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Canada: 1 Project

  • Children's Wish Foundation | Volkswagen Financial Services | Miscellaneous

    Fulfilling the heart’s desires of seriously ill children
    Volkswagen Credit Canada, Inc. has been supporting the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada since 2015. It is the only all-Canadian wish granting charity dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of children aged three to 17 who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. The company enables its employees to support the Children’s Wish Foundation by volunteering at events in Toronto and Montreal, at which more than a million dollars are raised every year. In addition, the company donates around €40,000 a year to various departments of the Children’s Wish Foundation throughout Canada.

Mexico: 49 Projects

  • Audi Foundation | Audi | Society

    Analysis of  Society of San José Chiapa and the region in order to give attetión to the main needs in education.

  • Application Offices | Audi | Social projects

    Creation of two offices that operate from Monday to Saturday. One in San José Chiapa and one in Puebla.

  • Audi Girls' Day | Audi | Education

    Annual event focused in education and inclusion to women of the region, in the automotive industry. Target: 130 girls of the region and employees' daughters.

  • Audi Habita | Audi | Education

    Rally inside the Audi Plant with topics like: water, sustainability and waste.

  • Audi México Comparte | Audi | Voluntary work

    Blankets and winter clothes were collected in colaboration with the employees of the plant. Also a group of employees-volunteers went to the communities to deliver the clothes and share with the families.

  • Audi Mexico Orchestra | Audi | Education

    Orchestra formed by more than 200 children from SJC and the region, with daily practice by Fundación Azteca.

  • Audi Mexico Orchestra check up | Audi | Health

    Check up for 200 children and teenagers from the Audi orchestra. Weekly program with groups of 30 children on Saturdays.

  • Audi Mexico Orchestra impact research | Audi | Culture and arts

    Surveys with all the children and interviews with some parents and teachers.

  • Audi Soccer Camp | Audi | Sports

    "Audi Mexico made with the German soccer club FC Ingolstadt 04 and SITAUDI, the first ""FC Ingolstadt Soccer Camp"".

    The event took place at the facilities of the Instituto Poblano del Deporte y Juventud. This camp was focused for 120 children (6-14 years old) of employees and of the region, who were trained by FCI trainers."

  • Bamboo Project of Las Margaritas | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    This project started in 2015 and runs for a period of six years, over a land of 355 hectares located in the state of Puebla, with the cooperation of the National Research Institute for Forestry, Agriculture and Livestock Breeding (INIFAP).

    Last year Volkswagen de México signed with INIFAP an extension until 2025, the main objective is to conserve the 355 ha and the existing biodiversity, as well as continue with research studies on CO2 capture and water capture and infiltration, in addition, the environmental education program will continue with the schools in the region and temporary employment will continue to be offered to the people who work on the project, having a positive social impact aligned with the company's social responsibility.

    Bamboo can grow to heights as tall as 22 meters per year (in its 5th year for some species), it produces big amounts of oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than other plants and trees,

    Moreover, local communities can take advantage of the resistance of this plant and manufacture from bridges and houses to jewelry, becoming an important contribution to the social and economic development of the region.

  • Capilla del Arte | Volkswagen Financial Services | Education and science

    Admission free
    The objective of the Capilla del Arte project is to enable people of all ages to gain free admission to museums, galleries and other cultural events. Volkswagen Financial Services Mexico has been supporting this project, which was designed in cooperation with the Universidad de las Américas (UDLAP), since 2011. The cooperation has allowed UDLAP to expand its program. Volkswagen Financial Services Mexico also organizes a festival for approximately 45,000 visitors every year. The company supports the project with around €11,000 a year.

  • Christmas Party in San José Chiapa | Audi | Culture and arts

    Employees from Audi México get together with people from San José Chiapa, give Christmas gifts to the children of the community and share this important season with the families of the community.

  • Colegio Humboldt week | Audi | Education

    A week with activities such as: Smart Factory tour, Premium Road Tour, Greenovation tour, talks with Audi experts and rally by the Training Center facilities.

  • Cooperating with universities to train engineers | Volkswagen | Education and science

    Since 2009, Volkswagen de México has been collaborating with universities in Puebla to train engineers specializing in automotive technology. The core element of the program is an academic major in Automotive Engineering at the Universidad Popular Autónoma de Puebla (UPAEP). Volkswagen was closely involved in developing the curriculum and is also providing support in the form of scholarships, internships, laboratory access and expert advice.

    Other universities in Puebla have also worked with Volkswagen to develop application projects and customize their syllabi. In addition, Volkswagen offers internships and apprenticeship programs in Puebla. The company has joined forces with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to support students studying in Germany as part of their degree program.

    In 2020, because of the global pandemic, the fifth edition of the Road Show was suspended, returning to the theme for 2021.

  • Coronavirus-related donations | Volkswagen Financial Services | Health

    Around 15,200 meals for the needy
    The pandemic has hit the country hard. It has especially affected people who are too poor to protect or care for themselves. Normal everyday life is already a challenge as it is for people who come to the food bank in Puebla – but the coronavirus is a disaster for them. The food bank distributed around 8,000 donations of food before the coronavirus crisis. Since its outbreak in March, the number of needy people who require this source of food to survive has risen to 32,000. It goes without saying that Volkswagen Financial Services Mexico has stepped up to the plate here. The company helped around 15,200 beneficiaries with its donation.  

  • Donation collection point 2017 earthquake catastrophe | Volkswagen Financial Services | Regional support

    Solidarity and sticking together in times of great need
    In the wake of the disastrous earthquake in 2017, the Red Cross appointed Volkswagen Financial Services Mexico as an aid center. A massive earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 on the Richter scale hit the Mexican region of Puebla in September 2017. The employees of Volkswagen Financial Services Mexico set up a donation collection point in the company’s building, worked in the donation center, and supported the rescue operations. They soon gathered food, medication, water, clothing and blankets, which were then distributed to the affected people.

  • EMA Program | Audi | Education and science

    1.5 years of training in which they do an internship in Audi México, language course in Germany, studies in a University in Germany and finally an internship at AUDI AG. At the end of this program and once they have graduated and if they have a good performance we hire them.

  • Environmental Compliance Management System in the Sustainability & Compliance Forum | Volkswagen | Stakeholder dialogue

    SiSR (Sustainability in Supplier Relationship team inside Purchasing VWM), organized a Supplier Forum where the requirements in terms of Sustainability (Environmental, Social and Compliance) were shared with our suppliers. It was explained to them how important is for VW Group this topic as requirement for future business assignment.

    T4I and the ECMS Training were the main topics also presented during this event.

    Volkswagen de Mexico also shared with their commercial partners (Supplier and Dealers) the updated Code of Conduct for Commercial partners that describe our requirements in terms of Sustainability and Compliance.

  • Environmental collaboration with the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Volkswagen de México also participates actively in the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry (AMIA), a forum where the automotive industry collaborates with the environmental authorities in Mexico for the design or modifications to environmental laws.

  • Environmental Day | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    The Volkswagen de Mexico Environmental Day was celebrated on October. With videos on the production lines and dining halls about the Conservation Projects of Volkswagen de México, online conferences about Life Cycle Approach, CO2 reduction, low emission mobility and green energies. A symbolic tree planting ceremony was held in the Puebla Plant. The new Zapotecas Project was presented and the extension of the Cuenca de la Esperanza Project was inaugurated. The Environmental Ministries of Puebla and Guanajuato attended the event.

  • Environmental Education Program in the Puebla region | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    The Izta- Popo, Cuenca de la Esperanza and Bamboo Reforestation projects sponsored by Volkswagen de Mexico, normally includes visits of students from schools close to the reforestation projects. However because of the COVID-19, this year the program was done online. The objective is to promote eco-friendly behaviors. At the same time, children and adults learn about Volkswagen's internal and external efforts to reduce the environmental impact of industrial production. Projects and programs aiming to protect biodiversity, reforestation, CO2 and water capture and the restoration of ecosystems as well as scientific research projects and other environmental initiatives.

    The environmental awareness program currently on standby offers trips to the areas of the Projects sponsored by VW Mexico to public school students. The visitors enjoy the harmonization with nature and get to know Volkswagen's Centers of Environmental Education and Diffusion (CEDAs). In these centers students learn about sustainable building technologies, such as the use of bamboo for construction, collection and infiltration systems for rainwater, the use of solar panels as a source of electricity and the recycling of materials, which have the overall goal of reducing the impact on the environment.

  • Environmental Training | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Training of this year was done online about the ECMS (Environmental Compliance Management System) and the external environmental projects to strengthen the environmental awareness and environmental compliance of all the activities. The 15,000 employees of VW de Mexico and its suppliers were trained.

    The contents were the refresh with the 4 pillars of the GoTOZero Strategy, the main environmental aspects, their possible impacts and the internal control measures, Environmental Fraud, Speakup culture environmental operative risks (as one of this year´s focus areas) and the Sustainability Projects.

  • ESR Naming (Corporate Social Responsibility) | Audi | Social projects

    CEMEFI is the mos important social institution in México. It makes an annual contest in order to name the companies with the best practices in topics like: social development, employees' life quality, and environmental care.

  • Focus Group Susainability with employees | Audi | Social projects

    Three focus group sessions with 15 employees. One hour session, guided discussion (per session). Results: Complete perception about the sustainability programs at Audi México.

  • Fourth Environmental Automotive Forum by Volkswagen de México | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    The Environmental Area of Volkswagen de México, together with the Benemerita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla invited university students, suppliers, government authorities, Environmental Ambassadors and employees to the Fourth Environmental Automotive Forum which was online.

    This year´s theme was “Sustainable Development and New Normality”.and this year´s topics were "Effects and impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic: Mitigation and recovery, challenges for sustainable development";“The importance of Leadership in Environmental Public policies”;"Sustainable development and environmental health under the context of Covid-19" and “Situation of electric mobility in Latin America and the Caribbean and opportunities in Mexico”. 

  • Groundwater Technical Committee | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Volkswagen de México participates in the Groundwater Technical Committee (COTAS) and in the Balsas River Basin Council as a member. These are auxiliary bodies of the Basin Council. The users of national groundwater participate in the formulation, promotion and monitoring of the execution of programs and actions that contribute to the preservation, stabilization or recovery of the quantity and quality of groundwater.

  • House of the Sun – life opportunities for orphans | Volkswagen | Equal opportunities

    The Casa del Sol ("House of the Sun") orphanage offers a home and care to disadvantaged children aged 0 to 6 years. Some are orphans, others have been abused or abandoned. The institution provides medical and psychological care, a balanced diet, and nursery-school education. The primary goal is to place the children with adoptive families by the time they reach school age or, if possible, reintegrate them into their own families.

    In 2020 Volkswagen de México supported the institution with its Quality Educational Opportunities project "Because everything starts with the early infancy" for:

    1. Train board members to be a self-sustaining company
    2. Train the members of the institution so they can improve their online classes
    3. Acquisition of equipment and software so that children can take their classes online.
  • I FOR YOU, YOU FOR ME (YO X TÍ, TÚ X MÍ) | Volkswagen | Health

    I FOR YOU, YOU FOR ME, is a campaign created to teach Volkswagen de Mexico employees to follow Safety and Hygiene protocols in the plant and at home. In addition, all employees were given rapid tests and PCR tests were only given to those who tested positive in the rapid tests.

    Rum up is a course that was created by the Group Academy to train Production employees on how to take care of their health and they were given a kit to monitor their health and avoid COVID-19 infections.

  • Impulso Audi | Audi | Employees & Society

    One week of Factory tours designed specially for the sons and daughters of Audi México Employees. 15 children per day, with more activities.

  • Internal lagoon | Audi | Environmental protection

    The internal lagoon captures the greatest amount of rainwater during the rainy season for its use in production processes.

    It has an area of 7 Ha and a water retention capacity of 234,000 m³.


  • International Biodiversity Day | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Campaign on the month of May for all collaborators to share pictures of their gardens, nurseries, greenhouses or any space that aids the protection of insects and birds and other species.

  • Internship Program | Audi | Education and science

    The internship can last 2-6 months. Each department is in charge of providing a project for the development of the intern. This also adds value to Audi México.

  • Jornadas de Salud | Audi | Health

    Offer medical checkups to the families of San José Chiapa to contribute to the wellbeing of the region. Collaboration between students of the following faculties: nutrition, nursery, odontology, medicine and physiotherapy together with the medical service of Audi Mexico.

  • Mini Audianos Tours | Audi | Education

    Tours designed to show the production process for children, during the vacation period. The groups are provided for 10 children and their parents working at Audi.

  • Oak Project | Audi | Education and science

    Verify and follow up the development of 3,000 oak trees in a period of 100 years.

  • Por amor a México, social commitment | Volkswagen | Equal opportunities

    Back in 2002, Volkswagen de México joined forces with the local union to launch the "A Day for the Future" initiative. Employees voluntarily donate one day's wages and the company then fund-matches each donation. The money goes to projects run by institutions in the state of Puebla that are dedicated to help sick, orphaned, abandoned or disabled children. Since the program was first founded 18 years ago, it has raised a total of 2 million Dollar for more than 350 projects

    In 2020, Volkswagen de Mexico implemented the Nutrition Program was created with the objective of helping families who, due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, lost their jobs and that the children could have food. The program was able to help 2,776 families, to whom a basic basket was distributed weekly with a duration of 10 weeks.

    Volkswagen de Mexico’s employees made the first two donations and the third by the company performing a matching found. The families that received the pantries were selected through a socio-economic study.

  • Promoting a Healthier lifestyle | Volkswagen | Health

    A campaign called BIO Tips VS COVID was developed to teach Volkswagen de México employees and their families about how to strengthen their immune system and health through a balanced and healthy diet to cope with COVID-19.

    Club Deportivo Familia Volkswagen to promote exercise at home, through its Facebook page gave virtual classes for employees and family.

  • Reforestation in Izta Popo State Park | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    The Izta Popo reforestation project of 750 hectares started in 2008 by Volkswagen in the Iztaccíhuatl-Popocatépetl National Park protects species and natural habitats. It also helps replenish the groundwater reservoirs of the Puebla region with rain and meltwater stopping ditches. The project planned together with the State Parks National Commission, planted a total of 560,000 Hartwegi's pines.

    Currently the project is in the process of updating and project evaluation workshops with the National Environmental Ministry, CO2 offset certification evaluations and different research projects in areas such as CO2 capture, water capture and infiltration, and biodiversity will be carried out, and the environmental education program in schools in the region will continue.

  • Reforestation in Cuenca de la Esperanza y la Soledad | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Since 2019 the project started with the Guanajuato government considering the reforestation of native species on 300 hectares in the Cuenca de la Esperanza y la Soledad Park (Guanajuato, Guanajuato State). The project expects to continue until 2025 with a total of 500 hectares. 165,000 trees will be planted in 2021-2023. Restoration of the natural vegetation, natural soil and the reduction of the effects of extreme droughts. In order to collect and infiltrate groundwater, water stopping ditches and ponds will be dig. Different research projects in areas such as CO2 capture, water capture and infiltration, and biodiversity will be carried out, and it will be implemented the environmental education program in schools in the region.

    The project also raises awareness for the protection of nature and biodiversity through guided tours by its environmental educator. Visitors walk through the trail installed for nature observation, feeling reconnected to the environment and recognizing the importance of conservation.

  • Reforestation in the Zapotecas HIll | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    On December 2020, the agreements with the Puebla State Ministry of the Environment were signed to offset for the environmental impact of the expansions that the Puebla Plant has had inside, in a total area of 511 hectares of the Protected Natural Area with the same Name.

    The "Cerro Zapotecas" project considers the reforestation of 32,000 native and fruit trees, sanitation actions, soil and water conservation works and fire-cutting gaps.

    The project will be a link to the community through environmental training for the preservation of the Protected Natural Area.  

  • Research: San José Chiapa community | Audi | Regional support

    65 interviews conducted by Tecnologico de Monterrey students with people from San José Chiapa. The results ae delivered to Audi México.

  • San José Ozumba | Audi | Environmental protection

    The community of San José Ozumba in cooperation with Audi planted 100,000 trees and built 25,000 trenches in order to retain water in an area of 100 hectares.

  • Sponsoring research into biodiversity | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Volkswagen de México has been funding biodiversity research and conservation projects in Mexico since 2006. By 2016, 11 Mexican scientists had been awarded grants of 30,000 Dollar each in recognition of their contributions to species conservation in Mexico and in support of their ongoing work. Volkswagen de México has become the country's leading private donor in the field of biodiversity.

    Starting 2017, under the new motto "Volkswagen, Por Amor a México" (Volkswagen, for the Love of Mexico), the award was opened up to the whole of Mexico's conservationist community, representing all kinds of nature conservation projects, any of which may qualify for the r grant 30,000 Dollar.

    “Volkswagen, Por Amor a México, Chav@s. Edición Especial 2020 (For the Love of Mexico, Chav@s. Special Edition 2020), with the objective of generating initiatives that address issues related to the conservation and protection of flora, fauna, ecosystems and the environment, this edition was directed especially to university students.

    More than 120 projects were registered, of which 76 qualified.
    "Biological and social strategies for the rescue and conservation of birds of prey" was the winning project.

  • Sponsorship of educational projects specifically for students | Volkswagen Financial Services | Education and science

    High school program for disadvantaged youngsters in Puebla City
    Volkswagen Financial Services Mexico has been supporting the “Preparatoria” project, a high school program for socially disadvantaged youngsters in Puebla City, since 2015. This sustainable project was developed in cooperation with the Universidad de las Américas and the Office for Family Development of the State of Puebla. The program gives youngsters the chance to finish school and also complete technical training, enabling then to gain qualifications for the labor market without attending a college. Volkswagen Financial Services Mexico helps ensure that the tuition is free for all pupils. Around €9,800 is donated to the project every year.

  • Street children project | Volkswagen Financial Services | Education and science

    Offering a perspective for children
    Many children in Mexico live on the streets. Volkswagen Financial Services Mexico has been supporting the Quiera Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping street children, since 2011. The foundation has 53 care centers throughout the country, where socially disadvantaged children and youngsters can obtain advice and help, can go to school and so are given a new perspective in life. Volkswagen Financial Services Mexico supports the project with around €5,000 a year.

  • Summer Institute for teaching | Volkswagen Financial Services | Education and science

    Equal educational opportunities for children and youngsters
    Volkswagen Financial Services Mexico has been the main sponsor of the summer institute Ensena por México (Education for Mexico) since 2012. The not-for-profit organization is committed to ensuring equal educational opportunities for children and youngsters from Mexico’s poor regions. Ensena por México is also a member of the internationally recognized leadership program Teach for All. University graduates are recruited and trained under the program, after which they devote two years of their career to the organization and teach at schools in the country’s poor regions. Ensena por Mexico welcomes around 200 new university graduates every year. Volkswagen Financial Services Mexico supports the project with around €12,500 a year.

  • Verano Audi | Audi | Sports

    Development skills activities, doing in a week with children of the región.

  • VfL Wolfsburg Training Center | Volkswagen | Sports

    Volkswagen de Mexico and VFL Wolfsburg established the first Germany´s professional soccer club school in the State of Puebla, which are located at the Company Sports Club.

    Kids from 5 to 18 years are trained- since August 2018- under the methodology of this team. The school in Puebla is part of a worldwide net of training centers, with presence in Wolfsburg, China, Brazil and United States.

    Nowadays we have 158 students, we are working to improve techniques and we promote gender equity with women's teams. In 2020, due to the pandemic, training sessions were suspended.

  • Zero Impact Factory Competition for University Students | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    The Zero Impact Factory competition was held with universities across the country to identify innovative projects that will help reduce energy consumption and find energy sources other than natural gas to achieve CO2 neutrality

    Participants from different universities and institutes all over the country tried to reach the semifinal and presented their projects to a jury of managers and experts to determine which project has the potential to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The 3 best projects were awarded and the first place involving fuel use reduction will be implemented.  

USA: 26 Projects

  • Arbor day | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    As part of our commitment to the environment and our community, Volkswagen Chattanooga participated in in the City of Chattanooga’s Arbor Day celebration. Our volunteers planted 20 large trees. This was the 10th year that Volkswagen Chattanooga volunteers have supported the City's project to plant trees in parks and green spaces around town.

  • America Scores: Supporting through contributions and seats on the organization's board | Audi | Health

    Program teaches children from disadvantaged neighborhoods the values of teamwork, participation and sports activity through soccer programs and poetry.Program reflects Audi and VW support for soccer in the U.S.

  • Audi Central Region Group Volunteer Activity | Audi | Social projects

    On a quarterly basis, the region office team in the Audi Central Region office in Rosemont, IL. conducts a volunteer activity. We have regularly volunteered at Bessie's Table, an organization that every Monday serves a delicious, hot, home cooked, healthy meals.

  • Audi Fellowship scholarship program with the American Film Institute (AFI) Conservatory | Audi | Culture and arts

    Audi, a long-time supporter of the motion picture arts and the America Film Institute (AFI), recently announced a pivotal scholarship program that will expand opportunities for female storytellers. Audi has been the official automotive sponsor of AFI FEST for over 14 years. The collaboration has evolved through a shared passion for supporting master filmmakers and has expanded to include the Audi Fellowship, announced at the AFI Awards in January. The Audi Fellowship scholarship program will support one promising female director for the entire two-year AFI Conservatory enrollment, a $215,000 investment. The recipient possesses exceptional talent, passion, need, and a fearlessly forward spirit. The scholarship was awarded to one women applying to be a member of the August 2017 class. The recipient, Ms. Natalie Camou, was announced June 8 at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Awards honoring Diane Keaton. The AFI Conservatory is among the most respected filmmaker training programs in the world. The program includes notable alumni Amy Heckerling (Fast Times at Ridgemont High), Mimi Leder (The Leftovers), and Patty Jenkins (Monster), the first female director to helm a major comic book franchise (Wonder Woman). https://media.audiusa.com/en-us/releases/146

  • Audi Partners with Forbes and NYU Tandon School of Engineering on the inaugural Forbes Idea Incubator | Audi | Education and science

    Held  in New York, the Forbes Idea Incubator was characterized by endless collaboration, innovation and creative thinking, providing NYU Tandon students – with backgrounds in science, technology, engineering or mathmatics ( STEM) – the opportunity to be awarded the first-ever Audi Drive Progress Grant. As an extension of the Audi-sponsored Forbes Women’s Summit held this past June, the Idea Incubator challenged these students to utilize their STEM knowledge to address one of the critical issues facing women and girls today – reliable, safe and affordable access to transportation solutions. In a video message to students,  Audi of America, noted: “Your generation will unleash on the world new ideas and unimaginable innovation, particularly when it comes to the STEM fields.” Following an engaging four-hour work session, seven teams presented their ideas to a panel including two professors from the NYU Tandon School. Presentations showcased a variety of solutions and the team with the most innovative solution received the $50,000 donation to help cover tuition and student expenses. This cause launched in 2017 will continue into 2019. 

  • Community Grants (The Conservation Fund) | Volkswagen | Environmental Protection

    Chattanooga employees volunteered to clear trails and help prepare an outdoor classroom. The classroom, located near the factory’s protected wetlands area, benefits local students to study flora, fauna, geology and water. Volunteers removed roots, spread mulch and prepared a new interpretive nature trail for local K through 12 students. The classroom is home to a new environmental education program, led by WaterWays, and opened October 2020. The outdoor classroom was one of five Community Grants awarded by Volkswagen of America and the Conservation Fund earlier this year.

  • Children’s Advocacy Center’s Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education Program | Volkswagen | Education

    Volkswagen Chattanooga became the presenting sponsor of the Children’s Advocacy Center’s Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education Program. The program exists to prevent abuse from occurring, quickly reporting it when it does occur, and breaking the cycle of abuse. The education program is offered to children in grades kindergarten through fifth in Hamilton County.

  • Creative Discovery Museum | Volkswagen | Education

    Volkswagen Chattanooga established a partnership with the Creative Discovery Museum and committed to donating $1 million over the course of five years. As presenting sponsor for the Volkswagen STEMzone and new Science Theater, the museum’s new exhibit will involve robotics, 3D printing, electric vehicles and renewable energy. Several Volkswagen employees serve as an advisory committee to the museum during the design and buildout. Construction is set to begin next year, and will be completed by May 2022, just in time to celebrate the Museums 27th birthday. 70,000+ local students are served through the museum’s programs and the museum sees more than 300,000 visitors from all across the country annually.  

  • DC Scores | Volkswagen | Sports

    When COVID-19 shut down DC schools in early 2020, the local nonprofit DC SCORES was forced to suspend in-person programming—but they never stopped serving Washington, DC-based school children. In a typical year, the nonprofit provides after-school programming to help children build the confidence they need to succeed in school through a combination of soccer and poetry programming. The organization’s guiding principle throughout the pandemic has been to keep kids feeling safe, supported, connected, and hopeful, no matter where they are.

    VWGoA is a long-time partner of the nonprofit and a sponsor for Marie Reed, a local school in the DC area. Throughout 2020, VWGoA has been committed to ensuring the organization was able to continue to serve the students who rely on their after-school programming and services. Across the DC SCORES community, there have been dozens of world class guest speakers, including professional soccer players, such as USWNT standout and Volkswagen ambassador Crystal Dunn, world champion poets, best-selling authors, and even a professional gamer.  

  • Earth Day virtual event | Volkswagen | Environmental Protection

    The theme for Earth Day 2020 was climate action. Volkswagen Chattanooga held a virtual event to encourage employees to participate in environmental stewardship and celebrating nature with their loved ones. Participating employees were featured in the plant’s newsletter and in a virtual all-team meeting.

  • Employees volunteer through Porsche Care Network | Porsche | Regional support

    In 2011, Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA), the sole licensed importer and distributor of the Porsche 911, 718 Boxster and Cayman, Macan, Cayenne, Panamera and Taycan model lines, launched the Porsche Care Network, a committee that coordinates employees’ CSR activities and donations on behalf of PCNA. The Porsche Care Network has three main areas of focus: the environment, children and family, and providing a quality education to underserved communities. While COVID-19 limited volunteer activities in 2020, the Porsche Care Network increased its philanthropic giving to include donations to Meals on Wheels Atlanta, Caring for Others, Lost-n-found Youth, and Girls Incorporated of Greater Atlanta.

  • Goodr Initiative | Porsche | Health

    Food banks in North America were not able to cope with the greater demand caused by the coronavirus crisis and were overwhelmed in some cases.

    The “Goodr Initiative” has dedicated itself to tackling that problem and supported families in need with pop-up grocery stores. Porsche Cars North America backed four campaigns with funding and by staging them at the Porsche Experience Centers in Los Angeles and Atlanta. The measure benefited around 1,000 families.

    Goodr is a start-up that was founded in Atlanta and leverages blockchain technology and Google Maps to bring surplus food from the businesses that have it to the nonprofits and people that need it. Goodr tracks an organization’s food waste from pickup to donation, delivering the competitive advantage of real-time social impact reporting analytics. Due to the dramatic developments in the wake of the coronavirus, Goodr has begun providing pop-up grocery stores so as to get free food to a large number of families. There is also a drive-through to ensure that all safety precautions to prevent the virus spreading are observed.

  • Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Expansion of a successful pilot program that provides a pathway of environmental learning, recreation and leadership experiences for underserved Knoxville youth, including education programs, summer camps and internships within Great Smoky Mountains National Park, monthly school-based sessions with regional environmental and STEM leaders, and student-led community stewardship and nature-exploration events in Knoxville.

  • Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful will take volunteers out in its boat to participate in the Cherokee National Forest River Cleanup Series, which will both raise awareness for conservation of our waterways and showcase the vastness of Cherokee National Forest through five river cleanups spanning from Watauga Lake to the Ocoee River.

  • Partners of Cherokee National Forest | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Update, publish, distribute and promote an all-inclusive map that provides the public with an overview of federal and state outdoor recreation sites within this region anchored by the Cherokee National Forest and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

  • Partners in Education | Volkswagen | Education and science

    The future of technological innovation relies on our next generation of workers, and it is up to us to prepare young adults today by giving them the skills needed to take on this enormous responsibility. For nearly a decade, Volkswagen Group of America has committed to cultivating students and teachers interested in studying advanced automotive technology through the VWGoA Partners in Education program.

    Since 2008, VWGoA has contributed $ 4.1 million to helping schools and technical institutions throughout the Virginia and Washington, D.C. area augment the educational experience delivered by automotive technician and business management programs.

  • National Forest Foundation | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Provide United Keetoowah Band (UKB) youth an opportunity to gain valuable natural resource management work experience and engage in hands-on stewardship of natural and cultural resources on the Cherokee National Forest while strengthening the connection to their ancestral homelands.

  • Students and teachers community-wide benefit from Volkswagen Chattanooga’s “Stuff the Atlas” donation drive | Volkswagen | Education

    On Saturday, Aug. 18, 2018, Volkswagen delivered an Atlas full of school supply donations to the United Way’s 2018 Stuff the Bus event held at Office Depot. Stuff the Bus has collected school supply donations to provide for Chattanooga children, teachers and schools in Hamilton County for the last nine years.

  • The Conservation Fund | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Volkswagen is continuing to support The Conservation Fund in its efforts to expand the Cherokee National Forest by about 1,500 acres with the purchase of three, private tracts of land within a day’s drive of the Chattanooga Assembly Plant.

    Financed as part of a $1.25 million donation from Volkswagen, the acquired land will be transferred to the USDA Forest Service for permanent protection for generations to come. The goal for the additional land is to increase public access and to help protect the habitats of local animal populations, including the black bear and the endangered Indiana bat.
    In addition to supporting land conservation, Volkswagen and The Conservation Fund (TCF) awarded and distributed five grant requests of up to $50,000 to qualified nonprofits working in eastern Tennessee. These grants will be used to help improve water quality, increase access to outdoor recreation and advance environmental education. Also, Volkswagen is set to officially unveil a downtown Chattanooga mural highlighting the collaboration with TCF in 2021.

  • Tennessee Aquarium | Volkswagen | Education

    Environmental conservation and education programs at the Tennessee Aquarium were funded by Volkswagen Chattanooga in 2020. The aquarium provides educational programming to students who visit the campus on field trips and through an outreach program available to schools and communities within 150 miles of its location. Its programs include free admission to the facility for more than 30,000 students annually.

  • “Training Wheels” Playground | Volkswagen | Education

    A new indoor/outdoor permanent playground local special needs children was funded by Volkswagen Chattanooga in 2020. The playground is located at Training Wheels, which provides a clean, safe, and stimulating spot that promotes physical, artistic, musical, and educational growth for children and their families. The facility is operated by a local nonprofit organization, Downside Up.

  • Tree planting in Chattanooga | Volkswagen | Environmental Protection

    As part of our commitment to the environment and our community, Volkswagen Chattanooga participated in in the City of Chattanooga’s Arbor Day celebration. Our volunteers planted 20 large trees. This was the 10th year that Volkswagen Chattanooga volunteers have supported the City's project to plant trees in parks and green spaces around town.

  • United Way Covid-19 Fonds | Porsche | Regional support

    Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) supported the battle against Covid-19 by auctioning off the last 911 Speedster (991) ever to be built for a good cause. The seven-day online auction raised 500,000 US dollars. The Porsche subsidiary then doubled the amount to one million dollars and donated the money to United Way Worldwide.

    The organization plays an active part in helping mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. That includes providing meals for children, aid for food banks and local hospitals, bridging finance for hospices and care institutions, and temporary support for school students in continuing to learn while schools are closed.

  • Volkswagen eLabs | Volkswagen | Education science

    Volkswagen Group of America, Chattanooga Operations (Volkswagen Chattanooga) and the State of Tennessee established a $1 million program that will allow Hamilton County middle and high schools to apply for funds to create a science lab in their school.

    Named Volkswagen eLabs, the program will allow students to gain access to emergent technologies, including automated manufacturing equipment, 3D printers, robotics, programmable microcomputers, renewable energy kits and other science-related activities. By the end of 2017, 8 of the planned 16 Volkswagen eLabs in Hamilton County were operational.

  • Volkswagen Group of America employees give back | Volkswagen | Voluntary work

    In 2017, more than 450 Volkswagen Group of America employees volunteered over 1,400 hours of their time with charitable organizations in the communities where they live and work, as part of the company's Get Involved "Summer of Service" program - a collective, concerted volunteer effort extending from May to early September which empowers employees across the country to support and give back to their communities.

    VWGoA also encourages employees to "Get Involved" year-round, providing robust incentives for employees to serve their communities. These include an employee donation-matching initiative, a company-wide Dollars for Doers program that makes an annual, one-time financial donation to a charity at which a full-time employee has volunteered for 8 hours or more, and providing employees with paid time-off for volunteering activities.

  • WaterWays | Volkswagen | Environmental protection

    Develop an environmental education pilot program at Enterprise South Nature Park, build an outdoor classroom and interpretive nature trail adjacent to VW Wetlands, and bring students from three racially and economically diverse schools to test out the program who will then design and install green stormwater infrastructure at their schools with our assistance.

    WaterWays Update: the group building the outdoor classroom near the factory is nearly complete but the activation part of bringing students into the outdoor classroom is on hold.

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