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CC-Projects in India

27 Projects

  • Arrangement of Nutritious Food | ŠKODA | Health

    Foundation to provide free nutritious food “Khichadi” -mid-day meal to the students of Zillha Parishad School in Rural area. Uniqueness – For first time in Marathwada Annamrita Foundation started providing Kahichdito ZP Scholsin Rural area.

    Almost 1000 students of 16 ZP School are getting free nutritious Khichadi. Positive impact on the health and hygiene of these students. Students presence increased in the school.

  • Avanti Fellows | Volkswagen Financial Services | Education and science

    Initiative for children from poor families

    Volkswagen Financial Services India supports the not-for-profit organization Avanti Fellows. The initiative enables many hundreds of pupils from poor families and usually remote regions to gain admission to university every year. The organization pays for their costs, such as tuition fees, accommodation, food and travel, during their study. Volkswagen Financial Services India has been supporting the initiative since 2016 with funding of around €104,300 a year.

  • Business and Biodiversity Declaration | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Inspired by the Business and Biodiversity Declaration, VW India has taken several steps to conserve on-site biodiversity by mapping flora and fauna with the aim of identifying and protecting areas of natural biodiversity in and around the plant, installing information boards for employees, and collecting and spreading seeds in various zones to encourage butterflies.

  • "Clean India" | Volkswagen Financial Services | Healthcare

    The mission: a clean India
    Around half of India’s population does not have a toilet at home. Volkswagen Financial Services India is therefore supporting the government’s initiative “Clean India: Clean School” project with the construction of sanitation facilities at schools. Inadequate sanitation facilities have a far-reaching impact on health. Children are the hardest hit: The most common cause of death among children aged five and below is diarrhea. Volkswagen Financial Services India have teamed up with Habitat for Humanity and the two partners have already built sanitation facilities at the following five schools:

    1. Sarvotam Higher Secondary Gujrati Medium School, Rakholi village in Silvassa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli
    2. Government High School, B Narayanpura, Bangalore, Karnataka
    3. Government Higher Primary School, B Narayanpura, Bangalore, Karnataka
    4. Government Model Higher Primary School, Gunjur, Bangalore, Karnataka
    5. Government High School, Immadihalli, Bangalore, Bangalore, Karnataka

    Around €490,000 has been donated to the project since funding of it was started.

  • Centralized Traffic Management Centre, Pune Police | Volkswagen | Traffic education

    Volkswagen India supported the construction of a centralized Traffic Management Centre in Pune with a financial contribution of INR55,00,000 (€73,000). The Traffic Management Centre is located on the premises of the Pune Police Commissionerate. A team of Police personnel headed by a Command Centre specialist manages traffic and watches for traffic violations using data from cameras installed in 250 locations across the city of Pune. The Centre has a 20-screen video wall capable of monitoring traffic movement in multiple locations in real time.

    For the city's traffic police, the centralized Traffic Management Centre was a much-needed resource, so anticipation was high. The ongoing growth of the city's vehicular and pedestrian traffic has made the installation of a modern infrastructure to aid traffic personnel a top priority. The center provides a platform for resolving the critical 3 E's of road safety: Engineering, Education and Enforcement.

    Traffic violations like use of mobile phone while driving, driving without seat belt on, riding 2 wheelers without wearing a helmet, and jumping traffic signals are some of the violations that are being recorded . Intimation of fines to be paid by the traffic violators are issued via SMS and non- payment of fines is also being firmly addressed .

    Data collected from multiple locations makes it possible to deliver customized awareness drives and implement traffic management measures for specific areas, especially those with a high incidence of road-traffic injuries and/or violations.

  • Centre of Paediatric Orthopaedics, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital | Volkswagen | Health

    According to the Census of India in 2011, nearly 2.2% of the population (27 million people) live with some form of disability. Among the various types of disability, locomotor disability affected the largest proportion.

    Recognizing the importance of mobility in enabling children to lead a productive life, Volkswagen India supported the construction of a Centre of Paediatric Orthopaedics at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, a multi-specialty charitable hospital in Pune, with a financial contribution of INR1,75,00,000 (€233,000).

    The Centre has been equipped with state-of-the-art surgical equipment, including a 3D C-arm spine navigation system that will enable the surgeons to perform complex operations with precision and safety. The Centre is among the very few healthcare facilities in the country that can provide comprehensive pediatric care, with multiple pediatric specialties all accessible in a single location.

    Conditions that can be treated at the center include:

    • spinal deformities,
    • bone & joint infections,
    • neuromuscular disorders, and
    • cerebral palsy

    The hospital has a dedicated social worker for pediatric cases, and the hospital's charity office has access to individual and corporate donors who are prepared to support the hospital in providing more children with high-quality, affordable healthcare.

    Since inauguration of the Centre in September 2017, the team of specialists have provided over 2400 patient consultations and performed 310 surgeries on patients in the age group of 0-18 years. The youngest person to be operated upon was a 3 week old baby with a congenital knee condition.

  • Economical support | ŠKODA | Education

    The economical support of the students of Vasantrao Naik Balakashrama Aurangabad for their higher education such as Tution, Class Fees.

  • Employee volunteering program | Volkswagen | Voluntary work

    Since 2017, employees of Volkswagen India have been supporting a wide variety of social causes through their work as volunteers. They have

    • planted several hundred samplings to increase green cover in an industrial area;
    • funded and assembled school bags and stationery for disadvantaged children;
    • collected data on waste management practices in a local village;
    • mentored youth from under-served communities;
    • promoted awareness of fire prevention and fire control measures in schools;
    • made hundreds of seed balls and scattered them across different locations to increase green cover; among others

    Volkswagen India employees have clocked over 2000 hours of volunteering.

  • Fighting water shortages | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    In 2016, Volkswagen India built a series of embankments (bunds) for water storage in a drought-affected village in the State of Maharashtra. This CSR project was implemented under the auspices of a State Government initiative (Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan) that aims to declare villages in the state drought-free..

    Ultimately, these water bunds will have sufficient capacity to store more than 7,500 cubic meters of water and will be especially beneficial for irrigating farmlands. This was the second water conservation project undertaken by Volkswagen India after the restocking of water resources in the village of Guilani in 2013.

    In 2017, Volkswagen India further strengthened the water bunds with steel anchors and pitching, and by plastering the external walls of the reservoirs in order to improve their longevity.

    In 2018, Volkswagen India initiated a mini watershed management project in 4 villages of a drought prone district in the State of Maharashtra. Over 6000 people will be reached through this project that covers an area of 6177 acres in the Lasona Watershed of Latur District, Maharashtra. The important components of the project are (i) community mobilization and capacity building, (ii) artificial groundwater recharge, (iii) soil and water conservation, (iv) afforestation, and (v) farmer field schools.

  • Free Training Classes | ŠKODA | Education

    ŠKODA India is supporting free English language training classes. Till now almost 1000 students were benefited from these classes. The training classes played a major role to eliminate the fear of English language of Rural Students.

  • Hoardings & Free Training Classes | ŠKODA | Road Safety

    Two hoardingsare being displayed at the high movement places in Aurangabad city with a Road Safety Message Training Sessions. Two Free Training sessions were conducted in the nearby villages for Safe Driving For Auto Rikshaw Drivers & Drivers of Commercial Vehicles, in cooperation with the Office of Hon Superintendent of Police Aurangabad Rural. A clear message is spreading very good awareness in the City and local authorities are appreciating the activity also.

  • Infrastructural support | ŠKODA | Education

    Support of renovations of school, particularly repair of damaged compound, repair of furniture and repair of water station. 

  • Kerala Flood Relief Activities | ŠKODA | Regional support

    SKODA India provided economical support of Rs. 3.0 Mill Inr for Kerala Flood Relief Activities. Working Partner –CII Foundation New Delhi CII Foundation is working towards rehabilitation people affected by devastating flood in Kerala.

  • Materialistic Support | ŠKODA | Regional support

    Materialistic support to the students residing at Yogeshwari Balakashrma Aurangabad –Hostel for Poor kids.

  • Mobile healthcare | Volkswagen | Health

    The Mobile Health Clinic (MHC) project is Volkswagen India's endeavor to bring healthcare for minor ailments to the doorsteps of 2,100 people who live in and around the villages of Kanhewadi tarf Chakan and Sangurdi. Neither of these villages has a primary healthcare center or a resident doctor.

    A team comprising 2 doctors (senior and assistant), a compounder and van driver employed by Volkswagen India, visits the 2 villages 5 days a week - Tuesday to Saturday, excluding company and national holidays. Patients are provided with free medical consultations and medicines. The service is also available to guests and others who visit the villages.

    Since it was launched in August 2015, Volkswagen India's Mobile Health Clinic has provided over 36,000 free medical consultations and free medicines worth €8238. The team has also referred patients to nearby hospitals for further medical consultation and/or hospital admission based on their condition. The Mobile Health Clinic also runs awareness programs on various health-related topics.

    In addition to regular medical consultation, the MHC team conducts special health-check clinics for various population groups (women, adolescent girls, senior citizens and young children). The emphasis in these clinics is on preventive healthcare. In 2018, health check camps were conducted for women & adolescent girls, and youth.

  • Nationwide CSR initiative | Scania | Regional Support

    Scania India actively works with 4 villages on education, health and hygiene, and the environment. This work has been ongoing for nearly one and a half years, and the positive impact on the lives of people living in these villages can be seen. Scania India provides basic education, which is improving employment opportunities and changing attitudes to issues like child marriage. The company is also encouraging a desire to prioritize health and hygiene by cleaning the villages and providing basic amenities like functional toilets and sanitary living conditions. Scania supplies safe drinking water to schools and daycare centers in the villages, and runs a program called Scania for Nutrition that provides nutritional supplements for improving general health and the villagers' daily lives; the Scania for Nutrition program is very much appreciated by the villagers.

  • Rebuilding a local village school | Volkswagen | Education

    Volkswagen India constructed the building for a local village primary school to provide a suitable and sustainable built environment for the students. The school building that was used earlier was much damaged with rodents and snakes posing a safety hazard for the children.

    Volkswagen India not only constructed a new building for the school but has also made it according to standards recommended by the Indian Green Building Council. The company has used environment -friendly building materials, provided for substantial use of natural light, installed rainwater harvesting, waste water treatment and solar power system, and has even re-used some materials from the old building, thereby supporting recycling. The Company is also applying for certification of the school building by the Indian Green Building Council

    The school was inaugurated on World Environment Day, 5th June 2018. The company is helping set up a Green Club in the school to promote awareness among the students on various environmental issues including bio-diversity, water and energy conservation, prevention of pollution, and sanitation and hygiene.

  • Renovation and infrastructural support to Zillha Parishad School | ŠKODA | Education

    The Ziha Parishad School had a poor infrastructure condition due to lack of renovations. The school is placed near the factory and it is 65 years old. For the first time after its construction, the school building got renovated. In the school were made renovations as a special arrangements including washing space. 

  • Road safety education for school students | Volkswagen | Traffic education

    Volkswagen India has been conducting road-safety sessions covering the road rules, regulations and road-user behavior for Grade VIII/IX students in Pune schools. Over the last few years these sessions have been held in 25 schools. Grades VIII and IX were selected for this road-safety initiative because as cyclists and pedestrians, students in these grades are among the most vulnerable road users. And in a couple of years, these students will be eligible to ride gearless two-wheelers and apply for licenses. There is also a growing trend for school students to ride gearless and geared two-wheelers to school in violation of traffic regulations and often with blatant disregard for safety regulations, such as the obligation to wear a helmet.

    The sessions for students have been complemented with sessions for their parents and teachers.

  • Scania for Kerala | Scania | Voluntary work, Health

    When the most devastating monsoon floods in over 100 years hit the southern Indian state of Kerala in August 2018, more than 400 people were killed and 1,000,000 were displaced and forced to live in relief camps. Staff at Scania India and its Kerala dealer EVM Motors organised Scania for Kerala, a humanitarian relief mission for residents impacted by the natural disaster. Scania India employees donated one day of their salaries and other amounts to help fund the purchase of needed relief materials, and Scania contributed an equivalent amount or more for the same purpose. A Scania bus with 25 specialists including doctors, veterinarians, carpenters, electricians, drivers, service technicians and Scania volunteers, travelled to Aluva and Chalakudi, two badly affected areas. Scania India mobilised a #BusforHumanity which continues  to operate as a free of cost shuttle service between Aluva and Chalakudi. During the Scania for Kerala mission start-up kits were distributed to more than 9,000 people. Medication was provided to more than 600 patients and more than 1,000 families were helped with the restoration of their homes. Some 10 tonnes of food were dispersed, as well as clothing, medicines, and other necessary personal hygiene items.

  • Scholarships for girls pursuing engineering degrees | Volkswagen | Education and science

    Volkswagen India, in association with the Lila Poonawalla Foundation, has awarded scholarships to 40 financially disadvantaged but talented girls so they can study for engineering degrees. The memoranda of understanding (MoUs) were signed with the Lila Poonawalla Foundation to support 10 girls who are pursuing a 4 year degree program and 30 girls who are pursuing a 3 year degree programme after completing 3 years of diploma. 20 of these girls will graduate in August 2019 and the other 20 girls will graduate in August 2020.

    In addition to the financial support for their education, the girls are mentored by professionals from different industry sectors and given supplementary training and support to assist with their personal development and help them make the most of this opportunity.

  • Solar Lamps Installation | ŠKODA | Environmental protection

    In the Varzadi village was installed 23 solar lamps, including 3 lamps in the local Zilha Parishad School. Solar Lamps were installed at needy places as suggested by the local Gram Panchyat. All the important points, which were in the dark earlier, were illuminated after the installation of these solar lamps.  It helped to villagers in many ways, mainly safety and security. 

  • Support for iTeach Movement's secondary school initiative | Volkswagen | Education and science

    Volkswagen has committed 3 years of financial support to an iTeach Movement school. iTeach has embarked on a mission  to upgrade English-medium Municipal Corporation (Government-run) primary schools in the city of Pune to secondary schools. Currently, English-medium Municipal Corporation schools only teach up to Grade VII, forcing many of their students to drop out of the school system or else seek admission to private schools that are too expensive for many families. Since 2015, iTeach has upgraded 6 schools to secondary schools. Volkswagen is sponsoring the iTeach English-medium secondary school at Aundh-Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar since 2016. In the last 3 years, the school supported by the company has enabled 450 students from under-served communities to continue with their education. In 2017 and 2018, Volkswagen further enhanced its financial support for the school so that it can invest in staff and teacher training and engage additional administrative saff to handle alumni relations, government affairs and communication.  iTeach ‘s Student Alumni Wing (SAW) ensures that their former students, many of whom are the first generation in their families to go to college,  have the required academic  and life skill support to go through  college and aspire for good careers.

  • Supporting social-impact startups | MAN | Equal opportunities

    MAN Truck & Bus sponsors social-impact startups in the transportation sector through the MAN Impact Accelerator, launched in 2017. The initiative focuses on finding solutions to global challenges such as population growth and urbanization.

    MAN manages this program jointly with the Yunus Social Business initiative set up by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. MAN takes the approach of encouraging employees to become involved in social-impact projects sponsored by the company so they can act as mentors to the young entrepreneurs, supporting them with their professional expertise.

    Further details can be found here: http://impact.man.eu/

  • Tree Plantation | ŠKODA | Environmental protection

    ŠKODA India planted 150 trees in Varzadi Village, which is situated near the factory in Shendra. Trees were planted in cooperation with local villagers. The aim of the project was to create awareness about the importance of Biological Diversity, necessity of Environment Protection.

  • Upgrading of Government Industrial Training Institute, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune | Volkswagen | Education and science

    Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) are post-secondary-school training institutes in India that provide a good grounding in various trades (e.g. fitter, plumber, electrician, auto mechanic and others).

    In 2016, Volkswagen signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Government of Maharashtra to upgrade a Government ITI over 5 years (2016-2021). Interventions were identified for 4 priority areas, including (1) faculty and staff development, (2) training quality, (3) teaching aids and course materials, and (4) infrastructural improvement, and work started on these areas in December 2016. The outcomes of these interventions over the last 2 years include:

    Contemporary learning aids and infrastructure

    • Welding simulator
    • Tools for machinist and welding trades
    • Old CNC and other machines made functional
    • Audio-visual room for webinar and other lectures

    Industrial visits for students and faculty

    Improved sanitation and hygiene for about 600 students, as well as academic and administrative staff.

    • Housekeeping staff hired
    • Washrooms refurbished
    • Garbage bins positioned throughout campus

    Improved energy usage

    • LED lighting installed in rooms and on-campus walkways

    Access to clean drinking water

    • Water purifiers installed

    Complete training courses now available for

    • Communication skills
    • Work culture
    • Environmental education
    • Tool quality
    • Occupational health and safety 5S

    Volkswagen India has committed € 283,000 to this project.

  • Water and Livelihood Project | Volkswagen Financial Services | Healthcare

    In short supply and valuable
    Since 2015, Volkswagen Financial Services India has been supporting three villages – Lonar Bhaigaon, Khedgaon and Kauchalwadi – most affected by drought in the Indian state of Maharashtra by building and maintaining dams and water canals. Volkswagen Financial Services India embarked on the partnership with the Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) as part of its corporate responsibility initiative. The project’s goal is to provide people in the rural region with a sustainable water supply and thereby improve the population’s health and economic situation. Volkswagen Financial Services employees also support the communities in their spare time, for example by helping to remove slurry from existing waterways or creating dams and ponds. Around €87,000 a year is given to the project. 

  • Water Conservation | ŠKODA | Regional support

    In Varzadi Village an important source of water, a small river -“Lakhuee” was having a damaged catchment area. SKODA India provided its support for widening, deepening and clearing of the damaged catchment area.