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CC-Projects in Germany

168 Projects

  • 2nd Craftspersons’ Forum: VWI lastingly strengthens the regional construction sector | VW Immobilien | Regional support

    The tasks of contracted craftspersons are diverse: Modernization measures and small repairs during the tenancy period in occupied apartments and various maintenance measures after a change in tenant account for a total sum of almost €12 million a year.

    In the past years, VWI has spent an average of between €17 million and €20 million per annum on maintenance and modernization work to improve energy efficiency for its existing real estate portfolio. A considerable slice of the orders were awarded to local and regional handicraft businesses.

    Apart from fostering discussion on the existing order and contract award process, the event also provided an overview of current and future construction measures. The participants took the opportunity to ask questions and engage in dialog during and directly after the expert talks. This form of event is to be repeated in the future in order to promote and deepen exchange between VWI and its partner businesses.

  • 12th VWI Staircase Race | VW Immobilien | Sport

    Around 600 participants run up 144 steps.

    Staircase race – that sounds like a lot of effort for residents in a nine-story building. And so it is – but it’s also incredible fun once a year.

    This year’s Staircase Race will go down in VWI’s history books as quite a “whirlwind”: A stiff breeze blew around the high-rise building at Rabenbergstraße 99 and meant the 535 runners had a decent tailwind – and so one record time after another was set in the stairwell. Boosted by the following wind, Mika Noodt and Anne Petersen stormed to the Lower Saxony championship in staircase running. The oldest participant was again 83-year-old Leo Jüngling.

  • 20minmax International Short Film Festival | Audi | Art and culture

    Artistic ambition with a great entertainment value – Audi ArtExperience has been sponsoring the 20minmax International Short Film Festival since its inauguration. The short film scene flocks to Ingolstadt every year to attend the festival. Around 70 international short films compete in the week-long event in the spring.

    The 12th 20minmax International Short Film Festival was held from April 20 to 28, 2018.

    The theme of the media skills workshop for children in 2018 was “Homeland.” The medium of moving pictures was the focus of the workshop for children aged 7 to 12 at the festival in Ingolstadt. The children designed and produced a short film and acted as jury for the festival’s children’s award.

  • Addiction Mobile | VW Commercial Vehicles | Healthcare

    VW Commercial Vehicles supports the only mobile drug counseling service in Germany, the Suchtmobile Prävention durch Gespräch e.V. (“Prevention Through Talking Addiction Mobile”), with a Multivan. Wolfgang Kiehl, a former drug addict, drives the Multivan the length and breadth of Germany to raise awareness for drug prevention at places such as schools and educational establishments. His motto: prevention through talking with people.

  • Aktion Weihnachtsmann & Co e. V. | Porsche | Regional support

    In cooperation with engaged citizens and companies, Weihnachtsmann & Co. (“Santa Claus & Co.”) provides on-site help under the slogan “Helping Makes You Happy.” The organization aims to provide assistance where help cannot otherwise be expected. It sets up a stand every year at Stuttgart’s Christmas Market, where work by apprentices, in-kind donations and meals from a daily changing menu are sold. Porsche helped out the volunteer sales staff and prominent personalities again this year: This year’s volunteers gave vigorous sales support at the stand. The proceeds go to charitable institutions and organizations in Stuttgart and the region.

  • Apprentices help with upkeep of Auschwitz Memorial | Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge | Voluntary work

    At the invitation of the International Auschwitz Committee, apprentices have been travelling to Poland to meet Polish vocational students since 1988. Together, they help maintain the memorial and museum at the former Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp, and reflect on the history of Germany and Poland. The youth program concludes with a one-week exchange of thoughts and experiences in Germany.

  • Art Mobile | Volkswagen Financial Services | Art and culture

    The Art Mobile provided by Volkswagen Financial Services takes pupils from the Braunschweig region to Wolfsburg Museum of Art free of charge. The successful cooperation between Volkswagen Financial Services and Wolfsburg Museum of Art dates back to 2002. The bus has technical equipment that lets pupils watch a film during the journey so that they are playfully prepared for their visit to the museum.

    The total number of pupils who have visited Wolfsburg Museum of Art in this way from when the project was launched up to 2019 is 76,436. The project was expanded in 2003. Senior citizens from various institutions, such as residential homes and community centers, have been given the chance to undertake excursions to the Museum of Art and then have a coffee in its restaurant. 8,256 senior citizens have now used the bus shuttle.

  • Audi Philharmonic Wind Orchestra | Audi | Art and culture

    Since 1962, Audi has been offering music fans among its employees in Ingolstadt the chance to play in the company’s wind symphony orchestra. The Audi Philharmonic Wind Orchestra comprises around 60 members and plays at the Summer Concerts, stages a benefit concert every fall, and is regularly invited to hold concerts throughout Germany.

    Audi also supported the 2018 fund-raising campaign “Kind Hearts Before Christmas” with a benefit concert. The Audi Philharmonic Wind Orchestra held a concert at Ingolstadt City Theater under the theme “Distant Worlds” in October. The proceeds of €10,000 benefit social welfare institutions from Ingolstadt and the region.

  • Audi Young Persons’ Choral Academy | Audi | Art and culture

    The Audi Young Persons’ Choral Academy was founded by AUDI AG in 2017 and has been a non-profit association since 2017. The ambitious youth project is a fine example of the Audi ArtExperience’s work and of the company’s cultural commitment.

    The Audi Young Persons’ Choral Academy celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018 at the Audi Summer Concerts. The choir made its debut at the Audi Summer Concerts on July 20, 2008, when it sang in Joseph Haydn’s “The Creation”. Almost ten years to the day later, on July 19, 2018, the ensemble again performed this masterpiece in Ingolstadt together with the Berlin Academy for Early Music.

  • Audi Refugee Aid | Audi | Social projects

    Support Refugees to learn and understand the German language

  • Audi Schanzer Soccer Camp | Audi | Sports

    Apprentices have the opportunity to meet contemporary witnesses, they can take part in IT projects from the memorial site at Dachau (former concentration camp) or they can take part in several other seminars. In Neckarsulm, Audi cooprates with the satellite concentration camp Kochendorf.

  • Audi Summer Concerts | Audi | Art and culture

    World-class soloists, orchestras and chamber music ensembles have inspired their audiences every year at the Audi Summer Concerts in Ingolstadt since the event was launched in 1990. The festival’s mission is to engage with visitors openly and reveal new insights into classical music – at the very highest artistic level.

    Audi believes the festival is part of the city. That is why the Audi Summer Concerts can be experienced at a large number of venues – from the living room at home and the traditional concert hall to the museum. Cooperation with local partners strengthens the festival’s community spirit. And the two open-air concerts with free admission mean everyone can be part of the Audi Summer Concerts.

    The Audi Summer Concerts are committed to fostering budding talents. Selectively chosen young ensembles are invited every year. A new feature in 2018: For the first time, the Audi Summer Concerts invited young people to engage creatively with classical music as part of a social youth project lasting several weeks.

  • Audi Sport Academy | Audi | Sports

    The Audi Sport Academy of soccer club FC Ingolstadt 04 and ice hockey club ERC Ingolstadt, which exists since 2014, offers full-time accommodation with pedagogical care to 12 young FCI and 10 ERC talents older than 14 years. The top talents are looked after by pedagogical personnel almost 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The perfect combination and balance of life, professional sports, and education allows the young talents to show their full potential.

    Beside their development in sports, it is the talents’ personal growth that concerns Audi. By sponsoring the Sports Academy, Audi aims to support the work developing youth talents of the two clubs for maintaining the future success of FC Ingolstadt and ERC Ingolstadt. These two clubs are showpieces for the region of Ingolstadt, which is why Audi has been supporting them for years.

  • Audi summerkids program & programs for the small holiday | Audi | Social projects

    AWO Neckarsulm & "Kindersolbad" Bad Friedrichshall, Haus der Familie, freetime program

  • Audi Volunteer day | Audi | Social projects

    2016: 23 projects in 22 regional facilities; 2018: 19 projects in 18 regional facilities

  • Audi Christmas Concert | Audi | Art and culture

    The Customer Center at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt is transformed annually into a glittering concert hall to ring out the year.

    In December 2018, the cellist Raphaela Gromes and the Georgian Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt under the baton of Ruben Gazarian put the audience into a festive mood with classical works and well-known carols.

  • Audi Young Persons' Choral Academy | Audi | Arts and Culture

    Ensemble of around 80 selected young and motivated singers ages 16-27 under the artistic direction of Prof. Martin Steidler.

  • Be smart - don't start! | Audi | Education and science

    Dialogue in schools with kids against starting to smoke

  • Bee honey from the Neckarsulm factory | Audi | Environmental protection

    Five beehives at the plant grounds (also Böllinger Höfe), looked after by an Audi employee

  • Workforce donation | VW Commercial Vehicles | Regional support

    In 2018, the workforce at the Hanover site donated €25,894.83, a sum that the company topped up to €35,000. The money will be used to support long-term educational, leisure time and social projects in the region and purchase ergonomic furniture at charitable organizations.

    The following measures are to be supported:

    State Education Center for the Blind:
    Purchase of various objects relating to the field of music and taxidermy, as well as for enabling orientation and mobility so as to foster the development of blind and partially sighted children, as well as children with serious or multiple disabilities.

    Peiner Lebenshilfe e.V. counseling association
    Schatzinsel day care center
    Purchase of a vaulting box to encourage movement and exercise.

    Heinrich-Ernst-Stötzner-Schule e. V. School Booster Club
    Purchase of iPads with educational software.

    Deutsche Gesellschaft Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung e. V. (“German Association for Education in Sustainable Development”)
    Purchase of diverse materials for a practical gardening project in cooperation with the ILMASI, Wilhelm Schade and Selma Lagerlöf schools.

    Förderverein Oberschule Berenbostel e.V. School Booster Club
    Purchase of diverse materials for an art project.

    Lebenshilfe Springe e. V. counseling association
    Purchase of eight iPads.

    Anne Frank School
    Procurement of play equipment for outdoors.

    Lebenshilfe Hanover counseling association
    Pickerd-Haus School
    Purchase of diverse communication aids, such as iPads and various accessories.

  • Nearby day care centers | VW Commercial Vehicles | Education and science

    Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers its employees 97 places for children aged 0 to 6 at two nearby day care centers. Particular attention is paid to long opening times that can be used flexibly. As an attractive top employer, VW Commercial Vehicles thus helps employees strike a better work-life balance. VW Commercial Vehicles consciously invests in creating general conditions that make patents and children alike happy, also as regards holistic educational concepts and quality care with a high child-staff ratio above the statutory standard.

    In 2015, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles opened its day care center BulliGarten opposite the plant in Stöcken.
    In total, 94 children are looked after in five crèche groups and one kindergarten group. In cooperation with Hanover Council, places for children whose parents do not work at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles are offered in two crèche groups.
    The center is open from 5.30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Such an early opening time is exceptional and, in particular, flexibly accommodates employees whose work means their children have to be looked after during less usual hours.

    Due to high demand for nearby childcare, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Johnson Controls together set up a day care center offering a further 33 places in 2018. A total of 77 children are looked after in five crèche, mixed-age and kindergarten groups.
    The focus at the “Varta-Bulli-Starter” day care center on the Heidehaus campus, a five-minute journey from the Stöcken plant, is on bilingualism. Here, too, parents have the benefit of long and flexible opening hours from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and even until 7 p.m. in an emergency.

  • Biodiversity | VW Immobilien | Nature conservation

    Nature conservation associations report, and recent scientific studies prove, that the number of insects has fallen significantly in large parts of Germany over the past years. Yet insects and small creatures in particular are vital to our ecosystem and often the basis of existence for many species of animals and plants.

    Sustainability is also a key component in VWI’s own corporate strategy. Consequently, VWI’s nursery has come up with quite a few ideas on how to tackle this issue: This year, for instance, flower meadows were sown at specific locations in the quarters and the outdoor areas designed so that animals such as butterflies or bees can find enough food and shelter there. The gardeners have also provided a new home for them made of different building materials. A total of three insect hotels were set up at the Rabenberg this fall. A special feature of that: Children of VWI employees built the hotels at Volkswagen Immobilien’s depot with the guidance of an experienced craftsman as part of this year’s “Day of the Future”.

  • Biodiversity tours | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    In 2017, a number of biodiversity tours were organized for external groups. The visitors took advantage of these free tours of the plant to learn more about biodiversity, here represented by the various regional heirloom varieties of fruit trees that grow in the plant's industrial surroundings. The tours begin with a lecture on the relevance of biodiversity. Then its practical applications are illustrated by reference to projects implemented in and around the production site.

  • Blood Donation | Audi | Health

    Blood Donation Campaign for Audi Employees

  • Bone Marrow Typecast | Audi | Health

    Possibility to type the blood from venipuncture for bone marrow donation.

  • "Bundesgartenschau" Heilbronn | Audi | Environmental protection

    Showing new mobility concept of Audi

  • Participation in Nationwide Read Aloud Day at the BulliGarten daycare facility | Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge | Education and science

    Since the beginning of 2015, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has been offering daycare facilities in close proximity to its Hanover plant. This is one way that VW Commercial Vehicles, an attractive top employer, helps its employees combine their work and family responsibilities. The "BulliGarten" - a reference to the famous VW camper's German nickname - caters to employees' children as well as other children in the city. A total of 64 places are available for VW Commercial Vehicles employees' children, comprising 39 crèche places for children aged 0-3 years and 25 preschool places for children aged 3-6 years. The BulliGarten daycare center also provides 30 public crèche places for Hanover residents.

    The facility's opening hours are from 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. The early opening time is unusual, and allows the center to look after the children of employees who need early or late hours to accommodate their work schedules. The BulliGarten daycare facility also offers a distinctive program based on selected educational principles, including the Pikler-Hengstenberg movement concept, the Toy Talk learning-through-play program for introducing young children to the English language, animal-supported teaching, and scientific experimentation based on the German "Tiny Tots Science Corner" initiative. Featuring a "water world", an indoor play area, a children's kitchen and a creative corner, the spacious facility offers plenty of room for additional learning-through-play activities. These areas provide the children with opportunities for sensory, social, physical and emotional development. The staff-child ratio exceeds statutory requirements.

  • Carpooling app | Audi | Traffic and mobility

    Carpooling app, connection between the companies from the region Heilbronn, as an aim from the "Mobilitätspakt".

  • Christmas tree campaign | VW Immobilien | Regional support

    VWI draws 150 Christmas trees.

    Christmas is around the corner and two candles are already lit on the Advent wreath. So it’s high time to take care of a further decoration that adds that special Christmas touch to your home and makes the festive period so nice and cozy: The Christmas tree, which – lovingly decked out with ornaments – stands resplendent in the living room and catches the eye every year.

    With a little luck of the draw, 150 tenants of Volkswagen Immobilien no longer needed to embark on the traditional effort of searching for the most beautiful tree for their own living room and can instead win a magnificent fir in the “Mietermagazin”.

  • Citycycling "Stadtradeln" | Audi | Sports

    Awarding the best participant in combination with the prize-giving from ministry of transport.

  • Class for young refugee adults at School for Vocational Training | Audi | Education

    Since January 2016, 24 young refugees ranging from 18 to 26 years old have been taking a class at the Vocational School  in Ingolstadt. They are receiving instruction in German, math, and cultural studies, among other things, with the goal of achieving the B1 level of language proficiency. 

  • Coach Award from the State Sports Association of Baden-Württemberg | Porsche | Sport

    With its 96 affiliated organizations, more than 11,350 clubs and 3.7 million members, the State Sports Association of Baden-Württemberg is an umbrella organization that represent the common interests of sport toward state policymakers, the media and the public. Its overarching goal is to promote sport in all its facets. That is the reason why the State Sports Association, together with the insurer BARMER and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, presents an annual Coach Award in acknowledgment of exceptional commitment and sporting successes. Porsche supports the Coach Award so as to highlight the importance of the many coaches and their engagement. After all, they are vital to preserving clubs’ ability to run and offer sports.

  • Combined Transport | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Volkswagen’s Emden plant paid tribute to the new “Combined Transport” concept in an official ceremony. Under the concept, some of the truck traffic for the Emden plant is being shifted to rail: Material deliveries will be pooled and arrive by rail and therefore be trucked for only part of their route. Instead of 102 trucks a week, just three freight trains a week will be needed. Transferring the main shipment legs from road to rail means the plant will reduce CO2 emissions by 5,000 tonnes a year.

  • Commitment to world-class golf | Porsche | Sport

    Porsche has been the title sponsor of the Porsche European Open since 2015 as part of its commitment in the field of international golf. After two years in Bad Griesbach, the tournament moved in 2017 to the Green Eagle course just outside Hamburg. The tournament week was heralded in by the “Porsche European Open Team Challenge,” a show event on the Reeperbahn where the tournament’s top stars face off in a team competition.

    Teeing off into digital worlds: The Porsche Golf Circle was launched at the “Founding Member Event” in Penha Longa near Lisbon in 2017. It is an international app-based community for customers who love golf. Any owner of a Porsche can become a member of the network.

  • Consulting service on care topics, on-site | Audi | Job and care

    Individual consulting appointment for employees on care topics 

  • Consulting services by famPLUS GmbH | Audi | Job and care

    Germany-wide consulting services on the compatibility of job and care.

  • Consulting services by famPLUS GmbH | Audi | Job and family

    Germany-wide consulting services on the compatibility of job and family.

  • Consulting services by Mobile Familie e.V. | Audi | Job and family

    Matching the needs of families with au-pairs, emergency hotlines, child minder, etc. in Ingolstadt 

  • Continuation of the basketball and ice hockey partnerships | Porsche | Sport

    Since top-class sport is not possible without extensive basic training and education, Porsche works to encourage children and youngsters in soccer, basketball and ice hockey in Stuttgart and Leipzig under the slogan “Turbo for Talents”. Partner clubs are RB Leipzig, SG Sonnenhof Großaspach, SV Stuttgarter Kickers, SC Bietigheim-Bissingen Steelers, and the Porsche Basketball Academy in Ludwigsburg.

    The Porsche Coaching Mobile was out and about almost every weekend from April to October. It ended up staging 28 events over 47 days on the road – and not just at the five partner clubs in the Stuttgart and Leipzig regions. More than 4,000 children and youngsters took part in the campaigns. The Coaching Mobile – a trailer with sports equipment and instruments for measuring performance data – has been specifically developed for youth work. It enables young talents to better assess their athletic performance and gear their further training to that. Age-related reference values also ensure comparability of the results.

    Under the slogan “Meet Your Idol,” young talents have the chance to get to know their heroes from the professional teams in the sport in question. As part of that, the professionals offer many valuable tips on how the youngsters can improve in all relevant areas and motivate themselves. The series was concluded with a meeting between the up-and-coming tennis player Aleksandra Vecic and her role model Julia Görges. While preparing for the Federation Cup match against the Czech Republic in Stuttgart, the world-class German tennis player devoted a lot of time to talk with for the young talent.

  • Continuation of the partnership with the German Tennis Federation | Porsche | Sport

    In 2017 Porsche renewed its successful cooperation with the German Tennis Federation (DTB) for a further three years until 2020 and so will continue to sponsor German women’s tennis. Apart from the national team (Porsche Team Germany), it will also support the DTB’s youth work in the form of the Porsche Talent Team Germany.

  • Continuation of the partnership with Stuttgart Ballet | Porsche | Art and culture

    Porsche AG renewed its agreement as the long-standing main sponsor of Stuttgart Ballet by a further three years in 2017. Right on time for the start of the 2017/2018 season, which began with the popular series of events “Look behind the wings XXL – Celebrating John Cranko’s 90th birthday” in Stuttgart Chamber Theater, Porsche and the top-class ensemble continued their successful collaboration. Porsche has been the main sponsor of Stuttgart Ballet since 2012.

    The ensemble in Stuttgart, where the company is based, boasts an outstanding international reputation. Porsche has been the main sponsor of the ballet since 2012. Porsche also provided financial assistance in building the new John Cranko School. In July 2018, Porsche presented the open-air event “Ballet in the Park” for the seventh time. It was dominated this year by the farewell to Reid Anderson, who had been Artistic Director of Stuttgart Ballet for 22 years. Thousands of fans were thus able to enjoy a free performance by the world-famous ensemble.

  • Cooperation with Pro Region HN-Franken, citizen initiative | Audi | Regional support

    Supporting "Regionaltag", "Regionaltafel", membership at advisory council and at various workshops.

  • Cooperation with the new Experimenta science center for the Automotive Lab | Audi | Education and science

    Working on a cooperative concept (workshops, donation: crash car).

  • Cooperation between Volkswagen Financial Services and the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation

    Volkswagen Financial Services and the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) have been working together since 2009 to protect moors and restore them to their natural state. That is because moors are exceptionally important for climate protection and biodiversity.

    From 2012 to 2020, Volkswagen Financial Services will invest a total of four million euros in the German and International Moor Conservation Fund established by NABU. In Germany, the money is currently being spent on 13 national project areas. In the international arena, the company supports the European Union's LIFE Peat Restore Project, as a result of which an additional four million euros in public funding has been obtained due to the fact that the basic financing for the project has been secured.


It is an international EU project the NABU is implementing together with its cooperation partners from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Its objective is to renew degraded peatlands and restore their natural function as carbon sinks in the five partner countries.

    The joint commitment of Volkswagen Financial Services and NABU has already received several accolades from independent bodies.

  • Cooperation with the Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart | Porsche | Voluntary work

    The Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to promoting art and culture, social welfare, protection of the environment, training, education, science, health and sport. Apart from various projects to foster a community spirit and responsibility in Stuttgart and its environs, the foundation awards the biennial Citizens’ Prize to acknowledge and honor civic engagement in Stuttgart. Model projects, innovative concepts and exemplary achievements thereby obtain the attention and recognition they deserve. Porsche has been supporting the award for years.

    A further project Porsche sponsors is the Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart’s “Training Camp,” which was staged together with other public institutions and companies. The initiative aims to help disadvantaged youngsters and especially young refugees to find training and work. It offers support in choosing a career, submitting applications, placing the youngsters in jobs or training, and accompanying them during their training.

  • Cooperation with the SOS Children’s Village | MAN | Voluntary work

    1. Educational project for child refugees
    Getting a warm, balanced meal and then being supervised at home by their parents when they do their homework are things many children cannot take for granted. The Lunchtime Social Group at the SOS Children’s Village in Salzgitter takes care of these children from disadvantaged families. More than 50 percent of the children who currently use this offering come from Syria, Libya and other crisis-stricken regions. A language mediator who speaks Arabic is being hired to help these child refugees with their homework and support their tuition.

    2. SOS Children’s Village in Ammersee – Lessons for unaccompanied minor refugees
    Unaccompanied minors from crisis-hit regions, such as Syria and Afghanistan, have been provided with care and supervision in several residential groups in Landsberg since the end of 2014. The German skills of the youngsters taken in by the SOS Children’s Village vary greatly. Whereas new arrivals acquire an initial command of the language in beginner’s courses, advanced youngsters are given intensive tuition so that they can gain their school-leaving qualifications.

    3. SOS Children’s Village in Munich – Asylum project
    The SOS Children’s Village in Munich is also committed to helping refugees from regions in crisis with an asylum project. Apart from German lessons for adults and children, school kids are also provided with homework supervision and intensive tuition.

  • Cooperation with universities | Porsche | Education and science

    Porsche has been committed to supporting education and science for many years. Its cooperation with leading universities was expanded further in 2017 with a specific focus on the subject of digitalization. Porsche has partnered the newly founded CODE University in Berlin from its inception. A scholarship program commencing in 2018 was launched with the Department of Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University. There is also a newly launched research project at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam. The company has extended and adapted the content of its engagement as part of the endowed chair of Porsche AG established at Leipzig Graduate School of Management in 2013. The chair has addressed the subject area of “Strategic management and entrepreneurship in the digital era” since 2018. Around 550 students were supported in 2018 through Porsche’s funding for it.

  • CR-Fachteam (corporate responsibility "expert team") | Audi | Social projects

    Cross-departmental information transfer and coordination of CR activities, desicion making regarding spendings of CR-budget of production site and budget for refugee aid, information source for plant manager

  • Deciduous forest for clean drinking water | Porsche | Nature conservation

    A mixed-species forest instead of coniferous monocultures: 4.4 hectares of deciduous forest were planted in Weissach and Leipzig in 2018. Deciduous forests generate an average of 800,000 more liters of groundwater per hectare than coniferous monocultures – every year and for generations to come. With this action, Porsche is supporting the project of the nationwide association “Trinkwasser e.V.”, which is based in Hamburg. Since the support began in 2017, 9 hectares have been successfully converted. We each drink around 1,000 liters of water a year, so planting the new trees will secure the drinking water for up to 7,200 people their whole life long.

  • Deutsch 360° – the holistic language project for refugees | VW Commercial Vehicles | Education and science

    Participants in Deutsch 360° receive language tuition that is specifically tailored to the world of work, with the aim of making it easier for them to enter technical and industrial trades. The “Deutsch 360°” project aims to motivate refugees to improve their German skills and their chances of finding a job.

    20 job shadowing places have been provided for course participants at the Hanover plant to ensure the necessary degree of practical relevance. Professor Thomas Edig, the member of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brand’s Board of Management responsible for Human Resources, comments: “People from more than 40 nations work together as partners at our plant – that’s diversity practiced on a daily basis. It’s important for us to offer refugees real chances to get into the labor market, reduce intolerance and open career doors for them. Education and work are the foundation for integration. So I’m delighted that we can do our bit toward that.”

    The concept of a holistic German course for refugees tailored to the world of work as part of the existing general and funding conditions was created at the initiative of the partners involved. “Deutsch 360°” receives funding from the Volkswagen Group’s refugee aid program, meaning that extra content, language courses and lessons can be offered. The 20 course participants are given tuition to prepare them for the B2 language test in the classrooms of the educational association “ARBEIT UND LEBEN Nds. Mitte gGmbH” in cooperation with the “kargah e.V.” association and receive counseling and support from social workers and job coaches for the entire duration of the 11-month course. In keeping with the project’s name – Deutsch 360° – these supplementary components add up to a holistic concept that takes the extra step of helping learners tackle the challenges and demands of everyday life. 

  • Dialogue with regional companies | Audi | Stakeholder management

    Initiating a dialogue between CSR reponsibles of different companies in the region. Audi invited the representatives to the headquarter and hosted the dialogue. 

  • Dialogue with the neighbours "Nachbarschaftsdialog" | Audi | Stakeholder events

    Information event and discussion forum with the neighbours.

  • Dialogue with neighbours and all interested citizens about "Frühe Öffentlichkeitsinformation" | Audi | Stakeholder events

    Information event and discussion forum with the neighbours and all interested citizens, early information to all citizens about building a new paintshop.

  • Disposable cups | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Volkswagen’s Emden plant has been offering an eco-friendly deposit system as an alternative to disposable cups since November 26, 2018. The reusable cups, which are embellished with East Frisian motifs, can be obtained from the company restaurants and shops.

  • Donation for professional divers | Audi | Social projects

    Aluminium bodies from Audi A8

  • DRK Mosbach: mobile rescuers | Audi | Social projects

    Supporting an application for a network system in case of heart attacks in cooparation with DRK Mosbach.

  • Emergency aid for refugees | Audi | Social projects

    Employees engaging in volunteer work can hand in refugee projects which they realize with social institutions and will then get financial support.

  • Emergency care for children and relatives of employees | VW Commercial Vehicles | Education and science

    Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has been cooperating with Hanover Council in the “Fluxx Emergency Care” project since the beginning of 2018 and so additionally helps employees improve their work-life balance. Employees not only face challenges in reconciling work and looking after their children, but may also have to care for relatives. If their private care arrangements fall through at short notice, or in the event of unplanned changes to working time, sudden illness or other family-related problems or constraints, employees of VW Commercial Vehicles can take advantage of the low-cost aid from the qualified staff of Fluxx.  

  • Engagement at Rotary Classics Rallye (supporting social projects for kids) | Audi | Social projects

    Platinsponsor for 4 years, passenger in an Audi Tradition car.

  • Environmental education program with the Winfried Böhler Environmental Foundation | Porsche | Nature conservation

    Since being founded in 2007, the Winfried Böhler Environmental Foundation has campaigned to protect the environment. The foundation has launched the “KiTa forscht” (“Day Care Centers Research”) project to enable children below the age of six to engage with the issues of the environment, climate, nature and technology. Day care centers in Zuffenhausen have been provided with what are termed “environmental and experimentation trolleys” and can experience, learn about and explore their environment and nature with the aid of equipment such as a microscope, a weather station, magnifying glasses, syringes and magnets. The earlier children are sensitized to these issues, the more sustained the effect. So that all these issues become entrenched lastingly at the institutions, the foundation offers training and networking for the specialist staff who take part. The project raises awareness of issues relating to the environment, climate, nature and technology among the children. It is a playful way of giving children an insight into and experience of the environment and nature at an early age and arousing their natural curiosity. 60 Stuttgart day care centers and kindergartens have been equipped with the “KiTa forscht” trolleys over the past 60 years. As a result, the foundation has helped 3,000 children take part in the project. 

  • Environmental- and energy management (EMAS, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 50001) | Audi | Environmental sustainability

    The basis for Audi’s environmental commitments is its environmental-management systems at the company’s sites. The European Union’s exacting Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) was introduced at the Ingolstadt site in 1997 and has been steadily optimized ever since. In 2017, DEKRA Certification GmbH (an environmental assessment company) recertified the Ingolstadt site’s environmental-management systems according to EMAS specifications and ISO 14001. The site has thus maintain edits EMAS seal of approval for 20 years. Furthermore, the Audi plant in Ingolstadt complies with the new DIN EN ISO 50001 standard with especially demanding requirements for systematic and ongoing reductions in energy consumption.

  • Establishment of five Reading Clubs with Stiftung Lesen | Porsche | Education and science

    There are currently around 7.5 people in Germany who cannot read or write. In view of that, the foundation “Stiftung Lesen” aims to promote the joy of reading, teach reading skills and improve educational equity in Germany by means of various projects and events. The patron of the foundation, which was founded in 1988, is Germany’s President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. With its “Reading Club” project, the foundation specifically aims to encourage reading motivation among primary school pupils. That is especially important at primary school age so that a solid foundation for children’s further education is created. A Reading Club is a separate room at schools where pupils are provided with offerings to help them develop their reading skills in their spare time. There are already 400 Reading Clubs in Germany, with an extensive range of books, periodicals, magazines and furniture. Five clubs were established in 2018 with Porsche’s assistance at the following schools: Flacht Primary School, the 78th Primary School in Leipzig, the Kirbachschule in Sachsenheim, and the Eichendorffschule and Schubartschule in Ludwigsburg.

  • Eventseries: Job & Care | Audi | Job and care

    International Day of Care, World Alzheimer's Day, information platform Job & Care 

  • Exhibition: New Standards. Ten Theses on Housing | VW Immobilien | Art and culture

    VWI is supporting the exhibition “New Standards. Ten Theses on Housing” in Wolfsburg.

    Fast action is needed again: Just under 6,000 new homes will be built in Wolfsburg alone in the next five years. More residential space that is also affordable – that is certainly a legitimate demand. Yet where housing is built and its quality, as well as the social and functional mix, have a crucial influence on who will live in the city in the future and what out cities will look like. How can redensification in cities, and specifically in Wolfsburg as an urban garden landscape, enhance city life? How can diversity be created from different social milieus and urban uses? And how can existing and new homes be kept affordable?

    Against the backdrop of the current huge need for housing, the exhibition by the Association of German Architects (BDA) aims to stimulate us to rethink traditional standards and open up new perspectives. Ten architects have each formulated one “new standard” for home construction. The standards embody housing that focuses on the essentials and creates a rich atmosphere – over a compact space and with adaptive room structures.

    The exhibition has been sponsored by the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building, and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) and the Alliance for Affordable Housing and Construction. The presentation in Wolfsburg is supported by Volkswagen Immobilien, among others.

  • Financial support for the Leckerhaus Hanover | VW Commercial Vehicles | Regional support

    Since 2013, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has been supporting the Leckerhaus Hanover, a social and pedagogical institution for children and youngsters in the Stöcken district, as part of its social engagement in Hanover and the region. The Leckerhaus is located in the direct vicinity of the company’s Hanover site. It was launched as a lunchtime social group that also provided homework supervision for children, but has since between expanded continuously to include offerings to promote language development and movement, as well as recreational activities. With its language courses and voluntary assistance it offers for visits to public offices and authorities, the Leckerhaus is now also a drop-in center for refugees who have settled in the area.

  • Flower meadow | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Before an area of approximately three hectares in the production facility grounds is used for an orchard meadow - slated for early 2018 - a preliminary, large-scale effort was made to plant a flower meadow. And the experiment was a success! Not only has the flower meadow thrived, it has also acted as a food source for many different types of insects.

  • Fostering inclusion in sport | Porsche | Equal opportunity

    Württemberg Soccer Association is responsible for approximately 1,700 clubs and is one of the largest regional associations in the German Football Association. Its core tasks are to organize how the sport is run and to develop it. That also includes in particular social aspects and matters of sports policy. Soccer is one of the most popular sports for people without and with a handicap. Yet only a tiny percentage of players with a handicap find a way to play organized soccer. That is why the three professional soccer bodies of Baden-Württemberg and its two handicapped sports associations have joined with Baden-Württemberg Bison, an initiative that promotes inclusion in sport, to make it easier for people with a handicap to pursue organized sport.

    With the Promotion of Inclusive Soccer (PFIFF) project funded by Porsche, Württemberg Soccer Association – in cooperation with the soccer club VfB Stuttgart – has founded inclusive soccer training groups that enable people with a handicap to join in playing at local clubs. People with and without a handicap can play together in what are termed unified teams. 

  • Fostering young sports talents – “Turbo for Talents” | Porsche | Sport

    Porsche is to remain the youth partner of the soccer club RB Leipzig for a further three years. The collaboration will focus on fostering children from socially deprived families. Teams in the age groups U11 and U14, organized by themselves and representing one of the four city quarters in Leipzig, have competed in the “Leipzig Quarter Final” youth tournament since 2015. More than 3,400 kids have taken part in the tournament between 2014 and 2018. The Porsche Coaching Bench is also part of the partnership. It enables spectators to watch games in the stadium directly from the sideline. The sports car manufacturer also lets the child mascots stand next to their idols on the pitch. In addition, Porsche chooses the best junior team of Red Bull Leipzig as the Porsche Talent Team every year and supports the club’s talent scouting days with the “RB Leipzig Elite School.”

    150 young sports talents from RB Leipzig, SV Stuttgarter Kickers, SG Sonnenhof Großaspach (soccer), SC Bietigheim-Bissingen Steelers (ice hockey) and the Porsche Basketball Academy in Ludwigsburg gathered in Zuffenhausen for the third “Porsche Night of Talents.” The highlight is the “Turbo 2018” award, which is presented in three categories: Best Sporting Development, Best School Performance, and Exceptional Social Commitment. The prize: an allowance toward the costs of gaining a driver’s license. Participants can also tour the Porsche plant and line up against each other in a sporting contest in racing simulators.

  • Foundation – “Our Children in Braunschweig” | Volkswagen Financial Services | Equal opportunity

    The not-for-profit foundation “Unsere Kinder in Braunschweig” (“Our Children in Braunschweig”), which was established by Volkswagen Financial Services AG in December 2008, focuses on socially disadvantaged children. Nine facilities – daycare centers, primarily schools and secondary schools – are currently provided with permanent support in the shape of funding for educational offerings to suit their specific needs, or initiatives to promote a healthy diet, movement training and early musical education, while other institutions, such as sports clubs, a family center, the Health Department or youth clubs, are provided with support as part of one-off campaigns.

    The foundation funded 16 projects to a total volume of €186,222 in 2018.
    Of that, €63,935 went to education, €46,500 to dietary, €55,887 to music and €19,900 to movement projects.

  • Fruit-tree nursery | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Since the production site's fruit-tree nursery was established in 2015, more than 700 fruit trees have been cultivated there. The trees are planted on the factory grounds and, going forward, will also be donated to charitable organizations in the region. Apprentices, other employees and volunteer helpers have been involved in planting the trees.

  • Further public buses driving to the factory (not only from Neuenstadt) | Audi | Traffic and mobility

    Public buses drive up to the factory during layer times.

  • Georgian Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt | Audi | Art and culture

    The history of the Georgian Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt is closely linked to Audi. The company’s commitment enabled the musicians to find a second home in the heart of Bavaria when the country in the Caucasus was plunged into civil war. A deep partnership has been forged since 1990 with the Georgian Chamber Orchestra and it is now an integral part of Ingolstadt’s cultural life.

    The 2018 concert season was the fourth year under its artistic director and principal conductor Ruben Gazarian and had “Sound Worlds” as its theme.

  • Germany Scholarship | VW Commercial Vehicles | Education and science

    The Germany Scholarship, totaling €300 a month, is awarded to students and freshers whose past achievements suggest they are likely to be high fliers in their studies and career. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles again supported four students at Hanover’s Leibniz University in 2018. The funding was accompanied for the first time by a learning journey on the history, present day and future of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

  • Get-togethers for employees on parental leave | Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge | Equal opportunities

    These get-togethers for employees of VW Commercial Vehicles who are on parental leave aim to provide them with information that will facilitate their return to work. Child care is offered during the meetings, which take place twice a year in the offices of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Hanover.

  • Giving Joy | Audi | Social projects

    During two, or respectively four, weeks, Audi employees engage in social projects especially for people in nursery homes needing permanent care.

  • Half-year Jobticket | Audi | Traffic and mobility

    Agreement with the HNV and state department on a more attractive opportunity to use public transport for half a year.

  • HEIDI e.V. | VW Immobilien | Healthcare

    Children run for children: VWI donates €4,000 to HEIDI Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder e.V., an association that helps children who have cancer.

    “Volkswagen Immobilien donated €12 to HEIDI e.V. for every participant under the age of 14 in the 12th VWI Staircase Race.

    257 children in the age class up to 14 lined up at the start in this year’s Staircase Race and so accounted for almost half of the total number of 535 participants. That resulted in a donation of €3,084, which VWI rounded up to €4,000.

  • Heilbronn Triathlon | Audi | Sports

    Sponsoring sports event with Audi cars.

  • Holiday care during carnival, Easter, Whitsunday, autumn holidays | Audi | Job and family

    "Local Association for Families" in Ingolstadt

  • Holiday care during carnival, Easter, Whitsunday, autumn holidays | Audi | Job and family

    Holiday care in Neckarsulm

  • Holiday care in the summer: Audi Sommerkinder | Audi | Job and family

    Summercamp for children in Ingolstadt: 90 places per week, 4 weeks

  • Holiday care in the summer: Audi Sommerkinder | Audi | Job and family

    Summercamp for children in Neckarsulm: 50 places per week, 4 weeks

  • Holiday care on Penance Day | Audi | Job and family

    "My Day at Audi" in Ingolstadt: 100 places

  • Information brochure on care topics | Audi | Job and care

    Information brochure for employees

  • Ingolstadt City Theater | Audi | Art and culture

    AUDI AG and Ingolstadt City Theater can look back on a long history of cooperation. Audi ArtExperience is a partner to the theater’s season and selectively sponsors projects and program formats.

    The idea of the joint project gave rise to the “Futurology Congress” in 2018. The theater and Audi ArtExperience jointly cast a creative look at the progress made in technological research and what might lie ahead. (Dance) performances, talks, staged readings and musical intermezzi explored the extent to which artificial intelligence already shapes our life.

  • Ingolstadt Jazz Days | Audi | Art and culture

    Since 1984, Ingolstadt has become a mecca of jazz for a few weeks in the fall. International stars in the scene come together with budding talents from the region. Apart from their stylistic openness, a distinguishing feature of the Ingolstadt Jazz Days has for many years been its uniquely intimate atmosphere – especially at the “Jazz Parties”, which have long been legendary and where guests have an almost unrivaled opportunity to look directly over the shoulder of world stars. AUDI AG is the festival’s main sponsor and so enriches cultural diversity at its Ingolstadt site.

    Staged from October 27 to November 16, 2018, the 35th Ingolstadt Jazz Days inspired their audience with highlights such as Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the Jan Garbarek Group, Caro Emerald and Gregory Porter, who was appearing for the third time in 2018.

  • Ingolstadt Museum and Foundation for Concrete Art and Design | Audi | Art and culture

    The Foundation for Concrete Art and Design was launched in 2007 by Ingolstadt Council, the artist couple Ingeborg and Ludwig Wilding, and AUDI AG. Numerous artists and designers have entrusted their body of work to the foundation. In 2014, Audi ArtExperience expanded the cooperation to cover the Museum for Concrete Art as well. The event format “Sundays?Art!” offers families and all interested a varied program with free guided tours and workshops. As a result of the strong and positive reception, the partnership was expanded to include a further series of events – termed “The New DIY Tuesday” – in February 2017. It give adults the chance to be artistically creative themselves.

    On March 17, 2018, the now legendary “Art and Beat” party opened the first major retrospective of the Latin-American artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, one of the key international figures in op art. The vernissage was accompanied by the Jazzrausch Big Band, live speakers and light painting where guests could join in. Audi also enabled an interactive light installation of the artist that was tailored to the building.

  • Inklusive internship at Audi | Audi | Social projects

    Intern-days for pupils from ALS-school at Audi practice-center and learning station.

  • Integration of refugees | MAN | Equal opportunity

    MAN is offering career prospects to refugees by making concerted efforts to integrate them into the company's working life.

    IIn fiscal year 2018, the company integrated 99 refugees in a number of different ways: 37 young refugees were offered internships, 3 gained entry-level qualifications, 31 were given vocational training, and 28 others were hired as employees.

  • Internship to enable recognition of refugees’ vocational IT qualifications | Volkswagen Financial Services | Equal opportunity

    Internship as a bridge to the labor market: Volkswagen Financial Services gives refugees with vocational IT qualifications the chance to obtain supplemental training and upskill so that their prior vocational qualifications are officially recognized. Their opportunities on the labor market are increased by completing such training. 

  • Jazz in the Audi Forum Ingolstadt | Audi | Art and culture

    Tens of thousands of visitors have experienced concerts of exquisite quality at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt since 2001. Jazz plays a special role in AUDI AG’s cultural commitment. One not unimportant reason for that is the successful collaboration with the concerts’ organizer, the Birdland Jazz Club Neuburg.

    As a result, bigs names – including the Count Basie Orchestra, Freddie Hubbard, Paul Kuhn and the Pasadena Roof Orchestra – have made guest appearances in the past 15 years. Four CDs have been made of live music from the concerts. The “Live On Stage” event (Warner), which Klaus Doldinger recorded with his longstanding ensemble Passport at the museum mobile in 2007, is now legendary. The production won an “Echo Jazz” award in the category “Best Live Album” in 2010. Audi and the Birdland Jazz Club Neuburg present the concerts with their different jazz genres between January and June and from September to December.

  • Job & care | Audi | Social projects

    Information events with the care support base, counseling interviews and lectures.

  • Jobticket | Audi | Traffic and mobility

    Promotion of employees public transport mobility, relieving regional traffic and enabling parking spaces

  • Jobticket | Audi | Traffic and mobility

    Since 2012, Audi is offering its employees at the headquarters a subsidized ticket for public transportation in cooperation with the local public transport association. The ticket is valid for one year and all available public transportation systems. The goal is to offer an incentive for employees to use buses and trains instead of cars, thereby reducing traffic in the region. Furthermore, Audi is offering a subsidized bus ticket valid for half a year, a ticket combining bus and train, and a ticket exclusively for trains.

  • Kinder Palliativ Team Südhessen | ŠKODA | Health

    The Kinder Palliativ Team Südhessen can rely on a ŠKODA to care for small patients in a region that extends from Rüdesheim to Fulda and from Butzbach to Hirschhorn am Neckar. The Kinder Palliativ Team Südhessen enables families to spend time with their seriously ill child until the very end of their lives at home. The team provides reliable medical care and psychosocial support in the home environment.

  • Kinderwald | Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge | Education and science

    Since 2011, the apprentices of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Academy in Hanover have been lending a helping hand to the Förderverein Kinderwald e.V. in Hanover. The apprentices carry out maintenance and building work in the Kinderwald (Children's Forest) - a venue where children and young people can take part in outdoor and nature activities - and contribute to the upkeep of the grounds.

    At the same time, they gain valuable experience in various aspects of ecology, art, planning, construction and landscape gardening - and have a chance to exercise their imagination and creative talents. They also gain a hands-on opportunity to explore their own strengths and limitations, knowledge they will be able to apply later when needed.

  • Ludwigsburg Junior Traffic Training School | Porsche | Road safety education

    Many children like getting out and about on their bike, exploring the environment and cycling to friends or school. To help make sure they get to where they want to without suffering an accident, all fourth-grade pupils are given bicycle safety education. They are given instruction by the police on training grounds, schoolyards and by or on public roads. Since traffic on roads has increased sharply, it is all the more important for there to be permanent training grounds where children can be made aware of the dangers in road traffic in a realistic way. Ludwigsburg Junior Traffic Training School has been jointly launched by Ludwigsburg Road Safety Association, Ludwigsburg Council, Ludwigsburg Police Headquarters and Porsche in order to offer all schools in the environs such a permanent facility where pupils can practice and learn about road safety. 

  • Matching platform | Audi | Social projects

    Matching of employees with social institutions for corporate volunteering activities

  • Mentoring Program | Audi | Education

    Executive managers act as mentors for adolescents by sharing life and work experience and listening to the challenges the young people face.

  • miedelHaus | Audi | Job and family

    Flexible day care for children: 25 places in Ingolstadt

  • “MOBIFANT” Playmobile | Porsche | Equal opportunity

    The Stuttgart company Jugendhaus gGmbH has supported numerous projects and institutions by funding civic child and youth work since 1952. The MOBIFANT project has been a firm part of that for the past 40 years: The “Playmobiles” are vans that are equipped with a wide range of different play materials and visit playgrounds, schoolyards or living streets throughout Stuttgart. The children can use the playthings, tools and handicraft materials and are accompanied by social pedagogues as part of that.

    Funding by Porsche enabled the establishment of a special Playmobile that specifically visits refugee shelters. The children housed there have only little space to play and exercise. The assortment of games and playthings offers distraction, promotes the physical and psychological development of the children, and teaches them social skills. Around 5,000 young refugees have been able to use the offering in the past years during the total of 200 visits by the Playmobile to 50 refugee shelters in Stuttgart. 

  • Mobility agreement "Mobilitätspakt for the business region Heilbronn/ Neckarsulm" | Audi | Traffic and mobility

    Agreement on measures with the ministry of transport and further regional partners.

  • Muuvit Adventure | VfL Wolfsburg | Education and science

    One of the most successful initiatives undertaken by VfL Wolfsburg in relation to health education is the Muuvit Adventure, a lighthouse project in the Health pillar of the "Moving Together" initiative. The innovative curriculum - comprising movement-based teaching materials for primary school teachers - is based on improving health through having fun while being active, and is now being practiced around the world. VfL has been using the project as a core element in the delivery of its CSR initiative "Moving Together" since 2009.

    Since its launch, the initiative has encouraged more than 40,000 schoolchildren to become more active and lead healthier lifestyles. VfL Wolfsburg makes it possible for all schoolchildren living in the club's immediate catchment area to take part in Muuvit Adventure free of charge. Participating classes can also win an end-of-year activity day with VfL Wolfsburg's coaching staff. Launched this year, a large-scale Muuvit Health Day is also held in the Volkswagen Arena.

    Under the simple Muuvit principle, the children collect points each day by exercising - in the classroom, during recesses and in their free time. Every form of movement counts, and all members of the class work together to collect as many exercise points as possible. The points are translated into Muuvit kilometers that the class can enter into a map to move forward in their imaginary journey. The project website also offers a virtual learning environment with exciting destinations and age-appropriate challenges that the children can solve in class.

  • Nest for insects | Audi | Environmental protection

    Apprentices and students build with their instructor nests for insects, so the biodiversity in and around the factory location of Audi is guaranteed.

  • "NeverAgain" | Audi | Social Project

    Apprentices have the opportunity to meet contemporary witnesses, they can take part in IT projects from the memorial site at Dachau (former concentration camp) or they can take part in several other seminars. In Neckarsulm, Audi cooprates with the satellite concentration camp Kochendorf.

  • NKW Duck Race | VW Commercial Vehicles | Regional support

    NKR aid campaign: 1st place for the VW Commercial Vehicles charity duck in the beauty contest.

    Duck race for a good cause: The charity duck “Winston,” lovingly and creatively assembled by trainees at Volkswagen VW Commercial Vehicles, lined up at Hanover’s largest fund-raising event, the Duck Race staged by the NKR (North German Register of Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Donors) on the Maschsee Lake in Hanover. With water skis below its plumage, it allowed itself to be towed around the world by a T6 to help spread the new corporate culture at VW’s global locations. Our Winston was a true eye-catcher among the “big ducks” that set sail over the lake in the city’s center in the hope of finding the right current and wind to reach the finishing line. And all for a good cause: The entry fees are donated to the NKR’s work.

    Two trainees from Hanover had decked out the duck just right with a lot of love for detail and imagination and placed it in a specially created superstructure. Apart from the race, the prettiest charity duck was also chosen. Winston captured most votes from the duck fans in 2018 and so captured top spot in the beauty contest.

  • Out-of-school place of learning “Green-and-white classroom”| VfL Wolfsburg | Education and science

    The out-of-school place of learning “Green-and-white classroom” is located directly in VfL World of Soccer, which was opened as part of the new AOK Stadium in the Allerpark in the spring of 2015. Embodying a new form of out-of-school learning, the new location combines school content with soccer as a motivator – soccer helps fill the children and youngsters with enthusiasm about the learning content. The “Green-and-white classroom” offers school classes a new and varied way of learning about topics such as nutrition, integration, the environment and education outside school.

    The workshops developed specially for it are geared toward the content of and competences conveyed by school subjects such as general knowledge, biology, sport, values and standards, and German and link these with the subject of soccer in an innovative way that is geared toward the pupils and enhancing their skills. The emphasis is on topics such as nutrition and movement, values and standards, and the environment and sustainability. The workshop programs are continuously developed further, expanded and adapted to the needs of schools. One particular focus is on integration with or orientation toward the curricula and education standards of the federal states of Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

    Learning that meets the needs of pupils and yet keeps on taking up new and innovative education concepts is enabled. Learning with and through new and creative media (tablets and smart boards) and methods supports that aspect. The “Green-and-white classroom” offers space for up to 30 children and youngsters, who learn at six group tables. An adjoining outdoor area can be used for short breaks and exercise units.

    Schools and club groups can visit the workshops of the “Green-and-white classroom” from Mondays to Sunday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. There is also the opportunity of visiting the VfL World of Soccer, an interactive soccer exhibition that is packed with adventure, and taking part in the guided tour of the Volkswagen Arena. All in all, children and youngsters, as well as accompany persons and parents, are offered an eventful day-long excursion that will not only get passionate VfL fans cheering.

    The following projects are also being implemented in the “Green-and-white classroom”:

    • Current school study groups “My City – My Club” with two partner schools from Wolfsburg (launched in August 2017; two ongoing cooperations as of February 19; weekly visit for 1.5 hours each time). The study groups offer workshops, interviews with players, wiki projects, reports, visits to games and team-building projects.
    • Project study group against racism (three blocks of five teaching units each, for ninth-grade classes) – with the Albert Schweitzer High School, Wolfsburg
    • Project week in October 2018 with Braunschweig State Education Center for Hearing Impaired Persons – Development of sign language for the names of VfL players (a poster can be downloaded at https://www.vfl-wolfsburg.de/der-vfl/soziales/)
    • Closing event of the Paralympic Week with the DFL Foundation on February 22, 2019, with soccer for the deaf and blind and walking soccer. That was followed by a panel discussion on the subject of “inclusion in sport”. The speakers included Jürgen Dusel (Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities) and Niko Kappel (Paralympic champion).
    • School writing contests in cooperation with the publishing house Dudenverlag. The contest was held for the third time between 2016 and 2018 and will be continued in February 2019. Texts relating to soccer or sport are written in five categories of text. Around 100 schools and 2,700 pupils have taken part in the contests so far. The contest is always concluded with an award presentation ceremony each June.

  • Partner contracts with FSV & NSU | Audi | Sports

    Cooperation in the health promotion sector, corporate volunteering, Azubi-Sports festival.

  • Partner of the industry week Baden-Württtemberg | Audi | Education and science

    Image campaign for the industry in Baden-Württemberg - its performance.

  • Pilot project “binee” at Porsche in Leipzig | Porsche | Nature conservation

    As part of Porsche’s sustainability strategy, Porsche Leipzig initiated a partnership with the “binee” start-up from Saxony. The company, which was founded in 2015, has developed a recycling loop that rewards disposal of old electrical and electronic devices and controls recycling in a pinpointed way, thereby avoiding unnecessary mining and quarrying of raw materials (such as iron ore). In a three-month pilot phase, employees of Porsche Leipzig had the opportunity to dispose of their mobile phones and small electrical appliances – whether coffee machines, hair dryers or alarm clocks – quickly and easily on their way to work. All electrical appliances up to a size of 25 centimeters can be disposed of. Transparent processes give customers an insight into the recycling chain and allow them to track what happens to their old device. As a thank-you, participants receive a discount voucher they can use when shopping at a binee partner. The collaboration between Porsche and the start-up is one example of a successful symbiosis between economic strength and innovativeness in Leipzig.

  • Places in nurseries and kindergarten | Audi | Job and family

    151 places in Ingolstadt

  • Places in nurseries and kindergarten | Audi | Job and family

    73 places in Neckarsulm

  • Porsche 6-Hour Run | Porsche | Voluntary work

    The Porsche 6-Hour Run was held for the fourth time in 2018. Split into teams, Porsche’s workforce raises donations for a good cause by taking part. More than 3,500 runners lined up at the start in 2018. Porsche donated five euros for every completed lap. It employees amassed 26,033 laps, so the company rounded up the grand total of €195,000. It was donated to the Ferry Porsche Foundation.

  • Porsche Junior project | Porsche | Education and science

    Getting old Porsche tractors back up and running - the Porsche Junior project has already taught more than 7,000 young people at some 120 institutions the essential skills required. The project team sends tractors in need of restoration to schools and other institutions. The young people do all the work, from deep-cleaning the vehicle to repairing broken parts, from changing the oil to reassembling the entire tractor. Along the way, they learn the technical skills they need and how to work together as a team. Upon completion of the project, each participant receives a certificate confirming their pre-vocational skills. The Porsche Junior project was launched by the Porsche Diesel Club Europe in 2007, and Porsche continues to support the initiative.

  • Promotion of sports Unterland/ Festival of sport | Audi | Sports


  • ready4work booster club | VW Immobilien | Education and science

    Volkswagen Immobilien donates €6,000 to ready4work.

    A sound, high-quality training is the best start to someone’s vocational future. If that start does not succeed, for whatever reason, then support is needed. The ready4work initiative has been providing such assistance in the region since 2003. Volkswagen Immobilien has been an active member company of this initiative for many years and is committed to training young people.

    “With our engagement, we aim to purposefully support equality of opportunity when it comes to the award of training placements in our region. We also invest in our own junior staff and train young, motivated employees,” said Michael Leipelt, the Director of Volkswagen Immobilien responsible for Private Clients and HR.

  • Renaturation of the Schunter floodplain in Braunschweig | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation

    In the 19th century, the River Schunter, which is located in the direct vicinity of Volkswagen Financial Services’ headquarters in Braunschweig, was realigned for agricultural reasons, to enable navigability or to generate water power. As a result, the river was canalized and the water simply surges through.

    Renaturation of the Schunter floodplain means the course of the river will be restored to a more natural state, with the result that the typical diversity of species and biotopes will be able to become established again under these conditions. The hydraulic situation will be improved by the change in the speed and length of the river’s flow. If flooding or heavy rain occurs, the water can spread out better, the peak discharges are cushioned, and fewer areas – which may be inhabited – are flooded. The project is thus also an active means of protection against flooding. A further advantage is that islands are created between the meanders and are only accessible to natural wildlife. That means areas are created where threatened species of birds, amphibians and even various groups of insects feel at home. They use them as a source of food or a habitat where they can live and reproduce.

    Restoring the floodplain to a more natural state improves the water body structure, obstacles to migration are reduced, and the inherent dynamism of the flowing water is strengthened. The natural course of a waterway is therefore always the one that is ecologically better.

  • “Responsibility Perspective” lecture series | Audi | Education Sustainability

    The “Responsibility Perspective” lecture series offers Audi employees the opportunity to share ideas regarding sustainability with representatives from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), with academics and with politicians. The lecture series of 2018 was focused on the four core topics of sustainability at Audi: products and services, value creation and production, employees and society, as well as business and integrity.

  • Responsibility worldwide | MAN | Education and science

    Since 2014, MAN has been supporting the SOS Herman Gmeiner School in Santo, a double-shift primary and secondary school that is currently attended by more than 1,000 pupils. The education this schools offers is still extremely important in 2016 for the poverty-stricken community, especially since the attendance of the SOS schools is free for the children. Man funds around three-and-a-half teaching posts at the Santo school by donating €20,000.00.

    As a result of its generous, long-standing engagement, MAN has helped establish two additional branches of training at the SOS Vocational Training Center in Kality. Besides that, maintenance of the facilities in these areas was financed. Once again in 2016, MAN is funding the areas of Engine Service and Maintenance as well as Drive Systems and Vehicle Mechanics.

    MAN donates €30,000, most of the money needed to maintain this field of training.

    MAN’s global CR projects are presented here.

  • Responsibility worldwide | MAN Energy Solutions | Sponsoring

    “Unfold Energy Together” – that has been the slogan of the collaboration between MAN Energy Solutions and the Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra for the past 11 years. MAN Energy Solutions is the orchestra’s main sponsor. MAN Energy Solutions’ support enables the Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra to engage renowned artists from Germany and abroad. An annual highlight is the MAN Open Air concert, which was held as part of the Augsburg Summer Nights in 2018 and was enthusiastically received by the audience. 

  • Responsibility worldwide | MAN Energy Solutions | Sponsoring

    MAN Energy Solutions is a long-standing partner and sponsor of “Jugend forscht” (“Youth Researches”). As the organizer of the regional “Jugend forscht” contest in Augsburg, MAN Energy Solutions invests in future experts and innovativeness in Germany. “Jugend forscht” and “Schüler experimentieren” (“Pupils Experiment”) are German youth science competitions that aim to foster an interest in research in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM subjects) among the young. 

  • Safely to School | Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge | Traffic education

    "Safely to School" is an initiative by the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, supported each year by VW Commercial Vehicles to the tune of €25,000. The newspaper organizes a special day for children starting school, on which first-graders play games that teach them the basic rules of road safety.

  • Salzburg Festival | Audi | Art and culture

    Audi has been the main sponsor of Salzburg Festival for almost 25 years. The long-standing partnership is distinguished by intensive and fertile collaboration.

    The successful blend of tradition, the very highest standards and creative vision is what makes the atmosphere at the Salzburg Festival so special – and that matches Audi perfectly. As the main sponsor, the company helps ensure that the festival offers world-class artistic excellence. And not only in Salzburg itself: Since the partnership began, Salzburg Festival has made an annual guest appearance in Ingolstadt.

    AUDI AG renewed its cooperation agreement with Salzburg Festival until 2022 in August 2018. The two partners aim to expand their joint projects further in the coming years.

  • Settlement of honeybees at the Leipzig campus | Porsche | Nature conservation

    As in the previous year, Porsche settled a further 1.5 million honeybees at the campus of the Leipzig plant in April 2018. There are now 50 hives with a total of around three billion bees over the 132-hectare natural area. The goal of settling the honeybees is to help preserve their population and protect nature. The honey can be purchased from the Porsche shop at the Leipzig plant under the name “Turbienchen.” The bees have ideal conditions at the off-road campus thanks to the diverse flora – apart from numerous wild plants, hawthorn, black locust and lime trees grow there in particular. It is also a natural habitat for around 30 Exmoor ponies and 75 aurochs. Numerous other animal species – such as pheasants, black kites, amphibians, hares, deer and bats – are at home on the grounds. The concept is unique in the automotive industry. From the outset, Porsche Leipzig has combined sustainable, resource-efficient automobile production with a commitment to nature and the environment. The plant’s own off-road campus used to be a restricted military area and was restored to its natural state by Porsche in 2000.

  • Social and ecological engagement | MAN | Voluntary work

    Social and ecological responsibility is an integral component of MAN’s corporate culture. Many employees are actively involved in charitable projects. They invested a total of almost 3,000 hours in 2018. Here is a sample of the projects from 2018:

    MAN supports a local group of residents at the child protection organization Kinderschutz München e.V. in Freimann. Together with the children looked after there, a management team from HR renovated a sheltered residential unit in the summer of 2018.

    In the summer of 2018, a MAN employee held a bicycle repair workshop. As a result, youngsters in a residential group at Kinderschutz München e.V. can repair their bicycles on their own in the future.

    In cooperation with the Bund Naturschutz in Bayern (Bavarian Nature Conservation Association), MAN employees helped rewet a moor region in Gleisental near Munich in the summer of 2018.

    In cooperation with the Bund Naturschutz in Bayern (Bavarian Nature Conservation Association), MAN employees helped restore a river bed to its natural state in the Eichenwaldgraben in Nuremberg in July 2018.

  • Social commitment as part of sponsoring top-class sport | Porsche | Sport

    With the “Aces for Charity” project, the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix again supported non-profit organizations dedicated to child welfare at its tournament in the 2018 reporting period. Porsche donated €100 for every ace. 263 aces were served until the final in 2018 – and Porsche topped the €26,300 up to €30,000 without further ado. The sum will be shared equally between the Agapedia Foundation, the Olgäle Foundation for Sick Children, and the Stuttgart Hospice Support Association.

  • Sponsor of Formel 1 at school | Audi | Education and science

    Organisation of the german competition at Audi Forum.

  • STABILIZERS | Volkswagen Financial Services | Voluntary work

    Volkswagen Financial Services encourages civic commitment by its employees. Community engagement is a key component of Volkswagen Financial Services’ corporate responsibility strategy. Social success has been, is and will continue to be driven by qualified and dedicated people who go that extra mile in their private life and are guided by clear values.

    Volkswagen Financial Services supports innovative and original projects relating to the Braunschweig region with a one-off maximum amount of €5,000. Requirement: The employee must be personally involved in the project so that the funding can be awarded.

    As part of their civic engagement, our employees supported, among other things, the circus project of the booster club at the KTK & Kita Veltenhof e. V. primary school, the Kinderkrebsfürsorge association in Gifhorn, which helps children with cancer and their families, and Semmenstedt Volunteer Fire Brigade.


  • Stadtradeln: biking project initiated by the city | Audi | Traffic and mobility

    Cycling for a good cause – In 2017, a total of 735 Audi employees took part in the competition and covered a distance of 171,650 kilometers on their bikes. For every 100,000th kilometer, Audi announced to purchase a bicycle service station for small repairs which led to the installation of 2 stations at the Ingolstadt headquarters. In 2018, a further four service stations were installed, while this year's more than 550 project participants entered a raffle for high-class bike helmets and backpacks.

  • Stakeholder Dialogue | Audi | Education

    The Audi Stakeholder Forum is a conference on strategically important topics to which Audi invites selected stakeholders every two years. In 2018, Audi continued the intensive dialogue on sustainable solutions regarding electric mobility with representatives from industry, science and national associations in Berlin. Participants were allocated in different working groups, discussing three selected topics along the value chain: from possibilities of circular economy in the field of electric mobility, over future-oriented approaches in the area of battery technology and up to current challenges with regard to the use phase of the battery. 

  • "Stallwächterparty" Berlin, government of Baden-Württemberg | Audi | Stakeholder management

    Sponsoring partner

  • "Stimme-Firmenlauf" | Audi | Sports

    Sponsoring a regional sport project, initiated by "Heilbronner Stimme", entry fees & T-Shirts for the event

  • Student competition "Creative minds" | Audi | Education and science

    Pupils develop projects with help of a regional expert and construct a prototype.

  • Stuttgart Learning Factory 4.0 | Porsche | Education and science

    The “Learning Factory 4.0” initiative of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg simulates connected industrial production. It is a laboratory with a setup and equipment similar to that in industrial automation solutions where the fundamentals of application-oriented processes can be learned.

    Three colleges in Stuttgart contribute their expertise across all locations in the fields of design, automation technology, IT and production engineering. The Learning Factory in Stuttgart is staged at the three vocational colleges Robert Bosch College, Max Eyth College and Werner Siemens College. A different production process is stationed at each college, with all elements being interconnected. That means trainees in particular, but also skilled workers undergoing further technical training, are prepared for the requirements of “Industry 4.0.”

    Porsche supported the initiative with a donation to the booster club of Robert Bosch College in 2018.

  • Support for Joblinge Stuttgart | Porsche | Education and science

    Youth unemployment is one of the social challenges of our time. The "Joblinge" initiative is a partnership between businesses, the government and society, giving opportunities to young people whose job prospects are often dim. Since its inception in 2008, Joblinge has been a model of success. In a program lasting approximately six months, young people learn important skills on the job, obtaining key qualifications, developing interpersonal skills and eventually gaining apprenticeships or full-time jobs.

    Porsche AG was one of the cofounders of the initiative in May 2014, and the company has provided regular funding ever since. The company's contribution includes the Porsche Basketball Academy, which has incorporated a sports component into the existing program. The sports program enables the young people to build up essential attributes such as self-confidence, teamwork and stamina, so they can be sure of making a successful start to their careers. The company's commitment is only part of the story; Porsche employees also support the program by volunteering as mentors.

  • Support for Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra | Porsche | Art and culture

    Porsche presented the Leipzig Opera Ball for the sixth time in October 2018. One of the highlights of this social event is a tombola, whose proceeds go to a good cause. Porsche donates the attractive main prize in it – and this year it was a 718 Boxster. The proceeds in the reporting period went to institutions such as the foundation “Leipzig hilft Kindern” (“Leipzig helps Children”) and “großstadtKINDER – Theatrium,” an association in Leipzig where children and youngsters accomplish theater projects under the guidance of educational experts. A key component of the work is to achieve a blend between the association’s pedagogical mission and artistic ambition. A further share of the tombola’s proceeds benefited the “Wolfsträne” association, where trained therapists support children and youngsters who have lost one or both parents or a sibling. The “Bemmchen” association is committed to ensuring school pupils enjoy a healthy breakfast and likewise received a donation from the Opera Ball’s tombola. Children and youngsters, especially from socially more deprived parts of the city, do not always start their day at school ideally nourished. In order to change that, the association provides a breakfast that is eaten by pupils together before lessons start. The aim of its commitment is to create equality of opportunity.

  • Support for Stuttgart music students at “Jugend musiziert” | Porsche | Art and culture

    Every day, talented young musicians from Stuttgart’s School of Music take part in “Jugend musiziert” (“Young People Make Music”). The three-phase contest has been held nationwide since 1963 and is regarded by some musicians as the springboard to a successful international career. Porsche supported the finalists from Stuttgart School of Music who took part in the 55th regional contest and qualified for the next round. At the public auditions, the children and youngsters perform as soloists, for example in the categories of wind instruments, plucked instruments or musical, or as groups, such as in the categories piano duet, duo, percussion ensemble or art song.

  • Support for the Children’s Pedestrian License of the Kinderfreundliches Stuttgart e. V. Booster Club | Porsche | Road safety education

    The Kinderfreundliches Stuttgart e. V. Booster Club has dedicated itself to the development of children and youngsters and improving their living conditions since being founded in 2004. The “Children’s Pedestrian License” project has been conducted at primary schools for the past 13 years. In cooperation with Police Headquarters and Stuttgart Education Authority, it supports comprehensive preventive work in the area of road safety in Stuttgart. A key component in road safety instruction given by the police is training for first-grade pupils on how to take care on their way to and from school. All primary schools in the federal state’s capital now take part in the project, which means that almost 4,500 school pupils a year complete the training.

  • Support for the Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Humanities and Sciences in Germany | Porsche | Education and science

    The Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Humanities and Sciences in Germany has launched the program “Integration Through Education” as part of its “Making the Future” education initiative. The various challenges in the integration chain are to be overcome on the basis of five lines of action. Porsche has committed to fully funding the “Integration by supporting access to the labor market” line. To achieve its goals, the Donors’ Association has established a fund to support selected projects that help refugees lead an independent life. One of the projects is the scholarship program to enable official recognition of qualifications, which was launched by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation in 2016. The initiative’s aim is to support individuals in obtaining full recognition of the vocational and academic qualifications they have gained abroad by awarding them scholarships. In a six-month integration program it has developed itself, Porsche also gives refugees the chance to qualify for training or directly embark on a career. The integration program’s content was fleshed out in very close cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency, the Aliens Department, the Job Center, and the Ministry of Education and the Arts in Baden-Württemberg.

  • Support for the Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Humanities and Sciences in Germany as part of an endowed chair at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences | Porsche | Education and science

    Porsche has been supporting Esslingen University of Applied Sciences as part of an endowed chair on the subject of modularization in vehicle development since 2015. Esslingen is one of Porsche AG’s strategic partner universities and boasts a fine reputation with its prestigious courses of study in engineering and business management. The Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Humanities and Sciences in Germany analyzes, provides support, advises and networks holistically in the focal areas of education, science and innovation. In a network bringing together the business community, science, policymakers and civil society, the association embodies shared responsibility for a sustainable, livable society. Since its foundation in 1920, it has campaigned for equal opportunities in education, excellent universities and internationally competitive research institutions in order to improve the general conditions for science and society’s well-being as a whole. 

  • Support for VDI-GaraGe | Porsche | Education and science

    Enthusiasm for technology transformed into practical skills - this is the primary goal of Porsche's support for schools and universities. At the Porsche student workshop at VDI-GaraGe in Leipzig - the technology center of the Association of German Engineers - the sports car manufacturer hopes to inspire students to seek careers in the automotive industry. VDI-GaraGe Leipzig teaches technical skills to young people aged 12 to 18 years. Porsche has been supporting the project financially and providing GaraGe with equipment since 2001. Since 2015, Porsche has also been sponsoring VDI-GaraGe's "Techno-Worlds" - an area where students are invited to experiment with their own ideas. Around 87,000 young people come to the training workshop every year.

  • Support of the foundation AUF DER BULT Hannoversche Kinderheilanstalt | VW Commercial Vehicles | Healthcare

    In 2017, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles began its partnership with the foundation Hannoversche Kinderheilanstalt. The goal is to live up to its duties as a corporate citizen and engage in a long-term cooperation that supports the foundation’s work effectively and lastingly through pinpointed use of the donations. Since then, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has made an annual donation of €70,000 aimed at promoting the health, as well as the physical and psychological treatment and rehabilitation, of children and youngsters of all ages from the Hanover region at the children’s hospital Auf Der Bult. “As a company with a long tradition that’s headquartered in Hanover, and as a good neighbor, we are delighted to continue our support for this unique Hanover institution again this year,” stated Dr. Eckhard Scholz, former Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, when presenting the check.

    The 2018 donation was used by the foundation AUF DER BULT Hannoversche Kinderheilanstalt to purchase a further incubator for premature babies, as well as to expand the children’s playground at the “Wilhelm Hirte” Cochlear Implant Center in Groß-Buchholz and “Hearing Camps” (intensive rehabilitation for young people with a cochlear implant). Part of the donation also enabled a continuation of sponsorship for the hospital clowning program with "Socke" the Clown, as well as therapeutic leisure-time projects of the therapy and addiction ward “Teen Spirit Island.”

  • Support of the project “People and Walls – Walls and People” | Porsche | Nature conservation

    NatureLife-International, which is based in Ludwigsburg, is a foundation that is committed to protecting nature and is actively involved nationally and internationally in ensuring broad-scale preservation of biodiversity and nurturing dialog on sustainability.

    The dry-stone walls are part of the natural and cultural heritage of the Stuttgart region and define its landscape. At the beginning of the 1960s, many of them disappeared in the region, thus robbing many animal and plant species, some of them rare, of the conditions they need to survive. That is where the long-term “People and Walls – Walls and People” steps in. It aims to renovate and rebuild dry-stone walls and plant species that have become rare. The area where the project is being conducted is situated between Porsche’s sites at Bietigheim-Bissigen and Sachsenheim and, as a natural monument, is especially protected. A nature discovery trail has been created so that schools and interested persons can learn more about this natural and cultural heritage.

  • Support of the read aloud project “Lese-Heimat” | Porsche | Equal opportunity

    The association Leseohren e. V. aims to convey the pleasure of speaking and reading to children. It trains and supervises just under 600 volunteer “Reading Mentors” who regularly read aloud at day care centers, libraries or schools in Stuttgart. The aim is to develop linguistic competence and perceptive faculties and so make it easier for children to enhance their reading skills later.

    Porsche AG supported the association’s “Lese-Heimat” (“Reading Home”) project in 2018. It helps child refugees in Stuttgart gain more confidence and improve their skills in using the German language. The Reading Mentors meet regularly with the children and talk with them about books and songs. That feeling of security and intimacy creates a productive learning environment. As a result, the association lays the foundation for successful integration. Reading aloud has many positive effects – it not only inspires pleasure in books, but only children’s own creativity, knowledge and imagination. It also promotes skills such as discernment, critical faculties, phonological awareness and social behavior.

  • Support of the Stiftung OlympiaNachwuchs Baden-Württemberg e. V. | Porsche | Sport

    The Stiftung OlympiaNachwuchs Baden-Württemberg (“Baden-Württemberg Budding Olympians Foundation”) had dedicated itself since 2000 to helping fund talented young athletes in the Olympic disciplines and enables them to reconcile school, work training, studying and family life with their pursuit of sporting excellence. Around 50 Baden-Württemberg athletes – from sports such as athletics, rhythmic gymnastics, fencing, wrestling or cycling – are supported every year. The goal is to create ideal conditions in Baden-Württemberg for future medal winners by subsidizing the costs of boarding schools of training and education, as well as through support for costs of material and attending competitions or training camps. Porsche’s assistance aims to help talented young athletes reconcile sport and training/education on a lasting basis.

  • Sustainability Academy | Audi | Education

    The Sustainability Academy offers lectures and training sessions on the topic of sustainability in order to start a discussion with other colleagues and sustainability experts. 

  • SWR3 New Pop Festival | Audi | Art and culture

    The SWR3 New Pop Festival is held in Baden-Baden every September. The festival’s special character makes it an ideal element in Audi’s support for music. AUDI AG has been its main sponsor and co-organizer since 2011, is thus expanding its cultural commitment, and addresses in particular younger target groups.

    The main act in the Audi Sound Night 2018 at the SWR3 New Pop Festival was the DJ duo Ofenbach, who performed at the design hotel Roomers in Baden-Baden. 

  • Taktraum Festival | Audi | Art and culture

    “Less commerce and mainstream – more uniqueness” – Audi ArtExperience has been backing the Taktraum Festival with its auspicious slogan since 2017.

    The Taktraum Festival brings together music fans from all over Germany who appreciate a unique musical program outside the mainstream.

    At the initiative of the Audi Summer Concerts, the Taktraum Festival cooperated in 2018 with the string quartet of the PODIUM Festival Esslingen at the Tilly Redoubt in Ingolstadt – a collaboration at the very highest artistic level and a fusion of classical and electronic music that offered an exceptional concert experience.

  • TeamActions | Audi | Social projects

    Audi employees volunteer during departmental workshops or else in social institutions

  • “Technikum”, Lower Saxony | Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge | Education and science

    Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is a partner in the “Technikum” in Lower Saxony, which every year offers internships in STEM fields to female school-leavers with entrance qualifications for universities or universities of applied sciences. The "Technikum" combines a 6-month paid internship at a partner company with one day of study per week at an institute of higher education. It gives participants valuable experience as they prepare to select their degree courses, and helps them forge contacts at university and in the partner company.

  • The Golden Campervan | VW Commercial Vehicles | Regional support

    “Der Goldene Bulli” (“The Golden Campervan”) is presented every year to companies and organizations to acknowledge their exemplary social commitment. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles launched this award together with three large publishers in the handicraft trade – Holzmann Medien, Verlagsanstalt Handwerk and Schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft – and in 2018 it went to a family-run company from Lübeck with a long and rich tradition: Konditorei Junge GmbH. It sells reduced-price bread and bakery goods from the previous day to needy persons and thereby prevents food from being thrown away. It sells the goods in its “BrotRetter” (“BreadSaver”) stores, which are equipped and furnished exactly the same as its other outlets. However, the stores are run mainly by former homeless persons who are looking to find a secure footing in life again and reintegrate in the labor market.

    The prize: a brand-new T6 Transporter from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

  • Trainee Forest at Volkswagen | Volkswagen | Education and science

    100 trainees from the Salzgitter plant created Lower Saxony’s first Trainee Forest in 2016. In subsequent years, too, around 100 trainees in their first year at the company, now joined by a further 100 from the Braunschweig plant, tended the piece of woodland under professional guidance as part of a Forest Education Day. The young people planted more than 2,000 sessile oaks, small-leaved lime and other deciduous trees. The main task at present is to care for and tend this and the adjacent forests. With this action, Volkswagen is supporting the “School Forests Against Climate Change” project of the Zukunft Wald foundation.

    In the meantime, the Trainee Forest project is a firm part of the activity of young people training at the two locations. With this long-term cooperation, the Volkswagen sites in Salzgitter and Braunschweig aim to sharpen awareness for the ecosystem, environmental protection and sustainability among their trainees and assume responsibility for the region.

  • Tree-pruning classes | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    These fruit-tree-pruning classes at beginner and advanced levels give dedicated specialists in arboriculture a chance to share their knowledge and skills with Emden plant employees. Many a Saturday has seen volunteers sharing their enthusiasm by giving hands-on demonstrations of how to care for fruit trees. The course fees are donated to nature conservation projects such as nesting boxes, with the aim of supporting other regional environmental protection initiatives.

  • Trollinger Marathon | Audi | Sports

    Sponsoring sport event from Heilbronn Marketing, entry fees & T-shirts for the employees.

  • Two classes at Vocational School Ingolstadt for female refugees aged 18 to 30 | Audi | Education

    Due to cultural differences, refugee women have special needs for support: The Vocational School in Ingolstadt designed a program meeting especially those needs. Audi finances 10 hours a week of instruction in social education as well as additional tutoring.

  • Vacation childcare program | Volkswagen | Education and science

    Mini reporters make a big splash

    The kids were allowed to slip into the skin of a reporter for a day as part of the vacation childcare program. That included taking photos, filming and formulating exciting questions. And then they got down to the nitty-gritty: interviewing the press spokesman of the Emden plant. During the week, the children visited the plant fire department, as well as Plant Security, where they created ID badges. They then did some baking in the company restaurant on the last day as a treat for them and their parents on the program’s final afternoon.

  • Vacation childcare program | VW Commercial Vehicles | Education and science

    In order to relieve the burden on employees, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers employees 3 weeks of in-house childcare per calendar year for 30 children aged 6 to 12 during the periods of time when educational and childcare establishments are closed. This service can be used from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the weeks that it is offered. The early times give employees greater flexibility in reconciling work and private life. As part of the vacation program’s concept, a focal theme tailored to VW Commercial Vehicles is chosen.

  • Vfl Bus | VfL Wolfsburg | Health

    VfL Wolfsburg is a strong advocate of finding sustainable ways to encourage children and young people in the region to lead active lifestyles. Good health is one of the keys to a child's ability to learn effectively and fully develop both mind and body. A balanced diet appropriate to the needs of growing children, plus a range of physical activities - not to mention plenty of opportunities to relax - are crucially important.

    The VfL Bus allows us to take our message out on the road and visit schools, sports clubs and social institutions to get children moving. Whether on the playground during recess or on the soccer field after school, the coaching team from VfL Wolfsburg ensures the children enjoy a varied exercise program. In addition, the VfL Bus carries lots of information on the club, healthy eating, and - of course - the Wolves!

  • VfL Diversity Weeks | VfL Wolfsburg | Sports

    VfL Diversity Weeks take place once a year at VfL Wolfsburg, promoting social inclusion, integration and participation. With the support of various local partners and initiatives, these key issues are explored over a period of several weeks in workshops, training sessions and other projects attended by a variety of target groups on multiple days.

    The primary aim of Diversity Weeks is to provide opportunities for participation to disadvantaged children, young people and adults. In addition, VfL also seeks to make the general public more aware of the issues explored during the event. The program concludes with the annual "Moving Together" match day, celebrating the slogan "Moving Together - Living Diversity". With a variety of match-day experiences, such as wheelchair users accompanying the players onto the field, VfL reaches a wide audience that extends far beyond the Volkswagen Arena.

  • VfL Forest | VfL Wolfsburg | Environmental protection

    The VfL Forest project was launched as part of our sponsoring partnership with LSW. The aim of the joint project is to undertake activities focusing on the environment, inform fans and members about global challenges such as climate change, and raise awareness of environmental issues. Through the VfL Forest project, VfL Wolfsburg has successfully persuaded over 300 of its fans to plant trees since the 2014/2015 season. Under the "One tree per goal" initiative, more than 2,000 saplings have already been planted over an area of 5,000 square meters in Lower Saxony's state forests, as fans, players and the head coach join forces to offset carbon emissions.

  • Vfl Wiki | VfL Wolfsburg | Education and science

    The VfL Wiki is an innovative e-learning arrangement for schools whose simplicity invites pupils to join in and that offers a diverse range of interactive exercises. Classes and individual pupils can contribute to and learn from it. Various fields – not only from the subjects of German, math and general knowledge – can be linked nicely to the topic of soccer and so, in addition to the interactive medium, offer a new motivation to school kids.

  • VWI Day of the Future: Look behind the scenes with a handicraft lesson at the depot | VW Immobilien | Education and science

    What is everyday working life like at a real estate company, what daily tasks do the experts from VWI face, and what buildings does the company look after at the Wolfsburg site? The young participants in this year’s “Day of the Future” sought answers to those and other questions. The Day of the Future is the Lower Saxony version of the nationwide “Girls’ Day” and aims to expand the vocational options open to girls and boys. As is now traditional, this day is planned and staged by trainees at VWI.

    After being welcomed by HR Director Sven Schurwanz, the school pupils got to know what exciting tasks VWI’s experts handle as part of their day-to-day work and what diverse real estate projects the Group subsidiary supervises: from the flat share to a generous newly built apartment, renting, development and implementation of commercial space, to complete buildings such as logistics centers, car showrooms or office complexes.

  • Welcome to Soccer | VfL Wolfsburg | Equal opportunity

    The initiative “Welcome to Soccer” gives young refugees access to sport, makes it easier for them to start playing organized soccer at a club, and fosters integration and social interaction and cohesion. The program relies on regional associations that are dedicated to helping newly arrived refugees and are actively involved throughout Germany. In Wolfsburg, the VfL cooperates with the club SSV Vorsfelde, the Integration Department and the Sports division of Wolfsburg Council. They work together to offer training units and soccer tournaments where all can take part, as well as education and qualification measures and networking events. Examples are the annual “Wolfsburg Integration Tournament,” the “Kicking and Cooking” campaign, which comprises not only soccer training, but also helps promote understanding through cooking together, or the networking event “Refugee girls and women in sport” in the fall of 2018, in which interested representatives from sports clubs in Wolfsburg had the chance to discuss how women and girls can be integrated more strongly in and through sport.

  • Winter Cycling | Audi | Traffic and mobility

    Each year, hundreds of Audi employees join the campaign “Winterradler” in the community weare.audi and share notes and helpful tips related to the topic of safe biking during wintertime. By participating in the project, Audi employees take part in a lottery with prizes like biking jackets and other useful clothing for biking in winter. 

  • Wirtschaftsförderung HN-Franken GmbH (WHF, business development) | Audi | Regional support

    Occasional collaborative projects e.g. exhibitions.

  • Work group ÖPNV: Pilot public service bus Neuenstadt | Audi | Traffic and mobility

    Offer of a special public bus connection from Neuenstadt - directly into the factory.

  • Workshops "Werkstatt für junge Meister" | Audi | Education and science

    Organisation of technology workshops for children of employees and regional kids at Audi Forum Neckarsulm; 14-16 workshops.