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Our Objective – To Provide Sustainable Mobility

Volkswagen does not tolerate any infringements of rules or laws. We are doing everything in our power to earn back our stakeholders’ trust. We are striving to complete a comprehensive realignment. Our goal is to run our business responsibly along the entire value chain – to the benefit our customers, our employees, the environment and society as a whole. Our “TOGETHER – Strategy 2025” is ushering in the most far-reaching process of change in our corporate history. This strategy is based on our vision of becoming a world-leading provider of sustainable mobility. It clearly signals that corporate strategy and sustainability strategy are inextricably linked.

For Volkswagen, sustainability means pursuing economic, social and ecological objectives simultaneously and with equal energy. It is our aim to create lasting values, offer good working conditions, and conserve resources and the environment. When it comes to the emissions issue, we have failed to live up to our own standards in several areas. The irregularities in the handling of emissions tests contradict everything we stand for. We regret this immensely and are aware that we have let our stakeholders down. We will do everything in our power to prevent incidents of this kind from recurring, and are fully committed to re-embracing our standards and winning back public trust. We are completely reworking our sustainability concept with the aim of ensuring that opportunities and risks associated with our environmental, social and governance activities are identified as early as possible at every stage of the value creation process. In keeping with this aim, we are determined that our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities will have a lasting, positive impact on the Company’s value and reputation.

You will find further details in our Sustainability Report.