audi sponsors the final concert in the city’s popular summer festival, widely regarded as the festival’s closing highlight.

  • “Szakma sztár” event | Audi | Education and science

    Professional statewide competition for apprentices

    Audi Hungaria contribution: Gift donation

  • Széchenyi István University Győr | Audi | Education and science

    University of the Győr and Mosonmagyaróvár region

    Audi Hungaria contributions:
    Supporting the operational activities of the Audi Hungaria Faculty of Automotive Engineering and the Chair of Leadership and Organisational Communication
    Donation of two engines for educational purposes

  • Technical University Budapest | Audi | Education and science

    Technical University of Budapest

    Audi Hungaria contribution: Donation of three engines for educational purposes

  • TedX event | Audi | Education and science

    TED certified, local event for innovative topics and people.

  • United health and social institution Győr | Audi | Social

    In order to ensure the mobility and availability for the institute is Audi Hungaria granting the rights of the use of a vehicle.

  • Vocational days for students | Audi | Education and science

    All-day professional events for university students to gain an insight into the everyday life of the various specialist areas.

  • Voluntary day | Audi | Social projects

    23 supported projects within a 50km radius with aroung c.a. 500 voluntary participants

Ireland: 1 Project

  • Children’s Hospitals | Volkwagen Financial Services | Social welfare, Voluntary work

    Fund-raising for children’s hospital
    Employees from Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland and Volkswagen Group Ireland jointly established a fund-raising committee at the end of 2018, with the objective of collecting money for Temple Street Children’s University Hospital. At the beginning of the year, employees from the two companies worked with the Temple Street Foundation to come up with ideas for raising donations for the children’s hospital. They staged campaigns such as “The Great Irish Bake,” the “Women’s Mini Marathon” and a raffle. Project funding of €30,000 was given in 2019.

Italy: 65 Projects

  • Alternanza scuola- lavoro (Vocational Training) | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    Vocational Training activation with high schools students in order to provide an innovative learning experience and combine knowledge and practice by orienting students aspirations and open up learning and didactics to the outside world.

  • Biomonitoring | Ducati | Environmental Protection

    The purpose of this project is to verify the possible environmental impact of Ducati’s activities using excellent bioindicators such as bees. With this in mind, in April 2016, an apiary was placed in an area inside the factory that is close to a track test, trigeneration plant, wastewater treatment plant and various sources of production emissions. Ducati’s apiary consists of three hives.  Since 2016, samples of all the hive matrices (honey, pollen, wax and the bees themselves) were taken from all the hives and tested for local environmental pollution, including heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins and pesticides. While they are exploring their territory in search of nectar, pollen, propolis or water, bees collide with pollutant particles in suspension in the atmosphere. Bees’ range over areas with a radius of about 3 km (2 miles). For this reason, the positioning of the Ducati apiary is considered to be particularly representative, because it is located within a 3-kilometer radius of high-impact activities such as Bologna Airport and the city’s industrial zone.

  • Boys & Girls days | Italdesign | Education and science

    Employees invite their children in the company. The children could participate to different activities according to their age, including 3D modelling.

  • Cancer prevention | Italdesign | Health and Prevention

    Employees could attend to three meetings where doctors told them about good habits that can reduce the risk of cancer (i.e. good alimentation, physical exercise).

  • Canteen food surplus redistribution | Italdesign | Social projects

    Food surplus in the company canteen is distribuited to poor families on the territory.

  • Car pooling service | Italdesign | Environment

    Italdesign promoted a service dedicated to car pooling.

  • Carbon Neutrality | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment

    This Carbon Neutrality project aims to offset CO2 emissions resulting from energy consumption by 100%. This is achieved through the annual purchase of Green Certificates and Carbon Credits to offset emissions linked to the consumption of energy from nonrenewable sources such as natural gas, gasoline and diesel. Ultimately, the company seeks to reduce dependence on nonrenewable sources and implement a sustainable energy program.

  • CAR POOLING Ducati | Ducati | Traffic and mobility

    To promote sustainable mobility, Ducati encourages employees to share cars when commuting to and from the workplace. Ducati offers all employees a mobile Carpooling app with the aim of protecting the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Christmas with AGEOP | Automobili Lamborghini | Social projects

    In 2016 Lamborghini started a collaboration with Ageop, an Association involved in the fight against cancer and leukemia in infancy. With the campaign "A small gift full of smiles" we involved our people in the collection of Christmas gifts for cancer- affected children. All the gifts collected were destined for several hospitals in Bologna with the big goal of giving them a moment of happiness and joy while fighting against severe diseases.

  • Climate Reality Project | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment

    To spread the awareness on climate change, Lamborghini joined the event "24 Hours of Reality: Truth in Action" of The Climate Reality Project (Al Gore Foundation), a global conversation on the truth of the climate crisis and how we solve it.

    In the last edition, the project involved 80 countries with 1,750 presentations. Lamborghini organized three conferences held by two members of the Fundation, together with a photographer who presented his photographic/scientific project with the aim of understanding the effects of climate change trough the power of images combined with scientific research.

    During the conferences Employees had the chance to explore the main impacts of environmental and climatic disasters, the consequences on human health and the risks for industrial activities, understanding also the impact of each and every single actions and the need to safeguard our planet and its natural resources for future generations.

  • Collaboration with non profit organization | Automobili Lamborghini | Social Projects

    Automobili Lamborghini, together with the Trade Unions, lauched the Corporate Volunteering program with Emergency, the Italian no profit NGO that provides free, high-quality healthcare to victims of war and poverty. Lamborghini employees, identified according to specific criteria, have the opportunity to join the “Programma Italia” Project supporting for one week the activities of volunteers on the Emergency Politruck, the mobile clinic in Milan. This Corporate Volunteering project wants to spread the culture of responsibility, the importance of the purpose and of the value creation in different fields of actions.  

  • Connection to a District heating system coming from a biogas cogeneration plant | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment

    Automobili Lamborghini has become the first Italian automotive company to install a district heating system. Supplying hot water from a biogas-fueled cogeneration plant, the system is located in Nonantola (around six kilometers from the factory). The hot water produced by the plant (at 85 °C) is transported via underground pipes to the Lamborghini facility, where its thermal energy is used to heat the buildings. The biogas cogeneration plant has a total capacity of 1 MW. The project is expected to supply Lamborghini with a minimum of 7,200 MWh in thermal energy per year. The estimated annual reduction in greenhouse gases should come to approximately 1,780 t CO2.

  • Conservatorio Musica A.Boito Parma | Automobili Lamborghini | Culture

    Promote the Festival of Italian Tricolore.

  • Construction of Class A energy buildings | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment

    Starting from 2011, Lamborghini has established more restrictive criteria for the construction of its new buildings: all new buildings must be energy class A, according to the Emilia Romagna region’s energy classification.

    The outer structure of the buildings window surface has been designed to achieve the highest possible energy performance through the use of a very high performance polycarbonate facade system. All lighting, including for industrial areas, uses very high efficiency LED lights. Natural gas is not used to heat this buildings, because the air conditioning system consists of high performance heat pumps, so the only type of energy used during operation is electricity.

  • Dedicated employee activities | Automobili Lamborghini | Health and prevention

    Encourage prevention and health care – partnership with AIRC (Italian association for cancer research) in order to enhance knowledge and awareness about risks and preventive behavior (e.g. smoke dangers, nutrition factors…).

  • Dedicated events to employees and families & people care program | Automobili Lamborghini | People

    Dedicated activities inside & outside the company (e.g. special agreements with local shops and gyms, summer camps for employees' children, events, etc.)

  • DESI Project (Dual Education System Italy) | Ducati | Education and science

    This project aims to build an educational pathway that combines classroom-based theory with practical work-experience placements in order to train the engineers of the future and improve the job prospects of young people at technical high schools. Jointly organized by Lamborghini and Ducati, the Dual Education System Italy (DESI) project was inaugurated in 2014. Other project partners include the Volkswagen Workforce Foundation, the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, and the Ministry of Education of the Emilia Romagna region. The two companies have created a curriculum based on the German dual-education model – the first time this model has been used in Italy – that combines theoretical education with practical, hands-on training.

    Students from third-year classes at two technical high schools, Aldini-Valeriani and Belluzzi-Fioravanti in Bologna, take part in the DESI program for two years, aiming to obtain their professional diplomas (awarded by the schools) alongside professional certification from the two companies.

    To manage this CSR activity, Lamborghini and Ducati have built modern, dedicated training centers in their production facilities.

  • DESI (Dual education Sistem) | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    The Dual Education System was born in 2014 as a social project to develop the professional competences of socially disadvantaged juveniles and  integrate them into a company’s organization and culture.

    With DESI, we have been developing a new process for education and training in Italy, inspired by the German system. The Project is part of the Lamborghini Corporate Social Responsibility strategy that puts the accent on professional training and competences development.  The program combines theoretical education and training to ensure high qualified workers with concrete experience in the Company.

  • Diversity at lunch | Italdesign | Culture

    In order to promote diversity in the company, the diversity lunch was introduced: once a month the canteen serves food coming from one of the countries our employee come from.  

  • Donation of the selling quote of a Lamborghini Huracán signed by the Pope for charity | Automobili Lamborghini | Social projects

     A Lamborghini Huracán signed by  the Pope was donated for charity.

  • Environmental | Automobili Lamborghini | Biodiversity and Environment

    This project was set up to analyze local atmospheric pollution levels and produce honey for use inside the company in line with the relevant regulations.

    The project involved the installation of an apiary inside the Lamborghini BioPark made up of eleven hives. Every year all matrices (honey, pollen, wax and the bees themselves) from three of the eleven hives are sampled three times and analyzed to identify any localized environmental pollution: heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, dioxins, but also any pesticides (190 active ingredients) used in farming and in urban or private green spaces.

  • Erasmus | Italdesign | Education and science

    Sponsorship of four Erasmus projects in collaboration with Polytechnics of Turin and TUM.

  • Family Day: Safety corner | Italdesign | Safety

    During the Family Day we're organizing a safety corner for both adults (i.e. how to fasten children's seats) and children (i.e. how to call for help when necessary).

  • Fisica in Moto (FIM) | Ducati | Education and science

    The purpose of this project is to awaken the interest of high-school students in physics and engineering, and encourage them to choose a suitable engineering university. “Fisica in Moto” (FIM) is an educational laboratory that targets secondary schools. Every year, FIM welcomes around 9,000 students, and in July, the laboratory hosts a one-week Summer School during which Italian high-school students who have scored top marks in physics meet up with experts and academics specializing in various scientific fields.

  • Founding membership of ITS Maker | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    Lamborghini has become a founding member of ITS Maker, a specialistic High School dedicated to Mechanics, Mechatronics, Motoring and Packaging which realizes two-year post-diploma courses aimed at giving students access to the best mechanical and mechatronic companies in Emilia Romagna. The educational offer is characterized by a strongly laboratory and practical didactics, realized with experts in the field and with a high percentage of the training carried out in the company. At the end of the courses a diploma of V level EQF, valid in Italy and in Europe, is issued by the Ministry of Education.

  • Free annual vaccination | Automobili Lamborghini | Health and prevention

    Since 2013 Lamborghini offers free flu vaccination inside the Company infirmary during the working hours.

  • Free health insurance for employees and families | Automobili Lamborghini | Health and prevention

    Lamborghini offers free health insurance for employees and families

  • Free water | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment

    Free water dispenser at company canteen and break areas

  • Girlstech | Italdesign | Education and science

    Organization of three afternoons dedicated to employees' daughters divided into groups of similar age with participation to technology laboratories (i.e. coding).

  • Global Diversity | Italdesign | Culture

    Digital campaing on socials about diversity in terms of internationalization in the company.

  • Hybrid car fleet | Italdesign | Environment

    Usage of E-tron in the company fleets.

  • Installation and commissioning of 2 Trigeneration plants | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment

    A Trigeneration plants is a system that produces heating, cooling and electricity from a single fuel, in Lamborghini’s case natural gas. The transformation of heat energy into power for refrigeration utilizes the refrigeration cycle via an absorption chiller. The chiller exploits phase changes in the temperature of the refrigerant, combined with an absorbent.

  • Installation of 8 new stations in the Lamborghini Park and organization of free sports courses for employees | Automobili Lamborghini | Wellness

    In 2018 a new fitness trail was realized inside the Lamborghini Park: the path is 950 meters long, consisting of 8 stations that integrate the existing fitness area.

    All products have been made of FSC certified wood and CO2 emissions related to the production of equipment have been offset by the purchase of green certificates reforestation of tropical areas. A special fitness programme at our Park (LamboFIT) was developed to spread the culture of well being trough our employees.

  • Io poi do una cosa a te | Italdesign | Social projects

    Italdesign employees gather school material and toys that are then delivered to local social institutions.

  • “ITS Maker” | Ducati | Education and science

    This project is part of the MotorValley initiative to develop the technical expertise of students in the region. Ducati supports an educational program managed by Dallara Automobili SpA which provides students who have already obtained their high-school diplomas with experience in designing innovative products using advanced materials and cutting-edge technology.

  • Just the woman I am | Italdesign | Social Projects

    A team of employees on voluntary base participated to a run called Just the woman I am organized by Turin municipality in order to get money to finance research agaist cancer.  

  • KiSS program | Ducati | Environmental protection

    The KiSS program (Keep it Shiny and Sustainable) is an environmental and social sustainability program developed for the MotoGP Championship. The project involves teams, competitors, spectators, the local community and non-profit organizations, and was developed specifically for the Grand Prix of Italy (Mugello) and the Grand Prix of San Marino (Misano). The project forms part of the Ride Green program organized by the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme).

    The aim of the program is to raise public awareness of the importance of sustainable behavior at major sporting events, as well as in everyday life. Ducati is involved in many of the activities, such as raising the awareness of sustainability issues among Ducati Grandstand guests, organizing the collection of recyclable waste in the Ducati Grandstand and Ducati Team hospitality areas, collecting surplus food for subsequent donation to local organizations, and holding charity auctions.

  • Laptops donation to local secondary schools | Italdesign | Education and Science

    Used laptops are donated to the secondary schools of the territory.

  • Let's clean the world | Italdesign | Environment

    Participation to the event Let's clean the world organized by Legambiente. Employees cleaned a park in Turin supporting Legambiente volunteers. 

  • Maternity & Paternity program | Automobili Lamborghini | People

    Since 2017, Lamborghini developed a dedicated program for new parents that offers training, financial contributions and other support tools to assist Lamborghini’s new mums and dads.

    In 2018 Lamborghini organized a dedicated pediatric first aid course for all employees interested.  

  • Membership to the CapoD network | Automobili Lamborghini | Diversity & Inclusion

    To spread the culture of gender equality and girls and women’s empowerment under the Millennium Development Goals (SDGs 5), Automobili Lamborghini decided to create, together with other Companies and promoted by Città Metropolitana of Bologna, the local network called CapoD. The network works against every kind of discrimination and wants to support the integration of gender equality policies in Companies strategies, also within SMEs sector.

    Capo D wants also to promote and boost the presence of girls in STEM fields and to create awareness on gender equality within young generations, therefore it works together with schools in order to create dedicated events and initiatives about this topic, with the involvement also of some employees of the network as testimonials.

    With this community Lamborghini and the other Members created the opportunity for sharing best practices within the network and the territory, developing synergies and common projects in order to reinforce the spread of gender equality in our society.

  • Moby | Italdesign | Social projects

    Italdesign participated to the Toyota Mobility Foundation’s $4m Mobility Unlimited Challenge presenting Moby, the first mobility service designed for wheelchair users; it’s the bicycle-sharing  system equivalent for wheelchairs: it consists of “wheel-on”, semi-autonomous, electric devices, located in urban hubs, that will make travelling around cities much simpler and easier for people with lightweight manual wheelchairs. 

  • Moncalieri Jazz Festival | Italdesign | Culture

    Sponsorship of local jazz festival

  • Motorvehicle Engineering Degree | Ducati | Education and science

    This project is part of the MotorValley initiative to develop the technical expertise of students in the region. Ducati  supports and finances a specialized degree course in Motorvehicle Engineering at Bologna University.

  • MUNER | Ducati | Education and science

    "Ducati is one of the main sponsors of MUNER, the Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna. MUNER is a joint venture, strongly supported by the Emilia-Romagna region, between 4 universities (Bologna, Ferrara, Parma, Modena and Reggio Emilia) and 9 automakers (Automobili Lamborghini, Dallara, Ducati, Ferrari, Haas, HPE, Maserati, Toro Rosso, Magneti Marelli) that represent the best of “Made in Italy” and have historical roots in the region, which is also known as MotorValley.

    The Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna hub seeks to attract the best university students from around the world to the region with the aim of training tomorrow’s engineers in the latest, innovative technologies for automotive engineering and manufacturing."

  • Muner (Motorvehicle University of Emilia Romagna) | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    The Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna (MUNER) is an association which was created thanks to a synergetic connection among the main universities of the Region and the automakers that represent the excellence of Made in Italy in the world and are historically rooted in this territory (Automobili Lamborghini, Dallara, Ducati, Ferrari, Haas F1 Team, HPE Coxa, Magneti Marelli, Maserati e Toro Rosso).

    The Motorvehicle University of Emilia-Romagna represents a hub that aims at attracting to the region the best university students from all over the world, with the goal of training and introducing into the corporate world tomorrow’s engineers, the professionals who will design street and competition vehicles, sustainable propulsion systems and subsystems for smart features, and production plants in keeping with Smart Manufacturing.

  • Oak Forest research project | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment

    This project aims to increase local biodiversity and create a teaching area for the scientific and local communities. It involves planting more than 10,000 young oak trees (quercus robur) in an area of just over 17 acres (70,000 sqm) in the municipality of Sant’Agata Bolognese (Bologna). The aim of this experimental project is to examine the relationships between plants, their density, the climate and CO2.

  • Office Block LEED Platinum Certified | Automobili Lamborghini | Sustainability

    In 2017, the company began construction of a new office building that complies with LEED criteria and is eligible for full certification under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard. This international green building standard promotes a sustainability-oriented approach, evaluating the performance of buildings in terms of key criteria such as energy efficiency, water consumption, reduced carbon emissions, the ecological quality of interiors, the materials and resources used, the way the project is managed and the choice of site.

  • "Opus-Facere": Territorial laboratories for employability | Ducati | Education and science

    This project is part of the MotorValley initiative to develop the technical expertise of students in the region. Together with a number of partner companies and schools, Ducati supports an educational project managed by Opificio Golinelli christened “Laboratori territoriali per l’occupabilità” (Strengthening the regional labor market).

  • Partnership with Italian and foreign Universities | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    Research in automotive sector. Participation to universities workshop and career events with the goal of supporting innovation and boosting collaboration with institutions that are incubators of great ideas. Promote an active link between the world of Industry and University on topics such as mobility and the future of the automotive sector, in a context in which both industry experts and researchers can benefit from each other.

  • Partnership with research institutes | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    Automobili Lamborghini started a cooperation with national and international research institutes in different medical and biomedical projects in order to promote research and innovation in the Automotive sector.

  • Partnership with Teatro Bibiena Sant'Agata Bolognese | Automobili Lamborghini | Culture

    Automobili Lamborghini supports the season of the Theatre in Sant'Agata Bolognese.

  • Partnership with Teatro Comunale of Bologna | Automobili Lamborghini | Culture

    Automobili Lamborghini supports the opera season of the Teatro Comunale of Bologna

  • Partnership with UniBo in Formula SAE | Automobili Lamborghini | Education and science

    Lamborghini is an official partner of the UniBo Motorsport Team involved in Formula SAE, the student automotive championship open to major universities all over the world. The Motorsport department supports the students in the task of designing, constructing and bringing on the track a prototype wheeled vehicle in the Formula SAE races. 

  • Passive Safety presentation | Italdesign | Safety

    Passive Safety presentation in a secondary school.

  • Plastic Free project | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment

    The plastic free project had the aim to reducing the plastic waste in the company canteen and in the break areas. The company gave as a Christmas gift to all employees a personalized water bottle.

  • Preventive medicines | Italdesign | Health prevention

    Free medical examinations for employees.

  • Moving & Safety21 | Ducati | Road Safety

    Concerning road safety, both at national and european level, Ducati Foundation promotes information and awareness campaigns on several fronts.

    In 2019, Ducati Foundation with the Moving research group of the University of Florence continued to lead the development of projects and started new ones that, through a multidisciplinary approach, will be aimed at accident analysis and road safety dissemination and training courses.

    Ducati Foundation has also signed a partnership with Safety21, an Italian technology services company that offers advanced platforms and innovative outsourcing services for improving road safety standards, in order to create events and communication campaigns that promote the culture of road safety.

  • Safety at the workplace thesis sponsorship | Italdesign | Education and science

    Institution of an annual sponsorship in the field of safety at the workplace.

  • Setting up a company carpooling service | Automobili Lamborghini | Environment

    In 2017 Lamborghini implemented a Company Carpooling Service which allows employees to share their commutes in a convenient and flexible manner. The service will also allow CO2 savings to be measured by a dedicated platform.

  • Shape the future | Italdesign | Education and science

    ITI Agnelli school is a private secondary school that offers a special development path in collaboration with Italdesign.

  • 'Tante cose per la testa? Metti la prevenzione al primo posto.' | Automobili Lamborghini | Health

    Encourage prevention and health care - partnership with Fondazione ANT Italia Onlus (Italian tumor association) providing female employees with specific preventive activities for breast cancer. Employees have the possibility to schedule a completely free and anonymous screening during working hours. 

  • The future of mobility conference | Italdesign | Education and science

    Organization of a free conference for university students dedicated to future mobility in collaboration with a cultural institution and Polytechnics of Turin.

  • Trigeneration plant | Ducati | Enviromental protection

    The aim of this project is to generate energy more efficiently than traditional power plants. Trigeneration, also known as CCHP, is a system which uses a single fuel to simultaneously generate energy for heating, cooling and electricity. The company’s trigeneration plant was commissioned in January 2016. It consists of two endothermic engines powered by methane gas that are used to produce electrical energy, thermal energy and cooling energy. The electricity produced by the trigeneration plant during  2019 met 84% of the Ducati factory’s total demand. The remaining electricity that must be purchased from the network is green energy (in 2019 entirely from wind farms).

    This allows Ducati to successfully reduce its CO2 emissions by 54% in 2019 compared with 2013.

  • Water coolers | Italdesign | Environment

    Water coolers installation.

Netherlands: 1 Project

  • Sponsorship partner ALSopdeweg | Volkswagen Financial Services | Healthcare

    When your muscles stop working: ALS
    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is an incurable, fatal disease that causes the death of motor neurons controlling voluntary muscles, finally resulting in sufferers’ inability to walk, speak, swallow and breathe.

    The goal of Volkswagen Pon Financial Services/DFM is to help ALS patients lead an independent life for as long as possible. That is why the company supports the “ALSopdeweg” foundation, an organization that helps patients to lead a dignified life. In 2018 and 2019, Volkswagen FS Netherlands sponsored two VW Caddies, which the ALS foundation provides to patients. VWPFS/DFM donates a total of around €50,000 a year to ALSopdeweg.

Norway: 1 Project

  • Support for the Fossheim Verksteder Foundation | Volkswagen Financial Services | Miscellaneous

    Where people with a handicap work
    Work also gives the mentally handicapped the chance to boost their confidence, be independent, achieve social recognition and live in the community. That is also a reason why Volkswagen Møller Bilfinans has awarded all work related to packaging, labeling and dispatch to the Fossheim Verksteder Foundation. The non-profit organization offers people with a handicap a sheltered workshop and employment to suit their personal abilities and talents. Volkswagen Møller Bilfinans supports the organization with annual funding of around €2,300.

Poland: 45 Projects

  • 1 + 1 = 3 | Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles | Regional support

    In the “1 + 1 = 3” program, cash donations by employees are remitted to a foundation selected by voting. The donation comes from employees voluntarily giving up 1 PLN of their wage a month and the proceeds from piggy banks at various points in the plants for collecting donations from employees, guests, business associates and visitors. The program was launched in 2009. Around 70% of the workforce participated in the program in 2019 and the total money raised has risen to more than 680,000 PLN (about €163,000). A record sum was collected in 2019: 84.356 PLN.

  • A day with children: Empolyee volunteering | Volkswagen Financial Services | Voluntary work

    Time for orphans
    Since 2014, employees from Volkswagen Financial Services Poland have supported an orphanage in Chotomow in Eastern Poland. For example, they have renovated rooms, laid out a garden and built a playground. More than 300 colleagues take part in the annual two-day action. The company also supports the orphanage with a Christmas present campaign, donations in kind and educational projects.

  • “Be seen on the road” – “Świeć przykładem” | VW Commercial Vehicles | Road safety education

    The “Be seen on the road” campaign was successfully staged for the second time in a row in 2019. Once more this year, several hundred children from primary schools near to the Września plant were given reflective vests which make them more visible to other road users, especially in the dark winter months. The aim of the campaign is to enhance road safety in general through the use of the vests and to raise awareness of how to stay safe on the road in everyday life. The visits to kindergartens and primary schools were accompanied by the local police to enable joint information on the dangers and the measures that can be taken. In view of the great positive response, the campaign will be continued in 2020.

  • Biodiversity campaigns |VW Commercial Vehicles | Nature conservation

    The various biodiversity campaigns in 2016 to 2018 were followed by others in 2019. The environment of the recreation room in Oblaczkowo, near our Polish factory in Września, was maintained and modernized. This revitalization campaign is a cooperation with residents as part of their voluntary work in and for the town.  

  • Blue Grant (= Niebieskie Granty) | VW Commercial Vehicles | Nature conservation

    The Blue Grant is a program in which environmental initiatives are advertised and that is aimed at schools, kindergartens and non-governmental organizations from the Wielkopolskie voivodeship. The program was launched in 2011. Three environmental projects are funded every year, one of them by employees from Volkswagen Poznań. The following projects were supported in the 2017/2018 program: “You can also increase the biodiversity of our forests” of the Babki Forest Supervisory Office, thanks to which more than 1,000 different tree seedlings will enrich the nearby forest areas. “Butterfly Garden,” developed by Kindergarten No. 40 from Poznań. It is a beautiful, blossoming and brightly colored butterfly garden with a playground in the kindergarten and is open to residents of the district. In addition, deaf people will also take part in the project. The third project is called “Eco Valley” and helps share practical knowledge as part of active educational projects for residents of Kiekrz (near Poznań). The 4th project to pick up the award envisages constructing a special sensory path for kindergarten pupils, including several autistic children, in cooperation with employees from Volkswagen Poznań. Volkswagen Poznań has so far donated 146.000 PLN to the program and provided a VW Caddy every year.

  • Children get to know the environment | SITECH | Environmental protection

    What is the best way to teach children about the environment and environmental protection? By playing games, of course! SITECH, a company located in Polkowice which supplies seat structures to Volkswagen, takes its environmental responsibility seriously, so aims to share its knowledge and experience with the next generation. For this reason, SITECH has joined forces with the regional Przemków forestry service to organize an annual ecological scavenger hunt - and children from nearby elementary schools are invited to join in the fun. As part of this competition, the children hike through the forest and answer questions about the environment and nature conservation at different stations, or perform tasks related to these subjects. Every year, the project proves very popular with the schoolchildren, allowing them to have fun while they learn about their local flora and fauna, as well as about broader environmental topics.

  • Children’s Day | ŠKODA | Culture and Art

    ŠKODA AutoLab Poznan each year organizes a special event due to Polish Children’s Day celebrated on the 31st of May. There are a lot of games and activities prepared for the youngest. Adults can take part in driving classes, listen to specialists. Everyone is invited to take part in competitions, in which there is a chance to win free driving courses and ŠKODA bikes. This year ŠKODA is planning to organize the 5th edition of the event. Last year there were almost 4 000 participants.

  • Children’s Day with the theme of diversity | SITECH | Art and culture

    ... because diversity is cool

    Diversity is a core value in today’s world and for us and the entire Volkswagen Group.

    We draw strength from diversity – and from our youngest members of society.

    SITECH employees organized the Children’s Day on May 24, 2019.

    Photo booths, bouncy castles, animations and many other attractions awaited the kids at the company in Polkowice. An art contest entitled “We’re different, but together we can do more – because diversity is cool” was at the heart of the event. The children were asked to draw how they see various people at work together with their parents and received a small present as a reward.

    The theme of diversity dominated the entire event. Painting a real car was a great opportunity for them, together with their parents, to paint a small bit of the car and leave their initials or letters behind for posterity. The children were able to use the banners prepared for painting to express how they see the world and their environment.

    Diversity can be a difficult issue to grasp. That is why we decided during the event to ask the children what they understand by it. The recordings were used to create a short film that will be shown at the next works meeting.

  • Christmas tree campaign | SITECH | Voluntary work

    Helping others changes the world for the better. Employees from three SITECH Sp. z o.o. locations have again participated in the Christmas tree campaign. We were able to give presents to more than 50 kids from the children’s home thanks to our colleagues’ great commitment and big heart. We are glad to be able to unite for a good cause.

  • “Clean up the forest” campaign | VW Motor Polska | Nature conservation

    Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 and VW Motor Polska makes its very own contribution to that. Representatives from the trade union organization Solidarność, employees from VW Motor Polska and young members of the workforce clean up the nearby forest every year. The participants collect refuse and put it in bags. In 2012, VW Motor Polska paid for reforestation of six hectares of land in Sucha Górna.

    The aim of the campaign is to encourage eco-friendly conduct and protect forests.

  • Clean up the World | Volkswagen Group Components | Nature conservation

    The group consisting of Volkswagen Motor Polska, young employees and the workforce commission Solidarność is cleaning up the woodland, which was reforested by Volkswagen Motor Polska in 2012. The reforestation was carried out in collaboration with the Lubin Forestry Office. The forest is home to plants that are typical of the region.

  • Cooperation with Bnin Children’s Home | VW Commercial Vehicles | Voluntary work

    Volkswagen Poznań has been cooperating with the children’s home in Bnin near its Poznań production site since 2016. In 2018, management of the plant in Antoninek invited the children to the plant and organized an interactive knowledge event (similar to the program for young engineers). The goal of this social project was to provide the children with technical education through programming of the LEGO robots and a tour of production.

  • Dialog with the neighborhood and society | VW Commercial Vehicles | Regional support

    Regular exchange between company representatives, residents and stakeholders, such as schools, environmental associations and public authorities, have been a firm part of the company’s engagement at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ site in Hanover for more than three decades.

    When the decision was taken to expand the Poznań site in Poland, this open dialog was also extended to include other locations and the format was tailored to local requirements. Apart from residents, representatives from Poznań Council, public authorities and the churches also take part in events at Poznań and Września. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles invites residents from the neighborhood and other stakeholders to events held at least twice a year in order to discuss concerns, ideas, wishes and suggestions, jointly find solutions through direct dialog and dispel potential conflicts before they arise. This initiative has created a relationship of trust at all locations to the parties’ mutual benefit.
    No photo material available!

  • Dialog with stakeholders | SITECH | Regional support

    SITECH nurtures dialog with stakeholders at its site. We meet every year with representatives from universities, local authorities and neighboring companies. It is a great opportunity to discuss SITECH’s corporate social responsibility activities and tackle new challenges.

  • Stakeholder dialog | VW Motor Polska | Regional support

    VW Motor Polska embraces dialog with stakeholders at its location. We meet every year with representatives from local authorities, universities, schools, institutions and neighboring companies. It is an excellent opportunity to discuss our corporate social responsibility activities and tackle new challenges.

  • Drużyna Szpiku SITECH | SITECH | Voluntary work

    Drużyna Szpiku is a voluntary work group at SITECH that aims to motivate SITECH employees and people outside the company to register as potential bone marrow donors. The team primarily provides information about leukemia and donating bone marrow. It cooperates in that with the DKMS foundation “Leben Spenden” (“Donate Life”). A good opportunity to advertise its work is the charity marathons in which members of Drużyna Szpiku take part.

  • Dual education system | VW Motor Polska | Education and science

    VW Motor Polska is the first company is Poland to launch a dual system of vocational training in mechatronics engineering. We introduced it as part of the EU project VIA Grensis Interreg 3A. A pilot project was subsequently held in the school complex in Chocianów. As an upshot, the vocation of mechatronics engineer was registered in Poland’s national list of professions. The neighboring company Sitech joined in later. VW Motor Polska cooperates with the Chocianów Comprehensive School. The company trains the students as fitters/mechatronics engineers. They are employed as trainees at VW Motor Polska throughout the three-year term.

  • Dual system of education | SITECH | Education and science

    SITECH is the first company in Poland's Lower Silesia Province to introduce the dual-education system, meaning that SITECH integrates specialist education with business experience. In cooperation with the German-Polish Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Wrocław University of Science and Technology, SITECH is making it possible for students studying structural engineering to combine theory and practice, by offering the students positions in the company's Polkowice plant for the duration of the integrated degree program. SITECH also works with the comprehensive school in Chocianów, offering a vocational training program in which students can train as mechatronics technicians. During the 3-year program, the students are employed as apprentices at SITECH.

  • Fund-raising campaigns | VW Commercial Vehicles | Equal opportunities

    Various fund-raising campaigns were organized at VWP in 2019. VWP’s employees collected school equipment for children from Madagascar. The campaign was organized in cooperation with students from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Special boxes where employees could donate money were provided at various places at the plants. The products needed for the animal shelter in Gaj were collected in this way in the fall. The Christmas campaigns for children from poor families were organized at all the plants. Employees were able to buy presents for specific children and, thanks to the cooperation with the local social welfare authorities, we were able to brighten up the Christmas of needy children.

  • Green energy | VW Motor Polska | Nature conservation

    The VW Motor Polska plant in Polkowice has been supplied with 100% green electricity since 2012, meaning its CO2 emissions have been reduced by 96%.

  • Green energy | VW Commercial Vehicles | Nature conservation

    All VWP plants have been supplied with green electricity since 2019. That means our company emits 85% less CO2 than in 2018.

  • Guided tours of the plant | SITECH | Regional support

    Other companies and nearby schools show a keen interest in SITECH. Visitors to the plant can get to know more about the company’s organizational structure and production processes. In that way we can inspire other companies, not only in the automotive industry, in their further development and show students that we are attractive employer for their future career.

  • Health management | VW Motor Polska | Health

    As part of the company’s health management offering, the VW Motor Polska plant in Polkowice has an outpatient clinic that is opened during all shifts so that employees can be given quick treatment if and when needs be. VW Motor Polska also offers diagnostic and laboratory tests, visits to specialists and physiotherapists, and regular vaccinations. In addition, regular health campaigns are organized in which employees can undergo a medical check-up. In order to raise and maintain awareness on health matters, VW Motor Polska employees are provided with information on different health- and diet-related issues in a series of talks. The company also ensures anonymous support by a psychologist.

  • Keeping children safe in cars | SITECH | Traffic education

    A seatbelt can save lives - especially those of children. But what is the right way to position a seatbelt? And why do I need a child safety seat? Experts from SITECH provide answers to these questions as part of the "Safely on the Road" project in Poland. Head of plant safety Andrzej Świerczyński and his team visit preschools in the region, invite school classes to the SITECH plant in Polkowice, and partner with the police to provide safety education. Using seat simulators, they demonstrate the correct way to sit and fasten a seatbelt in a car. Their goal is always the same: to teach children, their parents, and anyone who drives in a car with children about the importance of child safety seats and seatbelts. "In conversations with the police, we have discovered that many children are riding in cars without car seats or are using their seatbelts incorrectly. We are aiming to change this, because this is one way to help keep the children in our region safe and healthy," explains Andrzej Świerczyński.

  • “Losing weight the healthy way” | SITECH | Healthcare

    SITECH Sp. z o.o. looks after its employees and their health in particular. And so there is also a new program in 2018: “Losing weight the healthy way.” The initiative helps overweight employees improve their health by means of a healthier diet and physical activity. After undergoing a medical check and being given expert advice, 11 women and men were admitted to the 3-month program. They obtained basic knowledge about nutrition and dietetics in an initial workshop. A tailored training program was then drawn up for every employee and accompanied personally by a coach.

  • Memorial Work | VW Motor Polska | Voluntary work

    VW Motor Polska has supported history education at the grounds of the former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz for 18 years. The “Memorial Work” project is aimed at school pupils and the company’s employees and managers and involves working together to clean up and renovate former camp buildings and caring for and maintaining detainees’ personal objects, such as shoes, spectacles, suitcases, etc. The aim of the initiative is to preserve the memory of past events and stimulate joint reflection on the future.  

  • Occupational health management | SITECH | Health

    As part of the SITECH health management program, the Polkowice plant has an on-site walk-in clinic which is open during all shifts to offer care to employees at short notice, as needed. In addition, SITECH offers diagnostic and laboratory tests, visits to specialists, physical therapy, and regular vaccinations. The program also organizes regular health campaigns in which employees are offered medical examinations. With the aim of achieving a lasting improvement in health awareness, SITECH employees can attend lectures on a wide variety of health and nutrition topics. Finally, the company also offers anonymous counselling sessions with a psychologist.

  • Planting campaign | SITECH | Nature conservation

    SITECH employees are participating in a tree planting program with the Przemków Forestry Office. The group is to spend a day planting new beech trees over one hectare of the pine forest.

  • Planting campaign with employees | VW Commercial Vehicles | Nature conservation, voluntary work

    Over 25,000 trees were planted near to the plants in Poznań and Września. Employees could volunteer to take part in this campaign and thereby enhanced the visibility of the company’s commitment to environmental issues.

  • Planting of trees | VW Commercial Vehicles | Nature conservation

    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Volkswagen Poznań, the team of VWP planted 25,000 trees in a forest near to Plant 1 in Antoninek together with the Forestry Office in 2018. The campaign met with such a positive response in the communities and among the public that VWP decided to continue the project in 2019. As a result, over 25,000 more trees were planted near to the plants in Poznań and Września. All employees were invited to volunteer for the campaign. Many jumped at the chance and played a vigorous part in highlighting VWP’s commitment to and work for our environment.

  • Rehabilitation Center | VW Motor Polska | Health

    The inauguration of the Rehabilitation Center meant VW Motor Polska took a major step toward improving the health of its employees. The Rehabilitation Center offers a broad range of treatments, massages and therapies. Our employees can take advantage of laser therapy, ultrasound treatments and manual therapies.  

  • Reshaping the environment of a recreation room in Oblaczkowo | VW Commercial Vehicles | Nature conservation, voluntary work

    The environment of the recreation room near to our Polish factory in Września, in Oblaczkowo, was redesigned. The campaign was held in cooperation with local residents as part of voluntary work.

  • Safe Woman | ŠKODA | Education and science

    A cycle of 12 (free of charge) courses for women. Each meeting is composed of thematic stages: road safety, women safety, self-defense course. This year, ŠKODA Poland is planning to organize the 3rd edition of the course. Last year, there were 300 women, that were interested in taking part in the program. 

  • SITECH sports initiatives | SITECH | Sports

    SITECH Sp. z o.o. is stepping up its efforts to boost participation in sports. The "SITECH Sports Academy" program was established 3 years ago to encourage employees' children to take more exercise in their free time. The children play soccer under the supervision of a SITECH employee who is also a trained soccer coach. The practices are adapted to the individual needs of the children.

    Physical exercise is important for adults as well. So SITECH Sp. z o.o. has its own volleyball team that practices once a week. Twice a year the team also participates in a national championship for teams from Polish companies.

  • SITECH’s voluntary work program | SITECH | Voluntary work

    SITECH’s voluntary work program was established at the end of 2016 at the initiative of several employees. In accordance with the internal instructions, every employee is given eight hours of time off a year to do voluntary work. We support people in need in the Polkowice region. Last campaign: collection of clothing and school articles by the PM department for a children’s home.

  • ŠKODA AutoLab | ŠKODA | Traffic education

    ŠKODA AutoLab is the first such advanced and technological interactive center of safety in Poland. It enables visitors to take part in the exhibition devided into 5 theme zones. Visitors can learn about safety on road, technology used in new cars, eco-driving techniques, safe rad tours, and watch a short movie in the ŠKODA cinema. Each year over 20 000 people visit our center.

  • ŠKODA Driving School | ŠKODA | Traffic education

    ŠKODA Driving School is the school of improving driving skills, in which drivers are taught how to eliminate bad habits, and errors while driving a car. The main goal is to reduce the number of car accidents committed every year. Trainers working in ŠKODA Driving School have international certificates that enables them to conduct courses in whole Europe. All the trainings are carried out at the special truck – SKODA AutoDrom.

  • Stakeholder dialog | VW Motor Polska | Regional support

    VW Motor Polska embraces dialog with stakeholders at its location. We meet every year with representatives from local authorities, universities, schools, institutions and neighboring companies. It is an excellent opportunity to discuss our corporate social responsibility activities and tackle new challenges.

  • Stay sporty and fit | VW Motor Polska | Sport

    VW Motor Polska is increasingly involved in promoting sport. For years we have sponsored regional sports activities, such as runs, mountainbike races, streetball tournaments, dancing contests and many other sports events. VW Motor Polska’s workforce numbers successful marathon runners, cyclists, soccer players, dancers, canoeists, etc.  

  • Stowarzyszenie Sygnał Serca (Heart-Signal Association) | SITECH | Voluntary work

    Made up of SITECH employees, the Stowarzyszenie Sygnał Serca (Heart-Signal Association) supports children and families in the region who are impoverished or in need of assistance. Every year, the group organizes a children's day for disadvantaged families at which children receive urgently needed school supplies and other necessities. In 2016, a picnic was also organized for disabled children from a home in Jaszkotle. The association also took this opportunity to join forces with other companies and organizations and collect care products for the children. During the picnic, SITECH employees who are members of Sygnał Serca looked after the children.

  • Support for pregnant employees | Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge | Health

    Volkswagen Poznań helps its employees strike a good work-life balance. Pregnant women have a chance to work six hours a day instead of eight, for example. Apart from flexible working hours, the company offers pregnant employees working conditions that reflect their physical needs. Mothers can use special breastfeeding rooms after their child has been born.

  • VW Booster Club | VW Motor Polska | Voluntary work

    The VW Booster Club, which comprises volunteers from VW Motor Polska’s workforce, supports children and families from the region who are particularly poor or needy. The club organizes an annual pre-Christmas fund-raising drive, in which cake and Christmas decorations are sold, with the proceeds going towards helping the sick or needy. There are also campaigns where toys, school materials or clothing are collected for children in need.  

  • “Vwolontariat” program | VW Motor Polska | Voluntary work

    The “Vwolontariat” program is a form of voluntary work by employees of VW Motor Polska. It helps fund initiatives and campaigns by employees in their leisure time. Three projects are chosen every year. The program’s activities include renovating schoolrooms, playgrounds and gardens, planting plants and modernizing sports grounds. The projects in 2019 focused on the educational needs of children and youngsters and on improving safety and living conditions at children’s homes.

  • Yellow bicycles for senior citizens | VW Commercial Vehicles | Equal opportunities, voluntary work

    In 2019, employees from Volkswagen Poznań volunteered to renovate 15 bicycles for senior citizens from the “The Big Seven” association in Kórnik. Together with the seniors, the VWP employees took the bicycles apart and then cleaned them so that they could be lacquered yellow in VMP’s paint shop. When the campaign was over, the senior citizens presented the bicycles during the local festival in Kórnik.

  • Young Engineers’ School | VW Commercial Vehicles | Education and science

    The “Young Engineers’ School” project aims to promote science, in particular robotics, automation and the fundamentals of programming, among pupils at primary schools in Poland. The program is staged together with the Education Development Fund for Young Engineers. Funding was given to schools from the Wielkopolska region that received the most votes in an Internet survey. The program was staged for the third time in 2019, with 13 out of more than 100 schools being chosen and supported by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Poland with special teaching materials on how to construct and program robots. In addition, an all-day technology festival and certified training in how to use the programmable robots in lessons were held.

  • Works meeting with the theme of diversity | SITECH | Miscellaneous

    Four works meetings are held at SITECH every year. In 2019, we staged a Diversity day at one of the meetings to mark the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. Employees presented their favorite pastimes at a hobby market in a relaxed atmosphere.  

Slowakia: 4 Projects

  • Preservation and support of biodiversity in grassland and field communities | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Topic: Return of natural wildlife and preservation of pollinators

    Objective: Protection and preservation of insects; natural meadows instead of grass monocultures on the plant premises


    1. Wild flower meadows
    Creating wild flower meadows makes a valuable contribution to biodiversity and sends out a clear signal for its preservation

    2. Erection of insect hotels:
    Creation of habitats by erecting insect hotels and bird feeders for hibernation and reproduction of natural species.

    Just under 30 children tackled the subject of biodiversity and meadow orchards on this spring day in Emden. They learned how important biodiversity is and how bees and domestic trees can contribute to that diversity. The children got to know a beehive, created a hotel for wild bees, and planted another fruit tree in the plant’s own Fruit Tree Daycare Center.

  • ŠKODA Handy | ŠKODA | Handicaped people

    The ŠKODA Handy project aims to help people with physical disabilities enjoy more active and comfortable lives. In 2018 and 2019 ŠKODA AUTO Slovakia, together with its partner – AV mobility, added also a handy mobility tour, where the whole project was introduced to the public via all the presentations in 8 cities in Slovakia.  

  • Tree growing | ŠKODA | Environment

    SKODA AUTO Slovensko joined the CALL of the capital city of Slovakia – Bratislava. The major of Bratislava commited the city to plant 10 000 trees in 5 years round. The planting trees in cities is very expensive because of the infrastructure problems, trees must be of certain hight, there are other technical activities connected to the watering systems, . . ŠKODA AUTO Slovensko was the first company in SVK to join the CALL and not only financed the trees, but also the employees of the company helped to plant the trees actively + they cleaned up the surrounding of the new alley.

  • We save crabs for Slovakia | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    • Breeding of crabs in a facility on the grounds of the sewage treatment plant
    • Crabs are released at selected locations in the Little Carpathians.
    • Creation of an information panel on the subject of crabs at the VW SK sewage treatment plant
    • Proactive communication on the quality of waste water produced by VW in which crabs can live without any problem  

Spain: 27 Projects

  • 2019: Anti-waste year | SEAT | Waste reduction

    SEAT has resolved to reduce the gap between current levels of waste and the target for 2025 by 50%.
    The objective is to eliminate disposal of waste at the plant and instead reduce and recycle it.

  • ARBORETUM, conservation of the flora and fauna | SEAT | Nature conservation

    Conservation of the flora and fauna; planting of 80 tree species and bushes; protection of the Hyla Meridionalis frog in Martorell’s Can Casas park.

  • BeSEAT | SEAT | Education and science

    During 2018, SEAT developed in Madrid a program addressed to the students of Vocational Training in the last year of the Automotive degree. The main goal of the initiative is to improve the employability conditions of the young students through training in the brand’s technologies and processes and internships in SEAT’s services. After finishing the program, the students have the opportunity to be part of the job bank of SEAT for a year. 

  • Biodiversity projects | SEAT | Environmental protection

    Protection of threatened animals, plant and tree species, biodiversity and nature conservation, availability of water, clean air and renewable raw materials, securing of resources, development and preservation of natural CO2 reservoirs, planting of tree species, climate protection.

  • Biodiversity study at the Navarra site in Spain | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    A biodiversity study at the plant, created with the support of employees, revealed that 266 species of flora and fauna were at home on the 1,630,199 m2 campus. The campus offers space, food and a breeding ground for orchids, reptiles and birds, among other things. The study’s objective was to establish a management system for caring for, preserving and protecting the species.

    Download: Cartel estudio bioversidad

  • CARS building | SEAT | Environmental protection

    LEED certification is official confirmation that a project meets the prescribed requirements
    within the LEED assessment systems created and administered by the U.S. Green Building Council® (USGBC®). The building was constructed by SEAT with a solar collector for warm water.

    Controlling of the systems to reduce energy consumption by 34.6%. Efficient irrigation reduces water consumption by 57.6%.
    Efficient systems reduce water consumption by 37.2%.
    37.5% of the materials are recycled.
    Coatings, adhesives and paints have a VOC content of less than 50 g/l.

  • Chatting with BoM members | SEAT | Social

    With the aim of giving the workforce a first-hand understanding of key strategic aspects, 2019 saw the continuation of the cycles of meetings between groups of workers and members of SEAT’s Executive Committee. In the “Chatting with…” cycle of meetings, the chairman, Luca de Meo, met with around a hundred employees to discuss the importance of sustainability in the company’s future, as well as answering questions raised by the attendees.

    In the same vein, the first edition of the “Breakfast with...” cycle of meetings was held, at which the vicepresident of Research & Development, Axel Andorff, was a guest. This format has a smaller capacity (around 15 people), allowing attendees to have a more intimate and informal discussion about the guest’s area of expertise.

  • CLOSE (Circular life of used components) | SEAT | Environmental protection

    Project CLOSE was conceived for exploring the possibilities of second life in different valuable parts of the car. Taking as a basis projects of reusing (high voltage batteries) and remanufacturing (combustion engines) in the automobile sector, we analyzed technically, economically and environmentally different car parts, so that we were able to detect the ones with more potential in this field. Depending on the purpose, several car parts were identified, mainly sensors for technically applications in mobility infrastructures and headlamps for light installations in brand events.

  • CTS photocatalysis of the soil | SEAT | Environmental protection

    Pedestrian zones at the plant (SEAT research and development), area: 26,000 m2

    Reduction capacity 5.2 tonnes of NOx per annum

  • Customer Satisfaction | SEAT | Social projects

    The Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a Voice of Customer Program that collects Customers’ feedback and gives insights for SEAT, importers and dealers. The program was successfully implemented since January 2018 in more than 20 Markets. The program allows SEAT to listen to our Customers and to constantly improve the Customer Experience at retail level.

  • Donations for educational purposes | SEAT | Education and science

    In 2018, SEAT reinforced its commitment to vocational training by donating materials to several institutions for educational purposes. By giving students access to automotive components and complete automobiles featuring the latest technological advances, SEAT helps them complete their studies and makes it easier for them to break into the labor market. This year, SEAT donated a total of 44 cars to the Universities of Vic and Manresa, to the Department of Education and Culture of Asturias, to the Vocational Training Center in Martorell and to the Department of Education of Madrid. SEAT also donated other components for educational purposes to different entities.

  • EXCITE (Exergy approach to encourage circular economy practices in vehicles) | SEAT | Environmental protection

    The aim of this project was to identify the metals contained within a car (current SEAT Leon), detecting the most valuable ones in terms of exergy. With exergy as an indicator one is able to quantify the importance of a specific metal considering its physical value (how scarce or abundant in the earth’s crust). This is, in fact, a very relevant achievement, given that in terms of mass there is no possibility of comparing the different weight streams of the implied metals (it becomes clear that 1 kg of cobalt is not the same as 1 kg of iron). Then, by identifying the most valuable metals, the most valuable car parts have been detected in order to propose ecodesign guidelines, which can at last reduce the metals’ supply risk.


    In 2018, SEAT obtained certification for its occupational health and safety management system in accordance with the new ISO 45001 standard, which was approved in February after five years of work. In this way, the company became the first company in the sector, and one of the first in the whole of Europe, to achieve this certification.

    The ISO 45001 standard recognises the strategic nature of the initiatives carried out in the field of health and safety and their alignment with the company’s objectives.

  • Gender violence internal protocol | SEAT | Diversity and equality

    In November, SEAT approved the implantation of an internal protocol for the prevention of gender-based violence. Its objective is to protect the right of all female workers in the company to live safe from this social problem. To this end, a framework for action was defined to provide support to victims, to inform them of their labour rights and to activate specific measures to balance the employment relationship with their personal and/or family circumstances. Some of the measures contained in the document include flexibility in the work schedules, the justification of absences and permissions to take leave, psychological support and financial aid for obtaining medical care.

    In addition, SEAT will implement a plan to raise awareness among its staff and to offer them training so that they can learn how to detect potential cases of gender-based violence and contribute to protecting victims. The protocol was promoted by SEAT’s Equality Commission, which is made up of both employee and management representatives, and it was developed with the guidance of the renowned Ana Bella Foundation, which offers support to mistreated women.

    Its implementation was announced on 25 November, coinciding with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. To mark the occasion, a masterclass was also given by Ana Bella, who shared her experience as a victim of gender-based violence.

  • GREEN ELECTRICITY | SEAT | Environmental protection

    SEAT obtains all its power in its production operations from green electricity generated from renewable sources.

  • Heat recovery from the stacks in Hall 4 | SEAT | Environmental protection

    Recovery of some of the residual energy emitted to the atmosphere by air/water heat exchangers. The recovered energy is passed to the overheated water system.

  • Heat recovery from the stacks in Hall 5 | SEAT | Environmental protection

    Recovery of some of the residual energy emitted to the atmosphere by air/water heat exchangers. The recovered energy is passed to the overheated water system. (CO2 reduction of 2,300 tonnes)

  • Involvement of employees in preserving biodiversity | SEAT | Environmental protection

    Internal communication of biodiversity projects and sharpening employees’ awareness of environmental aspects. Illustration of the good practices in conserving resources on monitors in tunnels and halls and through internal magazines.

  • Life Landfill Biofuel | SEAT | Biofuels

    In September 2019, SEAT announced its participation in the “Life Landfill Biofuel” project, which will continue until 2023 with co-financing from the European Commission. This project is also aimed at obtaining biomethane from waste collected at municipal landfills. However, unlike the “Life Metamorphosis” project, the raw material used will come directly from the landfill, without the need for a prior separation process. Together with the development of an alternative fuel, biofuel production from municipal waste represents a solution to the environmental challenge of managing landfills and a business opportunity. This new project involves the participation of FCC, IVECO, the University of Granada, the CARTIF Foundation, SYSADVANCE and Gasnam.

  • Liverscreen Project | SEAT | Health and safety

    One of the main projects of the CCSES is the MedCARS study, which leverages the data history of SEAT staff to analyse relevant issues related to trends in health that can be extrapolated to the whole of society. After a first edition of the study was presented in 2018, in 2019 progress was made in the development of a line of work focused on nutrition and healthy living. In particular, the results two groups of volunteer workers were compared: one of them receives guidelines to improve their eating habits, while the other acts freely. The results of this analysis will benefit the entire workforce because they will serve as a basis for defining what foods are offered in the vending machines and as snacks.

    The MedCARS study is being conducted in collaboration with IrsiCaixa, Barcelona’s Hospital Clínic, ITAE and scientists from the Harvard TH CHAN School of Public Health. During the year, research was also conducted as part of the LiverScreen project, in collaboration with Barcelona’s Hospital Clínic. The objective of this project is to improve the early detection of chronic liver diseases, and the prevalence of liver fibrosis in the general population in particular. Once again, the project aims to take advantage of the volume and diversity of SEAT’s workforce in a study that will benefit society as a whole. In this case, the opportunity to participate on a voluntary and confidential basis is offered to all employees who perform their medical review with the corporate Medical Service. Volunteers have to answer a few of health-related questionnaires and undergo a FibroScan®, a non-invasive and painless test that measures the stiffness of the liver.

  • MEGATRUCK logistics transport emissions | SEAT | Environmental protection

    SEAT’s Logistics department is doing trail-blazing work in protecting the climate. SEAT is the first company in Spain to use a megatruck for transportation. As a result, the company is cutting its CO2 and pollutant emissions by 14%. The megatruck has a capacity of 60 tonnes and is 25.25 m in length. SEAT has thus achieved a major milestone on the path to carbon-neutral production.

  • Preservation of biodiversity in the Llobregat river delta | SEAT | Biodiversity

    In accordance with the company’s annual commitment to the protection of biodiversity, the company developed a new project to plant Mediterranean trees and shrubs in the Llobregat Delta Nature Reserve (Barcelona). In particular, in September 414 trees were planted and 10 nest boxes were installed to help protect bird species. The number of trees planted symbolises the 414,000 SEAT models that were produced in the first eight months of 2019.

    The action was performed in the Filipines Remolar area (Viladecans), which has been declared a special area for the protection of birds and is located very close to the SEAT Barcelona and SEAT Componentes plants. The event involved the participation of 30 employees from the production line and from the Environment Team, which hired people at risk of social exclusion from Viladecans to carry out the planting.

  • Promotion of social integration of people, in particular children, with handicaps | Volkswagen Financial Services | Miscellaneous

    The weaker can also be winners

    Play and movement are of huge importance for children. That also goes for children with a handicap. The Fundal Foundation promotes the social integration of people, in particular children, with handicaps. The foundation has had an alliance with UNICEF since 2004. Volkswagen Financial Services Spain has supported the foundation with funding of around €15,000 a year since 2014.

  • SEAT’s commitment to protect biodiversity in the Llobregat Delta | SEAT | Nature conservation

    Planting of trees over 2.5 hectares (415 trees) and installation of nesting boxes to protect birds.
    Raising of awareness among management: integration of public authorities in the tree planting campaign.

  • S-Rating, a formula for continuous improvement | SEAT | Procurement

    In addition to determining whether the sustainability standards of the Volkswagen Group are met, the S-Rating tool also serves as a formula for continuous improvement. This tool analyses each supplier in their various areas of activity and proposes a series of measures focused on the achievement of milestones to ensure its sustainable growth.

  • Star Rating | SEAT | Customer satisfaction

    To promote transparency, SEAT HQ is implementing the “Star Rating” project, in order to publish the level of customer satisfaction on both country-specific and dealership web sites. The Star Rating system adapts the traditional star-based rating system, which is used in many other sectors and is familiar to most users, to publish their ratings on the company’s websites for each country. Together with the stars assigned to each service (on a scale from 1 to 5), users’ comments are also openly included in an exercise of transparency and clarity. When filling out the survey, buyers give their consent to the publication of the results, so the information provided is fully certified. Moreover, to ensure it remains up to date, views remain on the page for one year and are constantly updated with new comments. This system began to be applied in 2019 and it will be gradually extended to all of the company’s markets.

  • Supporting the Princess of Girona Foundation | SEAT | Youth employment

    In October 2019, SEAT joined the list of supporters of the Princess of Girona Foundation (Fundación Princesa de Girona, FPdGI), the main objective of which is to support young people in their professional and personal development. The company will participate in the foundation’s “Talent Rescuers” programme, created to help improve the employability of people aged between 20 and 30 years with higher education, whether in the form of vocational training or a university degree. The initiative promotes the mobility of labour between autonomous community regions and provides custom tools such as mentoring and specific training in companies, among other benefits.

    Among the commitments assumed, the brand will collaborate with the foundation in its various projects, publishing its vacancies in the company’s Trainee Programme, which is made up of young talents who have the opportunity to join SEAT after an initial training period. In addition, there will be two SEAT Open Days a year for the company to present its vision of the automotive sector to young people and to offer them training sessions to help develop their skills.

Sweden: 4 Projects

  • Pride participation | Scania | Equal Opportunities

    Scania has since 2017 participated in Stockholm Pride and during 2019 Scania has also been represented in Oskarshamn and Zwolle Pride. Scania’s participation is primarily aimed at our employees and has the goal to demonstrate our strong stance for diversity and equal rights and that we strive for an inclusive corporate culture.

  • Scania Driver Competitions | Scania | Traffic Education or Sustainability incl. fuel efficient driving and road safety

    Since 2003, more than 400,000 truck drivers in nearly 50 countries have participated in Scania Driver Competitions - the world's biggest driving competition for truck and bus drivers.

    The competition started as a response to a 2003 European Commission directive on driver training that aimed to minimize the environmental impact of truck driving by increasing road-safety awareness and improving fuel consumption. The European Commission has endorsed the event ever since.

    During 2018/2019 the competition was arranged in 30 countries in Europe with more than 22,000 participating drivers. The European Final took place in Södertälje in the end of May 2019 where Andreas Nordsjo from Norway was crowed as Europe’s best driver.

    Scania Driver Competitions highlight the driver as one of the most important factors in the world of transport for business, the environment, and road safety. The competition positions Scania as a long-term partner and provider of sustainable transport solutions.

  • Scania Top Team | Scania | Others

    Scania Top Team is a competitive training programme and international competition, developed to continually enhance the skills, knowledge, professionalism and teamwork in Scania’s workshops all over the world.

    The Scania Top Team competition helps develop technical skills by combining training and teamwork, as well as providing a competition that is an unforgettable and enriching experience for the participating teams. The results benefit Scania customers by offering a highly-skilled, effective service

    Scania Top Team’s theme for 2017 -2018 was “Driving the Shift” and participating teams from 70 countries took part in activities/discussions like waste handling, safety in the workshop, alternative fuels, both on national and international competition level. 

Transport is one of the industries where the digital revolution is moving fast. Connectivity, electrification and autonomous transport technology is beginning to disrupt the traditional transport industry. Hence, by training the global organisation through local activities at Scania’s almost 1,400 workshops, we create awareness globally about how all can contribute to driving the shift towards sustainable transport solutions.

  • TOGETHER | Scania | Voluntary work / Local support

    TOGETHER is a partnership where Scania join forces with the NGO War Child to offer a mentoring program that offers exceedingly more than a regular one. Giving up to 20 Scania employees (during working hours) the opportunity to mentor 20 refugee teenagers in a format where it all starts off with a period of group activities before forming the mentor/mentee pairsgroups where they in small groups work together around defined topics and assignments..

    Training our mentors is a prerequisite to be able to provide the teenagers with the right kind of support on their journey into adulthood. Scania and War Child train the mentors in both coaching as well as the activities during the group meetings. These activities build on the well proven methods developed by War Child, aimed at establishing psychological safety, developing interpersonal skills and of course having fun. The mentor/mentee group sessions focus on coaching the teenagers around the topics “who am I?”, “where do I want to be?” and “how do I get there?”

    The program has proven to not only give the teenagers an opportunity to leave daily worries for a short time, but it has also been a source for new friendships and an increased network for our Scania employees.

    During 2019 we have started a second round with 20 employees and 20 students and recruited mentors and students for a third round in 2020.

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