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Shaping Change

One of the key priorities of Volkswagen’s current personnel management policy is to bring our employees into the digital age and, as mobility enters a new era, to continue to provide the best skills and the greatest efficiency and customer focus across all areas of our business. Fairness, trust and genuine partnership with our customers and with society remain the principles which guide everything we do.

After years of growth between 2006 and 2014, which created 143,055 new jobs across the Volkswagen Group through organic growth alone, we began a period of consolidation in our staffing levels in 2015. The Volkswagen Group has used the slowdown in employment growth to drive forward deeper integration of our workforces around the world as part of a systematic management approach. Alongside initiatives and incentives to revitalize our corporate culture, develop talent management, manage succession planning and improve our policy on global assignments, we are working on Group-wide human resources instruments, such as the Employee Opinion Survey. The Survey measures the opinion of all Group employees on their working situation and was fundamentally redesigned in 2015. We also took further steps in 2015 to embed dual vocational education and training as the fundamental principle for qualification of skilled workers at all our Group sites outside Germany. For the first time, dual degree courses were also rolled out at some sites outside Germany. 

You will find further details in our Sustainability Report.