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In 2018, The economical situation in Argentina suffered a serious breakdown, due to high inflation and an exchange rate increase for almost 100% (US$ dollars / Ars $). In this context the automotive industry was affected in its growth projections.

Under these conditions, VW Argentina was again able to maintain its top position, emerging as market leader for the fifteenth time in a row with a share of 15.16 percent. The VW Gol has been the best-selling car in the history of Argentina with more than 700,000 units.

In 2018, some 76,684 vehicles left the production lines. About 63 percent of the vehicles produced were exported. The Córdoba plant produced about 617,796 gearboxes in 2018, from which over 95% were exported.

CSR activities once again focused on the work of volunteer groups, who offered support and assistance to thousands of children and young people over the course of the year.

During the month of August different solidarity actions were carried out to celebrate the Day of the Child. Our group of volunteers from the Pacheco & Cordoba Plant traveled to different parts of Argentina to deliver food, clothes, medicines and toys.

Volkswagen Argentina through the loan of vehicles contributed to these activities. All-terrain VW Amaroks made it possible to get through to remote, difficult-to-reach rural areas.

In december members of the Solidarity Projects Group of the Córdoba Plant collaborated and accompanied the "José Bainotti Children's Home" with the delivery of teaching tools, games and furniture. The objective of the solidarity project was to help the insertion of children in society.

During 2018, VWA participated in the Recycling and Environment Program From Hospital Garraham Foundation. Through the different recycling points located in the Pacheco plant, 37.6 tons of paper and plastic caps were recycled.

The Paper and Cap Recycling Program of the Hospital Garrahan Foundation was born in 1999 and 2006 respectively. Among its main objectives is to obtain economic resources to support the integral development of the Garrahan Hospital ( hospital for child care) and contribute to the protection of the environment.

Another important topic, Volkwagen Argentina was a sponsor of the Shell Eco Marathon Americas 2018 Competition. Together with UTN Pacheco and the Dr. Ferdinand Porsche Institute, a project was developed that brought together students from different engineering branches in the same group.

The team was called "Kiri FAN" and aimed to design, develop and build a prototype to compete in Shell Eco Marathon Americas 2018.

The competition took place in April in Sonoma, California (United States) challenging university students from the American continent to develop ultra-efficient vehicles capable of covering the largest number of kilometers with 1 Kwh of energy.

It was the first time that an Argentine team participated in the competition, representing in this case UTN General Pacheco and also Argentina in this important challenge. They were selected among 500 projects presented initially, of which only 99 could classify the competition.

The three highlight projects 2018

“Eye exams and glasses for thousands of elementary-school children in the municipality of Tigre.”

  • 1. Ferdinand Porsche Institute
  • 2. “Power chair football team & VWA”
  • 3. ReforestArg

Ferdinand Porsche Institute

The activities of the Ferdinand Porsche Institute represent the last link in a chain of educational initiatives extending from early childhood education to university level. With a preliminary investment of more than $3 million (US dollar), VW facilitated the construction of a new building with modern laboratories on the grounds of the public technical university. The state pays the teaching staff, making it possible to offer a degree program for engineers who want to specialize in the automotive industry.

The following careers are currently offered: EIA (Engineering in Automotive Industry) & STMAI (Superior Technical Management in Automotive Industry). These two carreers were specially created, to articulate even more, the educational system & the productive system throughout an agreement between Volkswagen Argentina, The National Technological University (UTN) and the National Governement.

Volkswagen Argentina during 2018 offered through the Postgraduate School of the National Technological University FRGP (located in General Pacheco, same as VWA premises) and the Institute Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, the career of Diploma in Automotive Aftersales Volkswagen 1.0.

The diploma program develops contents of direct application in the day-to-day Aftersales, adding an enormous value to the professionalization of those involved in customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as in the growth of the business

“Power chair football team & VWA”

Powerchair Football Argentina is the foundation that is responsible for developing football in motorized wheelchairs in Argentina to integrate people with motor disabilities to practice sports and promote their social inclusion. It forms part of the Argentine Paralympic Committee and accompanies the development of sport in countries such as Uruguay, Chile and Mexico.

VWA made the loan of an Amarok unit with which the transfer of sports and institutional material of the foundation was possible to promote the sport at the national level.

With the slogan "Together changing lives" Volkswagen Argentina and the Powerchair Football Foundation Argentina, seek to make a sustainable alliance in time to accompany the development of sport throughout the country.

The Powerchair is a mixed sport that is 30 years old at the international level and arrived in Argentina in 2012. It is played in motorized wheelchairs and is practiced by people who due to their motor disabilities can’t do another sport. Through it, it seeks to generate spaces of containment and development for athletes to progress and develop individual and social capacities.

Currently, it is played in 12 locations in the country: Capital Federal, Pacheco, La Plata, Mar del Plata, Chivilcoy, Olavarría Bahía Blanca, Santa Rosa, Rosario and Córdoba.


The vehicle is modified for the South American market

Volkswagen Argentina made a cooperation with “Asociación Amigos de la Patagonia”, which carries out the ReforestArg program to accompany the ecological restoration activities in the province of Chubut.

Chubut is a province affected by the wildfire season of 2015, as a result of this, more than 40,000 hectares of native forest were destroyed.

Through the loan of a vehicle, Volkswagen Argentina gave its support in the restoration of the forest to plant 4000 seedlings of the “Ciprés de la Cordillera” species around Cholila Lake.

Stakeholder Dialog

For five years VWA held continuous dialogue with its value chain. Fifty company representatives joined our annual face-to-face meeting in the Ferdinand Porsche Institute where Hernan Vazquez, CEO & President VWA, welcomed the suppliers. Volkswagen Argentina used this opportunity to reinforce the Compliance and GRC concepts and presented the Best practices related to the 3 “R”: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The special guest speaker was Mr. Marco Philippi, who represented the VW Group, highlighted the importance of a shared responsibility in Sustainability in Supplier Relations. During the year many other activities were held to assure the sustainability in our value chain: Three CSR Audits to selected suppliers were performed during 2018, Trainings to Buyers to transmit the sensibility of the subject, Follow up of Questionnaire and e- Learning answers.

*Further information on the official fuel consumption and official specific CO₂ emissions of new passenger cars can be found in the “Guide on the Fuel Economy, CO₂ Emissions and Power Consumption of All New Passenger Car Models Offered for Sale on the German Market”, which can be obtained free of charge from all sales outlets of and directly from DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH, Hellmuth-Hirth-Strasse 1, 73760 Ostfildern, Germany, or downloaded from: www.dat.de.