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CC-Projects in Germany

273 Projects

  • #skodahilft, Stadt Weiterstadt | ŠKODA | Regional support

    During the first Corona lock down the city of Weiterstadt, hometown of ŠKODA in Germany, teamed up with a registered association “Warenkorb”. This association supports socially disadvantaged citizens with a team that delivers groceries to their homes. SAD has supported the delivery service with two vehicles.

  • #SupportYourLocal in Hanover | VW Commercial Vehicles | Regional support

    Many small and medium-sized businesses, the hospitality sector and cultural life in Hanover and the region have suffered directly and severely from the economic impact of the measures to combat Covid-19. Social responsibility does not stop at the factory gate, and so Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has joined #SupportYourLocal in Hanover, an initiative launched by policymakers, civil society and the business community, and is providing this important initiative with lasting support in the shape of a digital information and poster campaign at the Hanover location. #GemeinsamFürHannover

  • 1,600 trees planted in Harz National Park | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Managers and employees from the Wolfsburg site planted 1,600 trees in Harz National Park as part of Volkswagen’s Role Model Program.

    The tree population in the Harz has been falling on a massive scale for some years as a result of summer droughts and the added problem of infestation by bark beetles. Reforestation is being carried out with deciduous and mixed-species trees, such as copper beeches and ash. The aim of that is to replace the spruce monoculture that has been created over the past centuries and promote the original forest growth.

  • 120,000 new colleagues at FS | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation

    Bees are settled at the eco-garden
    In the late fall, Salzgitter’s city beekeeper placed six winterized beehives that had been treated against the varroa mite in the midst of the newly created eco-garden at the Gifhorner Straße campus.

    Each of them contained around 20,000 western honeybees, mainly from the sub-species Carnica. That number will increase to up to 80,000 in the summer. By taking this step, the company is giving the local council ideal support in its efforts to make Braunschweig a bee city.

  • 20minmax International Short Film Festival | Audi | Art and culture

    Artistic ambition with a great entertainment value – Audi ArtExperience has been sponsoring the 20minmax International Short Film Festival since its beginnings. Every year, the festival draws the current short film scene to Ingolstadt. During the festival week in spring, around 70 international short films will be shown. The 13th 20minmax International Short Film Festival took place from March 26 to April 6, 2019.

    Audi ArtExperience does not only donate prize money but also supports the media competence workshop for children. Under professional guidance, children between the ages of 7 and 12 watch short films, discuss them and select the best contributions for the children's performance. In addition, the pupils conceive and shoot a film themselves, which will be shown at the closing ceremony. In this way, children are introduced to media practice in a playful way and their media awareness is specifically developed.

  • A sustainable supply – VWI puts its own photovoltaic system into operation | VW Immobilien | Miscellaneous

    Volkswagen Immobilien has installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of the office building at Schlosserstraße to enable alternative charging options – and the benefits are multiple: First, the power generated can be used directly to charge vehicles and, second, excess energy is fed to the building or retained in a storage battery so that the power consumption of the building’s technical facilities can be reduced when needs be. The photovoltaic system’s maximum total output is 30 kWp.

  • Afternoon campaign by the holiday care team on the subject of environmental protection | Volkswagen Group Components | Environmental protection

    Was not held due to the coronavirus pandemic

  • Aktion Weihnachtsmann & Co e. V. | Porsche | Regional support

    In cooperation with engaged citizens and companies, Weihnachtsmann & Co. (“Santa Claus & Co.”) provides on-site help under the slogan “Helping Makes You Happy.” The organization aims to provide assistance where help cannot otherwise be expected. It sets up a stand every year at Stuttgart’s Christmas Market, where work by apprentices, in-kind donations and meals from a daily changing menu are sold. Porsche helped out the volunteer sales staff and prominent personalities again this year: This year’s volunteers gave vigorous sales support at the stand. The proceeds go to charitable institutions and organizations in Stuttgart and the region.

  • Aktion Weihnachten e. V. | Porsche | Regional support

    Porsche is supporting “Aktion Weihnachten,” a fund-raising campaign staged by the local newspaper Stuttgarter Nachrichten, with €10,000.

    The campaign aims to help people from Stuttgart and the region whose life has been thrown into turmoil due to illness, unemployment or family problems.

    The initiative intends to focus on supporting children and youngsters this year.

  • Active protection of the Large Moor near Gifhorn | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation, miscellaneous

    Small ray of light for the climate
    60 employees from the HR department at Volkswagen Financial Services helped remove young woody plants from moorland as part of a team-building measure, Armed with special root slayer shovels, loppers and wellington boots, they set off for the Large Moor near Gifhorn. The campaign slogan was “Rolling up your sleeves for nature.” The objective: to prevent the valuable moor areas from becoming overgrown and to keep them free of shade, since they an important open biotope for the special animal and plant species that live there. The reason for that work: The typical plants that help form peat not only need a lot of water, but also a lot of light. Only then can the moor grow again and lastingly bind carbon from the atmosphere in the peat.

  • Annual flu vaccination at the Kassel site | Volkswagen | Healthcare (across all sites)

    The flu vaccination is voluntary. As in every year, Volkswagen Health Services is offering it together with the health partner Audi BKK. Employees can be vaccinated voluntarily and free of charge, no matter which health insurer they have. As always, employees who are not insured with Audi BKK require an additional form. It was provided in good time before the vaccination campaign began on Group Services’ site on the Human Resources Portal.

  • Annual “Trainee Fitness Days” at the Kassel site | Volkswagen | Healthcare

    2020: All trainees in an annual intake are made aware of health issues every year as part of the “Azubi-Fit” (“Trainee Fitness”) program.

    Trainee Fitness was initiated in collaboration with the Volkswagen Academy, Health Services and Audi BKK. The training aims to entrench the concept of prevention in trainees’ minds and highlight how they can act in a health-conscious manner. Trainees in their second year learn more about the subjects of ergonomics, noise prevention, skin protection, calming exam nerves, stress management, training programs and Health Service’s diverse offerings.

  • Annual typification campaign for colleagues who suffer from leukemia at the Kassel site | Volkswagen | Healthcare

    Typification campaign for a colleague from Hall 2 who has leukemia from September 27 through 27, 2020.

  • Art Mobile | Volkswagen Financial Services | Art and culture

    The Art Mobile provided by Volkswagen Financial Services takes pupils from the Braunschweig region to Wolfsburg Museum of Art free of charge. The successful cooperation between Volkswagen Financial Services and Wolfsburg Museum of Art dates back to 2002. The bus has technical equipment that lets pupils watch a film during the journey so that they are playfully prepared for their visit to the museum.

    The total number of pupils who have visited Wolfsburg Museum of Art in this way from when the project was launched up to 2020 is 81,249.

    The project was expanded in 2003: Senior citizens from various institutions, such as residential homes and community centers, have been given the chance to take part in excursions to the Museum of Art and then have a coffee in its restaurant. 8,805 senior citizens have now used the bus shuttle (figure at 2020).

  • Audi Christmas Concert | Audi | Art and culture

    Every year, the customer center of the Audi Forum Ingolstadt transforms into a concert hall.

    In December 2019, the Audi Young Persons’ Choral Academy and the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin under the artistic direction of Martin Steidler put the audience into a festive mood with classical works and festive Christmas carols.

  • Audi Philharmonic Wind Orchestra | Audi | Art and culture

    Since 1962, Audi has been offering music enthusiasts among its employees and citizens of Ingolstadt the chance to play in the company’s wind symphony orchestra. The Audi Philharmonic Wind Orchestra comprises around 60 members and performs at the Summer Concerts, gives a charity concert every fall, and is regularly invited to hold concerts throughout Germany.

    Every year, the Audi Philharmonic Wind Orchestra supports a Christmas fund-raising campaign with a charity concert at the Ingolstadt City Theater. The proceeds of €10.000 benefit social welfare institutions in Ingolstadt and the region.

  • Audi Young Persons’ Choral Academy | Audi | Art and culture

    The Audi Young Persons’ Choral Academy was founded by AUDI AG in 2007 and has been a non-profit association since 2017. The ambitious youth project is an outstanding example of Audi ArtExperience and of the company’s cultural commitment. It offers young singers between the ages of 16-27 the possibility of singing in a professional choir. Professor Martin Steidler is the artistic director of the choir.

    The Audi Young Persons’ Choral Academy performs with well-known artists and orchestras such as Kent Nagano, the London Symphony Orchestra or the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin. Further, the choir is a regular guest at renowned festivals and concert halls around the world. In January 2017, the choir performed at the opening celebration of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. So far, the Audi Young Persons’ Choral Academy undertook international concert tours to Taiwan, Singapore and to the Vatican.

  • Audi Schanzer Soccer Camp | Audi | Sports

    Apprentices have the opportunity to meet contemporary witnesses, they can take part in IT projects from the memorial site at Dachau (former concentration camp) or they can take part in several other seminars. In Neckarsulm, Audi cooprates with the satellite concentration camp Kochendorf.

  • Audi Summer Concerts | Audi | Art and culture

    A festival that brings people together and inspires with lively concerts and world-class artists in Ingolstadt – these have been the Audi Sommerkonzerte for over 30 years now. Since 2019, the festival carries the creative handwriting of the world famous violinist Lisa Batiashvili being its Artistic Director. In 2020 the Audi Sommerkonzerte have gone digital. Since then, the Festival offers not only concerts in unique settings in Ingolstadt – open air and indoor - but also live streamed concerts on Audi’s social media platforms. In 2020, 73.000 people from over 30 countries were reached via Audi’s digital concert hall. In Ingolstadt the festival welcomes up to 20.000 visitors each year.

    Please read here for detailed information: www.sommerkonzerte.de

  • Audi Sport Academy | Audi | Sports

    The Audi Sport Academy of soccer club FC Ingolstadt 04 and ice hockey club ERC Ingolstadt, which exists since 2014, offers full-time accommodation with pedagogical care to 12 young FCI and 10 ERC talents older than 14 years. The top talents are looked after by pedagogical personnel almost 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The perfect combination and balance of life, professional sports, and education allows the young talents to show their full potential.

    Beside their development in sports, it is the talents’ personal growth that concerns Audi. By sponsoring the Sports Academy, Audi aims to support the work developing youth talents of the two clubs for maintaining the future success of FC Ingolstadt and ERC Ingolstadt. These two clubs are showpieces for the region of Ingolstadt, which is why Audi has been supporting them for years.

  • Audi Volunteer day | Audi | Social projects

    Audi employees engage in diverse social projects of regional social institutions for one day

  • Audi Young Persons' Choral Academy | Audi | Arts and Culture

    Ensemble of around 80 selected young and motivated singers ages 16-27 under the artistic direction of Prof. Martin Steidler.

  • Autumn: A Time to Give | Audi | Social projects

    During two weeks projects from 2 to 4 hours are being offered during which Audi employees can engage in social projects especially for senior citizens.

  • Award for social and ecological engagement | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation

    VW FS has received an award from Europe’s largest non-profit IT company “Arbeit für Menschen mit Behinderung” (AfB social & green IT) for its social and ecological engagement: It handed over around 14,000 19-inch to 23-inch monitors it had taken out of service to AfB social & green IT. It is also currently preparing to hand over almost 700 business mobile phones and tablets.

  • Barrier-free access at FC Erzgebirge Aue | Porsche | Sport

    Porsche is supporting the soccer club FC Erzgebirge Aue with a donation to create even better conditions for handicapped fans. The aim is to give them easier access to the sport of soccer and enable them to participate in society. The donation will be used for walls to protect wheelchair users from drafts in the arena, the work of sign language interpreters at events they accompany, and procurement of new technology for audio description commentary for visually impaired fans.

  • Barrier-free access in the OTC building | Group | Equal opportunities

    Conversion of all entrances in the OTC building in Kassel to enable barrier-free access.

  • Be smart - don't start! | Audi | Education and science

    Dialogue in schools with kids against starting to smoke

  • Bee honey from the Neckarsulm factory | Audi | Environmental protection

    10 beehives at the plant grounds (Neckarsulm und HN Böllinger Höfe), looked after by an Audi employee.

  • Biodiversity tours | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Biodiversity tours with interested external groups have been held since 2017. Visitors used the free tours of the Emden plant to learn more about biodiversity in the form of the different regional, old fruit tree varieties in the industrial surroundings. The tours begin with talks on the relevance of biodiversity. Practical accomplishments are then explained with reference to projects that have been implemented at and around the Emden plant.

  • Blood donations | Volkswagen Financial Services | Healthcare, miscellaneous

    Donating blood means saving lives
    Donated blood is vital to keep many people alive. The Works Council of Volkswagen Financial Services has organized the annual blood donation drive since 2010. The blood donation mobile of the Red Cross calls at the company grounds for three days. The drive was canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Bone Marrow Typecast | Audi | Health

    Possibility to type the blood from venipuncture for bone marrow donation.

  • Building bridges | Volkswagen Group Components | Equal opportunities

    No support was provided to children’s institutions due to the pandemic

  • Building with BIM | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation

    Sustainable construction with BIM
    From a rough outline to the fine detail: Volkswagen Financial Services is one of the few companies in Germany to rely on the digital planning and construction method BIM (Building Information Modeling) – also for operating its real estate. This method enables faster, less error-prone, cheaper and more sustainable construction. BIM allows the complex structures of a building to be recorded digitally right down to the last detail and tested virtually well before construction commences, meaning potential errors are identified before they arise.

  • “Bulli Bees” at the Hanover site | VW Commercial Vehicles | Nature conservation and voluntary work

    Nine bee colonies with a total of some 450,000 bees have been at home next to the VW Commercial Vehicles Customer Center since the early summer of 2020. The busy “Bulli Bees” make a major contribution to protecting and preserving the biodiversity of flora and fauna in the city and region – and the first honey season was a big success. The blossom honey went on sale in the VWN Customer Center and elsewhere in December 2020. The bees belong to a VW Commercial Vehicles employee who takes care of their well-being. Trainees from VW Commercial Vehicles designed the beehives and the children from the company kindergarten designed the logo for the bees and their honey. That means the “Bulli Bees” and their honey are a 100% product of VW Commercial Vehicles.

  • "Bundesgartenschau" Heilbronn | Audi | Environmental protection

    Exhibition and events showing new mobility concepts of Audi (Audi on demand, Audi E-tron, Audi H-tron, micromobility, E-tron power storage).

  • Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart – Support for the homeless | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    As part of its #guterdinge campaign, the Bürgerstiftung foundation is conducting projects to help homeless people, who are particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Institutions were completely closed for some time in the wake of the lockdown. Since their operation and also the provision of food to the homeless in Stuttgart are still severely restricted due to the hygiene rules that have to be observed, the Bürgerstiftung has initiated the Soup_Optimal project. The preparation and serving of warm meals and distribution of food to people without a roof over their head in Stuttgart is coordinated as part of it. Other measures were also implemented to support homeless people in this time, such as a cargo bike initiative, in which food and toiletries are brought to them.

  • Calliope | Audi | Education

    The donation of the Mini-Computers should help to improve the programming skills of children in 39 middle schools in the region Ingolstadt.  

  • Campus | Porsche | Sustainable building

    German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) Platinum certification for the site of Porsche Leipzig GmbH, sustainability certificate.  

  • Care places for children in nurseries and kindergarten | Audi | Job and family

    73 places in Neckarsulm

  • Caritas Disabled Persons Aid Service | Porsche | Healthcare

    Porsche AG is supporting the Disabled Persons Aid Service of the Caritasverband für Stuttgart e.V. with €70,000. Urgently needed equipment to protect against the coronavirus was purchased with this emergency aid. The masks, protective clothing and disinfectant will benefit the around 170 inhabitants and staff of Caritas’ Zuffenhausen residential complex.

    The Caritas Stuttgart association has around 1,900 full-time and some 750 volunteer employees, making it one of the largest non-statutory social welfare organizations in the region.

    One of its missions is to help people with handicaps in Stuttgart lead their life as they wish and in accordance with their needs and so to experience inclusion and participation. It offers people with handicaps and their family members diverse means of support, ranging from general advice on holiday and leisure time offerings, assisted living in their own four walls or care in a home for people with a mental handicap or multiple disabilities, to employment in a workshop for disabled people.

  • Charity tournament: game, set and first winner for a good cause! | VW Immobilien | Voluntary work

    Engagement has many facets – and many colleagues at VWI help to make a difference and do their bit for society in very different ways. That can also involve a tennis racket and yellow felt balls: At the 1st Charity Tennis Championships in Hanover in 2019, Adrian Kaczmarczyk and coach Nils Jünger VWI proved worthy representatives of VWI. Adrian won both his group games and the final.

    The prizes were presented by the former Wimbledon champion Michael Stich.

    The tournament was organized and staged by the German Tennis Federation (DTV) and the Lions Club Hanover Aegidius under the patronage of Minister President Stephan Weil. The proceeds will benefit an institution that looks after children, youngsters and adults with a handicap.  

  • Chemnitz Bee pasture | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Wildflower meadow with several bee colonies
    The honey obtained is sold to employees

  • Children’s playground workshop | VW Immobilien | Regional support

    In a joint workshop staged by Volkswagen Immobilien (VWI) and Wolfsburg Council’s Youth Welfare department, children aged five to 12 came up with ideas on what the future playground in Lavendelweg at Steimker Gardens should look like. They were helped in that by members of Wolfsburg Council’s Children’s Advisory Board. A model construction area to enable joint design was used to simulate the playground and allowed the children to let their imagination run riot: With clay, sand, wood, stones and other materials, they set about translating their wishes and ideas into reality on a miniature scale. The visions were documented on a presentation wall in the form of drawings by the young participants.

  • Christmas tree campaign | VW Immobilien | Regional support

    VWI draws 180 Christmas trees: Christmas is around the corner and two candles are already lit on the Advent wreath. So it’s high time to take care of a further decoration that adds that special Christmas touch to your home and makes the festive period so nice and cozy: The Christmas tree, which – lovingly decked out with ornaments – stands resplendent in the living room and catches the eye every year.

    With a little luck of the draw, 180 tenants of Volkswagen Immobilien no longer needed to embark on the traditional effort of searching for the most beautiful tree for their own living room and can instead win a magnificent fir in the “Mietermagazin”.

  • City anniversary Neckarsulm (1250 years) | Audi | Family and social welfare

    Showing social responsibility towards Neckarsulm, fascinating Audi fans and potential employees.

  • Citycycling "Stadtradeln" | Audi | Sports

    The campaign was organized by the climate protection alliance (Klimaschutzbündnis) to promote the bicycle commute and saving CO2. The Audi Team got an award from the “Landratsamt Heilbronn” because of the highest CO2 saving.

  • Class for young refugee adults at School for Vocational Training | Audi | Education

    Since January 2016, 24 young refugees ranging from 18 to 26 years old have been taking a class at the Vocational School  in Ingolstadt. They are receiving instruction in German, math, and cultural studies, among other things, with the goal of achieving the B1 level of language proficiency.  

  • CO₂-free rail transports | Audi | Environmental sustainibilty

    Audi’s logistics department is a pioneer for climate protection. Since the middle of 2016, all rail transport for AUDI AG in Germany is CO2-free. Audi is the first company in Germany to organize its logistics operations by rail to be completely CO2-neutral. By changing over to DB Cargo’s “DBeco plus” product, the company will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 13,000 tons each year, achieving an important milestone along the way to CO2-neutral production.

  • Coach Award from the State Sports Association of Baden-Württemberg | Porsche | Sport

    With its 96 affiliated organizations, more than 11,350 clubs and 3.7 million members, the State Sports Association of Baden-Württemberg is an umbrella organization that represent the common interests of sport toward state policymakers, the media and the public. Its overarching goal is to promote sport in all its facets. That is the reason why the State Sports Association, together with the insurer BARMER and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, presents an annual Coach Award in acknowledgment of exceptional commitment and sporting successes. Porsche supports the Coach Award so as to highlight the importance of the many coaches and their engagement. After all, they are vital to preserving clubs’ ability to run and offer sports.

  • Collecting rainwater | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation

    Rainwater is a valuable resource
    Using rainwater to irrigate outdoor grounds has the advantages that it is cheap and also helps conserve the environment. Volkswagen Financial Services therefore collects rainwater from the roofs of its office buildings, stores it in cisterns and uses it to irrigate the outdoor areas at two large company sites.

  • Combined Transport | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Under the “Combined Transport” concept, some of the truck traffic for the Emden plant is being shifted to rail: Material deliveries are pooled and arrive by rail and are therefore trucked for only part of their route. Instead of 102 trucks a week, just three freight trains a week are needed. Transferring the main shipment legs from road to rail means the plant reduces CO2 emissions by 5,000 tonnes a year.

  • Company kindergarten | Volkswagen Financial Services | Social welfare, miscellaneous

    Frech Daxe nursery
    The company daycare center “Frech Daxe” enables employees to strike a better work-life balance. So that their children are in good hands and to help eliminate the need for additional travel to other nurseries, the company offers comprehensive care for children aged 0 to 6.

  • Compatibility of job & care | Audi | Work and care

    • Online Consulting service on care topics (Pflegeberatung Online): Individual online consulting appointments for employees on care topics
    • online Lecture for employees on care topics:
    • online dialogue and keynote speech on care topics (Pflegedialog Online): online dialogue and keynote speech for employees on care topics (10 to 15 employees)
  • Consulting service on care topics, online | Audi | Job and care

    Online information platform with Germany-wide nursing homes, organizations and secondary and helpful information for employees, who care a family member.

  • Consulting service on care topics, on-site | Audi | Job and care

    "Demenzparcours": parcours with self-awareness for employees;  personal experience/self-awareness, creation of awareness/sensitisation for the symptoms of dementia and at dealing with people, who have dementia.

    Information platform with Germany-wide nursing homes, organizations and secondary and helpful information for employees, who care a family member.

  • Consulting services by Mobile Familie e.V. | Audi | Job and family

    Matching the needs of families with au-pairs, emergency hotlines, child minder, etc. in Ingolstadt 

  • Continuous reduction of environmental impacts of the Audi plants and its products | Audi | Environmental sustainability

    The basis for Audi’s environmental commitments is its environmental-management systems at the company’s sites. The European Union’s exacting Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) was introduced at the Ingolstadt site in 1997 and has been steadily optimized ever since.

    In 2017, DEKRA Certification GmbH (an environmental assessment company) recertified the Ingolstadt site’s environmental-management systems according to EMAS specifications and ISO 14001. The site has thus maintained edits EMAS seal of approval for 20 years. Furthermore, the Audi plant in Ingolstadt complies with the new DIN EN ISO 50001 standard with especially demanding requirements for systematic and ongoing reductions in energy consumption.

  • Cooperation with the regional association HN-Franken, Umweltministerium und Audi Umweltstiftung | Audi | Nature and environmental protection

    Children collected plastic waste of the river Neckar, which was used to produce a stand up paddling board. The board is used for different events and purposes.

    Information point at the Neckar bikeway within the frame of the "Unser Neckar" campaign.

  • Cooperation with the new Experimenta science center for the Automotive Lab | Audi | Education and science

    Working on a cooperative concept (workshops, donation: crash car).

  • Cooperation with the Neuerkerode Foundation | Volkswagen Financial Services | Social welfare

    Demographic change and longer life expectancy mean that VW FS is placing greater focus on the issue of employees who care for relatives. Since the beginning of 2020, the company has cooperated with the Neuerkerode Foundation to offer a counseling service for employees on this subject. In addition, employees can contact a hotline and obtain quick answers in response to pressing questions on the subject of nursing support and help for senior citizens. Persons in need of care are also found places in the group’s establishments, where capacities permit.

    There are also talks on changing subjects, such as “Nursing care is needed – what now?”, “General power of attorney and living will” and “Palliative care and the Dignity Center.”

  • Cooperation between Volkswagen Financial Services and the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation

    Volkswagen Financial Services and the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) have been working together since 2009 to protect moors and restore them to their natural state. That is because moors are exceptionally important for climate protection and biodiversity.

    From 2012 to 2020, Volkswagen Financial Services will invest a total of four million euros in the German and International Moor Conservation Fund established by NABU. In Germany, the money is currently being spent on 13 national project areas. In the international arena, the company supports the European Union's LIFE Peat Restore Project, as a result of which an additional four million euros in public funding has been obtained due to the fact that the basic financing for the project has been secured.

    It is an international EU project the NABU is implementing together with its cooperation partners from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Its objective is to renew degraded peatlands and restore their natural function as carbon sinks in the five partner countries.

    The joint commitment of Volkswagen Financial Services and NABU has already received several accolades from independent bodies.  

  • Cooperation with SOS Children’s Village | MAN | Cooperation

    1. SOS Children’s Village in Salzgitter – The scheme for supervising school pupils was launched, since some children were not offered adequate care or support in the afternoon. They do not get a warm, healthy meal, no one does their homework with them or helps them develop systematically, and they also do not learn how to organize their leisure time sensibly. All that has an impact on their grades at school and they cannot perform well there. Around 30 children aged 6 to 14 are currently supported.

    2. SOS Children’s Village in Nuremberg – Training
      The SOS Children’s Village in Nuremberg has helped children, youngsters and families in difficult life situations for 40 years. Apart from flat shares for youngsters and residential group homes, it also offers the Vocational Training Center. The focus of its work is always the desire to give young people the best-possible future prospects – also and in particular in vocational training. The Vocational Training Center with its workshop school supports around 300 young people, offering them possibilities the free labor market does not provide.

    3. SOS Children’s Village in Munich – Education Mentors
      Children in difficult and deprived life situations often do not receive the educational support they need from their parents. In particular young boys and girls who do not have such pronounced problems with the language or a school subject fall through the cracks, which is why preventive measures are very important. The Education Mentors are a key means of assistance here. They accompany the children at as early an age as possible in their transition from kindergarten to primary school, and help ensure that the young boys and girls obtain the necessary individual support. Up to 40 children a year are supported with this project.
  • Cooperation with universities | Porsche | Education and science

    Porsche has been committed to supporting education and science for many years. Its cooperation with leading universities was expanded further in 2017 with a specific focus on the subject of digitalization. Porsche has partnered the newly founded CODE University in Berlin from its inception. A scholarship program commencing in 2018 was launched with the Department of Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University. There is also a newly launched research project at the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) in Potsdam. The company has extended and adapted the content of its engagement as part of the endowed chair of Porsche AG established at Leipzig Graduate School of Management in 2013. The chair has addressed the subject area of “Strategic management and entrepreneurship in the digital era” since 2018.  

  • Cooperation with universities | Volkswagen Financial Services | Education and science

    Mutual benefits
    Volkswagen Financial Services has been engaged in promoting education and science for many years. Its cooperation with the University of Hildesheim focuses primarily on big data analytics. It also promotes knowledge transfer in the degree courses Informatics and Business Informatics between Volkswagen Financial Services and the University of Hildesheim, which was founded in 1855 and has meanwhile been placed under the auspices of a foundation. A total of €750,000 has been set aside for the cooperation. Hildesheim is the largest and only location in Germany where an international course of study in data analytics is possible. The master’s program at Hildesheim currently has 85 students from more than 25 countries.

    The company also has long-standing cooperation partnerships with the Technical University of Braunschweig and the Martin Luther University in Halle. Here, too, the focus is on intermeshing business and science and knowledge transfer, as is reflected in the joint project seminars that are staged.

  • Coronavirus emergency aid by the German Red Cross and welfare organization Wohlfahrtswerk Stuttgart | Porsche | Healthcare

    The team of Porsche Deutschland GmbH provided its sports cars to help create a coronavirus study and for aid transports in 2020. The representative study is conducted by the Klinikum Stuttgart, which is taking samples from more than 1,000 citizens of Stuttgart with the support of the Stuttgart branch of the German Red Cross and Porsche so as to obtain further insights into the spread of the coronavirus.

    Porsche is helping out with its vehicles and staff. A total of six Porsche sports cars were in use over a ten-day period. This aid campaign is a continuation of the previous cooperation between Porsche Deutschland with the German Red Cross during the coronavirus pandemic: Numerous vehicles were provided by Porsche Deutschland for non-profit organizations and aid transports in the Stuttgart region. The Porsche sports cars were used to deliver meals to care institutions, as well as protective clothing and masks, for example.

  • Coronavirus protective equipment for Stuttgart hospitals | Porsche | Healthcare

    Hospitals and their staff ensured that people continued to be provided with medical care during the coronavirus crisis. The institutions needed additional medical devices and equipment to cope with the enormous increase in the challenges facing them. As part of “Porsche helps,” the sports car manufacturer assisted the Klinikum Stuttgart and the Marienhospital with an emergency donation totaling €1.3 million. The money was used to purchase 20 anesthesia machines, 21 ventilators, a mobile X-ray machine, 30 perfusors and more than 100,000 premium-grade protective masks, among other things.

    The Klinikum Stuttgart received around €810,000. The money meant that 20 anesthesia machines, 21 ventilators and additional endoscopes for intubation were able to be purchased for the Katharinenhospital, the Bad Cannstatt hospital and Germany’s largest pediatric clinic, the Olgahospital. A laboratory device for identifying coronavirus in DNA samples was also able to be purchased, for example.

    Porsche donated some €500,000 to the Marienhospital in Stuttgart as part of a further lighthouse project. The hospital used the emergency fund to buy a mobile X-ray machine, as well as 15,000 premium-grade FFP2 masks and 100,000 premium-grade face masks. The donation also enabled the purchase of 30 perfusors, pumps that permit the continuous infusion of medication.

  • Coronavirus-related donations | Volkswagen Financial Services | Health

    €50,000 for residents of the Neuerkerode Foundation’s retirement and nursing homes for the elderly
    Right at the start of the pandemic, leading virologists in Germany urged that senior citizens in particular had to be protected in these exceptional times, since the coronavirus poses a greater risk to the elderly. Consequently, there was a strict ban on contacts with residents of retirement and nursing homes for the elderly until June. In order to cushion the psychological effects of this ban on visitors on residents in the establishments run by the Evangelical Neuerkerode Foundation, Volkswagen Financial Services Germany donated €50,000 to it. The foundation used the money to buy tablets so that residents could keep in contact with their family digitally, as well as gaming consoles to promote exercise and add more variety to everyday life.  

  • Coronavirus study by the Kinderklinik Foundation in Leipzig | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    The donation means that the Kinderklinik Foundation can press ahead with its “LIFE Child” study. Its goal is to examine the effects of the shutdown on families’ psychosocial situation. The study focuses on the health, well-being and social participation, and so the long-term career success, of children and youngsters under the impacts of homeschooling and the closure of schools and kindergartens.

  • Covid-19 hotline and hotline for arranging appointments at the Kassel site | Volkswagen | Healthcare (across all sites)

    Volkswagen’s Health Services has set up a hotline on the subject of Covid-19 (Sars-CoV-2 / coronavirus), where employees can ask questions they have between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. The experts from Health Services can be contacted between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on working days.

  • Creation of four more nesting places for peregrines and kestrels at Kassel power plant | Volkswagen Kraftwerk | Nature conservation

    Biodiversity: Nesting places on chimneys and buildings have been established at Kassel power plant in cooperation with the Peregrine Protection Officer from the Regional Nature Conservation Agency of the administrative district of Kassel so as to preserve the population of peregrines and kestrels.

  • Creation of four more island flower beds with shrubs and an insect hotel on the grounds of Tanks 3 and 4 at Kassel power plant | Volkswagen Kraftwerk | Nature conservation

    Establishment of four island flower beds and renaturation of functional areas that are no longer needed.

  • Crisis team corona pandemic 2020 | Audi | Social projects

    International coordination of the Audi donation frame within context of the corona pandemic

    • Establishment of central e-Mail address as contact point for employees and externals
    • Processing of donation requests
    • Coordination of offers of help
    • Member of group crisis team
    • Leadership of crisis team subproject Donations & Social aspects
  • Cups with a deposit on them | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation

    Cups with a deposit on them help protect the environment
    An environmentally friendly deposit system as an alternative to disposable cups has been offered at Volkswagen Financial Services since 2017. The reusable cups can be obtained in the café bars.

  • Day of action “E-mobility in leisure and work” as part of European Mobility Week | Volkswagen Group Components | Transport and mobility

    Was not held due to the coronavirus pandemic

  • Dementia partner | Audi | Work and care

    Sensitization to the topic of dementia, change in the perception of the disease, Compatibility of Job & Care

    Implementation of online trainings on the topic of dementia for affected and interested employees.

  • “Deutschland Hilft” (“Germany Helps”) campaign | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    Porsche Deutschland is supporting the global coronavirus emergency aid campaign of “Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V.” with a donation of €50,000. The sum was raised as part of a program on Porsche Germany’s online sales channel. Porsche donated €911 to the coronavirus emergency aid campaign for every new or used car ordered online from December 1 through 21, 2020. Its German sales subsidiary topped up the amount by more than double at the end of the campaign.

    “Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V.” is a coalition of 23 aid organizations that operate in Germany and worldwide. The coronavirus emergency aid is used to support people and institutions that are particularly hard hit by the pandemic.

  • Development of Drömling Nature Park in cooperation between federal states | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Volkswagen AG has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the federal states Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt on support for developing Drömling Nature Park into a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The focus is on projects relating to employee engagement and further education, gentle tourism and collaboration in marketing regional products.  

  • Dialogue with regional companies | Audi | Stakeholder management

    Initiating a dialogue between CSR reponsibles of different companies in the region. Audi invited the representatives to the headquarter and hosted the dialogue. 

  • Dialogue with the neighbours "Nachbarschaftsdialog" | Audi | Stakeholder events

    Information event and discussion forum with the neighbors (2020 the dialogue took place in the form of letters)

  • Dialogue with neighbours and all interested citizens about "Frühe Öffentlichkeitsinformation" | Audi | Stakeholder events

    Information event and discussion forum with the neighbours and all interested citizens, early information to all citizens about building a new paintshop.

  • Digital counseling platform of the Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e. V. | Porsche | Healthcare

    The national association Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e.V. has campaigned since 2002 to help the more than 50,000 families in Germany with a child, youngster or young adult suffering from a life-threatening or life-limiting illness, as well as children and young people who have had to experience the loss of someone they were attached to. Families mourning the loss of a child are also provided with assistance by the network of the Bundesverband Kinderhospiz.

    The coronavirus pandemic has meant that the Bundesverband Hospiz e.V. can no longer offer many traditional counseling services or, due to the risk of infection, they cannot be used by families with members who have diseases which are difficult to treat. The Frag OSKAR.de platform can be reached around the clock by various channels (chat, advice by mail, over-the-phone help) and offers an important means of assistance to families in need. Porsche supported the Bundesverband Kinderhospiz e. V. in expanding this platform and enabling counselors to train and gain further qualifications.

  • Digital cultural education | Porsche | Arts and culture

    The Gewandhaus Orchestra is a symphony orchestra based in Leipzig. It is one of the leading international orchestras and is regarded as the world’s largest professional one.

    The Society of Friends of the Gewandhaus launched a cultural education program in 2020 so as to offer a cultural program despite the restrictions due to the spread of the coronavirus. Instructional videos for children and youngsters on the connection between music and physics were produced. Topics include how sound is produced and instruments work, as well as the physical processes in a musician’s body.  

  • Digital stage at Ludwigsburg Palace Festival | Porsche | Arts and culture

    The Ludwigsburg Palace Festival is one of Germany’s oldest cultural festivals. It was not able to be held as planned this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a consequence, the concept has now been expanded to include a “digital stage” so as to enable low-threshold access to culture for young and old, irrespective of contact restrictions or protective measures.

  • Digitalization at institutions of the Federal Evangelical Association for the Disabled | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    Porsche supports ways of enabling people with a handicap or mental illness to participate in social life so as to prevent isolation and loneliness. The sports car manufacturer is providing a total of €125,000 to support institutions of the Federal Evangelical Association for the Disabled (BEB) in Baden-Württemberg and Saxony with digital equipment to suit their needs. In a time when restrictions are necessary to curb the coronavirus pandemic, that enables people to receive and pass on information, stay in contact and stand up for their own interests.

    The Federal Evangelical Association for the Disabled is part of the social welfare and development agency of the Protestant Churches in Germany, which is based in Berlin. It funds, supports and accompanies institutions and aid services for people with a handicap or mental illness and their family members.

  • District heating system with waste heat | Audi | Environmental sustainability

    Since 2004, the Ingolstadt site has been supplied via a district heating system with waste heat generated at the municipal waste-incineration plant. The next stage of the district-heating network became operational in 2012. This makes waste heat available from the nearby Gunvor refinery. All in all, at least 120,000 MWh of energy from waste heat is utilized every year.

  • Disposable cups | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Volkswagen’s Emden plant has been offering an eco-friendly deposit system as an alternative to disposable cups since November 26, 2018. The reusable cups, which are embellished with East Frisian motifs, can be obtained from the company restaurants and shops.

  • Diversity wins | Volkswagen Group Components | Equal opportunities

    Only within VW

  • DHBW Foundation | Porsche | Education and science

    With around 34,000 students on bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) is one of the largest universities in the Stuttgart and Upper Neckar regions. The university pursues the principle of dual training, where students alternately attend three months of theoretical courses followed by three months of practical work experience, at three locations in cooperation with business enterprises and social institutions. Around 100 students from the DHBW train at Porsche. The theoretical and practical contents are closely coordinated, since the aim is for students to gather not only technical and methodological know-how, but also hands-on experience and relevant decision-making and social skills.

    The DHBW Foundation support the Cooperative State University in order to strengthen its profile and expertise and further boost its educational, research and training activities. Porsche was one of the founding donors when the foundation was established in 2013.

  • Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Humanities and Sciences in Germany | Porsche | Education and science

    The Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Humanities and Sciences in Germany campaigns for equal opportunities in education, excellent universities and internationally competitive research institutions, providing holistic support in the three core areas of education, science and innovation. Digitalization demands an intensive process of change throughout the education system. That is why the support initiative “Future Skills” was founded. Its goal is to improve conditions for acquiring digital and other skills of relevance in the future by giving further impetus to teaching of digital skills at schools and supporting universities in developing new methods of teaching and learning. Under this three-year initiative, the Donors’ Association aims to boost efforts in German society as a whole to provide people with the necessary competences for the digital transformation in business, science and society. It develops concepts and instigates processes that help initiate new forms of learning and teaching and that take into account the needs of business during the process of digitalization in society.

  • Dragon Boat Race and annual Health Day at the Kassel site | Volkswagen | Healthcare

    Health Services, together with many supporters, aims to give visitors to the traditional Dragon Boat Race a first-hand experience of what exercise, diet and relaxation are all about. Employees can learn more about prevention and health offerings and actively get involved at a large number of stands.

  • Dresden - Erection of beehives | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Settling of 12 bee colonies on the grounds of the Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden

  • Dresden - Cooperation with the adjacent botanical garden | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Colonizing/planting of rare plants on the grounds of the Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden

  • Dresden - Creation of a wildflower meadow | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Creation of a wildflower meadow on the outer grounds of the Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden

  • Drive-in cinema in the Steimker Gardens | VW Immobilien | Arts and culture

    Volkswagen Immobilien, Volksbank BraWo, the designer outlets Wolfsburg and the agency Blome & Pillardy Event are staging two special film evenings in an unusual ambiance: Film fans can enjoy an entertaining evening at the movies directly on the building plots of the Steimker Gardens on Friday, June 12, and Saturday, June 13. The event was sold out after just three days.

  • Drive-in cinema “Roadmovies” and “Klassik airleben” in Leipzig | Porsche | Arts and culture

    Canceled leisure-time offerings and events were a common occurrence in 2020. Porsche Leipzig stepped up to the plate with “Roadmovies,” a new event format at the customer center: a drive-in cinema on a stage where sports cars usually demonstrate their performing abilities. That meant social distancing was able to be ensured without any problems. There was space for 200 vehicles at each viewing in front of the impressive 144 m2 big screen. “Roadmovies” proved to be a successful event format, attracting more than 2,400 participants. One highlight of the program was “Klassik airleben im Stream,” a best-of featuring favorites from the past years of these popular open-air concerts in the Rosental park with Leipzig’s Gewandhaus Orchestra. The concerts were not able to be held in the reporting period due to the protective measures to curb the coronavirus. The drive-in cinema enabled the audience to enjoy a pleasurable experience safely in a special atmosphere. Porsche has been a partner to the Gewandhaus Orchestra since 2011. A focus of its engagement since 2014 has been the concert event “Klassik airleben” (“Experience classical music in the open air”).

  • Ecologically sustainable floor anchoring | VW Immobilien | Other

    VWI now helps improve the environmental footprint thanks to concrete-free installation of the FERRADIX® root pole (concrete production is responsible for around 6–9% of all human-induced CO2 emissions; the enormous production of concrete is also responsible for the growing scarcity of sand, a vital resource).

    In addition, the time and work needed for each foundation is slashed, while there is greater flexibility when constructional changes are made: The root poles can be removed at no great effort and used at a new location.

    We use this system for small foundations (around 200 a year) in our existing housing in the area of transportation, advertising, fencing and street furniture, in particular for road and other signs, benches, trash cans, bollards, bike racks, staircase railings and fences.  

  • Emergency aid in the coronavirus pandemic at Leipzig | Porsche | Regional support / healthcare

    In 2020, Porsche supported numerous not-for-profit institutions in Leipzig that faced particular challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. They number social, cultural and medical institutions.

    One example is the University Hospital of Leipzig, which was able to procure 11 ventilators, two blood gas analyzers and additional protective masks and face visors with a donation from Porsche. The “Herbie” association was also supported. It looks after children and youngsters from socially disadvantaged families in Leipzig and, with its parent workgroup ELTERN-AG, provides an important foundation for showing parents how to cope with stress, even in difficult life situations, and helps develop educational skills. Porsche also supported various social welfare organizations and institutions in Leipzig in procuring protective equipment or implementing hygiene measures, such as the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe or Wolfsträne e. V.  

  • Emergency aid in the coronavirus pandemic for the AWO Württemberg | Porsche | Healthcare

    The Workers’ Welfare Association (AWO) offers diverse and extensive social services for all age groups in Württemberg: institutions for senior citizens, for children and youngsters, for families, for migrants and for people with a handicap. To ensure that the four senior citizen residential homes in Stuttgart and Kornwestheim can be kept running, extensive protective measures and equipment are required in all of them. The donation will enable procurement of large quantities of disinfectant and dispensers for it, masks and protective clothing.

  • Emergency aid in the coronavirus pandemic at Schwarzenberg | Porsche | Regional support / healthcare

    Porsche AG has donated around €30,000 to four not-for-profit organizations in Schwarzenberg, the site of its subsidiary Porsche Werkzeugbau GmbH. Urgently needed equipment to protect against the coronavirus was purchased with this emergency aid. The recipients of the donation were the German Red Cross (DRK), the Diakonisches Werk, the Lebenshilfe association, and the Tafel food bank.

  • Emergency care for children and relatives of employees | VW Commercial Vehicles | Education and science

    Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has been cooperating with Hanover Council in the “FLUXX Emergency Care” project since the beginning of 2018 and so additionally helps employees improve their work-life balance. Employees not only face challenges in looking after their children, but may also have to care for relatives. If their private care arrangements fall through at short notice, or in the event of unplanned changes to working time, sudden illness or other family-related problems or constraints, employees of VW Commercial Vehicles can obtain low-cost aid from the qualified staff of FLUXX.

  • E-mobility program | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation, miscellaneous

    E-mobility program “Blue Fleet”
    Volkswagen Financial Services and the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) are cooperating as part of the e-mobility program “Blaue Flotte” (“Blue Fleet”). As a result, key accounts gain access to all the facets of e-mobility – from fleet analysis, vehicle procurement and advice on infrastructure, to numerous tools and product packages to enable successful operation of an e-fleet. As part of that, Volkswagen Financial Services invests in concrete climate protection measures – namely in moor protection projects of the NABU – to reflect the degree to which the vehicles are used during the term of the lease agreement. One of the core projects is the renaturalization of the Sulinger Moor in Lower Saxony.

  • Engagement at Rotary Classics Rallye (supporting social projects for kids) | Audi | Social projects

    platinum sponsor, the donation of 7500 € was used for social projects for kids in the region.

  • Equipment for not-for-profit institutions to protect against the coronavirus | Porsche | Regional support / healthcare

    Porsche helped tackle the coronavirus crisis with diverse measures in 2020. That assistance focused on the company’s sites in Stuttgart and Leipzig and those where it has subsidiaries.

    Numerous charitable institutions and organizations faced huge challenges in the wake of the coronavirus and its spread. In particular institutions that care for people in risk groups were required to ensure the highest level of protection. Porsche supported them in procuring urgently needed protective equipment, such as face masks, disinfectant and protective gloves.

    The institutions that were assisted include the foundation Stiftung evangelische Altenheimat, the emergency aid association Nothilfeverein e. V., Stuttgart Hospice and the State Association for People with Physical and Multiple Disabilities.

  • Establishment of bee colonies at the Wolfsburg production site | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Bee colonies were established at the Wolfsburg campus and on environmental mitigation areas. They make a key contribution to nature conservation. Some of the honey is offered for sale to employees by the site’s catering unit.

  • Eventseries: Job & Care | Audi | Job and care

    International Day of Care, World Alzheimer's Day, information platform Job & Care 

  • Ferry Porsche Foundation | Porsche | Miscellaneous

    Porsche strengthened its social engagement by establishing the Ferry Porsche Foundation in 2018. It funds and initiates not-for-profit projects in the fields of social welfare, the environment, education and science, culture and sport. As part of its social commitment, the foundation mainly aims to support young people at the locations of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. It is named after Ferry Porsche, who founded the sports car brand Porsche in 1948.

    Once again in 2020, the Ferry Porsche Foundation made an important contribution to society with its own programs and funding. To mark the 111th birthday of Professor Dr. Ing. h.c. Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche, the foundation donated €5,000 each to 111 food banks in Germany in December, i.e. a total of €550,000.

    Under this slogan “Ferry Porsche bildet” (“Ferry Porsche educates”), the foundation provided around one million euros to support highly talented pupils in the Stuttgart region, environmental education projects, inclusion in sport, and education of children and youngsters who are disadvantaged socially and in terms of health.

    The “Ferry Porsche Challenge” was held for the first time in 2020. This contest funded 70 sustainable projects, creative ideas and new initiatives to a total of €1.5 million. Some 600 projects in the Stuttgart and Leipzig regions applied for funding. The “Ferry Porsche Challenge 2021” was launched in November under the slogan “Making school digital.” It is aimed at digital projects by schools from Baden-Württemberg and Saxony, for which a sum of one million euros has been earmarked.  

  • Financial support for the Leckerhaus Hanover | VW Commercial Vehicles | Regional support

    Since 2013, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has been supporting the Leckerhaus, a social and pedagogical institution for children and youngsters in the Stöcken district, as part of its social engagement in Hanover and the region. The Leckerhaus is located in the direct vicinity of the company’s Hanover site. It was launched as a lunchtime social group that also provided homework supervision for children and youngsters (who now number 50), but has since between expanded continuously to include offerings to promote language development and movement, as well as recreational activities. With its language courses and voluntary assistance it offers for visits to public offices and authorities, the Leckerhaus team is also a point of contact for refugees who have settled in the area. In 2020, employees again gave their voluntary services to the best of their ability even under the challenging conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic – in particular to support single parents and large families.

  • Five insect hotels on the campus | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Five insect hotels built by Volkswagen’s joiner's workshop were installed on the campus in Wolfsburg in order to promote biodiversity.

    The project, which began with a trial insect hotel at the nursery, has been expanded by a further four hotels.

  • Flexible childcare | Audi | Job and family

    flexible day care for children: 15 places at Bad Friedrichshall/Neckarsulm.

  • Flooding protection | Audi | Environmental protection

    Protect the Audi plant in Neckarsulm from further flooding (after flooding in 1970 and 2016). Financial support of the water board Sulm, which created 17 flood control basins in the region.

  • Flower meadow | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Before an area of approximately three hectares in the production facility grounds is used for an orchard meadow - slated for early 2018 - a preliminary, large-scale effort was made to plant a flower meadow. And the experiment was a success! Not only has the flower meadow thrived, it has also acted as a food source for many different types of insects.

  • Flower meadows | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Flower meadow at the Braunschweig site – monotonous lawn transformed into a natural meadow

    Around 3,000 m2 of green space in the vicinity of the visitors’ car park, fire brigade building and company restaurant at the Volkswagen plant in Braunschweig was converted to natural meadow in 2020.

    The areas used to be mowed at least every fortnight, but have now been turned over to nature. Only a border of some 80 cm in breadth has been mowed around it as an edging. The grass was knee-high and initial blossoms were visible within a few weeks.

    Such a sea of grass doubtless does not conform to the cliché of a pretty, tended green area that has been instilled in us over decades. However, it offers many ecological advantages: Flowering plants are a source of food for wild bees and other insects well into the late fall. The local microclimate is improved because the long grass means rainwater does not evaporate as quickly. Noise is absorbed better, and there is also a certain cooling function on hot days in comparison with the surrounding asphalt and concrete areas.

  • Flower meadows | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Various areas at the Emden plant are used to create meadow orchards. The flower meadows offer a source of food for many insects.

  • Flower meadow with an insect hotel at Kassel power plant | Volkswagen Kraftwerk | Nature conservation

    Creation of two island flower beds with shrubs and an insect hotel on the grounds of Tanks 3 and 4 at Kassel power plant.

  • Flu vaccination | Volkswagen Financial Services | Healthcare, miscellaneous

    Free flu vaccination
    Volkswagen Financial Services offers free flu vaccination. Employees can get their jab at the Health Center during working hours.

  • Food bank donations | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    The more than 950 food banks in Germany save excess, perfectly good food from being thrown away and distribute it to people in need – around 265,000 tons of food a year that benefits more than 1.6 million people.

    In 2020, Porsche supported Leipziger Tafel e. V., Ludwigstafel e. V. and Schwäbische Tafel Stuttgart e. V. with donations of food and articles in short supply.

    Food banks are particularly reliant on financial donations due to the coronavirus crisis. Porsche has therefore increased its donations to them to a total of €250,000.

  • Food bank donations (MHP) | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    The Covid-19 pandemic is a huge challenge and enormous strain for all of us. However, it particularly impacts those who are already reliant on the support of others. Their situation is now worsening further. The board and partners of the management and IT consulting firm MHP have therefore decided to support food banks out of their own pockets in cities where the Porsche subsidiary has locations: Ludwigsburg, where MHP is headquartered, Munich, Ingolstadt, Nuremberg, Frankfurt am Main, Essen, Wolfsburg and Berlin. Donations are also being given to not-for-profit organizations in countries where MHP has subsidiaries.

    Half of the total amount comes directly from the consulting firm’s top management. MHP has doubled the donations made by partners, meaning that a total of €100,000 has been raised.

  • Foundation – “Our Children in Braunschweig” | Volkswagen Financial Services | Equal opportunity

    The not-for-profit foundation “Unsere Kinder in Braunschweig” (“Our Children in Braunschweig”), which was established by Volkswagen Financial Services AG in December 2008, focuses on socially disadvantaged children. Nine institutions – daycare centers, primary schools and secondary schools – are currently supported by offerings suited to their needs in the fields of education and healthy diet, movement training and early music education. Further institutions, such as sports clubs, a family center, the public health department and youth clubs, are supported as part of one-off campaigns.

    The foundation funded projects to a total volume of €162,600 in 2020.

    Of that, €89,500 went to education, €33,700 to dietary, €21,200 to music and €18,200 to movement projects.

  • “From now on I save the world” – sustainability magazine for children | VfL Wolfsburg | Education and sustainability

    The Weltenfänger special issue is a cooperation project between the publishing house Dudenverlag, VfL Wolfsburg and memo AG. Containing everyday examples, tips and numerous hands-on activities, it shows what children aged 8 and above can do to stop climate change, what sustainable consumption means, how to avoid food waste and how to make society more equitable. The issue is integrated in the larger context of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals the United Nations adopted in 2015 as part of the Agenda 2030.

  • FS Check-up | Volkswagen Financial Services | Healthcare, miscellaneous

    Take action before things get acute
    Volkswagen Financial Services offers employees the FS Check-up, a free prevention program for their health and fitness. The objective is to enable early detection of potential risk factors, such as high blood pressure or metabolic impairments.  

  • Further public buses driving to the factory (not only from Neuenstadt) | Audi | Traffic and mobility

    Public buses drive up to the factory during layer times.

  • Further training for coaches by VfL | VfL Wolfsburg | Clubs

    Further training of coaches in the region (currently in conjunction with the VfL Children’s Soccer Festival). The coaching is based on the approach of developing footballing intelligence, an aim adopted as part of the new reform in competition in children’s and youth soccer. A further goal is to stage advanced intensive training courses.

  • Garden concerts for residents of the WIR (Living in Retirement) complex | VW Immobilien | Art and culture

    The strict contact restrictions and regulations aimed at tackling the coronavirus pandemic were severe for many elderly people in particular. Personal contacts had to be reduced to the bare minimum. Visits to nursing homes were not allowed for weeks.

    Volkswagen Immobilien helped stage four garden concerts in the WIR complex in Fallersleben, subject to the generally applicable protective measures, so that residents could enjoy cultural offerings despite the restrictions. Matthias Klingbiel and Andreas Meyer, head of Wolfsburg School of Music, gave four free open-air acoustic concerts and were rewarded with grateful applause from the audience on their balconies and outdoors for the special sound experience.

  • Georgian Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt | Audi | Art and culture

    The history of the Georgian Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt is closely linked with AUDI AG. The company’s commitment enabled the musicians to find a second home in the heart of Bavaria when the country in the Caucasus sunk into civil war. In 1990, a deep partnership developed with Georgian Chamber Orchestra and it is now an integral part of Ingolstadt’s cultural life.

    The ensemble is firmly embedded in cultural events organized by Audi, such as the Audi Summer Concerts and the Audi Christmas Concert.

  • German Society for Immunology | Porsche | Education and science

    The goal of the German Society for Immunology is to promote basic immunological research and clinical immunology. In order to specifically support the next generation of scientists, the society annually awards prizes to budding talents in the field.

    Porsche supports the Otto Westphal Thesis Prize, which is presented to the best thesis on the subject of immunology, and the Georges Köhler Prize, which goes to scientists whose work has contributed to a better understanding of the immune system. They are both bestowed in acknowledgment of outstanding research work.

    The 2020 Otto Westphal Thesis Prize was awarded to Dr. rer. Nat. Julia Kolter, whose thesis dealt with the question of how our innate immune system can direct local immunity at boundary surfaces (such as the skin), in particular in new-born babies, who first have to build up their own immune system. Dr. Guoliang Cui was awarded the Georges Köhler Prize for his research work on the subject of immunometabolism. It studies the interface between the metabolism and immune system and how they influence each other.  

  • Germany Scholarship | VW Commercial Vehicles | Education and science

    The Germany Scholarship, totaling €300 a month, is awarded to students and freshers whose past achievements suggest they are likely to be high fliers in their studies and career. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles again supported four students at Hanover’s Leibniz University in 2020.

  • Germany-wide consulting service for employees by famPLUS GmbH | Audi | Job and family

    Germany-wide consulting service for employees, who need childcare; matching the needs of families with au-pairs, nanny, etc.


  • Girls Day | Volkswagen Group Components | Equal opportunities

    Was not held in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic

  • Giving Joy | Audi | Social projects

    During two, or respectively four, weeks, Audi employees engage in social projects especially for people in nursery homes needing permanent care.

  • Green electricity | Audi | Environmental sustainability

    Audi is increasingly turning to green electricity for its production operations. Audi has been building cars exclusively with green electricity in Ingolstadt since early 2012. The high-tech Audi Neuburg site and the Audi Münchsmünster production site procure 100-percent renewably generated electricity.

  • Green electricity | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation

    The electricity is green
    Volkswagen Financial Services has procured 100% green electricity from renewable sources since January 1, 2018.

  • Green train | Group | Miscellaneous

    In cooperation with Group Logistics, all DB cargo traffic in our rail network is to be fully converted to EcoPlus (carbon-free). The objective is for all trains used in national transportation to run on green electricity. Our traffic accounts for a significant share of CO2 in the overall network.

  • Health promotion measures for remote working (diet, exercise and relaxation) | Volkswagen | Healthcare

    Since 2020: The experts from Group Services have created an online course offering relating to active breaks and compensatory exercises. Many colleagues currently work remotely at home. Anyone who does not want to do without their exercise should take a look at the offering and join in.

  • Health Services Colloquium “Better Sleep for Shift Workers” | Volkswagen | Healthcare

    Better sleep for employees who work shifts was the subject of a talk on February 26, 2020, as part of the Health Services colloquium series, which is supported by the cooperation partner AUDI BKK. Titled “Effective self-help techniques for a good sleep,” the talk given by Dr. Hans-Günter Weeß, Head of the Akademie für Schlafmedizin (Academy of Sleep Medicine), in the cinema at the visitors’ center presented tips, tricks and methods for how shift workers and other employees can enjoy a deep, sound sleep and feel rested and fit during the day. It dealt not only with the correct way to approach shift work, but also the right mindset and attitude toward sleeping.

  • Healthy school breakfast | Audi | Social projects

    EDEKA, Audi and FCI support five secondary schools in the Ingolstadt region in a pilot to offer free breakfast. With “Fit for the day – a healthy breakfast at school,” the three partners want to give children and teenagers a successful start to their school day.

  • Holiday care in the summer with the “Audi Summer Kids” program and care offerings in the short holidays | Audi | Work and family

    • Summer camp for children in Neckarsulm: 50 places per week, 4 weeks
    • Summer camp for children in Ingolstadt: 90 places per week, 4 weeks
    • Childcare during Easter, Whitsun and the fall holidays
    • “Audi Children’s Day” at Ingolstadt on the Day of Prayer and Repentance
  • Honeybees | Porsche | Nature conservation

    13 bee colonies have been settled at the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen site. They are looked after by an external beekeeper.

  • Honeybees at the Leipzig campus | Porsche | Nature conservation

    50 bee colonies have been established on the campus, in the area of the off-road track, and are looked after by an external beekeeper.

  • Inclusion in the stadium | VfL Wolfsburg | Equal opportunities

    Together with the counseling center KickIn and the Competence Group for Fan Cultures and Sport-related Social Work (KoFaS), barriers that deter people from visiting the stadium (relating to age, handicaps and chronic diseases, as well as gender, sexual orientation, ethnic and social origin, and religion and philosophical beliefs) are analyzed and measures to eliminate these barriers are defined and implemented.

  • Inclusive internship at Audi | Audi | Social projects

    Intern-days for pupils from ALS-school at Audi practice-center and learning station

  • Information events for employees on care topics | Audi | Job and Care

    Different information events and lectures on care topics (International Day of Care, World Alzheimer's Day).

  • Ingolstadt City Theater | Audi | Art and culture

    AUDI AG and Ingolstadt City Theatre have been working together for many years. Audi ArtExperience is the playtime partner of the theater and sponsors specific and unusual projects and program formats.

    With this long-term cultural partnership, AUDI AG and Ingolstadt City Theatre will also continue the successful cooperation in 2020/2021.

  • Ingolstadt Jazz Days | Audi | Art and culture

    Since 1984, Ingolstadt has become a mecca of jazz for a few weeks in the fall. International stars in the scene come together with budding talents from the region. Apart from their stylistic openness, a distinguishing feature of the Ingolstadt Jazz Days has for many years been its uniquely intimate atmosphere – especially at the “Jazz Parties”, which have long been legendary and where guests have an almost unrivaled opportunity to look directly over the shoulder of world stars. AUDI AG is the festival’s main sponsor and so enriches cultural diversity at its Ingolstadt site.

    Staged from October 27 to November 16, 2018, the 35th Ingolstadt Jazz Days inspired their audience with highlights such as Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the Jan Garbarek Group, Caro Emerald and Gregory Porter, who was appearing for the third time in 2018.

  • Ingolstadt Museum and Foundation for Concrete Art and Design | Audi | Art and culture

    The Foundation for Concrete Art and Design originated in 2007 by the city of Ingolstadt, the artist couple Ingeborg and Ludwig Wilding, and AUDI AG. Numerous artists and designers have entrusted their works to the foundation. In 2014, Audi ArtExperience expanded the cooperation to cover the Museum for Concrete Art as well. The event format “Sunday?Art!” offers families and all other interested parties a varied program with free guided tours and workshops. In February 2017, the cooperation was expanded to include a further series of events because of the strong and favorable response. “The New DIY Tuesday” gives adults the chance to be artistically creative themselves.

    Since 2010, the foundation for Concrete Art and Design has been inviting visitors to the legendary “Art and Beat” Art Night, which once a year marks the brilliant start of an exhibition by the Foundation and the Museum for Concrete Art and Design
    In 2019 the „Art and Beat“ Art Night celebrated its tenth anniversary

    The „Art and Beat Revised 2020“ Art Night opened the exhibition "Mind the Gap! Between known and new spaces". 12 artists were invited to deal with the rooms and to design installations.

  • Initial qualification of young refugees by the Kassel Academy | Group | Equal opportunities

    Young refugees are to be given the chance to participate in working life by gaining qualifications.

  • Integration of refugees | MAN | Equal opportunity

    MAN offers refugees career prospects. To enable that, the company systematically integrates them into working life at MAN. The company has done so in different ways in the past years, such as by offering internships, entry level qualifications, training and a start in a job. MAN also aims to offer refugees a range of different perspectives in the future.  

  • ISO 14001 | Volkswagen Financial Services | Miscellaneous

    Environmental policy of Volkswagen Financial Services
    Volkswagen Financial Services believes that assuming responsibility for the environment is a fundamental part of business activity. That is why the company has, among other things, implemented an environmental management system certified in accordance with ISO 14001. Volkswagen Financial Services uses it as the basis for recording, assessing and minimizing the environmental impacts of its business operations. The system helps systematically improve its energy and resource footprint.

  • Jazz in the Audi Forum Ingolstadt | Audi | Art and culture

    Tens of thousands of visitors have experienced concerts of exquisite quality at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt since 2001. Jazz plays a special role in AUDI AG’s cultural commitment. One not unimportant reason for that is the successful collaboration with the concerts’ organizer, the Birdland Jazz Club Neuburg.

    As a result, bigs names – including the Count Basie Orchestra, Freddie Hubbard, Paul Kuhn and the Pasadena Roof Orchestra – have made guest appearances in the past 15 years. Four CDs have been made of live music from the concerts. The “Live On Stage” event (Warner), which Klaus Doldinger recorded with his longstanding ensemble Passport at the museum mobile in 2007, is now legendary. The production won an “Echo Jazz” award in the category “Best Live Album” in 2010. Audi and the Birdland Jazz Club Neuburg present the concerts with their different jazz genres between January and June and from September to December.

  • Job & care | Audi | Social projects

    Information events with the care support base, counseling interviews and lectures.

  • Jobticket | Audi | Traffic and mobility

    Since 2012, Audi is offering its employees at the headquarters a subsidized ticket for public transportation in cooperation with the local public transport association. The ticket is valid for one year and all available public transportation systems. The goal is to offer an incentive for employees to use buses and trains instead of cars, thereby reducing traffic in the region. Furthermore, Audi is offering a subsidized bus ticket valid for half a year, a ticket combining bus and train, and a ticket exclusively for trains.

  • Junior Cup | VfL Wolfsburg | Clubs

    E Junior tournament for all 140 partner clubs.

    The tournament comprises a 5-group preliminary stage in the region, followed by the finals in Wolfsburg.

    A total of some 50 to 75 soccer clubs from the region take part.

  • Junior Football Train the Trainer | VfL Wolfsburg | Sport

    The Volkswagen Junior Football Train-the-Trainer program is a key component of the Volkswagen Junior Football program. The program is sponsored by the China Sports Foundation – Volkswagen Junior Football Development Fund. The project is staged jointly by the Chinese Football Association, the China Sports Foundation and Volkswagen Group China (VGC). The aim is to encourage young Chinese soccer talents and help advance junior soccer in China, promote a sustainable soccer culture, and foster Chinese-German exchange and cooperation in the field of sport and culture.

    Since 2015, the Volkswagen Junior Football Train-the-Trainer program has trained more than 322 local junior soccer coaches from 42 registered national junior soccer training centers and thereby helped some 40,000 junior players in China. The training program last four weeks and focuses specifically on junior soccer coaching and training. Based on the current status of junior football training in China and coaches' expectations, experts from VfL Wolfsburg shared their training methods in theory and practice.

    15 experienced junior soccer coaches were selected and invited to Germany for more in-depth training from September 17 to 30, 2017. Alongside the theoretical and practical training given by VfL Wolfsburg, the Chinese visitors visited the clubs 1. FC Köln, Hertha BSC and 1. FC Union Berlin, as well as the German Sport University Cologne, the German Football League (DFL) and German league games. It was the first time that a training program for junior soccer coaches was tried out in Germany and all the coaches came away full of enthusiasm.

    Latest news: https://www.vfl-wolfsburg.de/info/aktuelles/detailseite/artikel/weiterbildung-fuer-verbandstrainer-aus-china-47373.html

  • Jugendhaus Stuttgart | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    Stuttgart’s Jugendhaus GmbH funds 41 private child and youth work institutions, cooperates with schools as part of school social work, offers diverse educational and care services ranging up to career guidance in the transitional phase from school to work, and implements numerous projects.
    Porsche funded various measures of the Jugendhaus with emergency aid during the coronavirus crisis.

    It also supported a digital “Idea Workshop” that offers children, youngsters and their families tips to combat boredom, counseling and much more. In addition, a neighborhood help scheme was established in the form of an exchange platform that promotes solidarity, encounter and neighborhood help between old and young.

    The Jugendhaus company was also assisted in procuring protective equipment to ensure it can continue providing its counseling and education work in its 41 children’s and youth homes.

  • Kindernothilfe e.V. (KNH) | ŠKODA | Equal Opportunities

    KNH is committed to support needy children all over the world by sustainable development projects, humanitarian aid and speaks up for the abidance of children’s rights. SAD supports the KNH by providing a car to keep the German team mobile for their work.

  • Kinder Palliativ Team Südhessen | ŠKODA | Health

    The Kinder Palliativ Team Südhessen can rely on ŠKODA vehicles to care for small patients in a region that extends from Rüdesheim to Fulda and from Butzbach to Hirschhorn am Neckar. The Kinder Palliativ Team Südhessen enables families to spend time with their seriously ill child until the very end of their lives at home. The team provides reliable medical care and psychosocial support in home environment.

  • Launch of a working group to develop Drömling Nature Park | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Volkswagen AG has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the federal states Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt on support for developing Drömling Nature Park into a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The focus is on projects relating to employee engagement and further education, gentle tourism and collaboration in marketing regional products. To enable that, a working group comprising representatives from management of the Drömling biosphere reserve, Gifhorn county, the Autostadt and various divisions from Volkswagen’s site in Wolfsburg was established and began its work in 2020.

  • Leseohren e. V. | Porsche | Education and science

    Leseohren e. V. is a not-for-profit association that aims to convey the pleasure of speaking and reading to children. It trains and supervises just under 600 volunteer “Reading Mentors” who regularly read aloud at day care centers, libraries or schools in Stuttgart. As part of the “Lese-Heimat” (“Reading Home”) project, the “Reading Mentors” help child refugees improve their skills in using the German language in a safe environment. The aim is to develop linguistic competence and perceptive faculties and so make it easier for children to enhance their reading skills later. No read aloud events were able to be held from March 2020 on due to the coronavirus crisis. The association has therefore launched an offering with digital read-alouds. It includes a YouTube channel with 110 videos and further education formats for mentors (speech training, book presentation, etc.). Porsche is supporting “Lese-Heimat” and its expanded digital offering with a donation.

  • Ludwigsburg Junior Traffic Training School | Porsche | Road safety education

    Many children like getting out and about on their bike, exploring the environment and cycling to friends or school. To help make sure they get to where they want to without suffering an accident, all fourth-grade pupils are given bicycle safety education. They are given instruction by the police on training grounds, schoolyards and by or on public roads. Since traffic on roads has increased sharply, it is all the more important for there to be permanent training grounds where children can be made aware of the dangers in road traffic in a realistic way. Ludwigsburg Junior Traffic Training School has been jointly launched by Ludwigsburg Road Safety Association, Ludwigsburg Council, Ludwigsburg Police Headquarters and Porsche in order to offer all schools in the environs such a permanent facility where pupils can practice and learn about road safety. 

  • “Lukas” project | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    More than seven million severely handicapped people live in Germany. They and their families often face great challenges. The “Lukas” project – the German acronym stands for “a smile for employees’ children with other strengths” – aims to help. Porsche launched the initiative in 2019. It is aimed at employees’ children who are restricted by their mental or physical handicap, or both, such that they need special assistance.

    Employees with affected children and their families have since received more support – in the form of a financial donation to the institution where their child is looked after. They can be inclusive kindergartens and (all-day) care centers, for example.

    Many of the children looked after there belong to a risk group that is at greater risk due to the coronavirus pandemic. The not-for-profit organizations were therefore helped with an additional donation in 2020 so that the precautions required to protect the children, their carers and their families against the coronavirus could be implemented.  

  • Makeshift hospital in the Global Inn | VW Immobilien | Healthcare

    Volkswagen Immobilien’s own Global Inn hotel was converted into a makeshift hospital in the coronavirus pandemic. The hotel is to be available as an in-patient treatment center for persons suffering from mild to moderate coronavirus infections so as to reduce the burden on Wolfsburg City Hospital.

  • MENTOR – Die Leselernhelfer Nordhessen e.V. | Group | Workforce donation / regional support

    Purchase of children’s books for a separate department in Kassel City Library, where volunteers help children with reading difficulties.

  • Mentoring Program | Audi | Education

    Executive managers act as mentors for adolescents by sharing life and work experience and listening to the challenges the young people face.

  • Mobile counseling bus | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    Mobile youth work is aimed at underprivileged young people in Stuttgart and offers counseling in the public space. The target group includes socially disadvantaged children and youngsters aged eight to 27. Streetworkers are severely impeded in their job by the hygiene measures that have to be observed due to the coronavirus pandemic and the winter. Services can no longer be readily provided out of doors. Porsche helped the Stuttgart Evangelical Society (EVA) fund a mobile counseling bus to ensure dependable and regular counseling. As a result, it can continue offering needy and vulnerable children and youngsters reliable, personal support in coping with challenging life situations.

  • Mobility agreement "Mobilitätspakt for the business region Heilbronn/ Neckarsulm" | Audi | Traffic and mobility

    Agreement on measures with the ministry of transport and further regional partners.

  • Monitoring of the off-road track | Porsche | Nature conservation

    Since 2004, the off-road track’s biodiversity has been assessed scientifically every two years with the goal of preserving and improving its biodiversity.

  • Muuvit Adventure | VfL Wolfsburg | Education and science

    One of VfL Wolfsburg’s most successful initiatives in the field of health education is the Muuvit Adventure, a lighthouse project in the “Health” pillar of its “Moving Together” initiative. The innovative education program is an aid for teachers of first to sixth grade classes and is geared toward promoting movement and exercise. It is now established worldwide.

    The VfL uses the project as a core tool as part of its CSR initiative “Moving Together” to motivate pupils – more than 50,000 of whom have participated since 2009 – to exercise more and encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle. VfL Wolfsburg enables all school pupils in its core region to take part in the Muuvit Adventure free of charge. All participating classes also have the chance to win an action day with VfL Wolfsburg’s coaching staff at the end of the school year. In addition, a large Muuvit Health Day was staged at the Volkswagen Arena for the first time this year.

    Muuvit’s principle is simple: The children collect points by exercising every day – during lessons, breaks and their leisure time. Every form of movement and exercise counts, and all class members work together to amass as many points as possible. These points corresponds to “Muuvit miles,” which the class records on a map to help it progress on its imaginary journey. The project’s website is accompanied by a virtual learning environment offering exciting travel destinations and child-appropriate tasks the pupils can solve in their lessons.

  • Nesting boxes | Porsche | Nature conservation

    Mounting and cleaning of nesting boxes for birds.

  • Nesting places for kestrels at Kassel power plant | Volkswagen Kraftwerk | Nature conservation

    Creation of four more nesting places for kestrels at Kassel power plant.  

  • "NeverAgain" | Audi | Social Project

    Because of the Covid-19-pandemic, there are no visits at Flossenbürg possible.
    So this year in cooperation with the memorial place Flossenbürg we transformed the workshops in a digital format and will use it as a pilot-project. The experiences of the participants will be evaluated afterwards in a "lessons learned".

  • New Year’s reception for Wolfsburg’s Tafel at the Global Inn hotel | VW Immobilien | Regional support

    Volkswagen Immobilien has supported the voluntary engagement of the Wolfsburg Tafel food bank for years with various campaigns and, in addition to donating €4,500, organized a New Year’s reception for the around 50 volunteers at the Global Inn hotel this year. Tons of foods are destroyed in Germany every day despite still being edible, and yet many people suffer from a shortage of food. The not-for-profit food banks help square that circle: They collect excess, perfectly good food and distribute it to socially and economically disadvantaged recipients. With their quick and unbureaucratic help, food banks alleviate the consequences of poverty in society – and practice solidarity and humanity.

  • NFV/VfL Junior Coach | VfL Wolfsburg | Clubs

    Junior Coach, the coach training scheme of the Lower Saxony Soccer Association (NFV), is aimed at all girls and boys from Lower Saxony who are aged 14 to 18 and are soccer enthusiasts. In a four-day course, licensed NFV coaches prepare the participants to take over initial coaching work at schools or clubs.

  • Off-road track | Porsche | Nature conservation

    Improving the habitat (former ammunition bunkers) for the bats living there through installation of fittings (so that the bats can hide or have a place to withdraw to).

  • “Open to Diversity – Closed to Exclusion” initiative | Volkswagen Group Components | Regional support

    Participation by the Kassel site in the regional initiative for cosmopolitanism, diversity and tolerance in Kassel and North Hesse.

  • Online campaign to mark International Day for Biological Diversity | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Due to the coronavirus, Volkswagen employees worldwide were urged to mark the International Day for Biological Diversity 2020 by taking part in an online campaign and presenting their own activities to support biodiversity in Volkswagen Net. Many employees used the time they had due to the lockdowns in 2020 to do something for biodiversity on their balcony or outdoors. A further aim was to motivate employees to strengthen their engagement.

    Colleagues from all over the world – Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Mexico and China – took part in the campaign.

  • Orange Day 2020 in Hanover | VW Commercial Vehicles | Equal opportunities

    Since 2016 Orange Day – the international day of action for the elimination of violence against girls and women – has called on people all over the world to take a stance and send out a clear signal against violence and for the protection of girls’ and women’s rights. According to current estimates, every one-in-three women in Germany is a victim of physical or psychological violence once in their life. “We not me” is one of the most important corporate principles of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. In 2020, the brand therefore supported the work of the association Soroptimistinnen Hannover e.V. with the orange Bulli on the “Orange Way” around 16 Hanover buildings lit up in orange, including the VW Commercial Vehicles tower – to promote greater commitment to creating a lastingly fairer society.

  • Out-of-school place of learning “Green-and-white classroom”| VfL Wolfsburg | Education and science

    The out-of-school place of learning “Green-and-white classroom” is located directly in VfL World of Soccer, which was opened as part of the new AOK Stadium in the Allerpark in the spring of 2015. Embodying a new form of out-of-school learning, the classroom combines school content with soccer as a motivator – soccer helps fill the children and youngsters with enthusiasm about the learning content. The “Green-and-white classroom” offers school classes a new and varied way of learning about topics such as healthcare, diversity, the environment and education outside school. The workshops developed specially for it are geared toward the content of and competences conveyed by school subjects such as general knowledge, biology, sport, values and standards, and German and link these with the subject of soccer in an innovative way that is geared toward the pupils and enhancing their skills. The emphasis is on topics such as nutrition and movement, values and standards, and the environment and sustainability. The workshop programs are continuously developed further, expanded and adapted to the needs of schools. One particular focus is on integration with or orientation toward the curricula and education standards of the federal states of Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

    Learning that meets the needs of pupils and yet keeps on taking up new and innovative education concepts is enabled. Learning with and through new and creative media (tablets and smart boards) and methods supports that aspect. The “Green-and-white classroom” offers space for up to 30 children and youngsters, who learn at six group tables. An adjoining outdoor area can be used for short breaks and exercise units.

    Schools and club groups can visit the workshops of the “Green-and-white classroom” from Mondays to Sundays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. There is also the opportunity of visiting the VfL World of Soccer, an interactive soccer exhibition that is packed with adventure, and taking part in a guided tour of the Volkswagen Arena. All in all, children and youngsters, as well as accompany persons and parents, are offered an eventful day-long excursion that will not only get passionate VfL fans cheering.

    The following projects are also being implemented in the “Green-and-white classroom”:

    • Writing contests in cooperation with the publishing house Dudenverlag. The contest was held for the fifth time between 2016 and 2020 and will be continued in February 2021. Texts relating to soccer or sport are written in five categories of text. 1,278 pupils from 102 schools took part in the writing contest in 2020.
    • The “Wolfsburg Schools for Diversity” project, in which local schools are engaged together with the Fan Project Wolfsburg, VfL Wolfsburg and other educational partners for diversity.
  • Our employees’ health is a matter that is very dear to our hearts | VW Immobilien | Healthcare

    Masks come in various colors, cuts and patterns. Volkswagen Immobilien has ordered its own masks for employees that offer protection, yet conjure up a smile.

  • Participation in Nationwide Read Aloud Day at the BulliGarten daycare facility | Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge | Education and science

    Employees of VW Commercial Vehicles have taken part in the nationwide Read Aloud Day since 2015. It is held annually on the third Friday in November and aims to arouse enthusiasm for reading and reading aloud among children and bring them into contact with the written word and narration at an early age. Employees again took part in the BulliGarten in 2020 – this time virtually using video services.

  • Pasturage concept | Porsche | Nature conservation

    Implementation and maintenance of the landscaping requirements from the accompanying landscaping plan in order to develop the off-road track (former military training area) and to preserve and promote biodiversity at the site.

  • PCR testing at the Kassel site | Volkswagen | Healthcare (across all sites)

    Employees of Volkswagen AG with coronavirus symptoms can be tested voluntarily. The objective is to identify potential infections quickly and so avoid another lockdown.  

  • Pilot project “binee” at Porsche in Leipzig | Porsche | Nature conservation

    As part of Porsche’s sustainability strategy, Porsche Leipzig initiated a partnership with the “binee” start-up from Saxony. The company, which was founded in 2015, has developed a recycling loop that rewards disposal of old electrical and electronic devices and controls recycling in a pinpointed way, thereby avoiding unnecessary mining and quarrying of raw materials (such as iron ore). In a three-month pilot phase, employees of Porsche Leipzig had the opportunity to dispose of their mobile phones and small electrical appliances – whether coffee machines, hair dryers or alarm clocks – quickly and easily on their way to work. All electrical appliances up to a size of 25 centimeters can be disposed of. Transparent processes give customers an insight into the recycling chain and allow them to track what happens to their old device. As a thank-you, participants receive a discount voucher they can use when shopping at a binee partner. The collaboration between Porsche and the start-up is one example of a successful symbiosis between economic strength and innovativeness in Leipzig.

  • Photovoltaic system | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation

    Generating our own electricity
    Apart from the photovoltaic system on the company kindergarten, Volkswagen Financial Services installed such systems on the roofs of three other office buildings.

  • Places in nurseries and kindergarten | Audi | Job and family

    • 157 places in Ingolstadt
    • 73 places in Neckarsulm
  • Plogging Event in Neckarsulm | Audi | Nature and environmental protection

    Audi employees collected waste while jogging.

  • Plug-in hybrid locomotives | Audi | Environmental sustainability

    Two modern plug-in hybrid locomotives are used at Ingolstadt for shunting work, significantly reducing emissions. Exclusive use of batteries means that the plug-in-hybrid drives can operate entire ly without emissions. This avoids pollution in sensitive areas or tunnels. Overall, this achieves are duction of up to 70 % of emissions, e.g. NOx (approx. 70 %) and particles (approx. 40–50 %).

  • Porsche helps | Porsche | Voluntary work

    In the spring of 2020, Porsche launched “Porsche helps,” an initiative in which employees can volunteer to help as part of the coronavirus crisis. The intranet contains information on organizations and associations that are looking for helpers – whether to donate blood or hand out food. Interested colleagues can find potential assignments on a networking platform. It presents more than 640 non-profit organizations and over 2,300 offerings where people can pitch in: just once or regularly, on their own or in a team, on site or digitally, in manual or mental work – but always with passion.

    As part of a Christmas campaign of “Porsche Helps,” employees had the opportunity to make a total of 60 wishes of underprivileged children come true. The sports car manufacturer donated €100 for every wish that was fulfilled – resulting in a total sum of €6,000 presented to Caritas Stuttgart’s House 49, an international neighborhood center in northern Stuttgart. House 49 provides educational offerings and advice, parent and family counseling, mentoring for persons entering the labor market, school social work and places to meet.

  • Porsche Junior project | Porsche | Education and science

    Getting old Porsche tractors back up and running - the Porsche Junior project has already taught more than 7,000 young people at some 120 institutions the essential skills required. The project team sends tractors in need of restoration to schools and other institutions. The young people do all the work, from deep-cleaning the vehicle to repairing broken parts, from changing the oil to reassembling the entire tractor. Along the way, they learn the technical skills they need and how to work together as a team. Upon completion of the project, each participant receives a certificate confirming their pre-vocational skills. The Porsche Junior project was launched by the Porsche Diesel Club Europe in 2007, and Porsche continues to support the initiative.

  • Porsche Safari | Porsche | Nature conservation/environmental education

    Safaris have been regularly held on the off-road track since 2018 in cooperation with the Auwaldstation Leipzig. They are aimed at 3rd to 6th grade school pupils, are based on Saxony’s education concept, and have changing contents.

  • Porsche Safari | Porsche | Nature conservation

    School classes, children and families have been invited to go on safari at Porsche Leipzig since 2018. The 132-hectare natural area at the plant is home to 75 aurochs and 30 Exmoor ponies, as well as numerous wild animals, such as pheasants, black kites, deer, hares, bats and amphibians. Three million honeybees have also lived there since 2017. Participants in the Porsche safari can experience them and the native flora and fauna along an around four-kilometer hiking trail, accompanied by an environmental educator from the cooperation partner, the Auwaldstation Leipzig. The discovery tours have already welcomed around 1,200 participants in the past three years. 2020 also saw the first-ever Bat Night as part of the Porsche safari, focusing on the bat population in the natural area.

  • Porsche supports World Cleanup Day | Porsche | Voluntary work

    Environmental protection starts at your own factory gate. Employees collected refuse around the parent plant in Zuffenhausen on World Cleanup Day on September 19, 2020. Around 25 colleagues from the departments Procurement Strategy & Organizational Development (BSP), Sustainability (GGN), Environmental & Energy Management (PBU) and Sales Strategy & Projects (VPS) pitched in. The team filled a total of more than 70 60-liter refuse sacks. The refuse was handed over to our colleagues at Building Infrastructure Management (PBW8), who disposed of it properly.

    World Cleanup Day is held annually in mid-September and is the world’s largest bottom-up civic movement. The objective is to rid nature of as much (plastic) waste as possible. People in 180 countries voluntarily clean streets, parks, beaches, forests, rivers, river banks and the seas.

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s World Cleanup Day was held in compliance with hygiene guidelines and with a reduced number of participants.

  • Porsche youth development – “Turbo for Talents” | Porsche | Sport

    Supporting youngsters in sport is a vital part of the sports car manufacturer’s philosophy and efforts in living up to its social responsibility. Porsche has partnered sports clubs in supporting their youth work for many years under the slogan “Turbo for Talents.” A particular focus in that is on reconciling school, sport and work. The program also fosters social aspects and instills values such as team spirit, fairness, passion and respect, as well as helping develop personality. The Germany-wide CSR program centers on the company’s two locations of Stuttgart and Leipzig. In the Stuttgart region, Porsche has supported children and youngsters at its partner clubs SC Bietigheim-Bissingen Steelers (ice hockey), SV Stuttgarter Kickers, SG Sonnenhof Großaspach (soccer) and the Porsche Basketball Academy in Ludwigsburg for years. As part of its engagement at RB Leipzig, Porsche makes it easier for children from socially disadvantaged families to gain access to sport, among other things. Porsche has also supported the youth development work of Borussia Mönchengladbach since September 2020.

    A highlight of the project is the annual presentation of the Porsche Turbo Awards to talented and dedicated sportspersons. They are bestowed on budding talents in the three categories of sporting development, school performance, and exemplary conduct and commitment in their teams and clubs.

  • Project funding/Audi team projects | Audi | Social projects

    Every local social institution is supported financially with 500 € per project which is realized by Audi employees

  • Protecting the climate through cycling | Volkswagen Group Components | Transport and mobility

    Support of Ostfalia University’s endowed chair for bicycle traffic with the aid of an analysis of residential areas and interests, as well as a reception for cyclists at the factory gate to express appreciation for the project.  

  • Public-sector “integrated school” (Profilschule) for children and adolescents who have had a difficult start in life | Audi | Education

    Children ages 8-10 years old can apply and are being selected for the program which entails supplementary school support as well as educational vacation programs, educational excursions, etc.

  • ready4work booster club | VW Immobilien | Education and science

    A sound, high-quality training is the best start to someone’s vocational future. If that start does not succeed, for whatever reason, then support is needed. The ready4work initiative has been providing such assistance in the region since 2003. Volkswagen Immobilien has been an active member company of this initiative for many years and is committed to training young people.  

  • Redesign of the campus | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation

    Space for recreation and a habitat, too
    More open, inviting and sustainable:
    The structural change to the Gifhorner Straße campus has entailed a complete redesign, as a result of which the grounds have been opened up to customers, business partners and citizens of Braunschweig. A natural regeneration zone was created by green niches and seating areas. As part of a planting campaign, 20 employees together with gardening and landscaping experts erected dry-stone walls for beds, planted ground cover plants and herbs and created piles of dead wood and stones as a habitat for insects. The cultivated areas were planned with the support of the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU).

  • Renaturation of the Schunter Meadow in Braunschweig | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation

    Volkswagen Financial Services is supporting renaturation of the Schunter Meadow near Rühme – in the direct vicinity of the company’s headquarters – with a sum of €340,000. This funding made the project possible in the first place. The project’s total cost is around €3.3 million. The renaturation work is expected to be completed by mid-2022.

  • "Respite care" for employees | Audi | Job and Care

    A one-year “respite care” pilot project since March 1, 2019, which provides four nursing care places in an apartment for employees, who care their relatives in their homes; the caregiver becomes ill, cannot provide care temporarily or wants to take a vacation for himself.

  • “Responsibility Perspective” lecture series | Audi | Education Sustainability

    The “Responsibility Perspective” lecture series offers Audi employees the opportunity to share ideas regarding sustainability with representatives from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), with academics and with politicians.

  • Responsibility worldwide | MAN | Education and science

    As part of its social engagement, MAN focuses on projects related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, it promotes the SDG “Quality Education Worldwide” by funding projects of the SOS Children’s Village. In Germany, SOS educational projects are supported at three MAN locations. The focus abroad remains on the ​SOS educational program in Africa and the SOS location in Kality, Ethiopia.

    As a result of its generous, longstanding engagement, MAN has helped establish two additional branches of training at the SOS Vocational Training Center in Kality. Besides expansion of car mechanic and car electronics training, maintenance of the facilities in these areas was financed. 

    Once again in 2020, a large part of the costs of maintaining the automotive technology section, in which 121 girls and boys are trained, are covered by the €30,000 MAN donates.

    MAN’s CR projects worldwide are presented here: MAN’s CR projects

  • Responsibility worldwide | MAN Energy Solutions | Culture

    “Unfolding energy together!” – that is the slogan of the partnership between MAN Energy Solutions and Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra that has existed since 2010. As its main sponsor, MAN enables the orchestra to engage prestigious artists from Germany and abroad, among other things. An annual highlight is the MAN Open Air concert, which is enthusiastically received by the audience.

  • Responsibility worldwide | MAN Energy Solutions | Education

    MAN Energy Solutions has been a partner to the German youth science competition “Jugend forscht” since 2012 and stages the annual contest for the Augsburg region. As a sponsor, MAN Energy Solutions helps systematically foster talent and innovation. “Jugend forscht” is a competition that aims to kindle an interest in mainly in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM disciplines) among the young.

  • Responsibility worldwide | MAN Energy Solutions | Healthcare

    MAN Energy Solutions has been a partner to the non-governmental organization Mercy Ships since 2010. Mercy Ships delivers medical care to the world’s poorest countries with the privately operated hospital ship M/V Africa Mercy.

    MAN Energy Solutions makes a contribution to healing and integrating people with serious illnesses by providing free spare parts and services. Four MAN 5L21/31 GenSets ensure an uninterrupted power supply on board. A further four MAN B&W Alpha 16U28LU engines and a MAN propeller power the ship from one place of assignment to the next. The leitmotif of the cooperation is “Powering hope & healing.”

  • Salzburger Festspiele | Audi | Art and culture

    AUDI AG has been the main sponsor of Salzburg Festival for almost 25 years. The partnership is based on long-standing and fruitful collaboration. The successful blend of tradition, the highest possible standards and creative vision is what makes the atmosphere at the Salzburg Festival so special – and that matches Audi perfectly. As the main sponsor, the company helps to ensure that the festival offers world-class artistic excellence. And not only in Salzburg itself: Since the partnership began, Salzburg Festival has made an annual guest appearance in Ingolstadt.

    AUDI AG renewed its cooperation agreement with Salzburg Festival until 2022. The two partners aim to expand their joint projects even further in the coming years.

  • Salzgitter Energy Days | Volkswagen Group Components | Climate protection

    Every two years; not held in 2020

  • Schirn & Städel Museum | ŠKODA | Arts and culture

    The Städel museum and Kunsthalle Schirn are two well-respected art venues with pan-European appreciation in Frankfurt am Main, managed by the same director. For their exhibition launches, SAD supports with a VIP shuttle as well as with a car for the director.  

  • School forests against climate change | Volkswagen Group Components | Climate protection

    As part of the project staged by the Zukunft Wald Foundation:
    Trainees from VOLKSWAGEN Salzgitter plant and tend a Volkswagen Trainee Forest

    • as well as annual educational support (in the subject of forests)
    • Plot of land in the Salzgitter-Thiede local subdistrict leased for 30 years.

    Was held in 2020 in compliance with coronavirus regulations.

  • School writing contest | VfL Wolfsburg | Education and science

    A poem about the winning goal, a short story describing the final dramatic seconds of a game, or a cookbook containing the best “recipes for athletes.” Entries in all these different formats were written by school pupils wanting to win VfL Wolfsburg’s annual school writing contest.

    The club has staged it for five years now, true to the motto: “Get your pens ready, steady, go.” The objective is to motivate and inspire grade 3 to 9 pupils to write. Pupils in Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt can register as of the beginning of February and submit texts in five categories (report, commentary, short story, poem, and creative work) on the themes of soccer and sport.

    As the above-mentioned entries suggest, the pupils have always excelled with the creative ideas they come up with. Some describe their first visit to a stadium, provide insights into the subject of friendship, or present film projects. The texts do not necessarily have to be about soccer, but can relate to other sports. Entries on equestrian sports, chess, handball or swimming have not been uncommon and are welcome.

    The contest is divided by grade – 3 and 4, 5 and 6, and 7 to 9 –, with different types of text specifically defined for each group, and the response is huge. 1,278 pupils from 102 schools took part in the writing contest in 2020.
    The highlight of the school writing contest is the annual award ceremony in June. It was staged digitally for the first time in 2020 due to the coronavirus. The winning texts could also be read digitally for the first time at: Gewinner­innen und Gewinner Schul-Schreib­wettbewerb 2020

    If you are interested in taking part in this year’s contest, you can register by going to VfL Wolfsburg’s homepage: Calling all budding writers

  • Seal of Quality for Secure Housing | VW Immobilien | Other

    VWI won the Seal of Quality for Secure Housing for two projects.

    The Lower Saxony Seal of Quality for Secure Housing has been developed by the Security Partnership in Urban Development in Lower Saxony as an award for residential estates and areas that are of a proven quality and enable secure living. Security Partnership in Urban Development in Lower Saxony, whose members include the federal state’s development bank Nbank and Ministry for Social Affairs, as well as associations and institutions throughout Lower Saxony, has presented the Lower Saxony Seal of Quality for Secure Housing since 2010.

    More information: www.sicherheit-staedtebau.de

  • Seehaus e. V. – violence prevention | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    The prevention project “Women and experiences with violence” is aimed specifically at women who have already been victims of violence. The aim is to educate women who participate in the project how to assert and protect themselves better in the future. The donation will help the project be implemented at various locations in the Stuttgart region.

    Seehaus e.V. is a not-for-profit association that works in the field of youth welfare, crime prevention and victim support. As an alternative to closed and open prison, Seehaus e. V. allows sentences to be served in a free form in the Seehaus Leonberg and Seehaus Leipzig, where organizations offer training in joinery, carpentry/construction, metalworking, and horticulture and landscaping. The association’s mission is to help offenders, former prisoners, crime victims and their families, as well as anyone confronted with crime.

  • Settlement of honeybees at the Leipzig campus | Porsche | Nature conservation

    A total of three million honeybees have lived at the natural site on the Porsche Leipzig campus since 2017. The company’s efforts are aimed at helping preserve the honeybee population and so protect nature. The honey can be purchased from the Porsche shop at the Leipzig plant under the name “Turbienchen.” The bees have ideal conditions at the off-road campus thanks to the diverse flora – apart from numerous wild plants, hawthorn, black locust and lime trees grow there in particular. It is also a natural habitat for around 30 Exmoor ponies and 75 aurochs. Numerous other animal species – such as pheasants, black kites, amphibians, hares, deer and bats – are at home on the grounds. The concept is unique in the automotive industry. From the outset, Porsche Leipzig has combined sustainable, resource-efficient automobile production with a commitment to nature and the environment. The plant’s own off-road campus used to be a restricted military area and was restored to its natural state by Porsche in 2000.

  • Settlement of bee colonies in the Original Parts Center 5 and flower meadows on the Group After Sales campus | Group | Nature conservation

    Ten bee colonies were settled at the Original Parts Center 5 of Group After Sales – equal to a total of almost half a million bees. The honey obtained from them is processed by a local beekeeper and sold to employees through the catering unit in Kassel.

  • Social and ecological engagement | MAN | Voluntary work

    Social and ecological responsibility is an integral component of MAN’s corporate culture. Many employees have displayed exceptional commitment, in particular during the lockdown, but also beyond that. Here is a sample of the projects from 2020:

    Employees from all divisions of MAN Munich used the spell of short-time working to deliver 5,200 food parcels to needy people in the whole of central Munich and in its suburbs.

    Employees at the Parts Distribution Center in Dachau organized and lovingly packed 170 Easter parcels for children in their spare time. In a flash campaign, exactly 11,700 respirator masks were repackaged and dispatched on special delivery runs.

    In December 2020, employees from the Southwest sales region helped earthquake victims in Croatia. Two TGX trucks were provided so that the donated goods could be transported to persons affected by the earthquake. One of them was driven by two MAN employees on an 18-hour journey to the region near Zagreb. They had in particular aid equipment on board, as well as blankets, clothing and food.

  • Social commitment as part of sponsoring top-class sport | Porsche | Sport

    As part of the familiar “Aces for Charity” campaign in the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, Porsche donated €50 for every ace in the course of the “German Ladies‘ Series presented by Porsche.” This series of tournaments was launched in 2020 by the German Tennis Federation (DTB) with the aid of Porsche due to the fact that tournaments worldwide were postponed in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. The players served 385 aces – and Porsche topped up the donation to €20,000. The sum was shared equally between the Agapedia Foundation, which helps children who are in need and require help with its various projects, and the State Sports Association of Baden-Württemberg for its federal program “Integration Through Sport.”

  • Social Fund | Volkswagen | Social welfare

    The “Social Fund” gives financial support to various social institutions in East Frisia, such as women’s shelters, the Parent’s Association for Children with Cancer, hospices and food banks. This company has provided this assistance for 20 years. The Social Committee at the Emden plant decides who receives it.

  • STABILIZERS | Volkswagen Financial Services | Voluntary work

    Volkswagen Financial Services has encouraged civic commitment by its employees since 2017. Community engagement is a key component of Volkswagen Financial Services’ corporate responsibility strategy. Social success has been, is and will continue to be driven by qualified and dedicated people who go that extra mile in their private life and are guided by clear values.

    Volkswagen Financial Services supports innovative and original projects relating to the Braunschweig region with a one-off maximum amount of €5,000. The employee must be personally involved in the project so that the funding can be awarded.

    As part of its social commitment, the company has supported six initiatives: the circus project of the booster club Förderverein für die Grundschule KTK & Kita Veltenhof e.V., the Verein Kinderkrebsfürsorge, an association in Gifhorn which cares for children with cancer, Semmenstedt Volunteer Fire Brigade, the refugee relief association Flüchtlingshilfe Papenteich e.V., KöKi e.V., an association that supports physically handicapped children, and the local section of the German Life Saving Association DLRG OG Vorsfelde e.V.  

  • Stakeholder Dialogue | Audi | Education Sustainability

    The Audi Stakeholder Forum is a conference on strategically important topics to which Audi invites selected stakeholders every two years. The next Audi Stakeholder Forum will take place in early 2020 in Munich with representatives from industry, science and national associations. Participants will be allocated in different working groups, discussing various selected topics.

  • Start-up competition for school students and trainees | Porsche | Education and science

    Youngsters are given practical guidance in how to think and act in an entrepreneurial way in the start-up competition “Jugend gründet” (“Youth sets up in business”). Around 4,000 school students and trainees stepped into the shoes of start-up founders for one school year, developed innovative business ideas and created business plans for them. In the second half of the school year, they experienced the ups and downs of the economic cycle with their virtual companies and tried to lead them to lasting success with their strategic decisions.

    Porsche is the main sponsor of the business plan and business game competition. Participants gain deep insights into economic interrelationships and get to know and appreciate the value and importance of personal initiative and entrepreneurial spirit for their own work. In addition, the special Porsche award in recognition of an innovative digital business idea was bestowed for the third time as part of the competition in 2020.

    The three pupils from Achern High School making up the “E-ChargeNets GmbH” team developed a charging and billing concept for private use of public power sources, such as street lamps, as a charging station for electric vehicles. They were presented with the special Porsche award “Digital Future” at the award ceremony at the 2020 national finals of “Jugend gründet.” The prize is a visit to the sports car manufacturer’s DigitalLab in Berlin.

  • Starthilfe Ausbildungsverbund Schwalm-Eder e.V. | Group | Workforce donation / education / equal opportunities

    Purchase of laptops for homeschooling. Educationally and socially disadvantaged school leavers, long-term unemployed youngsters and young migrants and young are given first-time extra-company vocational training.

  • "Stimme-Firmenlauf" | Audi | Sports & health

    Sponsoring a regional sport project, initiated by "Heilbronner Stimme", entry fees & T-Shirts for the event

  • Stuttgart Ballet | Porsche | Art and culture

    In 2020, Porsche AG renewed its agreement as the long-standing main sponsor of Stuttgart Ballet by a further three years until 2023. The ensemble in Stuttgart, where the company is based, boasts an outstanding international reputation. Porsche has been the main sponsor of the ballet since 2012. Porsche also provided financial assistance in building the new John Cranko School.

    The new agreement also includes presentation of the cultural event “Ballet in the Park.” In 2020, Stuttgart Ballet and Porsche jointly created an alternative to the popular open-air event, which was forced to be canceled. The new ballet evening RESPONSE I was premiered in the Opera House in July 2020 in front of a limited audience and in compliance with the stipulations and hygiene rules. The performance was simultaneously broadcast on the Kulturwasen’s large drive-in cinema screen. Around 1,000 vehicles were able to park on the site in Bad Cannstatt, enabling some 2,000 people to enjoy the premiere live from their car. A limited number of people were also able to watch the performance from loungers. Admission to “Ballet at the Kulturwasen” was free. Stuttgart Ballet thus remained true to its mission statement of “ballet for all” this year – despite the coronavirus crisis and thanks to Porsche AG’s support.


  • Support for Joblinge Stuttgart | Porsche | Education and science

    Youth unemployment is a social challenge of our time. The “Joblinge” initiative, a cooperation between the business community, government and civil society, gives youngsters without prospects an opportunity. Joblinge has been a success model since it was founded in 2008. In a program lasting around six months, youngsters acquire key qualifications on the job, learn social skills, and earn a training place or job.

    Porsche AG was one of the initiative’s co-founders in May 2014 and has supported it unswervingly since. Among other things, the company is involved in it through the Porsche Basketball Academy and has integrated a sports component in the existing program. The sports program instills important qualities, such as confidence, team spirit and endurance, so as to help the youngsters get off to a successful start in working life. Alongside the company, Porsche employees also work voluntarily as mentors in support of the program.

  • Support for VDI-GaraGe | Porsche | Education and science

    Inspiring a passion for technology in a practical way – that is Porsche’s goal in supporting schools and universities. With its Students Workshop in the VDI GaraGe in Leipzig, the technology center of the Association of German Engineers, the sports car manufacturer aims to inspire enthusiasm for the world of work in the automotive industry among school pupils. Youngsters aged between 12 and 18 learn technical skills in the VDI GaraGe. Porsche has helped fund the project since 2001 and equips the GaraGe with technology. Since 2015, the company has also supported the “Worlds of Technology,” a section at the VDI GaraGe that invites the pupils to experiment. Around 87,000 youngsters visit the training workshop every year.

  • Support Group for Children with Cancer | Porsche | Healthcare

    Child with cancer often face months of surgery and treatment, meaning their families have to adapt to this new life situation. The “Förderkreis krebskranker Kinder” (Support Group for Children with Cancer) offers them a wide range of assistance.

    Porsche trainees presented a check for €10,000 to the Stuttgart-based support group – the proceeds from the tombola held at the trainees’ Christmas party in 2019. It has been staged for several years now for the benefit of the support group. €53,400 in total has already been donated to it.  

  • Support of the foundation AUF DER BULT Hannoversche Kinderheilanstalt | VW Commercial Vehicles | Healthcare

    Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles continued its social engagement on behalf of the Hannoversche Kinderheilanstalt (HKA), one of the oldest foundations in the Hanover region, in 2019.

    Since 2017, the company has donated a five-digit sum every year to Hannoversche Kinderheilanstalt. This March the foundation also received the ten millionth vehicle produced in the brand’s van plant in Hanover, a nine-seater T6 Caravelle, as a donation. It enables the foundation to implement therapeutic measures with patients and a new program in which specialist employees from the field of dermatology visit patents with serious skin diseases to provide them with aftercare at home.

    In addition, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles continues to support the excellent, innovative medical and therapeutic work of the AUF DER BULT children’s hospital.

    “Helping the medical treatment and therapy of premature and newly born babies, children and youngsters with our donation is a matter that is very dear to the heart of all our employees. In these increasingly challenging times, we have to look closely at where we provide support as part of our social responsibility,” stated Dr. Thomas Sedran, Chairman of the Board of Management for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, when handing over the check.

  • Support of the project “People and Walls – Walls and People” | Porsche | Nature conservation

    NatureLife-International, which is based in Ludwigsburg, is a foundation that is committed to protecting nature and is actively involved nationally and internationally in ensuring broad-scale preservation of biodiversity and nurturing dialog on sustainability.

    The dry-stone walls are part of the natural and cultural heritage of the Stuttgart region and define its landscape. At the beginning of the 1960s, many of them disappeared in the region, thus robbing many animal and plant species, some of them rare, of the conditions they need to survive. That is where the long-term “People and Walls – Walls and People” steps in. It aims to renovate and rebuild dry-stone walls and plant species that have become rare. The area where the project is being conducted is situated between Porsche’s sites at Bietigheim-Bissigen and Sachsenheim and, as a natural monument, is especially protected. A nature discovery trail has been created so that schools and interested persons can learn more about this natural and cultural heritage.

  • Support of the Stiftung OlympiaNachwuchs Baden-Württemberg e. V. | Porsche | Sport

    The Stiftung OlympiaNachwuchs Baden-Württemberg (“Baden-Württemberg Budding Olympians Foundation”) had dedicated itself since 2000 to helping fund talented young athletes in the Olympic disciplines and enables them to reconcile school, work training, studying and family life with their pursuit of sporting excellence. Around 50 Baden-Württemberg athletes – from sports such as athletics, rhythmic gymnastics, fencing, wrestling or cycling – are supported every year. The goal is to create ideal conditions in Baden-Württemberg for future medal winners by subsidizing the costs of boarding schools of training and education, as well as through support for costs of material and attending competitions or training camps. Porsche’s assistance aims to help talented young athletes reconcile sport and training/education on a lasting basis.

  • Sustainability Academy | Audi | Education Sustainability

    The Sustainability Academy offers lectures and training sessions on the topic of sustainability in order to start a discussion with other colleagues and sustainability experts.

  • Sustainability rating: VWI captures leading spot nationally and internationally | VW Immobilien | Miscellaneous

    Volkswagen Immobilien (VWI) pursues a holistic approach to sustainability and has defined ecological, economic and social objectives as part of its corporate strategy. The real estate subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group has again had this holistic approach audited by a rating agency in a global comparison.  

  • Sustainable building | Group | Miscellaneous

    Certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) for buildings of Group After Sales.

  • SWR3 New Pop Festival | Audi | Art and culture

    The SWR3 New Pop Festival takes place in Baden-Baden every September. The festival’s special character makes it an ideal element in Audi’s support for music. AUDI AG has been its main sponsor and co-organizer since 2011, thus expanding its cultural commitment, and addresses in particular younger target groups.

    In 2019, Audi also made a significant contribution to the festival's new green concept, in which numerous measures were implemented to reduce CO2 emissions and electricity consumption, to avoid waste and to use sustainable materials.

  • Taktraum Festival | Audi | Art and culture

    “Less commerce and mainstream – more uniqueness” – Audi ArtExperience has been supporting the Taktraumfestival with its promising slogan since 2017.

    The Taktraumfestival brings together music fans from all over Germany who appreciate a unique musical program outside the mainstream.

  • Teach Media Skills to Children | Audi | Arts and Culture

    “Shoot movies – watch movies” for children aged 7-12 within the framework of the 20minmax International Short Film Festival in Ingolstadt  

  • TeamActions | Audi | Social projects

    Audi employees volunteer during departmental workshops or else in social institutions

  • Teamgeist 2020 (“Team Spirit 2020”) | Audi | Social projects

    Promoting employees in their volunteering commitment and strengthening the region by supporting local clubs or non-profit organizations: This was the aim of the Teamgeist 2019 campaign. To receive a donation to their non-profit organization, Audi employees could apply with a creative video.

  • Trainee Forest at Volkswagen | Volkswagen | Education and science

    100 trainees from the Salzgitter plant created Lower Saxony’s first Trainee Forest in 2016. In subsequent years, too, around 100 trainees in their first year at the company, now joined by a further 100 from the Braunschweig plant, tended the piece of woodland under professional guidance as part of a Forest Education Day. The young people planted more than 2,000 sessile oaks, small-leaved lime and other deciduous trees. The main task at present is to care for and tend this and the adjacent forests. With this action, Volkswagen is supporting the “School Forests Against Climate Change” project of the Zukunft Wald foundation.

    In the meantime, the Trainee Forest project is a firm part of the activity of young people training at the two locations. With this long-term cooperation, the Volkswagen sites in Salzgitter and Braunschweig aim to sharpen awareness for the ecosystem, environmental protection and sustainability among their trainees and assume responsibility for the region.

  • Training as a gardener (male/female/non-binary), focusing on horticulture and landscaping | VW Immobilien | Education and science

    Volkswagen Immobilien is offering two training placements as a gardener (male/female/non-binary), focusing on horticulture and landscaping, for the first time in 2020. Volkswagen Immobilien believes in-house training is a key component in integrating qualified junior staff in the company. Our future gardeners will attend the Johannes Selenka College in Braunschweig. They will have lessons at the vocational college two days a week in their first year of training and one day a week in their second and third year of training.

  • Tour der Hoffnung | ŠKODA | Health

    The Auto- und Motorradclub Gießen im ADAC – e.V. is hosting a yearly cycling tour in Hessen, called “Tour der Hoffnung” to collect donations from companies and private persons that take part in supporting children that suffer from leukemia. SAD supports the tour with cars, equipment and a financial donation.  

  • Tree-planting campaign | Volkswagen Financial Services | Nature conservation, miscellaneous

    Small measure with a big impact
    60 employees from Volkswagen Versicherung AG planted 600 trees in the forest near Wendhausen. The heat and sustained drought of past years has also inflicted a heavy toll on Lower Saxony’s forests. Beech trees are affected in particular. Employees from Volkswagen Versicherung AG helped reforestation efforts in the forest at Wendhausen in the community of Lehre. Backed by able instruction from foresters from the Lower Saxony Forestry Office in Wolfenbüttel, colleagues planted 600 young oaks. The partial change in tree species is intended to reflect the climatic changes anticipated in the future.  

  • Tree pruning courses | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    In the beginners’ and advanced fruit tree pruning courses, dedicated employees skilled in the art shared their knowledge and expertise with employees of the Emden plant. On numerous Saturdays, they volunteered to show how to care for fruit trees – and did so in a practical and highly enjoyable way. The course fees were donated to nature conservation projects, such as the erection of nesting boxes, in order to support further regional environmental protection projects.

  • Trollinger Marathon | Audi | Sports and health

    Sponsoring sport event from Heilbronn Marketing, entry fees & T-shirts for the employees.

  • Trott-war | Porsche | Equal opportunities

    Porsche has supported the association Trott-war e. V. for many years. It is an employer that is committed to actively helping socially disadvantaged people from the Stuttgart region. They can earn a living by selling a street newspaper that also deals with the issues of low-income people and return to permanent employment. A regular writing workshop called the “Article Factory” is held for sellers and enables them to write articles on topics of their own choice with expert supervision. The association also gives them the chance to take part in other projects, such as guided tours of the city, art projects or German courses. Trott-war has also launched the “Donate Your Deposit” initiative at Stuttgart Airport.  

  • Two classes at Vocational School Ingolstadt for female refugees aged 18 to 30 | Audi | Education

    Due to cultural differences, refugee women have special needs for support: The Vocational School in Ingolstadt designed a program meeting especially those needs. Audi finances 10 hours a week of instruction in social education as well as additional tutoring.

  • Use of rainwater | Audi | Environmental sustainability

    To cover water requirements, also rainwater is used at the Ingolstadt plant. The use of rainwater contributes to the conservation of natural water reserves. Rainwater is collected in underground cisterns to this end from an area covering almost 450,000 square metres. The volume of rainwater used in 2015 amounted to about 170,000 cubic metres in 2015.

  • Vacation childcare program | Volkswagen | Education and science

    Mini reporters make a big splash

    The kids were allowed to slip into the skin of a reporter for a day as part of the vacation childcare program. That included taking photos, filming and formulating exciting questions. And then they got down to the nitty-gritty: interviewing the press spokesman of the Emden plant. During the week, the children visited the plant fire department, as well as Plant Security, where they created ID badges. They then did some baking in the company restaurant on the last day as a treat for them and their parents on the program’s final afternoon.

  • Vacation childcare program | VW Commercial Vehicles | Education and science

    In order to relieve the burden on employees, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles normally offers them in-house childcare for 30 children aged 6 to 12 during vacations. This childcare was not able to be provided at the plant in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Outdoor day trips and emergency care by a service provider were therefore offered as an alternative. The times at which childcare is provided during vacations give employees greater flexibility in reconciling work and private life. As part of the vacation program’s concept, a focal theme tailored to VW Commercial Vehicles’ employees is chosen.

  • VfL Bus | VfL Wolfsburg | Health

    VfL Wolfsburg is committed to sustainably promoting an active lifestyle among children and youngsters. Health is vital in ensuring that children can learn efficiently and develop well physically and mentally. Balanced, child-appropriate nutrition and diverse means of exercise, as well as enough opportunity to relax, are of fundamental importance.

    Our goal with the VfL Bus is to visit schools, clubs and social institutions in the region and get children exercising. The VfL Wolfsburg team ensures children can experience a wide range of different ways how to exercise on the schoolyard or soccer pitch. The VfL Bus also offers a lot of information on VfL Wolfsburg, the issue of healthy eating and the subject of “wolves.”

  • VfL Diversity Weeks | VfL Wolfsburg | Sports

    The VfL Wolfsburg stages annual Diversity Weeks that address the seven diversity dimensions (age, disability and chronic diseases, ethnic origin, gender, religion and philosophical beliefs, sexual identity, and social origin) With the assistance of partners and initiatives from the city, these focal issues are dealt with in workshops, training units and other projects on different days over several weeks and with different stakeholder groups.

    The objective of the Diversity Weeks is primarily to help disadvantaged children, youngsters and adults participate in society. Moreover, the club wants to raise public awareness about this range of issues. The event concludes with an annual “Moving Together” game day under the slogan “Moving Together – Living Diversity.” Thanks to various measures as part of the game day, such as giving wheelchair users the chance to be player escorts, VfL Wolfsburg has been able to reach out to a broad audience beyond the Volkswagen Arena. The Diversity Weeks were not held in 2020 due to the measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The game day revolved around the rainbow as a symbol of diversity.

  • VfL Forest | VfL Wolfsburg | Environmental protection

    The VfL Forest project was initiated as part of the sponsoring partnership with the power utility LSW. One of the goals in this cooperation is to raise awareness of global challenges and ecological issues, such as climate change, among fans and members through environmental campaigns. With this project, VfL Wolfsburg has successfully encouraged more than 300 of its fans to plant trees since the 2014/2015 season. Under the slogan “One tree for every goal,” fans, players and the team’s head coach have already planted more than 2,000 young trees over an area of 5,000 square meters in Lower Saxony’s state forests so as to help compensate for CO2 emissions

  • VfL School Sport Study Group | VfL Wolfsburg | Health

    In the summer of 2017, VfL Wolfsburg in cooperation with its soccer academy launched a study group for partner schools as part of its CSR initiative “Moving Together.” The “Wolves” now regularly visit a total of 25 schools in Wolfsburg and the surrounding area to train with the children. The budding young talents are given instruction by
    experienced coaches from the VfL’s soccer academy around the club’s former professional Frank Greine. The objective is to encourage exercise and movement among the pupils and to raise enthusiasm for soccer and, of course, for VfL Wolfsburg.

  • “VO Cup Kassel” VO-Cup Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder und behinderte Menschen e.V. | Group | Workforce donation

    The VO Cup could not be held in its traditional manner for the first time in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and was instead staged as a virtual FIFA tournament together with the soccer club KSV Hessen Kassel. However, that did not prevent a record sum of €31,500 being raised for a good cause for the benefit of many needy and handicapped people. The money will be mainly donated to medical establishments, institutions for the handicapped and child care centers and for direct, unbureaucratic immediate assistance for families who are in an emergency situation due to illness.

  • Voluntary Covid-19 testing for employees at Volkswagen Immobilien | VW Immobilien | Healthcare

    So that employees and the company are protected as best possible against the effects of a coronavirus outbreak, Volkswagen Immobilien has decided to offer all employees coronavirus tests on a voluntary basis. The testing strategy aims to ensure timely identification of infections and prevent the virus from spreading further. The goal of that approach is to break chains of infection and hinder the formation of infection clusters at an early stage.  

  • Volkswagen trainees – working for the environment in Drömling | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Around 230 Volkswagen trainees from Wolfsburg are displaying their commitment to the environment as part of their training. They accomplished various tasks in the Drömling fenland aimed at protecting endangered animal and plant species and safeguarding biodiversity. A goal of this social engagement is also to heighten awareness of nature conservation and foster a spirit of teamwork among the trainees.

  • Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH and the Heinz Sielmann Foundation – Partnership for biodiversity | VW Immobilien | Nature conservation

    Biodiversity safeguards the basis of our existence: healthy food, clean water, high-yielding soil, and a climate in equilibrium. Plants in and on buildings, and treating the animal world with care and respect, also help create a positive perception. Biodiversity has been declining dramatically worldwide for decades. It is our duty to protect this diversity of species and habitats and preserve them for coming generations. To enable that, Volkswagen Immobilien cooperates closely with the Heinz Sielmann Foundation in a partnership aimed at promoting biodiversity.

  • VW-Checkup | Volkswagen | Healthcare (across all sites)

    Health and fitness are vital if each of us wishes to enjoy life and a good quality of life. And they are also the foundation for performing well at work. Preserving and promoting them is the goal of the Volkswagen Checkup, a free, high-quality prevention program from Health Services for all employees. It includes state-of-the-art medical examination procedures that reflect an individual’s state of health and can also reveal potential health risks.

  • VWI donates 500 trees for reforestation in the Harz | VW Immobilien | Nature conservation

    Volkswagen Immobilien (VWI) is supporting the “United Kids Foundations-Wald” project, which Volksbank BraWo initiated as part of the United Kids Foundations network and promotes reforestation of the Harz. VWI was the first company to donate to this sustainability campaign – with a sum of €2,500, equivalent to enabling 500 new trees to be planted.

    The project addresses a major issue: Wooded areas in Southern Lower Saxony have had to contend with massive problems in the past three years – in particular the Harz with its sprawling spruce forests. Forests are vitally important in protecting the environment. In order to do something sustainable for reforestation, the United Kids Foundations is initiating a unique project with Lower Saxony’s state forests.

  • VWI has again been certified as a family-friendly employer with the FaMi Seal | VW Immobilien | Equal opportunity

    Volkswagen Immobilien has been awarded the “FaMI Seal” as a family-friendly company by the association Überbetrieblicher Verbund Frau + Wirtschaft Lüneburg.Uelzen e.V. The VWI obtained 87% out of the possible maximum number of points – testimony to the attractive conditions its provides to enable employees to strike a good life-work balance. VWI’s Managing Director Michael Leipelt accepted the certificate on behalf of the company from Brigitte Kaminski and Bettina Klim from the “Fami-Siegel” joint initiative.

    As part of the VWI 2025 strategy, VWI actively involves its employees in further developing its corporate culture as part of a think tank on the subject of employer attractiveness and uses the ideas and suggestions for improvement to derive concrete measures and new action areas, which evolve to reflect changes in the world of work.

    The FaMi Seal
    The FaMi Seal is presented by the joint initiative “FaMi-Siegel” to companies and organizations in Northeast Lower Saxony that wish to document their family-friendliness. Applying for the award enables them to take a structured look at their measures that help employees reconcile work, family, caring for relatives and their private life, and offers starting points to further develop a family-conscious HR policy geared to the needs employees in their specific life phase. The areas of corporate culture, working hours, work organization, reintegration, personnel development, service for families, and strengths in implementing family-friendly measures are examined and assessed, for example.

  • “Wagner 22” festival | Porsche | Arts and culture

    Porsche and Leipzig Opera have launched a partnership: The cultural institution is inviting Wagner fans from all over the world to the “Wagner 22” festival in the summer of 2022. All the operas by the German composer will be performed within a period of three weeks. The joint planning for this major event has already begun. Porsche is its main sponsor. The objective is to make culture accessible to everyone and create unforgettable sound experiences in the heart of Leipzig city center. The partnership with Porsche will allow Wagner fans and anyone interested in the composer to watch two performances free of charge: Two operas are to be publicly broadcast on the Augustusplatz square.

  • Waldkindergarten Niedenstein e.V. | Group | Workforce donation / education / nature

    Purchase of a tepee and garden tools and barrows for children. The aim is to kindle a better understanding of “living with and in nature” in early childhood.

  • #WAZbewegt – Wolfsburg citizens run for a good cause | VW Immobilien | Voluntary work

    Engagement has many facets – and many colleagues at VWI help to make a difference and do their bit for society in very different ways. From June 29, 2020, to July 6, 2020, companies, clubs and associations faced off in the #WAZbewegt Challenge to get more exercise and do something for a good cause at the same time. Volkswagen Immobilien lined up with two teams of five employees, who assiduously notched up kilometer after kilometer.  

  • Welcome to Soccer | VfL Wolfsburg | Equal opportunity

    The initiative “Welcome to Soccer” gives young refugees access to sport, makes it easier for them to start playing organized soccer at a club, and fosters integration and social interaction and cohesion. The program relies on regional associations that are dedicated to helping newly arrived refugees and are actively involved throughout Germany. In Wolfsburg, the VfL cooperates with the clubs VfL Wolfsburg e.V., TSV Wolfsburg 1950 e.V. and SSV Vorsfelde, the Integration Department and the Sports division of Wolfsburg Council. They work together to offer training units and soccer tournaments where all can take part, as well as education and qualification measures and networking events.

  • Wild bees | Porsche | Nature conservation

    Installation of a hotel for wild bees at Weissach Development Center.

  • Winter Cycling | Audi | Traffic and mobility

    Each year, hundreds of Audi employees join the campaign “Winterradler” in the community weare.audi and share notes and helpful tips related to the topic of safe biking during wintertime. By participating in the project, Audi employees take part in a lottery with prizes like biking jackets and other useful clothing for biking in winter.  

  • Wish list campaign | Volkswagen Financial Services | Social welfare, miscellaneous

    Fulfilling big Christmas wishes
    The Works Council of Volkswagen Financial Services has organized the Christmas wish list campaign for many years. It was once again a big success in 2020. 636 wishes were fulfilled. The coronavirus meant that the wish list could not be plucked as usual from a Christmas tree in the Works Council’s offices this year. Instead, colleagues were able to order the wish lists by e-mail and then drop off the presents with the Works Council. The Works Council brought the parcels to children and youngsters at the following institutions:

    • St. Nikolaus, Braunschweig
    • The midwife foundation “Eine Chance für Kinder”, Braunschweig
    • The Remenhof Foundation, Braunschweig
    • Diakonisches Werk, Wolfsburg
    • Christliches Jugenddorf, Wolfsburg
    • Diakonisches Werk, Gifhorn
    • Elisabethstift, Salzgitter
    • AWO Jugend- und Erziehungshilfen, Braunschweig
  • Wolfsburg Schools for Diversity | VfL Wolfsburg | Education and science

    For diversity – against discrimination! Wolfsburg schools have teamed up with the Fan Project Wolfsburg, VfL Wolfsburg and other educational partners to stand up together for the values of diversity and against exclusion and any form of discrimination. The project is aimed at all secondary schools in Wolfsburg. This combined engagement sends out an effective signal for diversity and humanity and against discrimination and exclusion. In the first half of the school year, selected classes attend various workshops on subjects such as discrimination, racism and civic courage. In the second half of the school year, the schools involved themselves plan and implement a project relating to the issue of diversity at their school or in their direct environment. After successfully doing that, every school is awarded the seal “Wolfsburg School for Diversity.”

    As part of this sustainable educational project, school students engage intensively with the core issue of diversity over a period of one school year. In the first half of the school year, classes – the same or different ones – take part in at least three workshops from the following subject areas: sexism and LSBTIQ*, civic courage, discrimination, change in perspective/inclusion, and hate speech. Workshop visits are coordinated and planned together with the participating schools. The workshops are held in the “Green-and-white classroom” during normal school time and are tailored to the specific needs of the school in question.

  • Wolfsburg Schools for Diversity | VfL Wolfsburg | Education

    What is civic courage and what is the right way to act when people need help? Those and other issues are discussed in the “Green-and-white classroom” with pupils in grade 9 and above from all types of school.

    Together with the Fan Project Wolfsburg, VfL Wolfsburg initiated the “Wolfsburg Schools for Diversity” project. Its objective is to engage with and sensitive pupils to the focal issues of civic courage, group-focused enmity, sexism and homophobia.

    It is important for the workshops to fit into and complement the schools’ educational concepts. The goal is to convey and entrench core democratic values that help promote democracy and diversity.

    The project was instigated and is to be conducted as part of VfL Wolfsburg’s #Diversity campaign.

    In order to ensure they take what they learn to heart lastingly, the pupils are tasked with developing their own projects to foster diversity and counter discrimination at their schools after attending the workshop.

    The classes’ projects are then presented at a “Market of Opportunities” and brought to a conclusion.  

  • Working with Bärenherz Children’s Hospital | ŠKODA | Health

    ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland (SAD) has a very special relationship with the Bärenherz Foundation, which finances children’s hospices all over Germany. In Leipzig and Wiesbaden, the company supports hospices where terminally ill children can spend last weeks or months of their lives, together with their families. SAD’s contribution is a yearly financial donation.

  • Workforce donation | VW Commercial Vehicles | Regional support

    The workforce at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Hanover donated €25,000 in 2020. The company topped up that sum to €30,000. The money is used to fund long-term learning, leisure-time and social projects in and around Hanover. At the request of the VW Commercial Vehicles’ Workforce Committee, the entire sum was donated in 2020 to the foundation for the Hannoversche Kinderheilanstalt AUF DER BULT (HKA) children’s hospital, enabling the continuation of the donation partnership that has existed between VW Commercial Vehicles and the hospital since 2017. The money was used to buy not only new examination tables for the outpatient clinic and pediatric surgery department, but also a cutting-edge baby resuscitation manikin for €25,000 to provide young doctors, paramedics and nursing staff with further training – a device that will now set new standards in care.

    “With this donation, which was again used very effectively to purchase a piece of cutting-edge medical equipment, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and its teams make a major contribution to sustainable and excellent medical care for children and youngsters in Hanover and the region,” concurred Professor Carsten Intra, Chairman of the Board of Management at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Stavros Christidis, Deputy Chairman of the Works Council, at the presentation of the check, which had to be held digitally due to the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Workforce donation | Volkswagen Financial Services | Social welfare, miscellaneous

    Donation from VW FS employees
    The workforce donation from Volkswagen Financial Services in 2019 totaled €6,962.24 and was presented to the association “Weggefährten – Elternhilfe zur Unterstützung tumorkranker Kinder Braunschweig“ (“Companions – Aid for parents with children suffering from cancer in Braunschweig”) and the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU). The donation was divided equally between the two.

  • Workshops "Werkstatt für junge Meister" | Audi | Education and science

    Organisation of technology workshops for children of employees and regional kids at Audi Forum Neckarsulm; 14-16 workshops

  • Zwickau - Bee friendly | Volkswagen | Nature conservation

    Erection of 25 beehives at the vehicle factory in Zwickau
    Bees as ambassadors for sustainable actions

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